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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of August 2011 recap

Well I'm here on a rest day to re-cap my August for you!

I'm up in water weight so it's hard for me tell you that I lost anything last month as much as I hit and held 153 for almost a week!! I then went ahead and ran a half and cranked out all this mileage that just makes me body mad at me when I run hard/long and build endurance my body retains water quickly.

ok..ok...ok...ok...I gained 8lbs the day after my 18 mile run. I went from 153-154 all the way to 162 and today as my first rest since last Friday I've managed to only ditch 3lbs and I'm at 159 this morning holding onto 6lbs of water is ok, I know why the weight is there and the scale does not dictate my efforts or is some sort of reflection...cause I never ate above 1600-1800 cals all week so I know it's not fat weight, it's water :) Plus I'd have to eat 3500x8lbs = 28,000 calories for me to gain that much fat lol.

Delayed onset muscle soreness....the muscle retains water due to inflammation, muscle tears/muscle bleeding and well it's just body's way of showing me that It's desperate to keep my muscles safe. Thank you body for taking care of me.

now I take care of me with a much deserved rest day.

141 miles ran for August- My Biggest Month Ever
961 for the Year !!

Cross training up the wazoo, arm/core strength training 5x a week all month

I ate healthy, natural and wholesome foods.

I had a couple of meals that were 'off' as in pizza/dessert at a friends house at a playdate ♥ and moments like this I don't go CRAZY as in PIZZA...MONSTER CRAZY but I eat a slice, throw a salad to the side and enjoy myself. Moderation! A part of the key to my success. Strength enough to control and moderate myself!

I've enjoyed this month of blogging, sharing my life with you. Giving back to keep me going!

On a bad note for this entry- I did blog that yesterday in mile 5 of my 6 mile run I felt an ache in my left calve just behind the knee and it's not "in" in the muscle it's outer...feeling more like probably a tendon/ligament tear and I started to limp a bit at the end of my run, trying to not stop my running partner but I had to...I stopped her and tried to stretch it but to no prevail..thankfully I really only ran 1 mile with this 'new' injury. So with today as a rest I know it will do me some good to heal this. when I walk around today it does bother me and I know I would NOT run on it today even if I could. Shoot I'm not going to run tmrw either if it still bothers me. This is how smart I am going to be about this, I want to run for Empire and for Life, I'm not going to ignore a potential injury and this is most certainly not a normal feeling. I have a tear and it need to repair. Calorie up to 1800-2000 today just power packing protein in order to supply the body the nutrition to repair itself. when I lay down and put my leg flat and flex my left toes inward toward my head then I can feel the tug on the tear on the outer part of the calf by the knee. Shoot...even both my feet/ankles hurt too, lol. darn you body! but I will be a smart runner girl and rest tmrw too if I need to.
Wish me Wellness Peeps, I have some peak training runs to do!

I hope you all hit your goals in August! If not...then be accountable, e-mail me and tell me what you are doing and let me hound you!

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