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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Official Results & More Pics

‎186 out 446 runners...68th out of 235 females....22 out of 80 for 30-39age group....2:01:39 Pace 9:17

I can be content with those stats :) Yeah...I thought sub 2 was going to be easy...but with all things in life...not much ever is! So I roll with it...or should I say I just 'run' with it. haha!

Tonight I stretch...I load up on carbs and just slammed 2 greek yogurts for almost 30grams of calve is tight and sore....shoot even my right leg is too. But stretch and just get some sleep tonight.

Tmrw I'll try to run and if I can't I'll crosstrain and hit some's been 3 days since I've done any sort of weight lifting, my arms ache a good burn *Dear God did you see my arm flab in my dress...YUCKY...they are getting there but will anything make that fatty look go away...will that saggy extra skin diasappear..oh likely not... an ugly reminder of who I was and what not to be again! *

Ok, I gave you some more pics (yes I'm so vain) ;-p

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