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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrating 155lbs GONE!

I have been holding steady bouncing between 157-158 for a few weeks now. I knew I had to do something drastic and practical *AND HEALTHY* TO MIX IT UP. Dropping my calorie intake down to around 1000 and doubling up on my effort level was exactly what my body needed to wake up the metabolism! I drank lots of water the last few days too to help flush the shit out of my system in attempt to burn the fat. So I know I'm not at a water loss today! I always bounce around so I suspect I'll go up and down a little bit this week.

But none the less...Today I celebrate. when I weighed myself I smiled and grabbed the camera...made the husband take the picture *that camera weighs 3.5lbs, lmao! *
Then when I sat down it 'clicked' inside my head...HOLEY SHIZ NITS...I'VE LOST MORE THAN WHAT I WEIGH. you should of seen the shock on my face when I made this realization. So humbling and I'm so proud of myself. If anyone knew the challenges in my head/heart this past year you would know that this is a big accomplishment for me. I was always an emotional eater and this for me has proven that I don't have to eat my way through my problems in life. I can sweat through them, lmao. But I'm for serious! I can talk more about how to get rid of emotional eating in the future...for now I'll spare my rantings for my own selfish gallivants!

I am honored to finally start reaping what I sew with my efforts on all levels. My strength inside my body is coming through. I see improvements every day in my self. This is so motivating to me. I want to keep riding this high from it all. I see myself so much thinner and stronger. I want to be toned and ripped and I can't wait to get my belly leaner and get a tummy tuck! This extra belly bulge is a few pounds stubborn belly fight that I'll fight to burn off instead of having it cut off and lots of extra skin. Though it does not look to bad...I really had visions of it looking much worse. The sag is not Mommy apron is...and that is where I'll qualify for a tummy tuck with my insurance. In the mirror at the gym, even just 6 weeks ago I didn't want to stand sideways in the mirror as my belly stuck this past week I look down and turn to do weights up over my head and I don't feel compelled to bring my shirt down or feel embarrassed as what I see is smaller than it was 6-8 weeks ago!

I love that I have someone to share this with. It's one thing that comes me and my husband bound together. The idea that we started this together and keep doing it together is surely a great connection for us. His transformations since we started hitting the weights has been absolutely crazy amazing. I knew he had a six pack but to actually start seeing it a few weeks ago!!! Um, Yeah, Awesome! Then to see him crank out all these push-ups when he could barely do ten at one point and now he can do over 400 in a day! Wow, again...he is inspiring me! I want to match up to him. He lost 100lbs fast....I wanted to match up to him.....he became a runner....i wanted to match up to him.....he wanted to run a marathon....i wanted to match up to him....he wanted to build arms/abs...I want to match up to him. Crazy how without much thought he has led us to where we are going. sorta of like the beacon....and I hold the flashlight to get us there! Great Team!

I just know this is exciting, this is healthy and all this feels so great.

I love that I'm sharing the see the number of people reading it...impresses me *can't believe you all want to read about me!* crazy people!
I am loving the new 'like' page set up on Facebook. Maybe I have envisions of become a little icon in the running world where I can show all you non-runners that you can run. Or show all you overweight/obese people that you too can fall into love with the sport and eat well enough to lose weight to be happy, healthy and fit! I felt selfish at first when I started the page....then out of no-where and not super fast but every day at least a dozen new people find my page and 'like' it. more than 60% of you all liking my page don't even know me at all. I'm so impressed a stranger likes it faster than my own friends or family ;-p THANKS, it's great to write about me....that draws inspiration out of others....but it's great for me to know that maybe I do inspire someone. That I do want to push someone to be different, daring and challenge themselves like I've had to challenge myself. Maybe I prove to everyone that you are stronger than what you believe. That from giving to you that I actually give back to myself. It's who I am. I love helping people! So Thanks for letting me help if you need it!

Food: 1 organic egg over single slice of wheat toast, 1tblsp of all natural peanut butter, greek yogurt, 1 cup of grapes, 3/4 cup of Life cereal * this on long drives* 5oz of skinless rotisserie chicken over 2 cups of spinach with lowfat ranch dressing, sobe vitamin water, air popped popcorn with my of course dark chocolate mini morsels=1050 for today with 48% carbs, 31% protein, 20% healthy fat

Fitness: 4 mile run, 15 min elliptical, 20 min strength training

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  1. I love your desire for running and losing weight. I personally love to run. Have always. The past 6 years of my life took a turn for the worst and as of Jan 2011 my highest weight was 211 lbs. Since then I joined a gym and run every morning on my treadmil. I now weigh 170. I have 30 more to go but I've been stuck at 170 for over a month. Thanks to you, your page, this week I changed my calorie intake as you did. I hope to drop some serious weight. Thank You!