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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rest Day, Sort of ? LOL

Before I am a Runner I am mother.

So as much as today is a 'rest' day as far as running goes...nothing could be further from the truth for my daily life.

I decided I would change the girls bedroom around. 1 big bed, toddler bed, dresser and 6 bins of toys and WOW.......6 hrs later I was FINALLY done! The room looks BOOM'TASTIC

oh and throw in the cleaning of the kitchen, dishes, made breakfast and lunch ....oh wait I cleaned the bathroom sink/toilet/floor and took out the trash.

Oh wait....I took care of the dog, got endless sippys' and snacks too.

Oh wait...I made the eggplant parm and made these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies...which were 'ok' nothing I'm going crazy about....although runner boy I'm sure will enjoy them as he always does! that plate will be gone quickly! lol. Eat up runner boy....less in my face to eat!

So yeah....TIRED!

I'm starting to get sick on this 'running rest' day!

My kids have a small cold and it's post sinus draining down the back of my throat and it's irritating me more tonight than throat is sore so I'll salt water gargle and hope for the best as I sleep. I'll crank some extra vitamins tonight too. Typically a sinus rinse, vitamin C mega dose, extra water and sleep is all I'll need.

Let's hope!

18 Miles tmrw....and unfortunately not in the morning like a runner would really want....but instead in the afternoon. Ugh! Big FAT UGH!

fingers crossed for good weather, good body, happy legs, happy sinus, happy everything!

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