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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Body deserves the BEST - New Year Wake Up call for my clients

As you adventure into the new year the countless thoughts strike our every thought.....

"My Body deserves the best"

"I've failed myself long enough"

"I can't seem to push past this plateau"

"I keep cycling in and out of trying and this is IT, I'm doing this!"

This is all so common and I KNOW cause I was that person but I didn't just do that on the start of a new year, I did that a lot of my adult life as an obese adult and actually everyday when I was an overweight child.

I know the conversations in your head; I can guarantee you I've shared the same thoughts, the same guilt, the same convincing myself, the same planning.

I'd follow through for a day or two and maybe even a week or two and THEN.....


I'd fall back to food my comfort place. My secret safe place. That invisible friend that no one can see but that I could feel. That friend was a liar but it never mattered, they were trustworthy and they gave me a comfort I could never find any where else or with no one else.

It's not comfortable to work-out, it's not fun to sweat. Actually I felt gross, undeserving, the intolerant insatiable need to just convince myself "this feeling can't be normal, this is harder for me than anybody else, this is suppose to be easier, my lungs are burning, my back aches, my stomach bounces, my arms are flabbing, my ass looks to big on this machine, that man over there is staring at me, that woman is so pretty and fit and I just feel like a cow. These thoughts, all so negative but so real ravished my thoughts on each attempt at the gym. I held my gym memberships and time after time, year after year told myself even though I was not even a runner at the time that I'd get out there and do a run on New Years Day because it was the START to my new way of Life.

I know you have felt or do feel the same things I did. It's what connects us because I was morbidly obese all my adult life and overweight even before that. I know the value of a cookie and I know the disdain behind the early miles of moving in a new direction.

So how can I help you move you forward and make this year the year that you really make that BIG change?


  1. Stick around, use the support networks I've set up. There is NO greater gift than a place where you can feel comfortable to rant, share, celebrate, cry or work through all your fears, doubts. Find local trainers, local people in the community to surround yourself with that can answer questions and support you. Trainers are NOT just for showing you moves and form they can really be the greatest source of motivation and support for you!
  2. Get involved in challenges. I have some set up and there is always a new challenge around every corner for fasts, sugar free challenges, work out challenges
  3. Commit to running, commit to a race, designate that you absolutely no matter what will give yourself exactly 3 months to learn a new sport (running, swimming, cycling) SPORT- NOT A WORK-OUT- SPORT!!  
  4. I know you want to go into overdrive. Our Minds are Ferrari's yet our body's are not well fueled, nor are they properly maintained and drive more like a busted up pinto. So slow down, be reasonable with your work-outs. Don't work out 5-7 days a week for an hour at a time- instead a reasonable goal would be 3 days a week for 3o min. You'll avoid burn-out and you'll give your mind time to adapt to the growing changes that take place with food modifications and learning new food behaviors. 
  5. Start slowly with getting into clean eating practices. Totally being radical with your food modifications do sometimes work for some, however more often than not you will "try" a new diet and or vegan, paleo etc lifestyles and find it's much too difficult to transition too. I don't blame you even as a clean eater and playing around with such diets as experiments (for you!) I've learned "holey crap- not easy!" Just keeping it real! I'd much rather you instead of eliminating food groups right now aim for healthy options to eat in EACH food category and as you gain food control and begin to eat in proper moderation's begin to experiment on what your body likes and doesn't like. I really think we have to eat clean before we adventure into learning how our body's like, dislike dairy, gluten, etc. 
  6. Get to the Doctor soon and get your hormones, cholesterol, lipids etc checked! Then while you are there make plans to go back in 6 months for another check. This will aide in your commitment. Talk to your doctor about options for nutritional support especially if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic. Most often if you have an illness like that or sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure insurance will cover that cost with no argument. Use your insurance, use your doctor for check ups and get all your numbers checked! 
  7. Stay Positive- write notes to yourself, keep up visual aides to keep you motivated in the weeks, months to come. There is nothing worse than negative self talk. It will Win every time and in the end you actually lose. Remember all that negative self talk I did and how I convinced myself I was too big, too uncomfortable to work-out? That was all wrong and I never had anyone tell me to STOP doing that- so I'm telling you now "STOP DOING THAT!"  *with Love ;-) *
  8. Don't throw in the towel. Prepare NOW that it won't be easy. Prepare yourself now that mentally you will have harsh days, quitting thoughts. How will you overcome? What will you say and do to get through it instead of cycling past through? Plan and prepare! 
I can go on ALL DAY LONG!  With that said it's because I know, it's because I help others and if you feel like as you adventure into the days, weeks, months ahead that you want some one - on - one coaching the check out my services for coaching and we can start working together!

Do You Feel Ready?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Start a Weight Loss Jar!

I love visual motivators just like this! Although I have personally never did this I just love the idea and you can get as creative as you want when making them! Use any size jar, any size stone, marble, bean, etc. You may even decide to use CASH! What a treat that would be when you got to goal to SPEND IT! Have Fun!

Fresh Brewed Life Book Review

Fresh Brewed Life 
written by Nicole Johnson

Nicole Offers Hope for the Daily Grind! 

Not sure how I stumbled upon this book at the public library but as I glanced through the pages and read the back cover and quickly added it to the pile of Dairy of Wimpy Kid books and Disney movies ready to be checked out. 

Easy to read and hard to put down this book would entice any Christian woman to brew up some new self discovery to awaken God in their life, to others and ultimately to themselves. 

Nicole goes through and offers ideas to brew on and each reader can taken some growth from the great context.  For myself I was drawn to make journaling apart of my daily grind. I am hopeful after the read that I'll continue to brew my friendships and make time to celebrate my true friends! 

If you are looking to enrich your friendships, embrace your beauty, listen to your longings, savor your sexuality, change your world then this is a GREAT book for you to read! 

I love how Nicole offers great tips for anybody looking to refresh their daily grind with some fresh brew while subtly giving constant thanks to our Creator! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

CCRG's Biggest Loser Competition Spring 2013

I am starting a Biggest Loser Competition that will begin officially Monday 1/7/2013 which I'm hoping is the Debut of the Spring 2013 Biggest Loser Competition on TV. Here we can share/talk about the show and put on a friendly challenge amongst each other. The focus will be on the same principles in the show and that is healthy foods and active lifestyles which is exactly what I promote and Coach!

Each Week we will weigh in and keep track of our individual weight loss. Each week we will share our progress being sure to participate as often as possible to stay on track to instill new healthy habits. I know we all can grow mentally from this upcoming experience, I know the support is EXACTLY what is needed in order to keep pushing forward. Ask Questions, seek support and be there for others too! I know you will love the interaction!

 I am here if you are looking for individual coaching and my participation in the group will be casual as I Coach in real life and online as well as busy with my photography business and my family, faith etc.

Join us here

How to Calculate Percentage of Weight Loss
Subtract your existing weight from your beginning weight to obtain the number of pounds you have dropped since starting your diet or exercise routine. 
Divide the number of pounds you have lost thus far by your starting weight. For example, if your starting weight was 180 and you have lost 18 pounds, you would get a total of 0.1 (18/180=0.1). 
Multiply your answer by 100 to obtain your weight loss percentage (0.1x100=10, or 10 percent).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Day Run 2012

Today I took off well after a Great Bacon, Egg Breakfast and some Hot Coffee x 2 , presents galore, smiles, laughs and PRAYERS for a Christmas Day 5k run.

Put on by a local non for profit that asks for food donations and we get together for a small 5k.  So off I went with my Bag full of Food and went and burned off some Bronchitis and Calories!

Great Lil Course despite 2 hills! Fun time, casual talk with other runners and back home for a GREAT Ham Dinner- hhmmm!

How Was Your Holiday? Did you run and What did you get for Christmas that you Really Wanted?
I myself wanted NOTHING but my Family ♥ We Celebrated the Birth of Jesus and spent the rest of the day just relaxing (I'm making Whitney a crochet scarf right now!!)

Sandy Hook Virtual 5k 12/24/12 Pics & Results

                       Sandy Hook Virtual 5k
Christmas Eve Run with my Gals' in Remembrance of Newtown, CT Sandy Hook 
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ♥ This is Exactly Why I LOVE running because when you lack a desire to do it for yourself you can find a reason to do it for someone else. You show everyone that runners are are kind, giving and generous and run with PURPOSE deeper than pace or self pride! Merry Christmas to You and Thank You for the Donations and Remembrance!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas (Self Reflection & Sharing)

I came down with the Flu and then it settled into a bout of bronchitis so my already reduced mileage and fitness has been forsaked even further due to illness. However it's been really ok because I've been on this mega focus for the last month to refocus my motherhood and work on strengthening my marriage in paramount. Simply because I want to be amazing and what better time of the year then Christmas and after baptism!

I have been working so diligently on God's path for me. He has forced me to mend and forgive both my parents and seeing through the eyes of GRACE took swallowing and washing away a lot of old resentments and issues that always seem to entangle me in my adult life. I'm really used to washing away people to avoid problems but the fact is Family is not someone you let go of, even if the parents are abusive emotionally etc.

I have decided many GREAT amazing things for me and my future and they have to do with my relationship with my husband as we pray more, spend way more time together and connection on so many amazing life levels and I wanting to share even more! Even after 17 1/2 years I'm proud to say he is MY BEST FRIEND & LOVER! 
On a Recent Lunch date! Got a GREAT compliment when the Waitress was surprised we had been married for almost 15 years!

It's our "Save the Date" as we get Ready to Renew our Marriage Vows under a New Covenant of Faith!

I have spent some time Crocheting (Runnerboys idea) so we have been having Fun relaxing and getting back into something we both have not done since we were young adults or even since he was a kid - I've taught him to crochet and maybe he'll remember how he used to knit and teach me!
I'd rather be running but for now I'll crochet baby booty's (why I don't have NO baby?, lmao! I vowed to save them for my grandchild- I may NEVER make another pair?

I have been baking and getting my Butt Whooped in Checkers ALL THE TIME from my crazy lil 7 year old!   Austyn & Allyssa are doing AMAZING and they are such great lil 4 year olds! I'm so blessed! They had a BLAST in the Winter snow the last two days! Austyn first one in and Ally willing to stay out till her cheeks are rosy red!

My eating has been great, a lot more at home than the months past it shows I'm slowing down and cooking at home more now that the winter months are here. I actually bunker down and eat best in winter and summer I'm more active but eat more! odd-haha!  I still have those five lbs I gained over summer and thankfully nothing else but I'll shed that once I'm back to training and normal fitness! No obsessing or worrying here- that five lbs tacked on when my body was ill for 6-8 weeks last may/june so I'm not at all worried.

Fitness: Like I mentioned everything as been slow but I'll be grateful to hit 1250 miles this year plus my cross training and weight lifting so I'm a happy FIT Girl ♥

I'll do end of year review and make goals for 2013.

Have you thought about 2013 yet?

We have donations in for the Remembrance run, the 2012 Holiday challenge comes to a close and I wanted to share that  come visit me on Christmas Day and send me an e-mail asking for your FREE Downloadable Home Bootcamp Work-out! Catch it Free on Christmas and Give it a Try~ My Gift to you ♥


Friday, December 21, 2012

Spiritual, Supernatural, Sustaining Bread

How Hungry are you? 

Are you hungry enough to start eating the Spiritual Bread.....the Supernatural Bread.....the Sustaining Bread.........

John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

John6:50 But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die. 51 I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”

Your Faith will bring your hungry soul to him, but you must eat!  If only you eat and Jesus wants you to come and dine. Feed upon Jesus and live forever. He wants that for you and has set the banquet table and today your daily bread represents his flesh.

Are you just always hearing the words of God and never feasting? Are you truly understanding of the all powerfulness of his word and love?

Nothing else satisfies!

It really does get easier to deal with eating issues and breaking the all powerful sugar addictions or bad habits of potato chips and wine and cheese dining when you really encompass that what we need to be addicted to eating is the Spiritual, Supernatural, Sustaining Bread of Jesus.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Be Strong, Be courageous

If the Great Lord told you

Joshua 1:9  "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Would you be?

We all have to TRUST fully that God will do exactly what he sets out to promise us All and that is to be prosperous and successful~!

Joshua 1:8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

What does Strong really mean? Does that mean the strength of our how physically capable we are? Is strength measured by numbers like the miles we can run at a pace we can only dream to excel at?
I don't believe that at all. Our own strength is individualized and so personal to each of us alone. That we define what that is in our own hearts, mind, soul with the all knowing God. He KNOWS our true strength even as we doubts. In the midst of deep concern or worry he is everlastingly knowing our truest strength. If you are an athlete or aspiring to just be more physically stronger you are actually tapping into your inside spirit. Your internal strength defines YOU!  Every time it gets HARD ....the kind of hard where you want to quit or puke or pass out but you keep on going....WOW- if you've been there then I've met you there too! When you get done you BURST into tears- pride? heck yeahs! Celebrate that as God is smiling for you! God wants you to keep pushing yourself to the put that you redefine your personal STRONG!  I've seen it abundantly clear that often times many endurance athletes are actually spiritually very STRONG people. Our Spirit DRIVES our body to do amazing things! Thank You God!

Now I dare to ask how Courageous are you? Often as a Coach this is where my runners, weight loss gals fumble. It's not weakness, it's not lack of understanding or even a lack of commitment. It's FEAR which is exactly what courageous is all about! Courage by all definition means the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain WITHOUT FEAR!  As a Christian I value this concept more and more and that is abolishing all fear! Trusting our Lord - our God for he is with us wherever we go!  Are you fully trusting?  When can do everything through him which gives us strength!

So how would you really know that fear is not stumbling you? Are you convincing you are Brave and Strong yet you continue to cycle through physical, or spiritual plateaus?  Just answer one question for me in deep real raw fact "What excuses have you had this week or this month or the past year that has stopped you from really following through? Those excuses are hidden fears! Time to self discover. Do that by talking with your support network, praying, meditating, journaling.  Begin to utilize trial and error and pinpointing the exact fear culprit like failure, rejection etc. This can stem from limiting beliefs, low self worth, complanceny or even confusion.

It's all well and good to justify it to ourselves but if you reading this then I know you fully understand that we are NOT fooling God! So don't wait another day or another second it's time to let go of the repeat chapter button in your life and it's time to hit PLAY and we will name this new chapter "Strong & Courageous"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Virtual 5k - Raise Money & Honor

Are you Wondering How you Might be able to help the Victims Families or how you might honor the Victims of Newtown,CT in some way?

The most beautiful part about the running community is the drive to put on virtual and real life races in order to help out a cause. Runners come together and Run for Remembrance, to help raise awareness, to raise money and to honor the fallen.

I am providing a link where you can donate money to the United Way of Western CT that will give all proceeds to the Victims Families in order to help pay for funeral costs etc.

You can Run for FREE and honor anyone one of these Victims.
You can however choose to take even five, ten or twenty dollars and donate toward these families. They will need to pay for funerals, flowers, memorials, counseling and so much more. YOU can help ease a financial burden during a time when they should be concentrating on healing and getting through this very difficult time.

Please Donate Here:
United Way of Western Connecticut where all proceeds will go to victims families.

This was found via

There are OTHER ways to give- I give warning that some are not yet verifiable but I trust that United Way and this link provided by the major new station is trustworthy.

Here is a Racing Bib that you can print out and Run on 12/24- 12/25
I am choosing those days because there is NO better time to remember that these families are without loved ones right now and we need to remember them - we need to honor the victims during this time and take Deep Gratitude for our own!

Please wear this- share this- run with family, friends. Even if you just get out outside and go for a walk!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Be Healthy on Holiday Cookie Swaps / partys

Many of us are enjoying the holidays and in doing so we Celebrate, Socialize with Food!  It's not necessary to negate the food during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with sustaining when you are steadfast in your journey. There is also nothing wrong with planned, moderated indulgences either.

If you plan to go to a Holiday Party or have one in your own home then here are some baking alternatives and snack ideas that you can utilize to make your holiday treats "Cleaner, Healthier"

 Baking Alternatives


Gorgeous Display!

CandayCane Shape Fun- Get Creative

Fruit Display

Chocolate Covered Strawberrys

Chocolate Covered Apples
Candy Canes
Candy Cane Shot- NonFat Milk and Candy Cane- crush candy can around rim for cute look
Chocolate Covered Candy Cane- Low Calorie Treat

Pretzels are low fat treat and you can make something Festive and still not break the calorie bank!

  1. Make/Bake/Bring only what you need to.There is no need to make excess treats- if you make a lot to bring to a party then leave them there.
  2. When your Guests Leave send them with them!
  3. Plan for extra exercise to negate calories
  4. Think Fruit, Vegetables and use cute platters to display
  5. Shape a healthy food into the shape of a tree, candy cane, reindeer etc
  6. Trick your family/friends with Clean Eating, Low Sugar recipes. Perhaps you do black bean brownies(will they ever know?) Perhaps you find a low glycemic cookie that they will enjoy yet won't cause the sugar crash that is so infamous with cookie eating!
  7. Think outside the box- instead of bringing cookies perhaps you can bring holiday martini-or festive holiday drinks.
  8. Christmas Themed trail mix is another fun festive idea