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Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Shadows in the Night

Tonight I ran outside at Night for the First time Ever!

I've ran early as the sun had just come out....but I've never run at night in the dark. So I was eager and truthfully excited. It was one of the reasons to train my dog, so he could protect me as I ran some miles out it in the dark when I wanted!

So 11:20 pm and 70'degrees I headed out downtown. My goal was obvious to stay on all lit streets.

The wind was whipping and the weather was just beautiful!

I was enjoying my run down toward center of the city which is only a 1/4 mile away from my home and was a little eager to run by the New Miller Beer Sign that was lit today as part of the City's Founders Day Celebrations. (I took my peeps there earlier today and we walked around and enjoyed the music and antique car show) The sign was much more tastefully lit than I expected.

I kept my run light, didn't even look at the watch. Realized quickly just how unsafe it is to run on a Saturday Night. Drinkers were all over the downtown area as I ran past several bars and lots of people hanging out. I was the odd ball out as I ran by, but I take pride in my Running. I was nervous at times but I kept my mace clenched in my fist as I ran just as pre-caution.

I was running back toward home and I heard someone say "that's what I ought to be doing...running" and I smiled on the inside. I know this may sound odd but for me, to hear that felt great it was better than the alternative of "she needs to be running instead of being out on a date, look at her fat ass" lmao. I'm serious! I'm a thin runner now and not out there cause I'm fat and trying to lose weight. I'm out there cause I love Running and it's refreshing and I'm in training :)

I am so humbled to feel that way!
The crickets, the wind, the quiet dark. I felt like a Ninja in the night. The only thing that stuck out on me was my golden locks and my bright pink laces....I felt like naughty ninja in the night. haha!

When I heard the 3 mile ring. I stopped and saw I ran a blissful easy 3 in the slowest pace since Buffalo....3 miles in 28min and change for a pace of about 9:38 :) Who cares! I loved it!

Oh and Shadows in the night...I was running up the S.H.I.T. and somehow there managed to be THREE shadows of me running....all the reflective streetlights must have played off of me that there were 3 of me....dam, never have I seen such a thing before....SPOOKY!

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