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Thursday, September 29, 2011




Like seriously ♥

The Fall leaves, the color....THE SMELL!!!

I ran under the street lined tree canopy and each time the birds flew off I was drizzled with tree rain, so refreshing on my already cool, crisp Autumn run.

A tweaky squirrly friend that I spooked left me tickled as the tree rat scrambled to where to go as I spooked!

Ran to the lake and the amazing display of birds flying overhead was UH-MAZING!

Ran into the lake and stopped mid-way through at the bench just on the lake shore, listened to this

Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life
Thank God I found the good in goodbye

Stretched...soaked in the Greatness of my Day, My life, My Kids (My Princess turns 6 tmrw and this morning I spent my first waking breath kissing and hugging her tightly....OMG....6 years old!)
I won't lie the only BAD part to my run is the URGENT need for nature call at mile 4 and for 2.5 miles I was in 'FREAK' mode that I won't be able to make it to the bathroom, lmao. OMG....lucky enough I was able to find a bathroom ;-p
7 miles in 1:01:15 for a 8:45 Pace....What's great is my pace is getting faster on my typical training runs! Thanks to Endurance Running ♥
I found my way to the gym where I met up with my husband ♥ Took him to the weight room and we did some free weights. He showed me some tricep pull downs (hhhhmm.....Runnerboy tucked in behind me to show me pulldowns as NICE..TEHEHEHE!! then can I say that just as I was done doing pull downs I looked down and found a penny :) hahahaha, a freaking penny! Runnerboy shook his head, lol.
Connie's Foods Today- oh and my bloat is going down and the scale has gone down 3lbs :)
Breakfast: egg white, slice of whole wheat
Gym after 7 mile run before weight routine- Banana
Lunch: Cucumber, Greek Yogurt, Coffee
Dinner: Broccoli, Avocado Chicken burger on whole wheat bun
Snack: Dark chocolate and my air popped popcorn

Oh and today I went shopping with RunnerBoy....trying to buy Spoiled Princess stuff she doesn't need but will make her smile ;-)
Found me a running shirt for training!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biggest Loser Week 2

"It's because I want to live. Because I'm sick of killing myself"

This episode encompasses and touches every viewers inner heart when we truly hear how excess weight impacts the body, the heart, the mind.

It's not about the skinny or getting a chick/mate.

It's about health and life!

It's exactly what triggered my journey. The desire to not be 'thin' but to be 'fit' and my desire to watch my children grow up. I knew for me I wanted to be here to watch my grandchildren come into the world....heck challenge myself to live healthy enough to see if I can get to meet my Great-Grandchildren♥

Sure we can feel the heartfelt desire to make the change when you see it impact the people on the show. Heck I remember watching YEARS of biggest loser and always feeling compelled to make the difference....yet I never did......why?

What makes a person inspire to actually change?

• you have it? What's your motive? Does it move you enough to make a plan?

•Make a determined you want it. So how will you get it? You MUST make the plan. Small changes. Day by Day, moment by moment sometimes. A plan that has corrective action, a plan that allows some flexibility and room for error/improvement. Flexibility to make changes to make it fit to your life. Don't be rigid, allow room for small erros and setbacks. The challenge of changing your life is taking and learning what STOPS you from moving forward.

•Start the plan. Perhaps you start....RIGHT NOW...DON'T WAIT....RIGHT NOW!!!! Hear me! Right now the rest of your day you start taking your life back. I do NOT care what you did earlier today, what you did yeserday, last week or the past year(s)...RIGHT NOW! You start by cleaning out the pantry, throw away all the bad foods, put yourself into success mode. Get a support network (3fatchicks, weightwatchers,caloriecountingrunnergirl facebook page ;-p ) get active, start talking and sharing. Exploring yourself and start making the journey happen! Today you step away from the extra plate of food, today you walk away from the dessert, today you walk a little bit more than you normally do! Small changes will propel you into bigger ones!

Share, educate, join a gym, journal your foods, determine your emtional trigger points to eating (times of day, emotions) start MOVING!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Woke up with headache.

That in which doesn't kill just tries to kill me?

My head might just pop off but I got a life to live and I know for Fact there are people out there dying of cancer and going through HORRIFIC medical nightmares so my pain my skull is the least of potentially greater problems I could have. There is where I take stock in the days I feel mighty fine. This is where I remember feeling like shiz nizzle therefore never taking for granted the days I feel incredible and well and healthy.

Slight pain in the skull which gradually radiates the entire brain and the nagging feeling persists and then centers around my left eye. My left lower sinus and socket feels as though someone has sucker punched me. Constant rubbing it and trying to hit pressure points to relieve the ache.

Ibuprofren at Noon, Tylenol at 4 .....HUGE coffee with a major blast of sugar and creamer to wake me up in hopes the caffeine is whats needed to open up the blood vessels.......a short 20min shut eye while my husband makes I am at 5pm with a persistent ache. UGH.

But here's what I did today.

1/4 mile walk
1/4 mile run
Arm routine
Nautitllus weight resistance routine (quads/obliques/abs/arm pull down, hip abduction/adduction
Arm routine
7:20 Mile Run
Arm Routine
1/4 mile run
45min Pilates Class *where I about passed out from extreme hunger/nausea....I'm not feeling great in here...I'm relaxed but I'm hurtin...the head...the hunger...UGH.

Quick Jaunt home and quick shower as the gym ladies invite me to join them and the kids at the local park for a playdate.

Then pushed screaming bratty 3 years around in the grocery store where I thought for sure my head would surely POP OFF from the stress/headache/pain. Thought for sure I'd pass out in there too.


The only time I felt ok was when I running/lifting and in the park conversing and then once on the way to the Coffee shop where I heard this

♪♪♪Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun

Connie's Food Today:
1 whole organic egg
1/2 slice 2% cheese
100 calorie high fiber english muffin

1tblsp of all natural pb
1tsp of jam
1 slice of whole wheat bread
1 apple
1 greek yogurt
tomato salad

3oz pork chop
1 small red potato- diced and baked with a spritz of olive oil & garlic/pepper/sea salt
1/2 cup peas
1/4 cup of lowfat cottage cheese

Monday, September 26, 2011


Today should of been a rest day. I woke up and felt emotionally strong and full of life but somehow out of nowhere my spirits were drawn. I feel bloated and and yucky today, likely because as much as I'm lactose intolerant I try to ignore it and absolutely LOVE my chobani greek yogurt and I have been enjoying a half gallon of fat free lactose free milk. But I'm not sold. I'm totally convinced there is trickery involved and I'm bloated to high heaven and I knew it and I should of NOT have weighed myself it's been several days *which is AMAZING for me!!* but it weighed a number I will not disclose. I hate my body sometimes for the pure factor that it retains food/water and my system shuts down and backs up so quickly when I don't eat exactly the right things. What is exactly right for me? NO dairy...and If I do greek yogurt it's likely better if I go every other day. That's a problem because good protein that I love comes from dairy and I'm a protein freak and love it simply because of my pcos and because it's so vital for muscle repair. My body hates over carbing it and instantly tucks the extra sugars away....aka...insulin resistance=pcos and this is just my hurdles in weightloss making it that much harder to balance my life and my body but I know how to do it....I suppose I'm just in denial sometimes especially since such healthy foods are part of the dairy family.
Anyways.....I did schoolwork and I cleaned my house and I spent time with my peeps with hopscotch and coloring ♥

Husband came home and he says "I'm not going to go running and leave you sad" and so I said..."can I go running with you then" he was excited....even though he knew I needed rest day.

What's funny is that for the first time in about week I woke up with NO leg pain. No Hip flexor pain or anything!!! so I knew my body was tired and needed rest but I still felt like running....especially in a weight 'funk' as I was in.

7 miles today. Ooops! 3.5miles to the lake and we stopped to the let kids play on the playground. I did a series of stretches and pushups off the playground playset!!
Only turning on the I pointed out the crazy girls wearing bikinis at the lake ...walking around in mid 70's weather. I pointed out the one girl, she had a Nice hiney. I wished my hiney looked like that. RunnerBoy says "no way...look at all that have a runner butt and it's tight" bwahahahaha. Dork Face.

3.5miles jot home and the hills on this route sucked the life out of me.
Found a penny and then I was sad when it jumped out of the stroller and rolled into the grass no-place to be found. Bummer!
Found a Visa Gift card on the road and picked that up. Fantasized for the next mile that it would be CRAZY cool if they were funds on it! Caught up with Don (who runs as if he was NOT pushing 100lbs of weight)crazy!!! Strong!!! Boom!!
We checked the money!! bummer!!
Went into the grocery store the whole family...don and I smelling like Skank!
Bought Dinner and ran the last 1/4 mile bitch hill on the last stretch home.

Dam I'm feeling like TOAST PEOPLE! I'm tired and need running rest!

Ok Foods Today:

1/2 cup egg whites
1 slice country rye


2tblsp all natural pb
1tblsp of natural jam
2 slices of whole wheat bread

dark chocolate covered almonds (does NOT help the weight funk....ugh..epic fail at that choice!!)

2 kiwis
1 slice of rye
1/4 lb organic 93/7 beef
1/2 slice swiss cheese
1/4 cup of portabello mushrooms
spinach leaves

Tonight I'm enjoying a wine cooler :)

The rest of the week is going to concentrate on emptying the guts and being kinder to the belly...avoid the dairy, up the fiber and eat super duper clean to get ready for Race Day - Sunday!!

Here is my AllyCat she fell asleep on my run and as you can see the fall foliage is really starting to peak here in Central New York ♥ Hence my choice to run 7 miles today...this was not about training, this was about my head & heart needing to be out there today!

7 miles in Just under 1:12 for a 10:15 pace....again just like yesterday, not bad for pushing all that weight!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn's Full House Run

I spent my day burning some calories with tickling baby belly's and squeezing my peeps tight!hhhmmm!!! I love these kids ♥

Then I spent the afternoon weeding some more and busted out the push mower and took care of Business...In Pure Connie Diva Fashion....Keep on Staring World...This Running Momma does her own lawn work....BOOM! Listen that's one thing I learned when I was raised and that was called 'living' and that included daily dishes and weekly house chores and that also included mowing the lawn! Push Mower...for about 1.5hrs once a week!! So I'm totally not afraid to mow my own lawn. Good Way to regain your life back ladies....we don't need NO MAN! Got hear me?!! I plunge my own shit clogged toilets, I'll change a tire....I'll check my oil....I'll repair a drain pipe....I'll do most any handy dandy thing a man can do around here! As a Landlord I've certainly learned how to teach myself to do lots of home repairs. I take pride in that. I love listening to friends complain when their husbands have not done something and often some won't tell me at all because they KNOW what I'm gonna say....."DO IT YOURSELF" !! It's part of taking care of yourself. It's ownership of your life. It's the need to STOP expecting shiz from people. Got me! Stop! Stand up and do it yourself. Yes I know there are gender roles and yes I know you are busy and yes maybe it's what is part of their 'role' around the house to do very specific things but really if you get to a point where it's not getting done and it causes you frustration or upset then rise up and do it yourself. Much like losing weight....stop blaming other people. Maybe there are people in your life/home that you can point the finger at and have very specific reasons why they sabotage your willingness to succeed. Take back the control and start right now for you! With Everything in life!
Stepping down off my lecturing soap box now :)

My Husband came home from work and I'm so happy to have blue sky's and a huge desire to stay outside and enjoy the Fall weather ♥ He wanted to run....I wanted to run so we brainstormed and we thought...let's ALL GO TOGETHER!

Yes! So we busted out the double jogger and the single jogger and we took the peeps with us!

4.25 miles later I report an easy run where my body felt 'blah' but my mind felt 'great' and we all super enjoyed the leisure 'jog' with the kids.

4.25 miles at a 10:13 pace which is respectable. I pushed the single with my AllyCat and that was about 65lbs pushing and Don had the double with Austyn & Whitney for about 110lbs

Best part of the run is when my husband said "lets go the other way and climb that really big hill on the way home" and I said "no legs are dead...I'll meet you on the other side" and then he said "well I want the challenge" ............Oh My I think that then became my challenge! So I said 'screw' it and I took and went 'his' way and I climbed that dam steep 1/4 mile Bitch and when I got to the top after he somehow raced to the top and he said I'm proud of you for not walking....EXCUSE ME? WALK....I WOULD NEVER WALK.... I NEVER WALK ANYMORE ......IF YOU SAW ME WALKING IT WAS BECAUSE I WAS LITERALLY DYING! HAHAHA!

He said you gave a good effort today....and I say....No I did not. Today was not about effort. Today was about being out there and enjoying a slow pace and my jogger slowed me down and I'm grateful for that. My right leg is SORE still and I'm on a week if acting too sore for my liking.

Tmrw will be a rest day!

Carbs and Recovery

Replacing muscle glycogen stores following your endurance run is a great deal. Restoring your glycogen stores minimizes chronic muscle fatigue and aids in a quicker recovery.

While most people are not hungry after an endurance exercise it's vitally important to at least drink a high carbohydrate drink. I've even actually read the higher the Glycemic Index of a food post recovery the quicker and easier it is for your muscles to recover. Right, think about it, it does make the most sense. You provide your body with simple sugars to replace the glycogen. There is nothing complex about simple starches (like potato's!!) after a big run to quickly get these sugars into your body so they can be stored in the muscle. complex carbs take longer to break down and therefore take longer to get into the muscle for recovery. So aim for refined carbs 'afer' the work-out in contrast to complex carbs 'before' endurance runs!

So how much?

Within the first 30 minutes of exercise you want to have your first attempt at carb recovery with 1.5grams per kilogram your body weight. Then 2 hrs later eat a solid meal with 1.5 grams per kilogram of carbs and toss in some protein at this point too.

Oh let me be American For you and cover that Kilogram to your lbs.

So example: 154lbs=70 kilograms therefore I should consume 70x1.5=105grams of carbs within the first half hour of the run and then again 2 hrs later!!

So most my Running Crew loves chocolate milk for recovery (getting electrolytes, simple sugars!) and that has about 26g of carbs per 8oz drink. So drink 32oz of chocolate milk and you have started the process of carb recovery and you promoted re-hydration!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wanna Golf With Me?

I didn't post this but last week (I think it was last week. boy time flies!)I found a golf ball on the street running, lmao. So I brought it home...why not?

TODAY...I found another......OMG!! LIKE SERIOUSLY....GOLF BALLS....what's the dealio Universe? I'm HUGE on thinking things happening in life that hold some sort of meaning, lol (yes I'm a dork!) But really Golf I ran with it. Then I humored my own self on the run and thought "wonder how many people see this ball in my hands when I run and wonder....a big ole fat "what the fudge"? boom, hahaha!

Ok and I found 8 cents. I stopped trying to determine why I'm the lucky one to find so much money this year on my runs, last year I found none, this year I've found a lot ♥

You know when you are Marathon Training when you say "quick 4 miles is done"

Woke up sore, tight and my the right quad angry, my range of motion is not much from the right hip.

I was eager for an arm/ab work-out and what I did today is understatement to my efforts in total the last few months so this is what I mustered out today for the first time in 6days? Can't remember. yikes.

11 push-ups
24 sit ups (upon each sit up my right hip POPS) I likely need an adjustment this happened on my last peak of marathon training! all the mileage takes a jostle at the hips!

4 sets of arm curl routines

Two 1 minute planks (wow my core was SORE)

About 10minutes of home pilates moves to open up the back/hips.

Then I gardened outside for a while ♥ well ok...pulled weeds ;-)

Then I got out all my fall decorations and made my home pretty for Autumn my most Favorite season!!

Just as soon as my Husband came home I washed the dirt out from my under my nails and set out for some miles (yes I gardened in running gear and my running shoes ...boom! haha!)

First two miles I felt ok...nothing special. legs ok, felt a little indifferent an on the verge of a side stitch from the first step till about mile 1 and then it worked itself out.

First two miles I came in about 18:30 and made my turn-around back to home.
Second half I picked up the pace and opened myself up a little bit and then tapered it back the last 1/2 mile before hitting home sorta like a tempo today.

All in all 4 miles in 35:34 for a pace of 8:53 per mile.

I'll take that.

Eats today:
2 waffles (2oo cals)
English muffin (100)
slice of cheese (35)
1 egg (70)
pbj sandwich(250)
tortellini w.sauce (250)
garlic knots (200)
popcorn (150)
coffee (150)
dark chocolate (150)
Total: about 1600 calories today. Right on track for maintaining :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Hair :)

Since my weight loss I have not changed anything about my hair.

I've had long hair my entire life and often times it was as always down to about my waist.

I felt like it one of the 'prettier' features about myself.

Fat Pretty Girls Take pride in a pretty face it is all we have after all.

I could never ever sport short hair with my BIG ROUND FACE

But now that I'm thin and healthy I can totally get away with short hair and it's what I've gone and done :)

I love it and I feel pretty and sexy ;)

13.1 Personal BEST *cat's meow*

Today I ran a Half Marathon Training Run.

Goal: Faster than Race Pace Half

Weather: Perfect, cold morning set out about 6:20am and it was still dark out so I geared up into some cold gear long sleeve and my compression shorts. The crescent moon shined down upon me as I greeted the morning chilly air. It was GREAT feeling to be out there. I was feeling 'alright' as I woke up at 4:45am. I was so tired last night and went to bed just before Midnight and was awaken at 3am with a tenant walking into the main foyer and then I had a funky dream and so I sorta slept through part of the alarm but I managed to get out of bed and then whine and moan to myself because my right hip flexor is so SORE! Like OMG...why? But I ignored it as much as I started to mentally play with the idea of being ok with a shortened run because of a potential injury.

I always know by about mile 4 how the remainder of a run is going to go based upon the first four. If I'm feeling energy, no worry about side stitches or an inability to breathe right or if my stride is off then I'll have a great run.

Today I felt AMAZING! the niggle in my hip flexor only started to nag about mile 7 and that was when I had to pause the garmin for a stop light. I started to stretch at the light and my right leg started to scream at me and I was like 'shut up' leg and just RUN!

This route I took had some hills and Garmin reports over 900ft accent climb and that makes me happy to conquer the distance in a NEW PR with some hills to add sprinkles to the wondrous glory of my run today!

I worked on negative splits again on this run. I showed where about the half way point is and you can see even with some minor inclines/traffic I managed a great negative split on this run today! As a matter of fact I caught 10.1 miles at 1:30 so I knew I had just 26 min to get in under my last PR and so today I ran 3 miles in 24:30 so a great kicker to end that Half Marathon Distance!

I love getting stronger/faster....Hot Dam so Proud of Myself on this one! Boom Boom Baby!

13.1 in 1:54:30 for a 8:44 pace!! WOW!
Now I'm just the cat's meow...ow! *wink...bruno mars/eminem*

Recovery: Ice bath and I won't lie....I AM SORE AS HECK in Right Quad & Right Hip Flexor. I wonder how recovery is going to be from this one!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm killin it like a blind man readin'

I'm killin it like a blind man readin,I'm feelin it like (BOOM!)

I have not run in 3 days. I ran my fast 5k and then ran a crappy feeling 20.

I spend the first day fully knowing I'd rest. I baked, I chilled.

The second day I decided with a grumpy right leg and an aching right knee that the ITB was tight and causing me some trouble that it was best to rest.

then yesterday I shudder at myself when I confess I had NO time to run. HOW can I say such filth? Wash my mouth out with Soap.....PLEASE! I'M A DIRTY GIRL. ;-p

That's ok too the knee had random aches and out of no place on Tuesday my back started to experience a n odd nerve pain on my spine in my lower back.....(ok , ok....I know how I got the back pain....yikes...but I WILL NEVER CONFESS....HOW .....BOOM!)

Today I NEEDed to run so badly! I spend my morning shopping and eager and excited to run!

We were able to find my husband's running shoes at the sporting goods store (Fleet feet no longer sells them...wasted trip over as they were on the last of the inventory and had none left his I did some investigating and found them for him!!!)

I took this opportunity to skip out on a scheduled/planned 6 miler and take what I could get on part of my Marathon course!

The Sporting good store is in Clay and we have to drive through b-ville to get there. So I opted for RunnerBoy to drop me off and I would run some hills, the ones that I was 'tad nervous' about running in the middle of my marathon.

To get it out of the way...I was SO HAPPY to be out there on the course even for just 2.5-3 miles of it and get at taste of what I'll be running in just.... 25 days!! OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!!
They were not bad at all....long and gradual and nothing crazy steep so take my time and I'll be good!

The most interesting of my run besides finding 6 Cents ;-) was ......(stop Reading here if you can't handle my trashy mouth!!! I've gone and done warned you now!)................................................

Douche Bag Number 1 at mile .70 greeted me with a middle finger out the passenger window of his car! What an asshole...he gave the worlds ugliest face as he hung his head out his trashy car window like a dam ugly dog on a tight leash and gave me the finger....OMG....I LAUGHED....yes I laughed....fucker! Ugly Ass Douche Boy think he can get one over on me?! Oh helz NO....I've not run in 3 days fucker...I'm as happy as a pig rolling in mud right now! feeling OH SO DANG GOOD! I WAS KILLIN MY RUN LIKE A BLIND MAN READIN'.....booom! love me some nelly boom boom!

Ok, so I weathered doucher number one with a laugh but doucher number too I was on my runners high and so seriously want fucker head to pull back around so I could karate chop his head ...or dick off as I was feeling like on the moon adrenaline pumping good at about mile 3 when douche bag #2 decides to STOMP his pc of shit mater truck and release this HUGE cloud of black smoke as he passed me back...I could see him turn his seat to catch the thrill of trying to suffocate my healthy running lungs with his fatally ozone killing omissions failing pc of shitter truck exhaust. You know I'm become really good at not skipping a beat in my run and simply sticking my finger up at him so he could read my 'fuck you fucker' in reverse!

So besides jealous bitch from last year when she threw a lit cigarette at me and now these two douche bags then I learn life is full of HATERS!!

hate me cause I'm awesome! My Husband says it's cause I'm hott and they can't have me, bwahaha! whatever...I think it's just because they are NASTY in the head and heart and karma my stranger douche bags is GREAT!!

OK RANT OVER AND WITH ALL MY HEART....THANKS FOR IGNORING MY TRASHY MOUTH AS I VENTED....if you love me and support me you know that when I'm hyper or supa' excited I swear like white trash ....yikes! Back to being a behaved RunnerGirl Now :)

I believe in my Running Core that every time I do a really long run that I get a little bit faster. Today I was running an 8:30 pace like super comfortable! Maybe it was because I conquered the hills and felt good on flat ....but just in general I feel the longer I run the faster I always get! Another reason why I'm obsessed with distance running ♥

4 miles today in 36min flat :) not bad for some hills.
felt some niggles in my right hip flexor and some crinching nerve pain in my back (like WTF!! GO AWAY WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU ARE...I AINT GOT TIME FOR YOU!) yesterday I bought my Last of GU ...what I'll need for my last 20 miler and my Marathon! Then I bought this fuel belt add on....super duper excited it's water resistant and big enough to hold my running camera or a cell phone or my gu know whatever I want on my long runs! Gosh I love Running Gear...makes me wish I had TONS of money to buy LOTS AND LOTS OF IT!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins

Simple and yum!

1 cup of pumpkin
2 tblsp of honey
1 tsp of vanilla
1/4 cup agave
1/4 cup sugar
2tbsp of cinnamon
2 egg whites

2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 tsp of baking soda

blend your wet/dry....throw into mini muffin pans and bake for about 1omin.

Chocolate Pumpkin Lovin'

So there sat a can of pumpkin and a great desire to bake (it's cloudy out...isn't this a MUST for any baker out there?)

So I bust out the creative side in me (believe me not at all that impressive but by golly I try!!)

I want chocolate....oh cause me love it!!

So here is what you get(if you dare to make it!)

Chocolate Pumpkin Lovin Loaf

1 cup of pumpkin
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
2 egg whites
2 tblsp of molasses (feel free to skip the molasses...sorta pungent taste to me!)
1/4 cup agave
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup sugar (if you want...I'm naughty and daring today)

2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 tsp of baking soda
2tblsp of cinnamon
splash of nutmeg
1/4 cup cocoa

blend and bake! 350' in greased loaf pan. keep checking to see if it's done, don't burn it! burnt cocoa is a NO-NO!

Yum Yum!

Behavior Modification for Weight Loss

I've talked about this before but it's certainly worth going over and keep adding information so that you can be successful and healthy in your weight management!!

Identifying faulty eating behaviors and eliminate or ignore improper eating cues.

* Keep food journal
*use shopping lists; do not buy problem foods
*eat before shopping
*discard problem foods from your home
*while at home find a good place to eat like kitchen/dining room. Avoid eating on the couch or in your bed
*do not talk on the phone when you eat, or play on the computer.
*avoid fast foods

Reducing your Calories:

*smaller meals on smaller plates
*prepare smaller amounts of food upon preparation (not 2nds to go back to)
*avoid buffets
*eat low fat/high fiber
*keep fresh fruit/veggies on hand to eat when hungry
*put your salad dressings on the side and not pour over the salad
*read your nutrition labels
*learn to leave food on your plate (talked about taking back control!!)

Staying focused:
* set reasonable and attainable goals
* put a picture of yourself on the fridge
* take measurements of your body to track loss
* leave your exercise equipment out so they can remind you to use them!
* Purchase 'goal' clothing!! c'mon we all love shopping! I always have a goal outfit!
* Ask for support

Get in your fitness, find ways to park further away from the entry of a store, take the stairs instead of the elevator

Do NOT reward yourself with foods. Shopping spree's, pedicures, massages, clothing or even time alone can be reward enough as you reach your goals!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I learned about this great new chip from another runner blog :)

I was excited to give it a try.

Kale is rich in numerous health benefiting polyphenolic flavonoid compounds such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene, and vitamins than found in any other green leafy vegetables. Kale has powerful anti-oxidant properties

So Simple and Easy!

Kale Chips:

Take fresh Kale and rinse and pat dry.

Spritz with Olive Oil and toss

Sprinkle with Sea Salt and toss

Bake at about 300 degrees in the Oven.

*Now the BIGGEST hardship with this Chip is the concept of 'monitoring' them as they cook. Constantly tossing them and letting them get crispy enough to 'chip' for you without burning them! Fine Line!

BEST TIP****** Take out the deep veins of the kale leaf and lastly shred your Kale down so it it's easier to toss and bake.

Only take a few minutes but once you sort out the temp/time to cook then you'll be ENJOYING!!

oK SO HERE IS MY Kale Chip Bowl next to my Air Popped Popcorn (sprinkled with my dark chocolate love) my glass of water :)

Health benefits of Kale (borecole)

Versatile, sweet Kale is widely recognized as an incredibly nutritious vegetable for its low fat, no cholesterol and powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Kale, like other members of the brassica family, contains health promoting phytochemicals, sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol that are appears to protect against prostate and colon cancers.

Di-indolyl-methane (DIM), a metabolite of indole-3-carbinol has been found to be an effective immune modulator, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent through its action of potentiating "Interferon-Gamma" receptors.

Borecole is very rich source of ß-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. These flavonoids have strong anti-oxidant and anti-cancer activities. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body.

Zeaxanthin, an important dietary carotenoid, is selectively absorbed into the retinal macula lutea in the eyes where it is thought to provide antioxidant and protective light-filtering functions. Thus, it helps prevent retinal detachment and offers protection against "age related macular degeneration disease" (ARMD) in the elderly.

It is very rich in vitamin A, 100 g leaves provide 512% of RDA. Vitamin A is required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and is also essential for vision. Foods rich in this vitamin offer protection against lung and oral cavity cancers.

It is one of the excellent vegetable sources for vitamin-K; 100 g provides about 700% of recommended intake. Vitamin K has potential role bone health by promoting osteotrophic (bone formation and strengthening) activity. Adequate vitamin-K levels in the diet helps limiting neuronal damage in the brain; thus, has established role in the treatment of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

This leafy vegetable is notably good in many B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, vit.B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin, pantothenic acid, etc that are essential for substrate metabolism in the body.

It is also rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus. Potassium in an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure by countering effects of sodium. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Iron is required for cellular oxidation and red blood cell formation.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keep the Faith 20 Miler

No Magic somersaults to give you. No magic fireworks, no pretty bubbles, nothing crazy or extra super special.

Just like my husband on his 20 miler yesterday I too woke up procrastinating my run (different reasons of course) Mine was just not feeling up to running 20 miles today.

I was tired, my right leg sore and tight. My ITB is tight and causing me some knee ache. My hip flexor tight on the right.

2 cups of mojo and a super stretch with help from my husband ;-) I was feeling loosened up and ready to hit the road.

9 mile loop. Nothing crazy happened. I was tired, flat. The brain not wound up or too excited. Just simply running to get this shiz done!

Odd parts of first part of run is random shed clothing on my route, lmao. Mile 2 I found underwear and shorts from a midnight streaking. Mile 5 I found some flipflops.

Entire Run I found lots of washers and bolts on this run. So dam funny. What is up with this? c'mon please tell me?! Is it because there are people pushing wagons that are falling apart on the state routes? lmao. No! so weird!

Anyways. Got home at mile 9 and chugged 20 oz of electrolyte and one gu - triberry this time. can't believe I was so afraid to use GU the last training schedule, as they NEVER hurt my belly I just took everyone else experience and took that fear and never tried them. To me they are easy and yum and settle just fine. Hate to say it but hit up the potty and then threw on the belt and bitched about going back out for 11 more miles. I wanted to shower and enjoy my day with my kids. The fall weather has me stoked for fall fun. I was even contemplating and bargaining with myself to stay home and do college algebra instead.....OMG....REALLY CONNIE? YES! WOW, THAT'S BAD, REALLY REALLY BAD!

Why? I am just tired that's all. I'm feeling worn out and the peak miles and the school and the family stuff and the photography stuff I'm just worn and the baking/cooking/cleaning and shopping. blah...blah...blah...blah...right get a grip...we all got a life right! No Excuses.

Ok so that's why I ran 20 miles today. No excuses. No matter what. No matter the pace, no matter how I felt. No matter how much I tried to convince myself to end the run early. I always asked myself one question when I thought about quitting my run "are you hurt" and the answer was always "No" was I tired "yes" did I pull over once and dry heave "yes" did my legs cramp "yes" did my knee ache "yes" did I run 10 miles with the verge of side stitch if I ran faster than a 9min pace "yes" did my calves seize up on me "yes" but I was out there and I was running....I was not dead. I was not dying. So I kept it going.

There is some REAL SICK SIDE inside my head that loves this SICK TWISTED NEED TO TORTURE myself. That in hardship and challenges we make ourselves stronger. Although when I was trying to be optimistic my pessimistic side won and told me to shut the fudge up and just run. Don't cherry coat shit feel like shit...but just keep going. So I did.

However Mile the deepest of desires and ho humming about my shiz nizzle run and feelings I started to feel better. Just after a few minutes of feeling like I had wind in my sails I found a penny and then two and then three! ♥ Then I saw a sign *literally* in the road and it said "we make a difference" sure it was sign slogan for a company but none the less it was there for me at the perfect time to read. We all make a difference. This sign made a difference. No matter 1 mile in or 15 miles in we don't lose hope. We keep the faith that it can be better (are we still talking about running?)

Got closer to the lake about mile 17 and I smiled...I was finishing my run at the lake today and my husband and kids would pick me up! I love them so much. It was so great to see them. So great to have this run DONE!

9 minutes SLOWER than my last 20 mile training run but none the less it's done!

Yes I wrote on my helped me....alot!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

OctoberFest 5k Personal Best

5k Race DAY!!!!

Woke up to my husband ranting about his 20 miler. He was bummed he had to cut the last 20 miler down to 18 and wobble his last two miles home in pain because both of his calves seized up on him and he was in extra-ordinary pain. So he hummed and hawed and yes I'm annoyed because I'd like to at least TRY to be optimistic *although at times; ie:tonight, that the sounds of running for 3hrs just makes me say "no, please" simply because I'm so TIRED!!!) Anyways, awakening to his self hype and bit of downplay on his upcoming adventure I'd surely giving him a BOOM talk to stop such bullshiz nizzle nonsense talk. He hates that. I am a endurance runner, I like running long distance. He does not. He HATES when I point that out to him or to others.....oh give me a break! bwahahaha! who cares! you don't like running for 3 hrs then don't train for a Marathon! doy! But know this...he is ROCKSTAR material. He has the goods to get the job in superior fashion. He just simply needs his head in the game and needs to embrace the miles. I do. So Finally he left!! OMG!! finally!

I ventured out a couple of hours later to catch up to him. I like to drive him to him just he does with me and snap some good running pictures. My runography at it's finest and soon there will be some more inspiring quote pics to come! *check out my facebook page to see them!!/pages/CalorieCountingRunnerGirl/138863732867402

Well he finished his run in most excellent pace!! All 20 miles in 2:48 and some change for a 8:24 pace and he felt GREAT! So Proud of him. He inspires me! I see his progression and we both see how I follow in his lead. Last Year he trained his First Full at the pace I'm training this one at. He came in at 4:22 last year after hitting an abdominal gut wall at mile 22 forcing him to walk/run the last 4 miles killing his 3:50-355 come in time. He is stronger this time. so much stronger!
Super Proud of my Husband ♥

So we wait around and rest him up and let him recover.

Then I arrive at my 5k Race. My son not feeling you can see by the look on his face :( So I gave him lots of Mommy Love ♥♥

Cool 50 Degrees the Sun was JUSt starting to come out!!

This course they stated was 'challenging' and I had NO idea what was in store. Truth be told before I start the course was not bad, although it wound up running through lots of village streets which included about 11 corners to turn and 4 hills to climb, lmao. Doh' ....believe me....want a smashing chance to PR pick a race that is ideally flat and is a straight shot out and back! Fudge all this turn corner crap dude you must slow down and then you must force yourself to pick up pace, you must climb hills and you can't necessarily 'fly' down them (but I do anyways and my sexy running cape is just Marvelous ;-p )

So slight incline on the way out and you don't notice because you are so amped to run and people are just FLYING past me and I'm like feeling turtle slow and I think oh shiz nits I'm going to slow *despite a glorious 1/2 mile warm up where I was crushing sprints in a 6min range to open myself up* but I looked down and I was running a 7min mile and I felt good but I knew I had to back that off in order to protect myself from side stitches or trouble with my breathing.

First Mile range in at 7:47 pace

Mile 2- This is where we hit hills...all 4 in this dam mile and this is where I get my side stitch and I'm talking BAD SIDE STITCH but I ignore it...I've had them before this won't be the first it won't be my last. I know how to run through them now and as much as my mind tells me slow down or give in to the little bitch...I don't. I have my husbands voice in my head saying "run through it, ignore it, just keep pushing" but none the less the stitch/the 4 hills they drop my pace down around 8min mark

Mile Side stitch is still there but I do the good old Connie Boom Boom Pep Talk on myself and curse at myself a few times and tell myself to suck it up and dig this shiz out and that's what I did. Caught my negative split on the way back toward home plate. Put my Boom Blaster Button on around 2.75 miles in and just let it 'LOOSE' AND GOT ALL CRAZY WITH DA' RUN !!! hahaha, I was running seriously 11mph according to the garmin and I was able to pass two people coming in STRONG!

24:34 Just over 2 minutes FASTER than my Spring Time 5k Race! I'm getting faster and it's easier and I'm SIMPLY LOVING THIS! I am working so hard on my running. I am putting forth so much effort and energy into my distances, my pace, my breathing/form that it's paying off and it always has. I am getting out Running exactly what I'm putting into it.

There is not much in life that has ever done that for me. Perhaps it's why I'm so in Love with Running. Why I'm so Addicted to it. Sure sometimes I have runs that bite and runs that hurt and suck and drain me. Times where I feel like I'm not progressing or etc but in the end I always prevail. A commitment that I hope to keep forever! (p.s. in about 5minutes when I bitch about having to run 20miles, just ignore all this sappy shiz, lmao!)

Here I is coming in STRONG!!!

Waited around and it was so worth it! The Playing field was not HUGE today just a couple hundred runners but I'll take it!!! First Place in my Age Group 30-39!!!

hellz yeah!

$20 Prize for my Age Group Win! I have been DREAMING about this....when I run really hard and fast I think about winning in my age group and today it finally happened and I just could not stop smiling and I wanted to cry so bad just because you know me and I cry alot and I was just so proud but I held back as everyone was watching me! just so dam humbled! I would of liked a little trophy but the gift card is practical. For the 25 race I got 20 back and a Great Glass Mug instead of a t-shirt and that to me is like super uber cool!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Carb Load

This is what I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO!!!! LMAO!

There is alot of confusion and freedom thinking when it comes down the science behind what a carb load is and how you are supposed to do it.

Many people take the idea and they eat tons of carbs the day before a race and sometimes for several days before a big endurance run. Often they find the performance was not at all enhanced by such actions and likely more often than not they have caused G.I. Upset which includes constipation, cramping and can lead to sluggish feelings and a heavy body.

Carb Loading is intended for Endurance Running/Training. Not intended for any sort of cardio up to One Hour. If you can run in under an hour a drink and small digestible food to fuel your run should be sufficient (oatmeal, bananas, bagels, toast, peanut butter)

If you plan to run longer than an hour then it's vital to plan ahead with your carb intake the day before and during the run to sustain your energy.

The principle idea behind the carb load before a big run/race is to restore the glycogen storage in your muscles. You likely have been running and training hard. When you run your deplete your muscle sugars. The carbs you take in after your run help to restore those muscle sugars which are used to move your muscles. When you run out of glycogen your muscles are sore (even so double that with the built up of lactic acid and then BAM you hit Your WALL!)

So how can you avoid hitting your wall?

First if you are truly racing there are days of preparation that go into your diet to prepare you for race day. You know they are simple people....avoid greasy foods, avoid foods you have never ate before, avoid fatty foods. Don't go crazy with over carb loading and stick to what works for you. I also like to add that you should really try to avoid eating out in the days before a race and if you do go to a place of business in which you trust. Surely you don't want gut rot/food poisoning before such a big race that you have trained so hard for. One meal and excursion before the race is so not worth it. Wait till after and then SPLURGE if you want, lol.

Along with watching your intake you have been tapering your running. Allowing those muscle fibers to repair and rest as much as possible!

First I want to preach that when you do Carb Load- choose Nutrient-Dense Carbohydrates! (whole grains/veggies/fruits) avoid simple sugars and junk people! Plus the fiber you will find in those nutrient dense choices will help keep your digestive tract working properly and surely you don't want to be freaking out cause you have not taken a crap in a day or two because of the tummy binding simple sugar crap!

Proper carb loading can increase muscle glycogen by as much as 50-100% for greater performance.

Ok lets get down to logistics. How many Carbs Connie?
As you reduce your mileage the week before a big run you also slightly increase your carbs. Looking 'something' like this

Day 7 - run 90 min (50% carb intake...normal)
Day 5&6 - run no more than 40min (50% carb intake...normal)
DAy 4&3 - run no more than 20min (65% carb intake)
Day before race- full rest (70% carb intake)

(you don't need to run that...this is just a general giving run statement, follow your own training plan for taper!)

So how do you know what 65% looks like? Listen people if you are really serious about your nutrition and your health and spirit of your race you'll take the time to actually write out what you eat and record the carb content and make sure you are hitting your goal.

Plus if you are not trained to run endurance...then no matter if you carb load or not you will find that it likely never mattered at all if you carb-loaded. That is sometimes the harsh reality.

Carb loading does NOT help you with your pace! Carb loading will only affect your endurance. You should be able to maintain your high-intensity run longer (not faster)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

10.25 Hard Miles

What a harsh run. I had slight stress headache. I was hungry and only fueled by a banana, this was late evening run, one of the biggest mid week runs during this training and simply because I was hoping to add miles to my run and implement 2 rest days into my schedule. Both for recovery and for the school schedule. So Rest day tmrw.

It was a very cold for this season run. Rain some and lots of wind at the lake and my pace reflects the elements, my hunger, my headache and my stale legs as the calvese began to tighten and fail me about mile 9.

About mile 9.5 I was almost hit by a van and it was dark but I wore my blinker and I scratched my face and realized last second just how close this guy was and I jumped to the side of the ride turned around and did the most wrong thing a runner could do but the most right thing by this vulgar bitch and I gave him a finger in the dark, lmao and screamed out 'FUCKER' BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey you can dress me up and take me out but if you try to run my ass over then we's got a problem! The only good news was that if say I was hit....about 30 seconds later an abulance drove by, lmao. not funny, I shouldnt make light of it, it's dangerous running at night, the perps, pervs, pedophiles, rapists, killers, thugs....I just say mess with me and I'll Ninja on yo' ass cause you my creeper stalker fucker will be my victim and I'll die fighting to take yo' ass out. I seriously feel bad for any one that tries to mess me with me! Not just becuase I care a knife and mace but because I'm totally not afraid to become the attacker cause I will refuse to be any victim! ;-) Speaking of such I'm been toying with the idea of taking some martial arts classes to aid in my ability to kick some ass! haha! Stay tuned, I just might be doing this soon! after marathon training!

So I posted earlier how I was feeling 'yucky' with my looks and went shopping. So I weighed in and I was 156 this morning, so a bouncy stable still and tonight after my run I was 153 so I lost some decent water on the run.

Today's Food:

1/2 cup of egg whites
slice of whole wheat bread
coffee/sugar/fat free half in half

slice of whole wheat bread
1tblsp of all natural pb
1tsp of jam

1 apple

2 squares of my apple cake (see recipe from today!)

1 banana

20 oz electrolyte drink

*now I'm going to go eat dinner* not sure yet. Thinking Veggie Burger on whole wheat and maybe some cottage cheese and broccoli

Easy&Quick Apple Cake

Keeping this simply and Easy for you! Super Healthy Too!

3 egg whites
1tsp of vanilla
1 1/2 cup of sugar ( I used 1 cup of Agave)
1 cup of natural un-sweetened applesauce

Stir it all up, in separate bowl throw together

1 cup of unbleached flour
1 cup of whole wheat flour
1 tsp of baking soda
1 tblsp of cinnamon
pinch of sea salt

Blend your bowls.

Take about 4 apples and core/peel them. Slice them and place them in the bottom of a 9/13 pan or maybe a springform pan. Use non stick spray and heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Now pour your batter over the apple slices and bake about 35-40 min or until toothpick comes out clear .

For a yummy topping I took a plain Greek yogurt and tossed in 1 tblsp of sugar/splash of vanilla and dab of cinnamon and mixed them up and then poured over my applecake....OMG.....SO GOOD!

Without the yogurt topping this is about 180calories for a cake square, less than 1gram of fat, 4g of protein ♥ Even more protein when you add your Greek yogurt topping.

Enjoy!!! My Heart to your Home!


I suppose after losing all this weight there is going to be times when I revert back to old thinking. Feeling fat and not very sexy. Unattractive at times. Yes I know...I think I'm beautiful but there are times when I think I was beautiful fat too (well ok, only in my face :/ ) That my face looked nicer a bit more full looking. I think my nose sticks out differently and that sometimes perhaps my face may be too thin. Wow, my brain is still a tad distorted. I say bare with me as I just hit goal weight in May and since then I've conquered through self struggles through my summer and letting go of 'shit' bruised my ego and hurt my heart and lets just say that I feel super duper ugly about it all. Lmao. But off my selfish pitty party pedestal for now...I wake up and attempt to feel sexy and pretty and just get myself dressed.
A cool Mid 40's in September is certainly ODD! Makes me realize I have NO CLOTHES FOR WINTER! I bought the sweater you see me wearing on clearance for five backs last spring! haha! and it's too big as a size large. I'm happy to say that I'm an easy Medium Thank you! And if it doesn't look big it's because I pulled it to onse side to make myself smaller looking, bwahahaha!

Anyways. I have to purchase a new outfit for a Wedding that I have to photograph in a couple of weeks.

So I took you shopping with me!
So honestly give me your feedback. I have my mind set on one dress and I know you'll pick it too! It just may be that obvious and perhaps you pick it cause you know my personality and know it's right for me!

So first here I am before I start my adventure ;-)

Ok, BEFORE I get started on what I want you to help me decide on for dresses, here are some great things I tried on....ALL OF THESE ARE JENNIFER LOPEZ COLLECTION AT KOHLS AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THE ENTIRE WARDROBE! OMG. I'm so serious I loved almost all the clothes in this collection ♥♥♥♥

Ok Here is Dress 1 on some angles...not sure about the flattery of the stomach.I may size up from a Medium to a Large on this one! it's very form fitting and with a need of a tummy tuck this may not work for me right now, you let me know!

****************ok Moving on Dress #2 and the shoes***************************


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Personal Best 3 Miler Today!

Yet Again another Hard wake up call for me. I'm just so Dam tired lately. Maybe mixing in Mental knowledge into my day just fries my every last brain cell and my body screams sleep and rest despite all these terrible, terrible dreams I've been having. I hate sleeping for this reason. Sometimes when I sleep 'too' much (that is if you consider 7hrs of sleep too much? likely not, lol) I have vivid and lively dreams and some are actual nightmares, some are just so real I'd rather not be taunted by the feeling of false realities.

Anyways, I mustered through my morning and after some Mojo I was feeling awake.

Took the Princess to school, ran to the bank for an errand and then hit the gym and it looked like this:

20lbs arm curl routine for one full set on each movement

9:15 mile on the tready

20lb arm curl routine for another full set

95lb arm pulldowns x15...this is finally getting easier after just upping it a couple of weeks ago. I'm new at all this not sure to up again or just keep hitting sets. What will make me stronger? Will I bulk up too much? I'm trying to avoid bulk in the shoulders but none the less My shoulders have been looking jack ripped when I lift now. My veins pop in my shoulders. What I am aiming for is arm strength the deletion of fat with the formation of new muscles and I suppose if that's 'big' muscle vs flabby fat then I guess that's what I want, lol. I'm too complicated.

Then I decided after my obliques (with the avoidance of ab crunches for a special reason which I'll share tmrw!) that I wanted/needed to run some more of course! duh!

I went upstairs and I began to run. I was feeling like shiz. No Lie. I just didn't want to run. I just don't know what is going on with my mentality the last couple of days. Maybe it was the 47 mile week last week, maybe it's school, maybe it's all the stuff going on in my busy life but I'm worn the fudge out already.
But I was pissed. Like stupid pissed at myself.
I said to myself and I wont' sugar coat this for you so cover your ears "WHAT THE FUCK CONNIE...GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT IN A 9 MIN MILE WHEN THEN I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU" Then I started my run over!

7:53 pace for 2.5 miles where I then started to pick up the pace and started to hit a 6min range for pace and I held that for 2/10ths a mile and landed my run at a new Personal Best of 23:35 ***KABOOM** I guess I need to get mad at myself more often for pussyfootin' around! I need to add that today my run felt amazing. I felt so strong. my legs are so amazingly strong and healthy. I was able to run without single complaint. This is HUGE for me at this pace. Surely a few months ago I was working hard to hold this pace past mile two which I always crumbled and my breathing and form were always to fault. Todays I tipped my visor low and I kept staring at one spot up ahead the entire time. Focused entirely on form and relaxed breathing. I get too anxious and my mind thinks too much and when I just relax and let myself run then I always achieve ♥ I'm getting so much stronger in my running and I'm excited how easy this personal best felt for me today. So promising for even faster times in my future!

I feel amazing....CAN WE SAY RUNNERS HIGH! BOOM!


Yesterday I thought maybe I'd run. But as the day progressed and I listened, my foot and my right Achilles sore from the 1/2 marathon hill run and a subsequent 6 miler did me in for a good rest day!

So what I opted to do is hit up the local Apple Farm with my Peeps.

It was a great afternoon and I'm excited to hit up the local farm at just twenty cents a pound you just can't go wrong with apple picking for quality family time and good financial investment in your health.

I bought a 5lb bag of apples the other day at the store and it was 4.00 and not organic. They have been out of organic apples for months and I've been craving them badly an I avoided buying the non-organic as apples are factually one of the highest concentrated pesticide ridden fruit on the market. I always peel the skin to at least help a 'little' bit which I hate doing cause the skin is one of best parts packed with nutrients/fiber.

Anyways, I was just excited to back to eating this healthy fruit as the kids and I have missed them very much.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

sure thing! just 65 calories and loaded with natural sweetness which I never mind the natural sugar of any food despite my insulin resistance.

Vitamin C, B6, folate with traces of more vitamins and minerals, what a great way to treat yourself and your body.

What I'll be doing in the days to come is some apple recipes and some ways I'll use up all $12 dollars in apples, lol.

Here we are picking! You get to see me cleaned up and enjoying one of the last of the warmer days of the year and the dress gets put away into the summer clothes bin for storage in the coming week or so! But Yay to Fall~♥

Oh and my food for yesterday:

1/2 cup of egg whites, slice of whole wheat bread/healthy spread
coffee/sugar/fat free half in half


1oz of salmon mixed with tblsp of lowfat may on 2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread

dinner: 2 slices of pizza...yes our family eats pizza once in a while not made from home ;-) Portion Control...that's all *wink*

snack: chobani, dry cereal, dark chocolate

probably around a 1800-2000 calorie day which is what I like on rest day for recovery :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chasing Cars

Pulling myself out of bed the last two days has been so tough for me! No insomnia for me this week! Wow, in bed early and wanting to sleep in….I’ll take that for my normal sleep deprived self, lol. Ok I’m not all at all as bad as I used to be. Maybe as my College Semester settles in more I’ll be up later and surely with not as many distractions in my late evening I’ll be able to get stuff done and off to bed at a decent time. I’ve really cut my face book time down considerably. Only on about ten minutes a day the last two weeks. Life is just this busy right now.

Anyways, I didn’t eat this morning. Please don’t follow me in that regard, lol. I barely do it and if I do it’s simply because I likely ate late the evening before and there is no desire/room to eat in the morning. Twas’ the case this morning. I ate an odd bowl of whole wheat shredded wheat because my dinner was super light and so I opted for some whole grains considering my 13 miler and to restore the glycogen.

Gym Routine looked like this today.

1 Mile Run - Warm up 10:15 mile.


20lb arm curl routine

1 Mile Run- 8:45 pace

20lb arm curl routine

1 Mile Run- 7:40 pace

Attempts to do 20lbs arm curl set and backed it to 15 to get in a full set-!

Nautilus routine looked like this:
180lb leg press x10
90lb leg press using just the calve muscles x20 (great stretch!)
50lb both legs together for quad leg curls x20
35lb individual leg curls (I lost some strength in my legs the last two months, concentrating on running and backing off the quad muscle it’s a bouncing struggle to crank up this little weight, funny how that works!)
95lb Arm Pull down x10
55lb Ab crunches x 1minute
40lb ab crunches x 2 minute
85lb obliques each side x10
90lb adductor muscle x10
180lb abductor muscle x10 ( I can actually do the whole stack ;-0 )

Then I went upstairs to the cardio room and ran again

3 miles in 27:35 ….nice and easy a bit of a negative split to add some sprinkles to the top of that run! Boom! My Right foot was a little wonky (ironically not the left that was bothering me the other day, lol) Wow, my body is constantly aching! Such is Marathon Training! So today it’s my right foot as if I’m laced too tight or my stride is off and my the top of foot feels like I dropped a sledgehammer on it. Ouchie, but I stretched it and just got the shiz done. I was thinking of double running today but I will likely opt out just because the foot hurt today.

This was another almost 2 hr work-out.

I was tired at the end and really forced out the last two miles as I just wanted to gather up the kids and head home. I had so much to do and well I sit here now blogging having cleaned the entire house and have an appt in a little while.
(you all hear me talk about cleaning…I just want to say I’m a freak about my castle….dishes are done, floors cleaned, beds are made, laundry caught up, everything is wiped down and cleaned, toys are picked up….at least 1-2 hr clean for me each day….we’ll just say my RunnerBoy and kids are sometimes SLOBS or maybe I’m just hopefully freakish about loving a clean home, but this is my job so I don’t complain I just do it! )

So today’s work-out is dedicated to chasing cars. I always listen to the radio in my home, it’s always on all day long (cause music in life is who I am, we just go together) well I decided the other day to change the station, I have been listening to country music and been in a popular radio station and just song after song after song just reminds me of shit and I just get tired listening to the constant repeats. Surely there is more country music then lady antebellum! Gah! I love them but enough already! Choke me!

So the new channel, so old school….lots and lots of variety and genres and right now Michael Jacksons ‘beat it’ is playing, lmao.

So Chasing Cars, been a couple of months since I’ve heard that song and I just got lost in my 3 loads of daily dishes and chased cars for a while. Even if I couldn’t do it on the road I chased cars in my kitchen.

I am going to start sharing more what I eat….I keep getting everyone asking what I eat. It’s no secret for me. So I will start sharing more. I do not always calories count unless I’m specifically looking to be ‘tight’ on my calories in order to lose weight, right now to maintain for me is pretty easy.

Green Monster Shake

2 cups of fresh spinach
1 tblsp of flaxseed meal
1 tblsp of whole wheat germ
8 oz of non-fat lactose free milk
2 tblsp of PB2 (if you want more information on PB2 google or ask me!)
½ of small banana

This entire cup of nutritional goodness…great recovery, great gut filler and hrs later I can’t even think of eating yet! About 300 calories and loaded with omega’s, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, E, C, Folic Acid and protein!

Organic Beef Burger on Whole Wheat Bun,1/2 slice of cheese, fresh tomato slice
1 cup brussel sprouts dipped in olive oil Italian dressing and tossed with Parmesan cheese

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/2011 Never Forgotten 13.1

First I dedicate this Run on 9/11/11 to 9/11/2001 Victims and Families, to our Troops ♥
Never Forgotten and Today on my Run the memories and prayers were given on my behalf to the Great Man above and this is one thing I found on my Run to signify just what I was doing out there today! *Still Can't believe I found this on my Run today! Of All Days!

I spent Saturday as an unscheduled rest day considering my unexpected double run day on Friday.

I had such a busy day that forgoing the unsure 5k/half marathon race I could of ran was definitely ok by me. Financially saving 30 dollars on the cost of the race makes sense to me since this month there is so many other fun things to save my extra curricular money on. I have a planned 5k race on October 2nd and it’s here where I planned to bust my old Personal best on the 5k. Sure it would have been for a good cause and surely a good time, I think I’m just so focused on training that running ‘races’ is not on the agenda at the moment. would have been nice to maybe go back to where I ran my half marathon last year but surely this past ½ marathon race was victory enough for me, even if it wasn’t a sub 2 hr like I wanted….oh well…what’s 1:50 seconds? Nothing! Lol. I’m a strong runner and I see progress and I’m happy!

I had a huge clean fest of my castle, took my kids to a great birthday party and then came home in the evening for 2 photo shoots. After that, late dinner, photo editing I was ready to crash by 10:30 pm and that I did.

Set the alarm for 5am and I slept right through it.

I woke up at 6am and mustered my way to the all ready made coffee pot and busted out a quick cup of mojo and slammed my oatmeal.

Crawled back into bed with Runnerboy and mustered my dismay about not feeling up to a run instead cuddling in bed, he agreed, lol. SuckFace.

Well I got up after a few minutes of procrastination and slammed another cup of mojo and took the dog out and took a deep breathe of the morning chill air.

Mustered enough to get my ass out the door.

My first mile was ridiculous. I was tight, tired and wondered how far I’d make it today.

Mile 1 was a 10:15 pace. All locked up. I stopped and stretched and started off again and then I found my first penny :-p

The subsequent miles were fabulous. My body woke up, my legs remembered.

This course today and this run was never going to be about pace for me, but instead hitting each hill strong. Paying close attention to form, breathing and my shuffle up the hill. A lot of my hills on timed runs I’ve been getting side stitches. I knew on Marathon Day with half the course being rolling hills that I wanted my legs to be trained my abs/diaphragm/breathing to be in proper co-ordination with the course. I slowed down is all, if I slow down and take the hill and shorten my stride; it works for me. No pain, no side stitches…perfect. The downhill opening the stride takes a toll on the legs, the pounding not so kind on the Hips and the female uterus that was already stricken with the monthly visitor (that BITCH!) lol. Another reason to not race/run yesterday! Anyways, my RunnerGirls know what I’m talking about! Such Things that RunnerBoys don’t have to worry about, that just makes us RunnerGirls that much more KickASS! BOOM!
A couple of times I had some left foot pain, like mid foot, meta-tarsal aches and I just paid attention to how I was landing and I was fine, when I would glance at the watch during these times I noticed I was running 8min or sub mile pace and I think my form was off was all, needed to go heal/toe strike and I was landing midfoot like I do in my 9min pace so that made the difference. Anyways, just something I noticed.

I forgot to turn my watch off a few times to collect coins, once I stretched for 2min at my turn-around and didn’t turn the watch off. Again I was not worried about pace. But all in all when I got home and shut the Garmin off I came in just under 2:02 for a 9:18 pace, WOW, crazy! I knew I felt good I just didn’t know I felt that good with ALL THOSE HILLS.

So what you see in hills times all those times 2 and lots of little ones not worthy of a camera shot. So GREAT Training Run Today!

5 more weeks till Marathon!

As Always Thanks for Reading, hoping today you see even dedicated people like sometimes don’t want to run and force myself out the door and yet to have single regret when I do it ♥

Happy Running!

Oh and Found $.15 cent today , BOOM!
I should add up my collection. Only 2 coins are missing. One for me and the other was given to a Running Friend for Luck

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Under the Moon Light

A few weeks back I did my first ever night run.

Tonight I decided to let go of some pent up frustrations over an event that had just happened that the best medicine for me would be to Run.

RunnerBoy looked at me and laughed as I got together my Running Gear. He knew this was exactly would I would to get back to the homeostasis of my planned evening. I’ve been really good this week with handling the extra stress of back to school for all of us and back to a tighter routine. However, some tenant drama sent me into a tail spin tonight and really I lost my appetite for my already late evening dinner and I had plans to have a drink to unwind on a Friday Night, but that too had to wait because I don’t eat/drink under stress. The new me finds healthier ways to deal with stress.

My Run took place in a cool 58’ degree clear city sky. The stars shined and the Almost Full moon was BRIGHT and the were still a touch of summer fun left in the air with the subtle hint of Fall that quickly approaches ♥

Ran down into the center of city, climbed a steep hill and ran flat again till I reached Hooopes Park. I sat down and put a mushy song and just soaked up the few minutes to myself. To Pray, to give thanks to all that is good in my life. Taking deep breaths to let go of the sudden bullshit of my evening. I felt good, strong and got up and ran that shiz back home.

My 3 miles I came in 25min and some change and then I took it down a notch for the last half mile on the last climb home and settled with an 8:35 pace for 3.5 miles.

I walked a little bit and started dancing to Buble as I strutted my stuff down the dark city streets like a Dancing Ninja in the Night. RunnerBoy was out on the Porch swinging and his smile and giggles over my delighted prance toward to our homestead was pretty great. He saw how much the run changed my mood for the better!

It does. I told him ‘Thank God for Running, I love it so much’

Pretty sick huh! I like being sick.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Run

Keep it simple today, simple blog that is :)

4.5 mile complete. Aimed for 5 however at mile 3.5 I got this sharp sudden pain in the top of my foot and it went away (felt like stabbing pop) and then 4.4 in I felt a sharp stabbing pain that waved over the top of the left foot and that felt like a charlie horse was about to start.

So I ended the run early.

Hit up some quad work for the legs, stretching the ITB feeling TIGHT today.

Decent Pace. 4.5 in 40min

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The NoteBook

So many of my blog posts are inspired by music or someone and sometimes even my achievements. Today's Blog post will be inspired by the NoteBook movie. Watched it last night. Not sure why. Just sorta forgot what the movie was about and it's been several years and felt like Playing Monopoly with RunnerBoy and watch the movie at the same time (p.s. I won each time and got bored and quit playing after an hour, haha!)

Now that is a Romantic Movie. One could only hope to have a love like that, is it only in Movies? LOL. C'mon I'm serious! I've been with runnnerboy for 16 plus years and since I was 16 and the ride....oh my! Nothing crazy or ghetto just the turbulence of growing up together I suppose and enduring life's goods (happy times) Blessings (our children) and the ugly (watching family pass from cancer, hitting financial troubles, etc) that one begins to see that life is way more complicated than a romantic novel. One could only wish for all things in life to be that dam simple. huh! That sometimes you think you know someone so well and yet life changes for you and for them and you are set to endure and re-learn how to live and love one another.

I've seen and heard countless people lose weight and change their lives for themselves for the better but in the meantime they lose their spouse. What I thought for sure was the idea that we did this together that this would never happen. It actually brought us closer together. We talk about running and fitness, there is never a dis-agreement about foods etc. Took a while for him to understand that his emotional eating (his lack of understanding that he did) affected me and my attempts to not eat past 8-9pm at night etc but we worked through those fumbles and we found a closeness. I hope that you all out there that if you have someone you committed to that it's this easy for you both as it was for us. That the partnership binds you closer in life and in love like it has for RunnerBoy and I.

However, there is a difference for me. Now that I'm about to publicly air my emotional and marital side in this calorie counting runner blog but in weight loss there comes this HUGE PART OF YOU that allows you to see the world is YOURS for the taking. That YOU are so Worth every Dam ounce of Happiness out there. That you should NEVER settle for anything that is nothing less. We can talk about love, relationships, work, etc that if you find that you are not at all impressed with second or third best that you want more then dang it....go for it. Start getting it. Start making changes to make yourself happier. That through the external changes in your life with eating well and running/working out that you find that you want the rest of your life to align with the greatness you feel in your head/heart when you are doing it.

That is where I have been with RunnerBoy, that in 16 years of marriage that as much as there is incredible amounts of love/caring/admiration there has been a settled measurement of complancany and taking each other for granted. So for me it's just another thing that makes me want my life to be much more than what it is now. I want the 'notebook' feeling with my husband just the way I felt for so many years, just for the same reasons why I married him. To forgive the growing past and looking forward to a growing and much more attentive future together.

Do you think such things, or am I the ONLY complete fool out there that thinks too much about life and love ?

Anyways, The Notebook before bed=crying myself to sleep in my husbands arms. LOL

So I wake up with puffy eyes and a vengeance in my heart (p.s. He told me today that I always cry on Rest Day! So true, I think I do!)


1 Mile - Warm up 10:20
Arms curl routine
1 Mile- 7:20 pace
Arm Curl Routine
1 Mile- 7:40 pace
Arm curl till burn out
Nautillus weight lift routine (quads/obligues/abs/pulldowns/lower back, hamstrings)
10 min on the stair climber for 62 flights
Another attempt to arm curl- burned out, not much left, lol
3 Mile run -8:30 pace

♥ It wasn't over for me, still isn't over, WOW! Great Scene ♥