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Monday, August 22, 2011

Recovery Run Post Half

3 mile Run to the Gym where I met up with RunnerBoy that was doing 4 on the tready....ran another mile next to him. My 3 on the road I came in at 26min...then my mile at the gym was an 8:20 and then I slower paced run cool down for 1/4 mile.

80lbs obliques x15 each side

15lb arm curls till burnout x2 sets

90lbs arm pull downs x10

90lb arm pull x10

65lbs ab crunch x30

15lbs arm curl till burnout

ab pull-ups x20

15lbs various arm work-out for 10min

Food today:

Breakfast: 1 whole organic egg, 2 egg whites, 1 slice of rye
coffee/tsp sugar/2tblsp half n half

Lunch: Chobani, wheat germ

Dinner: 3oz grilled chicken on whole wheat bun with tsp of reduced fat mayo, avocado, tomato slice
3oz grilled chicken smothered in freshly roasted red/yellow/green peppers with 15grams of lowfat mozz cheese melted on top
1/4 cup olive oil pasta
1/4 cup green beans

Snack: Plain Greek Yogurt/Peach/tsp of Honey/few chopped almonds

Air popped popcorn with tblsp dark chocolate mini morsels.

Totals Cals: 1350

Feelings: My left calve has NO weird but I'll take it! My quads are tight after today's run and my hamstrings are tight. Hydrated up tonight and sticked myself and took some ibuprofen. I'm very tired and feeling like extra sleep is in order!

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