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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video Question & Answers for WeightLoss & Running

This was so Much Fun! Very General and Quick Answers- If you go into the "lose weight" or "Running tips" Tabs here on the Blog Page you will find way more in depth tips for Motivation & Fueling!

Thanks to you all for such a fun experience for me! I'd love to try this again sometime soon!

Running Fun & Game Changer -

Sunday Rest day ( I had 3 full rest days last week- used this as a great taper week just 33 miles!)
Monday- Keen to work my ass off on cardio and ditch some not so clean eating from date night (prime rib- baked potato and chocolate mouse) I did great run- 30 minutes for 3.5 miles and threw in 7% incline run for 3x 400's in the 30 min session. Drop my pace to a 9:30 while on the hill but threw my pace to 8min on my recovery- this just maybe my last hill run before Mountain Goat Race on May 6th!
After that Run I jumped on over to the stair climber and left a great sweat, lol- Hell yeah I took a picture - I freakin' LOVE Sweat Puddles :) Told You I'm a sweat cardio Junkie!

After this work-out I got SEVERELY SICK- it was as if I went into a kickboxing session and someone beat me up in my abs- then I had to rush to the bathroom as my body rid itself of the toxic crap I ate the days before on the date etc. I just don't eat like that often and so my body was like "what the heck" and It took me at least 20min before getting my kids to feel remotely well enough to get them to go home- I sat there in so much pain/discomfort. I got home and did a shower had a clean lunch and I was miraculously better- that sweat and killer work-out and burst of gut wrenching cleanse was enough to cleanse the toxins from my body- thank you Body- I'm sure I needed that-ugh.
But Monday I did another work-out as I had my c25k running club meet up - cold and wet windy - not sure if anyone would show up. We had 3 daring souls, lol - and you know what they kick ass because if they really want to learn how to run and the first step in doing that is learning to "Brave the Run" and they did.
here is Catie and I and a round of applause to Catie cause she is amazing and taking this journey to learn to run and calorie count. In three weeks she has last over 15lbs and is transforming her habits, her eating and her fitness! She too has pcos and I'm really glad she found me so I can help- I'm having a blast teaching her! She is going to be a Great Runner and she is going to Claim her life Back!
Tuesday: it was cold and rainy- there was No one that showed up the Running Club meet up - I was actually glad- lol- I went to the treadmill with runnerboy and got in a great lil run- 3.65 miles in 30min with some speed play.
Wednesday- I ran 10.25 miles - WET/COLD/WINDY/RAIN/SLEET/SNOW/HILLS- I went out on this run thinking I was going to run my 2nd 20 miler for this Marathon I was doing on May 27th. However because of the BIG news coming to follow I decided after losing many miles beneath my feet in an incredibly comfortable and easy on the body pace I changed my whole running plans for the year and started to step up my pace - and finished out this run in 1:35 for a 9:16 pace. I hate to admit this but I was succumbed by a hill on this run- so big- so long and so STEEP it was like ladder climbing! wow! I am going to conquer that hill on another day and I won't walk- this I promise you!
I ran across this link on facebook and it was for Under Armour Woman are Beautiful Challenge. Basically you sign up - Create a Really Great Big Goal and then start a journey to achieve your goal at the same time you rally others to join you- you have fun supporting others and you take on a series of challenges to help you reach your goal.
I thought long and hard- What could a really big Running Goal be for me? Well you all know I want to make it to Boston! In order to do that I need to Qualify! I have thought all along I'd never likely qualify till at least 2013-2014 but what I know I need to do is focus on getting faster. In order to get faster I need to pick up my 1/2 marathon pace and then build off of that for my long runs. So I made my Goal of completing a Half Marathon in 1:45 minutes. That is 8min miles! A BQ is 8:20 miles and so there is not much room- I still know that it's a great shot at least dreaming SO BIG that I could DREAM SO BIG that I would push myself to at least get to my goal even sooner than I imagined!
Wow- I thought long and hard about it for about 45minutes on my Long run on Wednesday- what was supposed to be a 20 miler became a 10 miler because I wanted to shorten my distance and save my legs for some speed this week.
I started my Journey and I ask you that you join me and dream BIG with me! Join the challenge and let's both reach for some Great Goals and have Fun doing it! I am going to be posting alot about my journey- some self discovery and I'm really excited, nervous- scared a little- curious and so Ready to boost my confidence and challenge and shake the core of my body and running to reach this Goal!
I have started a Very Special Tab on the main CCRG blog here and I will detail everyday what I did for the challenge! I want to make sure I document this journey really good- both for me and for UnderArmour because did I tell you that if you show how to lead and rally the crowd and those around you that you will be considered for a spot in being the 'Face of Under Armour" and get a chance at all these great prizes like nutrition training, photo shoots, 5,000 in Under Armour Gear- etc. You can potentially place top Ten for the contest and win 1,000 in gear and they also do give-aways 2x weekly after June for up to $250 in gear! Wow! How Generous- it's all so secondary but I will say it now from the MOUNTAIN- I WANT THIS! I WANT TO BE THE FACE OF UNDER ARMOUR- I want to represent all the big and beautiful woman out there that they too can change their life- dream a dream they never thought of and they can go from sedentary life to an athletic one and actually try to be competitive too! I love that- I want to be that for you!
Please check out that tab- watch me journey through- I am so excited to watch you too! let's do this!
If you join please RSVP on Facebook Events or drop me a message here- I want to Tell Under Armour that I'm taking you along with me ♥
Here is my link- be sure to "like" me and "Tweet" me even if you don't take on this challenge! If you do the challenge follow me and I'll follow back!

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Read a Food Label to Lose Weight

Food Labels look just like this in the United States

Quick Information & Tips on How to Read the Label:

The daily percentage is based upon a typical 2000 calorie diet. Note- Most everyone will never maintain at 2000 calories- you may maintain at less or more depending on your age, athletic state etc.

Serving Size- The largest factor you must learn is the Serving size for the information provided. Serving size is vital for calorie counting- it will tell you if it's grams or ounces. *Tip - Never- Ever count your food by hand- weight it! If it tells you you can have approx: 14 chips per serving- I've found it's more like 12! Hey, it' all adds up! Just below the serving size it will disclose approximately how many servings are in that package. So if you have a bottle of Juice and it says 110 calories but that's for 8oz of fluid but yet there are 2 servings for that bottle you then have to multiply the the number of servings in the container times your serving size! So if you drank a 16 oz of juice you then drank 220 calories.

•Total Fat- How much fat is in that serving size- We need fat- We need the healthy fats! So STOP BUYING FAT FREE! Fat free is marketing ploy!

*Saturated fat- not good- think butter- it's solid in room temperature- think of how that will flow through your body- like a semi-solid at body temperature- it leads to heart disease and atherosclerosis -You need to limit saturated fat because of its negative effects on blood cholesterol. Saturated fat increases the amount of low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, in the bloodstream. Elevated levels of this "bad" cholesterol increase your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Excessive saturated fat intake also contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes. Initially, high saturated fat intake decreases insulin production, which signals the body to produce even more. Over time, this can lead to chronic over-production of insulin, which is a primary factor in the development of diabetes. Limit your saturated fat to 7% your daily intake for calories (Generally for me- I aim for no more than 5g of saturated fat in any meal)

*TransFat- My God- Please Don't buy any product that has transfat! Trans-fat is man made and so bad and is a definite artery clogger!

*************TIP- LOOK IN YOUR INGREDIENT LIST- IF YOU READ "PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED" THIS IS TRANSFAT CCRG'S!!! DON'T BUY IT- IT'S A LOOPHOLE TRICKERY! The food manufacturer by law does NOT have to disclose transfat if it falls under a .5gram status- ok- so in actuality you are eating it if it's in the ingredient list- don't be fooled!****************************************

*Mono/Poly Fats- they're our friend! These fats are healthy fats they are long chained fats and they don't clog our arteries and actually our body needs healthy fats to function properly! So Fat is good- this fat is good fat! Think of oils you use in the kitchen that stay liquid at room temperature (yes even vegetable oil) because it's an Omega 6 and it's just as important as an Omega 3! (but Omega 3's are the best!)

•Cholesterol- Not good when you have too much- but important when you have just enough- it helps to remove the toxins from our body! Thank You Cholesterol - we need you! Keep Your Cholesterol under 300mg a day or you will hurt yourself!

•Sodium- Keep it under 1600 mg a day now! *tip rinse your canned goods like olives- beans - you will eliminate at least half your sodium from the product! You can purchase no salt canned veggies, you can purchase low sodium broth/soup and

•Carbohydrates - Vital for the Athlete!

*Tip* what you need to know best- trying to lose - keep your carbs under 50% your daily intake!

*Tip* you can take a carbohydrate gram total and subtract the fiber content to come up with a true carbohydrate that can be stored as fat. You see- Fiber will NOT be stored as fat- so by all science you can negate the fiber from the carbohydrate quantity. So if you ate a whole Wheat Bagel and it had 45g of carbs but of that 45g 6 were fiber- you then only ate 39grams of carbs that can be used as fuel or stored as fat. This is often referred to as Net Carbs * please note: there is some story theorists that believe that not all fiber is set up the same- that some may digest so net carb idea should be used loosely*

*Tip* Sugar falls into this too- Simple sugars - this is what will spike your blood sugar and trigger an insulin response and likely be stored as fat. What is not shown is then complex carbs! which is good because complex carbs are turned into fuel slowly!

•Protein- YUMMY! a Food that has at least 7 grams of protein per serving is said to be High Protein!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fast 3 and Hot Blond bitches

So there is a ALOT to talk about as I blog this morning! Got Your Coffee Ready?

I wanted to first talk about my calorie counting and well, every ones calorie counting. As much as I leave my blog very open and honest about what I have always ate (continuous thanks for meal ideas etc) I am suspect to other peoples varying opinions. I am going to get people wondering if I'm eating enough- or maybe even too much. And I just want everyone to know that my "body" is mine. Your "Body" is yours. Everyone has a number that works for them. I tell everyone to Always fuel when you are hungry. I never starve myself. I view my food as fuel. If my body tells me I'm hungry I eat. Sometimes that means forced fueling because there are times in which I have no appetite, maybe I'm too busy and almost forget, etc. My Hormones play a LARGE role in my eating as well. Sometimes I'm full feeling and forcing food intake is a must. Other times I'm clocking myself big time as My PCOS leaves me RAVENOUS.

Ok- so I have NEVER told someone they are not eating enough just by looking at their calories. I will never do that. I may suggest they eat more if they are hungry- I may tell you to make sure you are eating at least 1200 calories so your body is not deprived of nutrition. I am a huge fan of calorie cycling if you are at a plateau. Take your number and cycle 200-400 calories up or down from where you are at to confuse/challenge the metabolism.

With all actuality I could eat 1800 calories of very high dense foods in contrast to a person that eats 2200 of just simple carbs and waste. I guess I'll never know what other people eat (all though if you add me on MFP- or on Sparks and you want me to look at your food intake and suggest healthier versions or give suggestions- I can do that!) And NO- I won't tell you to eat less/more, lol, I concentrate on "Are you Hungry? Do you feel satisfied? Do you feel like you have enough energy and majority of your work-outs? cause it's one thing to cut calories and expect to have "some" sluggish runs or difficult fitness but the majority you should feel good. I'll be honest- I TRAIN REALLY HARD- I train fast- long- heavy- etc. I push myself- I expect no matter how dang calories I ate I'm going to feel that work-out and that fatigue set in. I'm an athlete- it happens- A LOT :)

It's more than just a calorie as well. I teach that on my blog. It's not just how many calories I ate today- I talk and teach a runner how to carb up before a run- how to fuel during a run and how to recover! So that while you calorie counting and cutting back you can still aim at nutrition and you can still at least fuel your body with some foods! I totally Respect that notion- I hope you all see that I'm that way- if you didn't now you do! Now you can back through my blog and read all about how I talk about fueling- nutrition cause this is NOT about being skinny for me- this is about being healthy and athletic!

I won't be upset if you are not happy with my opinion- nor does anyone have to follow that opinion either. But I'm telling you that if you are looking to lose weight you are going to have to be uncomfortable once in a while. You are going to have to sacrifice here and there to get to where you want to be!

I'm aiming to be a running coach, I am aiming to be a personal trainer. I am actually aiming to start a business where I bring in a nutritionist and let them work with my clients in a package to teach them how to eat. I am NOT a nutritionist. However- this does not mean I have not had formal college education on sports nutrition, over all basic nutrition, health & wellness and sports coaching management. Along with my personal experience, my Husbands personal experience and helping other people the last couple of years is really teaching me some major stuff. All this is used to pay it forward to offer some great health advice.

What works for you- may or may not work for others. That includes running/fitness/foods and calories.

Ok- Phew- with all that said- I am NO longer counting calories. I did a 3 week test- I knew I wanted to feel more comfortable and try to feel less "pudgy" in my mid section - mostly convinced my hard rock abs were pushing out any belly fat I did have- I have in fact lost a few lbs in a couple weeks. That took sacrifice- that took feeling uncomfortable and maybe fatigue/sluggish on a couple of my runs to get to my goal - and that was certainly not measured by the scale. It was measured on how I felt when I sat/stood up. It was measured by how lighter my mid section felt when I ran. I could notice a difference!

But what I realize is that almost a year of not counting I can really trust myself and see that I was eating basically the same - just less and just cut out maybe some of the extra enjoyable healthy foods I would eat. Not at all hard- a commitment yes- but Not hard and certainly not worthing of my time to track any more!

I LOVE THIS- The freedom of not counting this past year is what I want all my CCRG's to take and learn. That we use Calorie Counting and use it teach moderation/portion control and soon we can stop counting and trust that we can visualize a typical plate of food in proper amount!

Oh the Liberation!!

So there you have it- I am down to 161 lbs from 164 in 3 weeks. I learned I don't truly need to count to slim down how "I feel" but can go with a little tighter on my control and feel out my body - and I love that I can put the scale away again- and I can keep living this lifestyle!


I hit up the gym this Morning!

30 minutes on the biceps/triceps

23 minute run = 3 miles - splits were great- I was feeling really fantastic this morning and with a rest day yesterday it gave me GREAT running wings! I did an 8:15 warm up mile- then I dropped it down to a 7:30 pace for my second mile and then I dropped it down to 7:20 pace for the last mile and then the last 100 meters I put it a 6:58 pace. I love that I can run fast on the treadmill and today this was really surprisingly EASY for me- Pushed- Oh God Yes- but easy on the energy- I still had some! It was easier on my breathing- I just had GREAT control on this run- I really surprised myself. Usually this pace I'm panting and dying and counting my steps to my finish- so it was GREAT to have that speed again!

5 minute on the ab crunching machine

10 minutes on strength training my legs


Went out a date tonight :)

Dinner & Comedy Show.

I was the chick in the crowd that the comedian picked on. It was a female comedian and she called me out as the typical "skinny blonde bitch" oh my gosh - it was SO FUNNY and she asked me if I thought I was perfect and so I played the part and said "Oh Yeah" to which she said "fuck you" bwwahahahaha.

Hey I'll take being the skinny blonde bitch - that trumps being called out as the fat obese blonde in the back row- like maybe I would have been a few years ago! Just nice to have a crowd of people in a room looking at me as the "skinny" one- hahahaha. Boost they ego- thanks! lol

Nah- It was NICE to be out with My RunnerBoy and family- sisters/brothers and mother/step father. Just a really nice time :)

Here I am for Date Night :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Personal Weight Loss Journey

So I was at least 309+lbs when I started in June 2009.

My Cholesterol was at 241

My Blood Pressure was always Elevated and borderline meds my entire adult life at 139/90

How did I know I was Ready?

• Uncomfortable

• Got Winded Easily

• I'm very active but I tired out easily, I would have to sit and rest often, I would have to literally take ten-twenty breaks in my day to just lay down and collect myself

• It was awkward and difficult when I was intimate with my husband

• It was actually getting harder to wipe my own butt

• My stomach started to hit the steering wheel in the car and I couldn't move my seat back any further without having to change my driving and how I reach the pedals.

• I would feel disgusted looking in the mirror

• I started to think about mortality and how I was negatively impacting my own health. Now that I was a parent of 3 children I knew I had to take care of my health.

I felt compelled and ready for a life change. I began My journey in June 2009 by looking into a Gastric Lapband. I met with physicians, surgeons, nutritionist, psychologists. I was told to lose 10% of my body weight prior to surgery. To be done by moving more and calorie counting. So I did that. Over the course of 6 months of waiting for surgery and insurance approval I had lost 35lbs. The Great part was my husband took the same journey with me. He started Running and Calorie counting with me. He was going to do this with me. We were going to be a team!

One week before Surgery and lots of convincing (cause for a while I still thought I needed the surgery to keep me going!) I decided to call the Surgeons office and cancel my Lapband!

I then got really ill and was convinced something was wrong with me. There was- I had to have my gallbladder out. But that was pretty uneventful- it happened and I recovered quickly. From June 2009 - January of 2010 I went from 309+lbs down to 26lbs.

I went through my pantry/fridge and transformed how I ate. I learned what clean was,what additives and foods were un-natural and unhealthy. If I was going to transform my body I had to drastically change How I ate. So each week I took one meal/food item and found an alternative healthier way to prepare and cook it!

I also too that six months to learn when/why I ate the way I did. I confronted the emotional demons and the bad habits that led me to eat late at night, emotionally eat and well anything that triggered me to eat. I then taught myself how to change those habits and change the way I viewed my foods. No longer viewing foods as a way to comfort and reason to eat.

I then began my journey to learn to Run so that I could add exercise/fitness into my life. I have that entry in the About Me Section here on the Blog :)

I kept calorie Cutting. I hit plateaus. I learned how to overcome the plateaus and push forward. I have shared those secrets with you here on the blog too!

I created a great support network to help me (which is why I have this place/facebook group/page) is so that you can have a support network too! It's so vital. I had RunnerBoy first and foremost but not Every CCRG is going to have that. Having accountability really does Help! I think it's Vital for Success! Celebrate share, question, vent, discover and observe and grow!

It took me 1 year and 11 months to hit my goal weight of 158 lbs. Why that number? Well it's 5lbs under the "overweight" bmi for my height. I'm 5'8" tall. I thought if I could get there and flux around a few lbs then I would technically be fit and healthy. I was right- I'm very comfortable!

On average I lost 1.75lbs per week during my journey from June 2009 - May 2011

I would eat between 1200-1600 calories and would have off meals and treats along the way.

Being a Lifestyle Calorie Counting was Vital because it taught me portion control. I was able to stop counting calories as I grew very accustomed to knowing exactly how much of something was considered a normal portion size. I had fixed the way I looked at food. I had found moderation and control over my food.

I stopped viewing food as something I had to have to have peace/comfort/enjoyable moments with my food. It was no longer about socializing and treating myself. It's abut fueling my body- enriching my body so that I can have energy and the strength to be active in all my wonderful endeavors in my life.

Calorie Counting is a Tool. Much like other methods of losing weight. This method though is Free. It's easy. Takes just minutes to track each day. You can hand journal and even better there are apps out there that make it so super easy to track calories.

There are so many factors that can affect a persons weight loss beyond calories and perhaps you can choose to look into that more as you get close or at goal weight. They could include eating for your blood type or controlling your intake using a gylcemic index (especially good maybe for those with pcos or diabetes)

I would just rather keep it simple and easy for you. Calorie count healthy, wholesome natural foods and you will add years to your life!

My Blood Pressure is Now Normal at 116/65
My Cholesterol is at 190 with my HDL at 45
My weight went from 309lbs to 158lbs and up a little since I've added lean muscle mass!

My Husband went from high cholesterol and obesity to 265lbs down to 165lbs and has since added 8lbs of MUSCLE to his body is at 173lbs(!!!!) He maintained just one year into his journey and because of CalorieCounting- he learned portion control and has continued his active lifestyle with Running and Lifting Weights.

I want to add that YOU DON'T NEED TO RUN marathons! Ok- I encourage running because it's a great addiction to try to have! But you can become addicted to whatever fitness you want! but I want to fall in Love with something- because it can sustain you- motivate you and encourage you to keep up with being active! The active lifestyle and they healthy eating they really go hand in hand!

Also if you decide to run that also does Not mean you have to ever run 10k's or Half/full Marathons! You can run and truly love 3 miles! You can be just much a runner or athlete as any other runner!

How to Lose Weight in Marathon Training

Losing Weight while in Marathon training "Can" Be really difficult for many RunnerGirls. I found it easier to lose weight when I was larger with alot more weight to lose. My body was able to tap into my fat storage rather easily. I will confess that I still felt tired and fatiqued during some of my runs. That does not mean all my runs were bad or aweful. I had an amazing training experience while losing about 25lbs in a 2 month time frame during my very first marathon training.

My Second Marathon- I did not count/cut calories and I found I had more energy but I still ran equally as strong as my first!

So I've done it both ways. I've cut calories and lost during a Marathon Training Schedule and I've maintained. Both require hard work to manage carb fueling, carb/protein recovery to either lose or not gain!

Here are some tips to help you learn how to carb up properly for a long run (really this one is for your actual Marathon itself)

Tips on how to lose weight during Marathon Training

• Take your mid week runs as a vital way to lose weight - keep your calorie count - stick to your running training progam - clock your miles. Mentally Prepare for both Good Runs & Sluggish feelings. Expect that you will have runs where you will not feel so strong. This is where the magic happens- those runs that last longer than 30min you are going to start really hitting up some fat burning. Just think to yourself as you run that it's worth it because come RACE day you will be leaner and you will be rested and fueled properly for race to really have a GREAT run! This I promise you!

• Be mindful of your carbohydrates. Have a complex carb before your run to help fuel you! Ok- banana- oatmeal are great quick and low calorie options.

• Be Mindful of your carbohydrates after your long run. I want to refule with some carbs- just around 100-150 calories. It will lift your blood sugar- make you feel well enough to keep moving- Drink some protein and then start to plan out your recovery meal. Those quick recovery carbs can be fresh fruit or milk (which also adds protein!)

•Recovery Meal- Quick Simple sugars are GREAT for immediate Glygocen Restoral examples include: Potatos, white rice- starchy foods- breads-pizza, donuts- ice-cream- beer, etc..............*please don't they are so UNHEALTHY*.............
When you are looking to lose weight from your long run but still recover enough to give back to your body I want you to focus on a typical healthy meal. Aim for around 50% complex Carb, 30% lean Protein and 20% healthy fats. Aim for 400-6oo calories for your recovery meal.

•WATER!! If you don't hydrate properly you won't lose weight properly! I want you to weigh yourself naked just before your long run. Once you get home I want you to weigh naked again. Take that difference and re-hydrate. For every One lb water loss you should drink 20 oz of fluid! Yes, that much! VITAL!

•DON'T freak out when the scale goes up SEVERAL lbs after a long run. Typically 1-3 days after a long run you could potentially see a huge spike on the scale in regards to your weight. This is muscle soreness! It's factual CCRG's- DOMS- Delayed onset muscle soreness. The science is simple really. Your muscles have been torn apart and broken down from your endurance runs. The body responds by protecting the muscle with water- it's like an inflammation process. That water allows the muscle to repair themselves. It will go away! It may take upward of 4-5 days to really get back to your true weight and then guess what?! That's right- time for another LONG run! LOL

• Listen to your body- Stomach growling- fatique- mood swings- nauseau- that all equals a desperate need to EAT- and I really want you to EAT! Ok- Please! LOL_ but this is NOT a permission slip to suck down Banana Splits, Large Greasy Pizzas and such. Go Make another 200-400 calorie healthy meal and eat up! Maybe on your long run day you celebrate by enjoying a really healthy snack you otherwise wouldnt on a mid week day!

•CONTROL- How badly do you want this ? You need to learn how to fuel your body so that you run well/hard but still lose and that is going to take some self control to keep to a calorie count- resist the urges to just rip the kitchen apart. You may find that the long runs suppress you and you will need control TO EAT- ok- as much as I tell you to NOT over eat I will tell you not to Under Eat either! You do that and you will really hurt yourself!

•Your Body is a MACHINE- Nutritional Food CCRG's. Dense with natural Complex B- Vitamins/Minerals. All vitamins and minerals aide in recovery- fueling and ensure the act of really giving your nervous and musclular system what it needs to operate properly! We are not just flesh and bones- we are complex human beings. Our bodys need anti-oxidants to repair the damage we put on ourselves from endurance running. It is really that much of a big deal to me and I want it to be for you too! You don't have to be perfect but I want you to care and to try! stick to wholesome and natural foods from the food pyramid and you will be perfect!

So How Many Calories?

I always ranged from 1200-1600 during Marathon Training- I needed that range in case I felt weak or ravenous.

I always "Calorie Up" the day before and day of a Long Run! The Day before a Long run I'd aim for around 1800 calories and the day of a long run I let myself go as much as 2200 calories! You can use a general guide like this for yourself if you find it helps. Everyone has a different metabolism- you may find you use something similiar to this but add another 300-500 calories to yours to meet your individual needs!

Hard & Slow 16 Miles but a PR!

Hhmmm. I want to keep this short but can I?

Since I ran 20 last week I wanted to taper back my long run this week. So I opted for 16 although I constantly dreamed about doing just 13 once I was out there and really the thoughts of pessimism and ending early entered my thoughts. But I tend to only end runs when I really feel like I just can't or shouldn't push through. Today I would push through. I believe 3-4 weeks ago when I went this distance I quit half way through and post-poned my run for 5 days later and I felt so different/amazing that the run was all around perfect.

Today will just go down as a "Run done" and leave it that.

Whitney fell ill and came home from school fatigued, ill and went straight to bed- she crashed later that evening in my bed (infecting my bedding etc, lol) so I had to sleep on the couch- and UM- THAT SUCKED! I did some arm exercises as I rested my legs but sleeping on the couch is so uncomfy for my upper body- so I tossed around alot. bottom line I slept like crap and felt like crud. But I'm a Mommy before a Runner and I suppose I took that one for her- I let her have comfort in my bed - so I sacrificed :)

Fueled great before the run- Wanted to go with a progressive 16 miler which just means I wanted to build up my speed and hit all my splits- aiming for half marathon pace (8:30) and sustain for 16.

After mile one coming in around 9min pace- I was able to warm up and hit my 8:30 pace for the next 5 miles but gradually started to fall back with my pace - Head Wind from the west- some incline to my route and thrown into a 9:45 pace and just killing my energy to push through- I just went with it.

Mile 8.5 I looped back home- had 10oz electrolytes and Gu for energy-

Mile 10- I'm started to really feel like crap- my legs are starting to ache- my energy despite the fluids/gu was sinking

Mile 12- passed some hills and desperate to keep some sort of pace- I was just not feeling good

Mile 14- I'm really starting to fall apart- my energy in the toilet- I kept thinking about how I ate this morning- I hydrated well yesterday- I ate sort of low cals yesterday but still well enough to sustain me- I had intake during my run why am I feeling like this?

Mile 15-16- I'm running on pure HEART here. I was finally at the lake- had to run 1/2 mile out to the end of the pier and back to finish up this shizzy run. I actually stopped at the pier- Collected my thoughts and yelled at myself to push through. So I did and was it ever hard- I wanted to literally barf the entire mile- I almost felt like I was going to pass out. Ugh.

Why the shizzy nizzy run ?

• Factually in a 7 day period from Last Friday till Today - Thursday and this 16 I have ran 56 Miles!!! WOW- PERSONAL BEST and I'm CLAIMING IT BABY! No wonder- I'm tired, tapped and running on empty! I'm calorie cutting- cross training- lifting and doing all this other stuff in my life and still managed to keep running the miles! I'm actually really proud of myself for enduring the tough 16 and Not Quitting! Pushing through!
• Starting to hit the warm weather again- 70 degrees by the time I finished my run- last weeks' 20 miler was only 50! so much easier to run and keep water in the body when it's not so warm!
• Head Wind, Hills, Calorie Cutting

16 miles in 2:31 (9:26 pace) I can still be proud of that :) Slower than last week's 20 miler that I was able to do in 8:59 miles but never are two runs ever the same!

Do you ever have tough runs?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strength Training Pictures!

So Running is My passion but after hitting my goal weight I needed to transition from weight loss to whole body strengthening. I had really baggy skin in my abs/arms /back and the one thing that helps to tighten up the body and fill in that saggy extra skin is muscle building.

Just Like Running- it took me a little while to get hooked but it's very fair to say I'm addicted. What really helped was diving into strength training when I was unable to run much from the knee tendinitis in the fall of 2011. What I would do is a set of weights and then run the halls and climb some stairs to keep up some cardiovascular endurance- then I would do another set of weights. Actually I love doing this now and incorporate my running into my weight routine at least once weekly! I love getting all running sweaty and then hitting up a set of biceps/triceps/obliques/abs/shoulders/back and then hit up more running- Fair to see I am THE ONLY person in the weight room that does this :) Yeah- I Rock! ha!

Here I am- Not perfection but very satisfied with how far I have come- I look forward to more tone and definition in the coming year!

Ok - I started lifting in June 2011 just after hitting goal weight- I lifted 3x weekly till November and then I started lifting 5-6x weekly and this Marathon Training and once I recovered more with my running I am now only lifting 2x weekly but I LOVE IT :)

I am always here to help you get started in the weight room- I can help teach you some moves and get you started. Beyond the body difference building muscle can help you burn more calories throughout your day! Your body will be a fat burning machine all day long once you incorporate some muscle building!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where am I ?

So writing down all of my past always for you all a couple of days ago is sorta tough for me. I tend to cover up all that stuff so that I can live my life with happiness. I'm certainly NOT a person that likes to point blame or suggest that I don't have some sort of control over my life- when in fact I do. We all do. I took back that control and beat out childhood/teen/young adult depression- sure I have moments where I'm sad or lonely or a tad bit anxious but it's all managed and it's all short sparing moments of it. I have tad bits of anxiety too and I deal with that also. How? Taking control over the parts of my life that I can control. Which is my food/exercise and my interactions with others. It's a conscious choice really. Either you choose to do it or you just don't. How willing is one person to actually walk the talk. I am like that now. I never used to be. I was a dreamer and had my head in the clouds- but now I find I've got my head in the clouds but feet are firmly planted on the ground- I've made roots for myself- roots to help me shape the sort of human being I want to be here on this Earth. Our time is limited- this I know- I try to never take life for granted, it's so short.

Not sure where I left off with my fitness and foods last- but I had the 20 on Friday- Saturday was weights - Sunday I did an hour run and it was TOUGH.

I found this on my run tonight. I was going to cut my hr run down to 30min because I was hurting all over - this was a recovery run from Fridays 20 miler- I found this and it pulled me through- Divine? Abso freakin' lutely! I had to be relentless- We all have to be- this was here for me- My first 4 miles were killer- I started off this run as if I was finishing up the last 6.2 of Fridays 20, that tough- but at mile 4- I stopped I stretched for 2 min and I got my wiggles out and guess what happened? I was so relentless that my run went from aching leg stilts to open wings and I felt GREAT- Ran and 8:30 pace back home as if the first 4 never happened- Be Relentless my Friends ♥

Monday- Morning
I got to the gym and I did weights and intervals of running between sets. 3 separate miles- first mile was a warm up and paced up to 5k race pace. Hit a set of every muscle group- back to the treadmill where I did a small 1 mile fartlek up to the 5k race pace- back to do another set of all the muscle groups- then another mile of some rolling hills. I in all did about 6 sets of each muscle group. actually it's Tuesday as I write this and I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder- a small strain- I feel so good doing one routine and it obviously caught up to me- which is fine- it happens- I'm not in that much pain and I find now that I'm working my muscles less but more- it happens more frequently-sadly.

Monday Evening- took the kids in the jogger and went to the hoopes park- 1.75 miles there- then did the c25k with some run/walking and then a run back home. We stopped at subway on the way home and I had a 6inch on 9grain honey oat with turkey- lite mayo and loaded with every veggie you can imagine-

I was suffering since before I left the house with headache to which I now contribute to sinus headache from allergies- so I drugged up and went to bed and got 10 hrs of sleep. I woke up with it still and more drugs I'm finally feel ok. (drugs are ibuprofren/tylenol/anhistimine- lol)

My Weight Stats- I've haven't shared that in a while-

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*
4/9- 950 calories, 162.5lbs 6 miles, strength training *double run*
4/10- 1350 calories, 161.0lbs 4.5 miles
4/11- 1400 calories, 161.5 , 3.75 miles
4/12-2000 calories- 161.0 Rest Day
4/13-2400 calories-163.5 20 mile run
4/14-1800 calories- 164.5 Rest
4/15- 1600 calories - 161.5 6.5 mile run
4/16- 1200 calories- 161.5 8.5 mile run & strength training

I just wanted to share that cutting back on calories is hard stuff after not doing it for so long. Committing to using my MFP is hard for me in my busy life- I'd much rather blog and generalize my calories- but I find MFP is different- just as use friendly as Sparks to which I'm used to using. Change is good though.

My calorie cutting has impacted my runs- plus I'm amping my mileage and my daily life endeavors are increasing the last month so needless to say I'm feeling more tired- more drained and trying to put a better focus on hydration and fueling before/after my runs but even still it's hard and catches up to me. I feel lighter and smaller and my measurements have changed a little and my weight is technically down - even though it bounces due to hydration/muscle soreness in totality I know I'm leaner even in just 2 1/2 weeks so that is promising :)

How do you feel when you calorie count and reduce with your runs? do you calorie up like me on your long run days?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The "Fat" Me

Everyone always wants to know the reasons hwo someone could get to be so big. For many the reasons could be simple-

busy taking care of others, eat all the the wrong foods, lack of fitness/cardio, addiction toward food

I had alot of combination of reasons. An emotional taxing childhood where I dealt with emotionally absent parents, lack of interaction involvement in my life activities as a child. I had an emotionally absent alcoholic mother. I have dysfunctional relationships with my parents and it was never my felt.

I grived some over family loss and dealt with a complacency and food addiction with my husband. We were active but not 'athletic' and we ate whatever we wanted. We socialized with food and found comfort in eating it all the time together.

I've had a series of life stresses that led me more toward food and that always packed on the lbs and that included infertility, financial issues along with a difficulty in taking care of preemie twins-one that had severe colic issues.

It was easier for me to find comfort with food. I had an intimate relationship with food. I loved it and it could always make me feel good.

Friday, April 13, 2012

20 miles down Memory Lane

I went for 18 Miles- I felt so Great I pushed for and got in 20 Miles :)

Yesterday was a Rest Day- I thought I'd run this mileage yesterday but the weather and winds proved that today would be a better day! So I Ran Unexpectedly on Wednesday with Runnerboy and then took yesterday off. I was so tired yesterday- I had a massive aching headache like all day. Before Bed I took 600mg of Ibuprofren and chugged 20 oz of electrolyte drink to rid the headache and add some extra fluids.

I woke up weighing the most I've weighed since I started calorie counting April 2nd- I think it's because I ate about 2000 calories, rested and drank ALOT of fluids, lol= 164.5 and I'm ok with that- Up 3lbs in one day, I'd much rather be rested and hydrated than starving and lacking fluids. Fact is that I have been suffering big time on my runs since I started counting calories- I have felt tired and drained and lacking major energy.

I started my run excited because it was nice out 41' degrees- sunny! Minimal winds and coming from the North and I was running west and south so needless to say I adventured out in this outfit and my Brook's Running Coat- that came off after mile 4! with 3 hrs in the sun- I got great color !!!

I was happy I chose a new route in which I have never ran before. Making this Training Session Much More interesting and fun for me! I call this Memory Lane as I ran from Auburn into the neighboring village, Union Springs. I grew up here and it was really surreal to run from the city into the village and hit up some of my childhood memories.

I took and Went to check out Yawgers Brook- very popular place I would adventure too with my father to look for spawning lake trout. My girlfriend lived next door so I had childhood memories hanging out at her house and walking down by the creek eating berries and playing in the brook. So I'm waving at ya' ;-)

When I got here I was just over 11 miles in. I already had some gu and active drink and so I took some extra fluids and Gu here at this spot. I got out my mace as I was starting to hit some suspect country running- beautiful indeed but lots of trailer trash here and there and random dogs- Up to this point I had some on and off again side stitches and they alarmed me- I'm not sure why I had them today- I had them on my small Wednesday run too- but I paid them no attention and just ran my steady pace- I was not pushing it but I wanted to make sure I didn't run this "slow" for me either- I wanted it to be a decent pace to help me discover my Marathon pace and to give my legs a great training run. Up to this point also I only encountered one other problem- an apple tree farmer was spraying his crops and I got hit with lots of mist and I was NOT happy. He was wearing a head mask- yet I was getting a freaking bath in the very thing that FREAKS me out. I love to buy Organic- I'm a geek about avoiding farmers like this and yet I'm getting a small shower in it. Not a happy runner girl- I quickly ran to the other side of the road but the mental damage was done- I was inhaling this shit and I was wet- ARGH! so I went a different way back toward Union Springs. Oh wait- One other thing- My crotch riders- why oh why do I keep wearing these crotch riders? I bitch about them often! My coochie must suck them up and my thigh rubbing and the plump ass cheeks just pull up the compressions and I keep yanking them back down. It took 4 miles to get some crotch sweat going so they would stay in place, lmao (really not funny- so ANNOYING!) some random here and there yanks- if I was never obese and have thigh skin flab I'd just wear underwear like an elite when I run- Yes I'm totally serious, lol- ! anyways! you know I give it to ya real!

Here are some country pics

I got into Union Springs and I made my way to my Old High School and hit up the track. Now this track is FANCY and new- my track was stone, lol- but it was still amazing to me to Claim this track as a Marathoner and not a chunky high school student trying to claim an 11:30 mile to pass my physical fitness test! I would try to come up here to lose weight and to run. I ran by the softball fields where I played and the school were I went for majority of my childhood- homecomings and sports and my education- it was a Nice School.

Here I am at the track!

I ran into the village- caught up with Runnerboy and my kids told them to meet at the local elementary school as I was just about 16.5 miles in and told him I was JUST starting to feel a little fatigue in my legs but my energy was great and that I knew that I had way more than 18 in me today- so I would push for 20 to get in a greater training run.

So it's what I did. I ran 20 miles and then as a recovery I walked a 1/4 mile up a hill to catch up to my kids and then back down to the lake where I took a Great Natures Ice Bath- the water was FRIGID but I put on some old trainers and I got in- I sunk about 4" into the sand and lake floor and couldn't see my feet- it held me in place, lol- it was so Nice! I wanted the lake badly! The last two miles was exactly what I needed for this run to make it better for me- I was feeling good and I wanted to push it. I love that I can be strong enough of a runner to do that!

Pace: by mile 13.1 I hit 1:59 for 9:05 pace- so comfortable- my heart rate likely in the 130's After that I decided to step up my pace and that I did- I JUST LOVED NEGATIVES splits! My last 6.9 miles was done in a 8:41 pace giving me 2:59:59!! I was hoping for sub 3 and WOW- I FREAKING DID IT!! I cried and cried and was so dam proud of myself- this is a PR by 7minutes for this distance from my last training back in September. To get this now- after a comeback from a lack of endurance running and knee tendinitis is simply UH-MAZING to me! I can NOT be more proud of my own self. I am Humbled, I am inspired, I am surprised and I'm ready to start believing and dreaming of a potential 4hr Marathon! I could of ran 26.2 today- I know my last 6.2 would be slower pace - I was starting to feel tapped in my legs- they started to actually hurt! My Knee started to ache here and there but pressure really - no pain! Plus My last 3 long runs have been HILLS, HILLS, HILLS, HILLS and this my RunnerGirls was pretty flat for the most part, one hill and a couple small rolling but 20 was flat and that's how I planned it- nice to give the calves some retreat from all the hill work and it allows me to pick up my pace and go a little further ♥

After My Dip in the Lake- I cleaned up quickly and got dressed and took my family out to lunch - a BUFFET after a 20 miler- LMAO!! YES I DID! No worry my CCRG's I behaved. A few bites of a salad, pineapple, citrus fruit, half a burger and a cookie - I had a couple random bites of food that never caught my interest- this meal was light but I was ok with that. I have been snacking all day since- no real meals- just snacking- the scale will hate me for days- just watch- I always gain several lbs after runs like this! I'm ready for it-

took my kids to the playground and spend the whole day out of the house- my legs felt UH-MAZING all day :) a little ache here and there and but mostly sickly GREAT!

(((((Oh and I found 7 pennys on my Run today, lol- BOOM pennys!))))))))

Found Comfort in this Song - It's My Marathon Song- Through and Through- I'm always Moving on= a better me!

the last pushed mile and my tear dropping realization that I hit my goal of 20 under 3hrs was this song- it totally deserved a replay on the player on my cool down walk-

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Incorporating Vegetables into your Breakfast

Time to Stop thinking about Vegetables as a side Dish and start making it a part of your main dish!

Making sure you get in a large source of Vegetables while on a restricted caloric intake is vitally important but really difficult to do, Well up to now- I hope I can fix that for you!

I found that I rarely got in vegetables with my morning meal. So I adventured to change that. This is what I came up with and they are practical, easy, clean and healthy~ !!

1) Add endless veggies to an egg meal alone or as a Breakfast Burrito:
You can mix onions/peppers/mushrooms/broccoli/spinach/tomato,salsa in with your egg whites. Scrambled it up wa'la' easy peasy! After you scrambled and egg with your veggie you can just toss into a bowl and eat up, or you could wrap it up into whole grain tortilla and enjoy it that way!

2) My Next Idea is very Awesome- and it's yummy, quick and tasty! I am an advocate for eating healthy muffins and cakes for breakfast. They are easy to take out of the freezer in the morning and pop into a toaster oven to warm up- or even take out the night before and enjoy. If you have great control and moderation you could make a batch of healthy treats at the start of your week and seran wrap and or ziploc baggy them for each day of the week. Busy CCRG's can appreciate the convenience of these ideas!

Carrot Cake, Zucchini bread, Boom Boom Bars, Pumpkin muffins, apple cake.

Yes!! Whole Grains, Omega 3's, and vital nutrients and vitamins because your veggies are baked right in!

3) Green Shakes- I PROMISE you that you won't taste the spinach! Take a Peek and Give it a try!

4) Very commonly I add fresh fruit to my oatmeal but experiement and try some vegetables. I've tried pumpkin and it's a great option. Prepare your oats, sprinkle with stevia or pinch of sugar and add some pumpkin and you are all set to go!

5) Be Creative- think outside the typical Egg Breakfast- when I took the challenge for breakfast- I decided to ommit the egg and replace it with other protein options like low sodium ham, lowfat ground turkey, low sodium bacon or turkey bacon

6) Add Color to your Homefries. If you are enjoying some homefries don't be afraid to add sauteed peppers/onions or spinach. You can also add cubes of sweet potato or winter squash for tasty fun flare!

7)Start Your Day with a Salad- I know right! I'm telling you the number of CCRG's doing this is INCREDIBLE!! They are out there doing it and loving it!

8) Juicing- just like the smoothie idea- but you can just simply juice your veggies and make your Amazing Anti-Oxidant Drink!

9) Squash Pancakes!
10) Love this-It's called Chocomole- and easy to make. Dare you to Eat this for Breakfast- OMG!

1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup agave
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1.5 tsp vanilla
OPTIONAL-add-ins: 1/2 a banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt


Hi CCRG's!!

I was really busy Monday/Tuesday!! Life is Good!

Monday Re-cap

1 ran double- 3.5 miles in the morning and a walk/run in the afternoon with my running club c25k training program newbies. I'm loving it!
I really crushed an entire upper body work-out. I cranked out repetitive sets of oblique/bicep/tricep work. I small hit of my lower back and shoulder- I did some bent over rows and my back and obliques are screaming at me for 2 days. I really hit it hard and it's been a while since I did weights- I should of backed it down on the weight and went with reps- but that's ok- I didn't hurt doing it- so I suppose I'm good!

I'm finding it difficult to find balance with my running and lifting- as hit a pace of decent weights for a while but my running was more around 20-25 miles a week and now that I'm climbing around's affecting me differently! I'm more sore- and I find I lose a little bit now that I'm only doing it 2x weekly- so I'm grateful through training to simply maintain my muscle tone!

Foods: It's on my mfp and I believe I was at 950, REALLY LOW....but such is life- I had no appetite and what I did eat was nutritional and honestly- very much so forced fueling for me. I had to fuel the machine- all though I had No desires to eat- just no appetite (see when the hormones work for me?)

CPR- I took ADULT/CHILD CPR/AED training Monday Night at the Local American Red Cross. Now I'm certified again to save a life! I am grateful for the knowledge and hope that I never have to use it, but blessed to know how!


I aimed to do a 1hr tempo run. 60 minutes on the treadmill, however with school being out this week and my 6 year old home- I've been taking my time in the morning getting up and getting at my day- so I got to the gym a little late and talked with a few friends a little longer than I should of. So my 60 minute tempo quickly became a 30minute run. Nothing fancy- I felt like shizzy nizzy, this calorie cutting is catching up to me. I'm tired, fatigued. the miles are catching up to me too- I feel pushed to even give an 8:30 effort- I feel empty, heavy and tired. I know, I WILL AND HAVE to feel like this to lose the weight, I'm not upset, I'm doing it to myself. It's going to be worth it. I tell myself that so I stay positive and push through no matter what.

Foods: On track- I think my cals were at 1350, they are put into myfitnesspal

Then I was off to Red Cross for First Aid Training- It was another great refresher as I view the course in a Coaching/Running perspective. How might I handle a runners fall, heat exhaustion, how would I manage my clients pulled muscles, etc.

Here's my CCRG Stats for the Month

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*
4/9- 950 calories, 162.5lbs 6 miles, strength training *double run*
4/10- 1350 calories, 161.0lbs 4.5 miles

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Peter !!

♫♫ Me and Peter Cotton Tail, Went Running down the Bunny Trail, with a hippitty Hop hop with Easter Here today- Hey! ♫♫ Great 6.6 mile recovery run :)

CCRG's point out Peter is Feeling me up. I don't mind I let him ~ Should of see him out there on the trail, it was pretty "Hare"larious. Sill Rabbit Don't you know Runnergirls are for trails not tricks? Boom! hahaha!

2 slices of Low sodium bacon, coffee and eggs and slice of whole wheat toast.

Beautiful Easter Morning Run where I ran a strong run for what I could today- not fast- but I felt good with energy so that's the important part as my quads were screaming- sore. Slightly achey in the calves from the hills too. Refluxed breakfast a bit.

This is a 38 Mile Week. I'm starting to Climb.

I have done alot of thinking the last two days- yesterday was a rest day- well I thought long and hard about Buffalo in May. I thought about if I want to truly run a Marathon again in May. Why and such.

I do!!! Why: It defines me. I do fear it and I need to work through my fears, not avoid them. I know when I fear something it's more a reason to do it. I won't get to where I need to be unless I push past the fears. My fear of breaking myself. My fear of not getting my time goal. I just need to go for it. I just need to give it everything I have in the next 4-5 weeks of peak training so I can come out injury free.

A blogger comment said- she liked that I'm all action (THANK YOU!!) I'm humbled you see that is always who I am. I don't just talk smack, I live my truth, the truth of what I speak and preach (no matter my distance or pace)

My Plans for Buffalo.

1) Mentally Commit to Continue with Marathon Training

2) Aim for comfortable running - with attempts at Negative splits on my long runs

3) After Mountain Goat 10 miler - back off the hills, as there are no hills at Buffalo - some overpass inclines but moderate and quick. this will aide in quicker recovery

4) Set 3 Time Goals for Buffalo- Run Faster than 4:23 to get a PR, Run 4:10 , TRY to get 4hrs or under .......Big Wide Range, I have a big cushion with my time. If I give myself the permission to be ok with just a PR then I release that time expectation from myself so I can enjoy this experience the most.

I really do Love Long Distance Running. Running comfortable is so vital to a great experience- I must trust that I will find my pace in the weeks to come and on my last long run I'll gain my best perspective of a race pace.

Post Run today:
Fresh Pineapple
Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

Easter Lunch at my sisters house:
4 oz ham
1/4 cup sweet potato
1/4 cup potato
handful of olives
1 bread roll
1/2 cup asparagus

Ice-Cream Parlor Visit- Small soft serve :)

Not so sure how Easter fits in with calorie cutting

I'll be try to be better with using MyFitnessPal this week. I have not had the time to count the calories via the computer but I have been hand journaling the last 3 days-

Here is my New Calendar to show you my progress with Calories/Fitness for the Month

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*

How was your Easter? Did you find time to run and how was your commitment to your calories?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Low Fat Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake is not just a treat to enjoy - I am an advocate for healthy baked goods in the morning as breakfast or as a pre-post run fueling option! They will contain whole grains and vital nutrients for your body.

Carrots are an anti-oxidant vegetable full of beta carotene & Vitamin A. Contains Vitamins K, C, B-Vitamins, folate and manganese along with several others. This a Fantastic whole food known to reduce your risk for heart disease and cancer!

1.5 Cups of whole wheat flour
1 tblsp ground flaxseed
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of baking soda
1.5 tsp of Cinnamon
Pinch of Nutmeg

1/2 cup fat free milk
1 tblsp sunflower oil
1 egg
1 tbsp vanilla
1/2 cup sugar (I typically use a low glycemic index ingredient- but I'm all out :( that would be like Agave! so if you have Agave- go Cleaner and make it like that!

I took my wet ingredients along with 1.5 cups of carrots and blended it to emulsify the carrots, I then shredded a hand full of carrots to add 'chunk' to my batter. Add the sifted dry to the wet ingredients.

Spread into an greased 9x11 and bake at 35o' for 30-35min or till the top is not softy and gooey anymore.

Slice and serve :)

Top with a FatFree Cream Cheese that is mixed with vanilla/confectioners sugar to taste.

Bake these- eat one or two and then freeze the rest or serve to the family. You can take a treat in the morning for a breakfast treat (although if you have great willpower take it out the night before to defrost) *do not top with icing if you are freezing*


There is a downfall- these in totality are a little high in sugar- I strongly encourage you use the Agave with a healthier Glycemic Index just so that it keeps your blood sugar level after eating them!

Don't be afraid to bake yours with Raisins and much healthier option is a Nut- like Walnuts to add some extra protein and healthy fat :)

17 Miles of sort of crazy thoughts BIG NEWS

I started yesterday by working on re-working my "about me" page here on the blog- and as I start to dive into my past and why I was an overweight child and the pain that comes with that- I begin to really start to slowly crumble. I hope everyone that is out there can appreciate the person that I'm creating. This has not been a month, one year, or two year process- I'm actually coming up on 3 years since I started my journey to re-create myself to be the person I should of been all along.

I spoke lightly about how I was feeling yesterday the day before this 17 miler. Just my aspects as Mother. I look largely how I live my life. My relationships around me- the closeness and lack there of those that I care for, did care for or never should of cared for etc.

I was bleak and vulnerable and cried in RunnerBoys arms as sort of maybe in a way to tear myself down so I can build myself back up again- stronger woman, wife and mother. I'm on this journey to be the best person for me. I want to look in the mirror and feel proud and not ashamed and really I want to know and feel love and I want to be able to give that back. So that's where I'm at. Many of you have been following me all last year- you know I've struggled plenty last year- I never steered from the mention of a broken heart and I'm sure to share more as my 1 year anniversary from hitting my goal approaches, as it draws near I think about how I managed to pull through this year not regaining my weight and gaining a healthier balance with my body despite my mind/heart being a freakin' mess. And just so you all know- my head and heart were a mess but it was never seen to anyone- I live happy, I by all sense of the meaning never walked around sulking- I lived large wtih my endeavors, I enjoyed so much of life last year- I kept busy as I felt burden and fear and walked away from a lot of people that were never any good for me and tried hard to keep the good ones close (despite!)

17 miles- woke up in the morning- got ready- instead of oatmeal today I fueled on whole wheat pancakes with fresh blueberrys, pure maple syrup.

I got out there in a sunny and crisp cold freezing morning (29') by about 7:30am.

I had my route planned. Auburn to Skaneatles piers and back. With a loop around the Hoopes Park on the out and back.

I actually I have all my Long Runs Mapped out, each different and each providing me a new training experience unlike my other 2 trainings. I need that- I can't keep running circles inside this city! OMG!

I stop at the Park 1.5 miles in and this is what I can give to the Running Gods for my Blessed Day a beautiful picture from Mother Nature :)

Taking this route Meant Honking Hills. I had a lot of Elevation Gains and we use this route as a training route for Mountain Goat. I knew I could essentially knock off two training runs done in one shot- distance and slow hills.

Here are those hills in pictures and there is a picture of a car magnet ribbon I took last September and I took that same picture and it's funny it's in the same spot as 7 months ago - just more worn out,ha!

I got into Skaneatles and Ran the pier and here she is ♥

I was heading out of Skaneatles and back toward the city and my right knee started to nag me. It was a pressure on the top of the knee and where the quad connects to the knee. I grew concerned- I'm not liking that. I'm contributing it to only one thing- My Pace. My Pace as of Mile 10 was on average 9:48 Pace. I was going S L O W and most purposely I really wanted a fun run. I wanted an easy - care free run. But that is not what happens when my head wants to always push hard and run strong. You know I wuss out when it comes to taking it easy these days.

so I sorta said I was crazy because I kept repeating "this feels nice, I like this, see Connie this is so nice- Oh look at the cows- Oh there is a deer .....oh look you are not even breathing heavy at all- your heart rate matches that of a walk- oh so enjoyable.......BLAH BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....................

All that Great Conversation to easy my thoughts about how I was going so SLOW. I have no idea why I torture myself, lol- no- I actually do know. I know whats practical and I know my fears. It's practical to run slow- it's smart. It's wise-it reduces my risk for injury. But my fears are that the slow pace will hurt my knee (and it really does) and my fear is running too hard that I break myself. I fear breaking myself again. It hurts my heart to think I could run this Marathon and lose running again. Although I fought through- it was a tough and long recovery.

I have these secret expectations that I've come back stronger and faster- and that I have but does NOT mean I'm faster at the distance than before (all though I am!) but Dam- why I keep boxing myself in to these expectations.

I just think I need to have them and just stop being afraid of failing and just keep freaking' going for it. I just need to freaking run strong and if I break, I freaking break. Screw it, I break I'll fix myself. (ok I'm totally faking this! lol)

Oh and back to the original story sorry for the mental tangent. I Picked up my pace after mile 10 at 9:45 miles. The last 7 miles were at a 8:35 pace with Hills :) I'll take that as a Really GREAT Training Run!

Oh and I found 13 cents today- 1 dime and 3 pennys...BOOM!

GAR....Am I Running a Marathon in 7 weeks? Will My Knee hold out or break? Is my flame and desire to run long distance gone? I'm not really sure right now. I know as it stands I feel content with Running a PR Half Marathon At Buffalo and sticking to half Marathons for a while. I'm not really sure why either. Fear? Boredom? Nothing to run from anymore?

Got Home and RunnerBoy wasn't home from the gym yet- I didn't bring my house key- grabbed a blanket and pillow from the entry and and snuggled on the porch swing- the hot sun in the cold air beating against my black tights felt so amazing against my muscles- trumped and ice bath today-

So Thanks for sharing in that crazy Journey with me :) I promise you again- I'm a very normal and Happy Person- Ha! lol

Food: Refuel

2 whole eggs

2 egg whites

2 slices of whole wheat toast


greek yogurt

1/4 cup fresh blueberries

Dinner: Huge Salad with all the amazing fixings- ranch dressing, Big Beef Burger and Yes- 1 cookie :)


I got an email about an upcoming Class to Become a Running Coach. They are very hard to get into- they fill up quickly. They are often very far away from NY as well. So when this email arrived while I was out running- I had to jump at trying to get in on it.
Well it was a little costly for this budget- just over 300 and with a set up fee, then I had to drop another hundred and get a hold of my local Amercian Red Cross and get certified with CPR and First- Aid- so that's getting done this week and the Coaching Training Takes Place in Connecticut in June. Family Trip :) RunnerBoy is on Vacation- it's so perfect. This opens a wide range of new potential for my future. I've been wanting to become a Running Coach. With my Running Club- with CCRG Growing here on the Web and via Facebook I have the potential to keep helping new runners meet their dreams and others to lose weight and run and doing that to my fullest potential.I'll be able to start providing for my family too and that is really something Great within itself. I have many other Plans in store for my Future too and that Includes becoming a Personal Trainer and that happens this fall- I plan on starting a home business as I'll be incorporating a Home Gym to Train My Clients. I live in 125 Year old Victorian in a Commercial District so we are in a Prime Location to expand my photography business with an in home studio and start my Running & Personal Training right out of my home! Wow! I can NOT even tell you all how Excited I am about this. I can really say that there is nothing I have ever been so sure of as far as my future goes!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick 3 and Triceps

It's Midnight- I'm finally here- I'm so tired.

I'll keep it short and sweet (is this possible?) Ok, let's try!

Hit the gym- fast warm up mile- walk- 7:51 mile- walk - 7:41 mile- walk

Weights- Tricep Pull downs-100lbs rep of ten for 4 sets
Tricep throwbacks
Tricep over head raises
3 sets of rep of 10 push ups

Had a Pleasant conversation with a CCRG follower- so that was nice- finding I keep getting approached more in the community about recognizing or hearing about the story and the movement to get more people running and losing weight or eating healtheir! So I'm just really proud of that, Thanks for the outreach!

quick shower- story time with the twins- house cleaning- lunch- dinner- out shopping for a several hrs. bought a new expensive lens for my photography business and was just as excited for my 100 dollar running camera for Long Runs. I'll be excited to share my runs with you all through pictures :)

Food is Great- Im on My Fitness Pal and my user name- well it's CalorieCountingRunnerGirl lol- does this work for you?
it would save me time for now to send you there to get an idea of what I'm eating- right now I'd like to go to sleep ................snooze..............


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How CCRG Started Running

It's no secret, I've said it before it took a Surreal Inspiration from RunnerBoy for me to take this journey.
I watched him run, walked the kids as he ran- listened to him chant about how great he felt. Watched the lbs just MELT off of him. He really loved it.

I was so Confused. I was so thinking "Running sucks- you are C R A Z Y" and guess what happened. He ignited this flame inside me. A flame I now know, I always had but never ever used.

So he started running in July of 2009. By December he was Running his first 5k (27:50, most recent pr 21:08) well I made that fool sign me up for the same 5k. Was I even Running yet....NO! OMG. So Funny Right- I paid 30 bucks to do a race I wasn't even going to do but maybe walk in with my kids. So cold Instead I went to the store and shopped, bwahahaha!

Ok- so as that passed I knew it was ridiculous that I didn't even participate in the race- and what it had shown me was a desire to do one. So like I always tell all of you for every desire you have to create an action plan.

My Action Plan was to get fit, build some sort of cardiovascular athletic base and learn to run. I had this pre-conception that I could be fit & heart healthy by having a running base of just 3.1 miles. And that's true, you can :)

I made the plan knowing it was Not going to be easy or that I'd likely enjoy it very much.

So the Plan was- 3.1 miles 3x weekly till I could run the whole distance. No couch to 5k program, no one telling me when to run and when to walk. I feel with all my Runnergirl heart that no one should be telling you when you should run and walk. This is entirely up to you- Running is about pushing yourself for what YOU Can do. Not what I think you can do or what an app thinks you should do. Finding the Courage to trust yourself- push when you have collected yourself and then walk when you could hold a run no more. Keep Challenging yourself to get stronger and you will~! This is Exactly What Running is all about!

I remember all those months right now as I write. I remember how it all felt- it's how I still can feel on a fast, hilly run- the digging - the burning in the legs/calves the breathing and my heart pounding so fast.

My First 3.1 miles was 58 minutes. Walk and Run. Very LITTLE Running, as a matter of fact I'm sure of it that I had maybe just a dozen little 30 second intervals in there for the first 5k distance.

You are wondering how how much did I weigh? 265 lbs! Having tried running at 295 lbs it had felt the same- so no real difference there, I just never wanted to run when I was 295lbs I just did it because I wanted to burn calories and I never did very much cardio/fitness the first 6 months of my Journey. I just wanted to change my eating first. It was such a huge battle within itself.
There is something Special about being overweight and running that the thinner people don't have to worry about. The extra pressure on a sedentary body that is is overweight and in obesity. The pressure on our joints, knees, ankles. How the extra lbs around our mid-section feels heavy- like you are in a body suit- your true thinner self just screaming to find it's way out. My lungs BURNED, my body physically ached from trying to run. My thighs they rubbed- so bad I had leg burns for months - I couldn't fit into skinny running clothes so I was wearing Walmart Specials (nor did I want to spend the money on expensive running clothes when I hoped I would grow out f them quickly, Hey I'm cheap! lol) Basic Cotton Pants and Cotton T-shirts. Oh and Chaffing- I chaffed so bad I still have scars on my breasts and back from all the sweating and rubbing from sports bras (body glide!! use it please! Even Then, OWIE_ Salt into the chaffing burns or the water hitting it in the shower was another self torturous happening, ugh. ) There were times when I ran and I thought my heart was going to explode. During the entire Winter of 2010 I suffered from a 4 month Chronic severe sinus infection. I was put on super antibiotics 2x. I suffered greatly with sinus pain and still managed to fight through breathing and learning to run. My nose Ran like crazy- or it was stuffy and blocked from extreme inflammation. I sinus cleansed 2x daily and was tested for Staph Infection and MRSA- Thankfully it finally went away by May - I started Running in January!

My Brain- was so Ready to accept the challenge no matter how much it sucked. No matter how much it hurt. I was GOING TO DO THIS! With No Real Plan to Fail, With No expectations, I was going to run 3.1 miles even if it took me a year!
At the same time that I was committed I waivered in my mental strength. Gaining self esteem comes from the act of running- you do eventually get stronger and lighter, you eventually run longer and longer. You push yourself from Running for 1 minute to two minutes. No matter your pace- you just run. You walk when you simply couldn't hold the pace any more.

My mental strength grew. The moments of weakness although included pondering thoughts if I could actually do this. Mysterious wonder why it wasn't easier (hey I still do this- I must subconsciously think I'm a Kenyan or an Elite, lmao.....although with that said, I will confess in my truest RunnerGirl Heart I know I can be simply Amazing at Running- I know where I am now is only HALF of the RunnerGirl that I can be and I'm JUST starting to tap into my truest potential :)

Simply Put Running is Not Easy- It was really hard on me for a while (like I said still is when I'm pushing myself)
So What turned the hurt torturous run into something Great, Healthy and Addicting and something I couldn't wait to do again?

I celebrated with myself and others each victory- I talked to RunnerBoy about how much further I ran that day vs the time before. I honest to God simply gave myself so much Credit and Prompts for doing it. I was actually patting myself on the back. I tell all my RunnerGirls- If you can just push and dig through and then afterwards say "That sucked big time- but I pushed Through and Yes, I'm proud of how strong I'm becoming, I'm confident of where I am going" then you too can find joy in Running. On CCRG Facebook Page every day I am asking you to Celebrate with me, for this very Reason- because you all get to deserve to have someone to brag to about what you did! I want you to have a place to turn to where I will at least read what you wrote and in totality Give Huge Congrats on getting out there and getting it done- even it was never a personal best or the best feeling run- or if you failed to meet up to your own expectations- You trump the couch. You trump the sedentary lifestyle. You are gaining your life back- you are going to create a new you- or finding the you that always existed. She is in there.

Find Your RunnerGirl and Trust me, it gets easier- it's addicting because of how it makes you feel, it releases happy endorphins in our brain (it's fact!) and you will lose weight if you are counting and or watching your food intake closely.
and one more thing- if you repeat to yourself "I hate this" then go to the Elliptical or go cycle because this is Not for you- You need to Want to Run- ok- you gotta want to try to do it- if you don't make the plan to at least give your brain a clean slate to really give this your best mental and physical best- then you won't ever love it or maybe you'll do it, lose some weight and then be done with it, which is fine too if you keep some sort of active lifestyle. I just want you to go into this journey with Optimism not pessimism. A Great Outlook, not a bleak one!

Learning to Run
January 2010 Started Running
First 5k distance full run time- 48min within 3.5 months of learning to run
May 2010- 4 & 5 miles
June 2010- 6 & 7 miles
July - 8 & 9 & 10 milers
August- 10 & 13.1
September - My First Official Race- Half Marathon- 2:29
October- My Second official Race - 5k in 30:30
October- January- More 5k 's & Maintain the Half Marathon distance through keeping a base
All of my 2011 Pictures are Here: You can Go Look at them if you want :) I always pick a few Randoms and Share on my FB for Running Friends ;)
if not maybe just my personal FB and then hit the photos tab and you can see all my running albums and actually some pictures of me during my journey out of obesity.
Pics from My Race- a Half Marathon- I still Weighed just about 200lbs here
January 2011- Started Training for First Full Marathon
May 2011- First Full Marathon- 4:50 minutes
Summer- Training & another Half Marathon Race
October- Second Full Marathon in 4:23
October- December- Knee Tendinitis and more 5ks hitting my newest 5k pr 23:50
Age Group Winning in the Fall of 2011
I managed to get a 1st and 2nd place age group win on two 5ks
I love watching myself coming in the top quarter of the running crowd on races!
February 2012- Half Marathon

Current Plans:
I started a Running Club in My Community and we Do Weekly Runs
As part of My Running Club I created a c25k program and we started that last week
We do special training runs for local races and my plans are to keep this going and make Auburn Known as a Strong Running Community!
I have plans this Year to become Certified as level 1 Track & Field Coach so I can start "officially" coaching people to run- although, I already do and have lots of basic knowledge in Wellness Management, Sports Nutrition, Coach Management as these are Classes I took in College.

I want to Keep Expanding this Blog and CCRG on Facebook so I can keep giving back- I enjoy it very much and it pushes me and drives me! Maybe one day I'll write a book and so I too can help support my family :)

My Running Goals for 2012:
I have no Yearly Mileage Total- Although I think if I can manage to stay injury free I might be able to run about 1500 miles this year :)
I would to do a sub 4hr Marathon, 1:45 Half Marathon, 22:xx 5k and get in my first official 10k distance. I have also contemplated an ultra an a triathalon, although I'm pretty sure I just love running too much to cycle or swim :) I want to stay injury free- I want to Run Happy :)

My Far Distant Future Running Goals:
Sub 1:40 Half Marathon
Boston Qualify in 2013 in 3:45 min
5k in 20min range
10k in sub 40min

I endured alot to become a Runner and all of this never even spoke to you about what to eat either- or how calorie counting affects you as a runner! That will be in another Blog Post :)