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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Piriformis Crisis! New Kicks!


Ok, I woke up All night LONG..........OMG! My body & Ass is screaming mad at me! My Piriformis muscle is MAD for that class I took a couple of days ago
! This spring in the midst of intense Training for Buffalo Marathon, I had some Ass pain that would leave me sleepless at night. Last night was NO different and coupled with other random body aches...I'm one hurting kitty this morning. A

But It's NO secret....I love it~! I knew I was going to be in odd pain and aches from changing up on my routine. I knew it was a taper week and my last week and opportunity to actually do one thing different this summer with my cardio routine!

From here on out it's strictly running and strength training. Even strength training I'm backing off of on my 20 mile runs this September!

I have 16, *HALF MARATHON RACE!!* 18, 20, 13, 20, 13, 20....TAPER! THAT'S IT FOLKS!

No way I could do 6 or 7 this morning. I was proud to even try to run with how much I am aching! But I knew it was not going to kill me.

3 miles went like this

10:20 warm-up am I running?
9:30 Second mile where I said 'fuck it' and ran a hill! 4%, 5% include at that pace
9:30 last mile

Just as soon as I slowed down....I was swiftly reminded of why it was a hard run...instant ache/ did I just run 3??? lol. WOW!

I'll aim for some more promises to myself!

I got some new Kicks yesterday! These shoes are always $100 but I went to Nike outlet and found them in black for $45....Yes THAT'S IT! the only difference they are black! ok so that's why they were 45, lol. But guess what I'm thrifty and these are my trusty shoes and I throw 1.99 PINK laces on them and they are MINE! boom!

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