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Friday, August 5, 2011

Benny Run Day & strength train

Today is actually an official rest day from running.

I woke up SORE AND TIGHT in my glutes and my hiney is SCREAMING MAD! ouchie!
My Quads a bit sore too!

That Summer Intensity full of squats/lunges and lots of jumping jacks is a great switch up use of lower calf muscles too! A whole hour of different cardio...different muscle use...what an AMAZING BURN! I love the ache.

Although I am nervous about tmrws run, lol.

Today I busted out 7 pushups.....YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT...SEVEN! did I progress so much so quickly? Where did my Shera strength come from?

Ab crunch for one minute
2 one minute planks
arm curls work-out for 10min

Then tonight I took my Pup out for a run. We did it wiser this time and let him get his happy running jiggles out before we set out. Which included a half hour of playing and running fetch with his favorite tennis ball.

I ran Benny a whole mile today. A few minor twist ups as he chased cats and got distracted with barking dogs from within houses and passer by cars! over-all he could hold a 9min pace and stayed with me for at least half of it. Even so his time was 10:25 or so for a mile! Boom Boom Benny!

I won't lie as I turned the corner back home he didn't know where we were going and tried to run on my left but I'm training him to run on my when I yanked him over he sorta fell weak and lost control of his lil legs and fell over...weak I presume...good thing we only had 2/10ths a mile to go!

He took the best hose bath outside and drank plenty of water..he was so tired!

Weight: 156.5 *new low...a bit water up today and muscle soreness I expect a jump back up*

Calories yesterday: 1050...omg what did I eat?
B: 1 egg/lite white bread, coffee
L: salmon on rye & fresh spinach, chobani
D: Squash in olive oil smothered with pasta sauce and chicken sausage link
S: air popped popcorn/dark chocolate mini morsels on fave, my husband spoils me ♥

Food Today:
B: 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 slice of lite white, coffee x4!! yikes!
L: Nut mix, home-made pizza (100 calorie high fiber English muffin, low fat cheese, tomato slice...toasted in toaster over..yum and low calorie!)
D: Fried Fish Fillet, 2 corn on the cob, spat of butter
S: Chobani & 3 cups of watermelon! OMG...cutting up a seeded watermelon is TORTURE! cleaning out all the seeds for my kids and husband=pain in the arse! But one for the bowl and one for Connie! 3 freezepops
Totals Cals: 1750 *dam you darn GOOD!*

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