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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I always find a way to stay active. I love that most people think that fat or obese people are lazy! I was never lazy. Was I incredibly Active? Um...NO..not in any athletic sense!

However when I talk to people about get moving and find ways to burn calories you don't have to become a runner and really you don't have to an athlete either.

Get MORE active then what you already are! Yes we know you are busy! We all are! We live in a fast paced world and full of convenience! We conveniently park closer to the grocery store front entrance. We conveniently avoid the extra exercise because time is short etc.

So get more active. Usually take your kids to a park? Take them for a walk while you are there. Go ride your bike. Chase them down the lawn, bring a soccer ball. Do something to get you doing something you don't already do! That my friend is the difference your body will need to seek a lb lost.

So yesterday even suffering from a mile tummy bug and failed run we ventured 1 hour south of here to Watkins Glen State Park.

We hiked about 1.5 miles and we took the kids to play on the playground too.

Oh and just because I am a runner and I love hills now too...I took a quick sprint up a hill...even in my flip flops! boom! haha

After we ordered a pizza hut pizza and ate at the southern tip of Seneca Lake overlooking the sailboats floating across the whitecaps!

Yes pizza is not a normal intake for us. We surely always pick healthier options but when your kids yell out for it...then sometimes they have to be kids! I certainly am a position in my life when I feel comfortable with moderation and incredible sensible to where I was and where I am today. I am not going to goof that up over or for a slice of pizza! It's been months and what a tasty treat!

After as my kids ate yummy cookies for dessert I opted to do three one minute planks right there in the grass overlooking the lake! What a great way to avoid the temptation. When I bought those cookies I bought myself some gum too. Pop a pc of gum to avoid the need for over indulgence of pizza or the desire to eat a dam cookie! haha! BE smart, plan ahead!

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