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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trail Run-Family Affair

RunnerBoy and I could not find Mojo yesterday. We were both equally happy lounging around the castle. We spent the morning having coffee and spending time with the peeps. We kept referencing this 'long' run we were supposed to do.

So we improvised has he propositioned me to go to a trail and run 3 or 6 miles..whichever time/peeps allowed!


Go to Beaver Lake and ran a 3.2 loop....then he ran a 3.8 loop and we were done as at that point the peeps held out steady with walking upward of 2 miles with us and taking pictures and stuff. We figured our son must have walked 2 plus miles as he walked with mommy or daddy during that time. The girls would walk some but they took full advantage of a free wagon ride!

It was great and I took a bunch of running pics of him and he took some of me...played around with some for some runography.

The trail was GORGEOUS! I loved it. The legs were stiff and my body was tired and mad at me for running. I hushed it and took my time and just enjoyed the solitude. What greatness. It made me realize why so many elites are hitting up the makes you both stronger and it forces you to slow down. the peaceful solitude is great!

3.2 miles in less then 32...nice and slow! like molasses....lmao.

Here are some more vain running pics.

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