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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tummy Bug Run & New Treadmill

Yesterday evening I fell ill with a tummy bug. Major tummy cramps and not feeling well. Most likely the viral either my kids had. I was forced to rest at home the whole Evening after 6pm...I know what a crisis. LOL. that is for me! I like to be outside and active and doing stuff...totally NOT a sit around woman!

I ate dinner last night which I probably should not of as I was not hungry and was not feeling well.

I made my first Lentil soup and I'll make a post about that Yum! Plus a big plate of salad! yummy!

So today I woke up still not feeling well.

But I managed to hop on my treadmill at home as I watched the kids. Don took off to the gym to work on his muscles and run some hills on the tready there! (He is looking so dam HOTT....can't wait to make a post sharing his progress the last month..this man is getting CUT and RIPPED fast! BoomBoom Yum Yum! ;-p

2 miles SUPA'EASY!
Not much else I had to give this morning. Maybe more later? Oh the joy of a new treadmill at home!

Oh and it's NOT new...probably about 8yrs old but a GREAT STEAL at a local yard sale for just $25 bucks! To think Don was going to buy us a brand new one a couple of months ago but my thrifty side said to wait! Boom! So glad we did!

Weight: 159 (no change)
water: 80oz
Calories yesterday: 1350
Food yesterday:
Breakfast: flaxseed oatmeal & chia
L: chobani greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 2oz of wunderbar and 2 slices of whole wheat bread
D: spinach salad w/ cukes/tomato/half egg/onion and threw a fresh kiwi and grapes on the side, topped with organic zesty Italian dressing. 1 whole cup of my lentil soup
S: 6 freezepops (omg...stop the insanity!)

Great Machine! here is how she looks!

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