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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Healthy Home Made Runners Granola Clean Recipe

Take a look around the grocery aisle for healthy snack options and you might fight- GRANOLA!

As a Runner  you might wonder how Granola might fit into your Nutritional Plan. Will it work for you if you plan to Eat well and Still lose weight? I say Absolutely (I can see you smiling! :)
Granola is a great source of Carbohydrates which is the prime fueling choice for Running. Not all Carbohydrates are built the same so this makes Granola a perfect option because it has a Low Glycemic Index!  This would mean  the sugar in this snack will not spike your blood sugar giving you an ultimate quick sugar crash. Your blood sugar will rise and stay there as your body breaks down the oats and honey and various fruits in your Granola. This Sugar is going to give you pro-longed energy. What a great option for snacking just before you go out for a 30-60min run! Low in Sodium,  Saturated Fat & Cholesterol keeping you heart healthy ♥ High Manganese (great for warding off the dreaded muscle cramping)

It looks good ............till you look at the Price Tag ( $6.99-$9.99 per lb) or perhaps the less than desirable ingredient list; you know the one that takes oats and and uses unhealthy oils or rolls it in straight sugar- yeah that is not very desirable when we want to be Healthy Runners & Athletes!

I adventured to make my own and so can you. I want you think about all your most favorite snack foods and then purchase them in small quantity in bulk and made it a part of your ingredient list!

What you will Need
  • 4 cups Rolled Oats
  • 1/2 cup Honey
  • 2 tblsp Vanilla
  • 1/4 cup Flaxseed Meal
  • 2 tblsp ground cinnamon

It can include but not limited to the following Granola ingredient options:
  • 1 cup finely chopped & pureed nuts (pecans, walnuts, cashews etc)
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup raisins, dates, prunes
  • 1/4 cup dried fruit such as cranberry, blueberry
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree & tsp Nutmeg
  • Unsweetened Coconut
  • **Evaporated Cane Juice** 1/4 cup for sweetness 
Mix your ingredients till your basic ingredients are wet from the honey and hold a sticky texture.

Spread Your Mixture onto a Cookie Sheet and Bake at 350 degrees till it the oats start to brown. Remove from oven and stir around and place back in over and cook for another few minutes (just be mindful you don't burn your oats and you will be fine)

Remove from oven and let the Granola Air Dry- Once it's dry you can place in a Ziplock Treat Snack bags for future use. I like the mini snack bags where you can throw in a small portion to take with you as a before/after work-out snack :) Approx: 200 calories for 50gram serving, 4 protein (remember it will vary on how you prepare your granola)

I made a portion with all my favorites and baked it! Then I took the other half of my Granola mix and added the Pumpkin Puree & Nutmeg to make a Pumpkin Granola Treat! This did not bake as 'hard' as the other granola but I was very happy and satisfied with the taste and texture! What a delicious Autumn Treat!

How to Eat Granola: 
  • Snack Packs
  •  Sprinkle over Greek Yogurt *create your own Parfait*
  •  As cereal
  • top over a baked apple
  • sprinkle over a salad
  • sprinkle over pancakes/waffles

In this Granola (mixed nuts, coconut,sesame seeds)

Took the recipe that I used in the first granola picture and then added the pumpkin filling and nutmeg and Bake & BAM- That's it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Life & in Death - 10k Results and More

I participated in my very first 10k Race this morning. I've done lots of random 10k's as training runs- but never to RACE one- more paced runs to prepare for half marathons or slow training runs for Marathon training etc.  So I Knew I had to adventure to take a bite out of a 10k Race and see where I would end up.

The sun rose from the East- a 45min drive from home Runnerboy and I were bound to have a great day! We met up with Runner Friends ♥ Always the best!
CCRG Valerie- So much Fun to See her Again- See you At Empire- rocking out her first Marathon at 65 years old ♥ Mad Respect xxx
KELLY- YOU INSPIRE ME AND YOUR PACE AND PASSION DRIVES ME TO TRAIN HARDER!! Congrats to her on her 1:37 Finish Time- she Trains Hard to be Fast and to be Great a this Sport that she just started Last year! Always giving you Huge Props - Boom ♥ love ya!

Runnerboy would run his first half Marathon since a late spring/early spring calf injury where he lost some passion to run and needed some personal space to get back into running. I'd nudge and try to encourage him to train but he was always a little reluctant- pessimistic of the loss of pace from being out. It happens but I had to promise him that he would get it back in time! I asked him to go out for a long run for a few weeks ago and he kicked by butt with a Half Marathon when the longest he had gone was just 8 miles- so I was PLEASED to see him so thrilled that his legs remembered! He lifts weights 5x weekly and does MMA 2x weekly so he is already very active so to see him Run on top of this surely makes him an all around studly athlete ♥

                                                     Here we are in all our cute Glory!
Race: Turning Stone Races 
Weather: Around 80 Degrees at Race Start- Light Wind- Blue Skys and full sun
Course: Rolling Hills in the Country: Verified course - well marked- 3 hydration tables on 10k
Gear: Nike Visor- Nike Shelf Tank, Under Armour Tank, Under Armour compression, UA Socks, Brand New Asics 2170's (these were magic today- I found a new shoe ♥)
I watched Runnerboy and Friends take off at 8am - Fun to Root them on as they adventured for a hilly and hot half marathon!
10k would start at 8:30am- No Watch- Runnerboy ran with the Garmin today
Mile 1:  I knew in the first 1/4 mile that I saw 2 woman take the lead and shoot out fast ahead of me. I made sure to make count that I was in 3rd place over-all female.  It was hard to gauge my pace when I had no watch on. I would have to guess my effort at the goal pace of 8min miles. I don't train to often at this pace- I'm most often either training at about 8:15-8:30 pace (which is my half marathon pace) and my Slow pace for Marathon Training is about 9min-9:15 miles - none the less to know how that feels is something I'm not aware of.  but I get comfortable and I hold my own
Mile 2: We are coming down a hill and Runnergirl #4 passes me but I don't Psyche myself out I am going downhill and I was surprised to see her pass me- but I told myself not to worry I would pass her back quickly and surely I did and just so you all know she finished 4 minutes slower than me
Mile 3- was one of the larger hills- I passed one guy and one guy passed me- we were pretty spread out. I took a look at my wrist watch to see that about 25min had elapsed for the mid way point and I was on track for what I thought was an 8min pace. not really sure though .... Just beyond this point I look back and about 100m back is different female and I knew I had to recover a bit faster so I did and I shook her loose :) I carried on the pace I was at and she never became an issue again :)
Mile 4-5.5- I'm feeling really good- I'm praying and it's beautiful to find Christ and to keep God in my heart now as I run. I pray to keep feeling well. I'm so comfortable and I keep spot checking behind me to make sure there was no one creeping up  and surely the last female is behind me a ways- so I keep my pace. I pass a runnerboy here-
Mile 5.5 - we are coming up on the last hill of the race- I see runnerboy ahead of me for a while- but he is either slowing down or I'm speeding up - which I think he is slowing down but I make it my goal to pass him on this hill- it will carry me to the top and I randomly see Runnerboy #2 on hill WALKING- and I knew I had to get him too- so I took them both over :-)  But then on the flat away recovery I'm catching breath and the walker boy passes me and then we play cat and mouse for a while! All the way to the finish as a matter of fact- I think he took me as I sprinted too soon at the finish and there is a small 100m incline to through to the finish chute and I had to really push deep in the last 1/4 mile with this guy- lol- I think just trying to have fun and take over two guys just knackered more than the whole other part of the race! ha! I love Running ☻♥
3rd Female OverAll- BOOM!
22 Second person in!
I was slightly disappointed and my runners high was a little deflated when I saw my time- 52:07 but I knew that I didn't push too hard on this run and I could of ran faster surely and maybe if there was another female in my sights I would of dug more. What I know is that I have no idea how to run a 10k pace without a watch to tell me how fast I'm going- I'm simply not training this pace and I fell into my Half Marathon pace very easily- lol- no wonder I felt good on this 10k, hahaha!
but I LOVED IT! I ran a 10k in a decent lil clip and had fun and got 3rd female overall and I surely could of fought for 1,2nd if I pushed and wore that dam watch but NO Regrets- I'm glad Runnerboy wore it- he got 1:44 on this Half Marathon and I'm so Proud of him for a great Recovery Run!
Here I am with my Acrylic!

I came home and on Race Day Runnerboy and I always eat Pizza - it's our Tradition- Our kids even expect it, lol
Then we went to Church- and my Husband Worshipped God and Christ. We both were very happy to discuss with each other that we prayed during our races today- it was not to be fast- but it was prayer to give thanks- asking God to help keep us strong so we can run in his honor. I want to share that with you today- that I'm taking the Good Lord with me as I run Now :)
As I adventure into my Christianity I feel so compelled to share how I feel with you all. To explore with you how my life continues to change and evolve. I'm thankful. I'm glad I was praying this morning on my run and in light of TRAGIC news I heard when I got home from Church I've found myself in deep sorrow. A childhood friend (and cousin by law) died this morning. He drowned and I'm unaware of the circumstances and my heart aches to know that they have yet to recover his body from the lake. He is in the water and my heart aches sadly for this thought. His body needs to be at rest and his family deserves to be put at ease. I'm praying that God give the divers and recovery team a steadfast search in the early morning. I pray for his body to be preserved in the best way possible. I pray that God will work through the crews to stay strong in light of the tragedy. He drowned and his 9 year old son in a life preserver tried to save him and was later found by another boater. I pray to God tonight that he lift up this child and carry him through life with love. That he fills this boys heart with a Great Love for him so that he feels a sense of relief and understanding that he will be re-united with his daddy one day and his mommy (he lost his mommy to a tragic car crash when he was just 3 yrs old) I can't begin to tell you the tears I have cried for this young boy. I'm hurting for him. I am deeply saddened for the loss of a really good human being today. I know you are in Heaven Dan with your Mother (he lost her at young age due to an intoxicated driver running her over) and that you are in God's Kingdom Now and that you will look after your son- ♥ I will always remember our outnumbered childhood memories. We swam together and fished together in the very lake you drowned. We played in the creek, played ball in the field, we spent endless hours together- we spent years trick or treating together and as an adult I enjoyed seeing you from time to time and exchanging hellos knowing we always had a great time as kids- I never expected your life to end this way and you will be missed. Oh and Aerosmith- BonJovi- Guns N Roses in your bedroom when were pre-teens! haha! Such a boy making me listen to that Rock!  Praying hard tonight.
Tonight I can't help but feel such mixed emotions. As I felt so Alive on my run- a Great Person that I grew up with and care about was drowning. In Life there is Death. In Death there is Life.  Maybe as my friend passed into heaven doors and he glanced down at every person that loves and has ever cared for him- there I was in my Running Glory- something a little special to me about that. I'll dedicate that Run to You Danny!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sky Above Me, Earth Below Me- Fire with in me!

Hello Peeps!

I have yet another amazing week with some personal up and downs for "self"  and I'll be happy to share that with you. It's why I blog- I get to vent- I get to explore my thoughts while I write. I never plan out these blog posts- I shoot from the hip! Often I will want to blog and I'll write something just for self expression and I'll NEVER post it. I guess I just like writing- it's a way for me to express myself and to get out how I'm feeling.

I suppose you all know if you have been following for a long time- I have strained parental relationships. As a matter of fact my father dis-owned me last year because he is angered with me for not having more of a relationship with him and for very harsh old realities of a divorce he went through with my mother and blames her and me for us not being closer. Meanwhile as an adult he has emotionally hurt me very deeply with cruelty, harsh words and a has told me on several occasions he wants nothing to do with me. Each time comes back asking for forgiveness- so I give him that- each time a little bit more emotionally disconnected to protect myself.

It's been a year or so since he threw me away and was incredibly awful to me. I've not looked back. He attempted again this past week to contact me- instead of apologies it was more turmoil .....a small congratulations for graduating and asked to see my children.

Hard on me because I'm really happy in my life. I was going through an incredibly difficult time in my life last year when he did that to me and I told him. It didn't matter to him the hurt I was in on a very personal level - actually he used it against me and he made me feel like a very terrible person for things that are so mundane (I promise you I'm NOT a bad person- he was upset at me for saying a curse word in front of my children ) all be it- not ok- but on the other hand- there are WORST things in life than a frustrated wife at her husband .....ack- I don't want to get into that. Anyways- he just broke my heart for the last time-  I have to let these people in my life go. The ones that hurt me. They are no good for me- family or not! My life is for ME- My Children and then my Husband. Time to Move on and let it go.

ANYWAYS! that crisis over!  I had a leaky ceiling that damaged my kitchen tv and what a mess....ugh....I had my daughter get pretty bruised and banged up 2x this week- my sweet Whitney! Rope burn that tore her hand apart and two rope burns on her legs from a rope letting loose while being pulled around on a sled .........((makes no sense- just think REDNECK GAMES)) LOL

I had a very rough evening this past week when I posted something on my CCRG page and another page asked what everyone thought about it- asking for opinions where I was not- but it invited drama to my page and I was NOT happy about that. Most especially when a trouble maker told me I would FAIL at maintaining my weight loss- that statistics show that only a small percentage of people will keep off this weight within 5 years of maintaining. To even to begin to tell you how offended and hurt I was ...this page is not long enough nor am I willing to vent all that out right now- cause truth be told that lady was SATAN and she does NOT know me! she does NOT know I've been doing this lifestyle for 3 years now- so I say this cause I wanted to say it on my CCRG wall but I'm too Pure there..... GO SCREW YOURSELF SATAN LADY - YOU DON'T ME AND JUST CAUSE YOU FAILED WON'T MEAN THAT I WILL! BOOM...........and this is way kind but I'm trying to stick to Christian ways :) which I probably should be more Christan and wish her help!  What it does it feeds the seed of fear. I have fear. I know I'm not supposed to, but lose 150lbs and tell me to NEVER be afraid that I'll lose control and go back! Yes I fear. It's why I stay diligent. It's why I stay focused. I don't obsess (unless I feel myself spinning out of control for some reason) but I weigh in to keep self checking- I making strong training goals to keep fitness focus. I try to keep a balance between eating healthy and still living with indulgence. I'm NO expert at maintaining yet. What I know is how to lose- what I'm showing after 16months is I am still learning how to maintain- I'm on my journey .....what I don't need is someone telling me I will fail. I just don't get that at all. Most especially with how I help people and do it for FREE! blah- anyways- vent over- thanks for listening- I was so bothered I didn't get to sleep one night till 4am! pretty yucky feelings that day!
My kids otherwise had a beautiful week :) We did our normal stuff - except NO swimming- it's turned slightly cooler this week and the break from the pool/beach has actually been really nice! Play-do fun, play dates- zoo- shopping.....very nice :)  what they did do all week was Vacation Bible School. I feel Blessed for them. To see them sing about God - to be in our church and trying to make it apart of our family tradition- it just seemed so beautiful and perfect to me ♥ My Husband got to go to church with us on Sunday and he thanked me. I'm so Happy that I can inspire him like this too- we can do that for each other in life and marriage- my best friend- I hope he keeps working toward God & Jesus like me!

Spam Carving Queen :) I won- it's a toilet...I'm was creative and used the spam gel from the can and put it into the toilet bowl to look like urine :) I think I'm a little redneck! haha! Great Time at my In-laws Redneck Summer Games!

Good thing I'm marathon training and trying to lose- that BOOTY LOOKS HUGE.....
I'm having a really BAD self Image week despite the random douche bags on facebook and daily mile that randomly poke me friend request me or send me private messages telling me I'm Gorgeous- none of that means nothing to a Married Woman - but what does matter is how I feel and lately  and all week i was so bloated ((in my gluten post!!!)) that I just felt so bad about myself. I hate those feelings- but I'm real and I had them- today I feel better :) a little bit more human!

Lets move on to my training :)

Tuesday- Rest - Recovery from 11 miler
Wednesday- 10 miles (7 in the am & 3 miles speed intervals 4x200's and 4x100's on track)
Thursday- 3 easy with a friend
Friday- 7.5 miles Thursday- pushed pace
Saturday- Weight lifting routine- stretch
Monday- 15 miles slow

I had to force this mileage this week- I have to tell myself if I want this I HAVE to do the work. I want the Marathon Experience I have to EARN it! It's not just given. So I'm here- I've stepped up to the plate and I'm hurting, lol- Today was a stretch- I didn't realize It's been 3 weeks since I've gone past 11 miles and my longest run since April!   Aim for 17 next week- keep climbing and building my base to about 40miles a week for the next 4 weeks and peak about 45-50 before Marathon! It's my threshold- may have to back it down for my knees- I'm already feeling it!


Ok so my Gluten Free Adventure- I'd like to make an open post about my Gluten Free Journey in another post and keep adding to it. I have so much to share and explore and even just 9 days into it- there is just so much to sort through with my thoughts/feelings/curiosities etc!  Over- all quickly before I get a chance to blog about that- I feel good- I have no problems - my sinus are more clear but this could be due to shutting off the bedroom a/c and upping my hydration even more. I still battled extreme fatigue two times this week but that could of been fueling wrong (I made my own buckwheat pancakes on Sunday with real maple syrup - I get to church and I feel like I'm going to pass out in the sermon- I'm SO TIRED- OMG!  Today I calorie count for yesterday- YEAH- the home-made buckwheat carbs was through the roof with the syrup- I was probably in a state of sugar shock- lmao! seriously peeps it was a 600 calorie breakfast (with coffee) with 135 carbs.....ZOING!  Now mind you the old way I used a store bought batter (clean of course) this was a recipe and much more dense and different......blah! not doing that again!

I can say I have been diligent I have calorie counted each day- I'm hopeful I can stay on track to lose more weight- I'm focused- holding steady and have landed between 1600-1800 calories each day- my carbs have not changed at all despite going gluten free-I still am eating about 40% of my daily intake of carbs! My energy feels good on my running this week (((wahoo!!))  what I will say being Gluten free on a clean diet is easy - not sure how many can actually stick to this lifestyle for weight loss if they don't already eat clean? likely not- I'm a 90/10 girl and I realize now how much harder it is to even indulge because I simply can't! again I'll share more and look to hear the experiences of others!

So the Fun picture part- my sister in law and her immediate family held the Redneck Summer Games, omg - what  hoot! I had a photo shoot client earlier in the day so we missed out on some of the fun and I showed up a little dressed up, lol but had some great smiles none the less!


My favorite snack- hummus and a veggie- I have to be carefully I seriously can eat this whole dip in one sitting- I never have - but I feeling NOT that hard to do!!

Breaded Eggplant Parm! I used GL free flour, flaxseed meal, grated parm cheese and dipped the eggplant into an egg batter and then into the breading and then into a sunflower oil. YUMMY!

I lacked Gluten free bread crumbs- I used  a pc of my home-made bread for texture and absorption. Took a Zucchini- ground it up (drain out excess water) - added bread crumbs, onion, garlic, parm cheese, egg white- what you get is a fluffy zucchini sandwich- I ate all three for lunch- TASTY!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

UltraMarathonMan - Dean Karnazes Book Review

It took me 6 weeks and lots of DEDICATION to find the time to get through this book in my very busy life. 3 very young children that see Mommy Read I had to find moments of quiet, moments of reading sometimes just ten pages at a time! Sometimes that was in quiet after along day- on the beach- skip away at the family picnic!

I couldn't help but feel frustrated because I wanted to read this book in it's entirety the moment I read the first chapter, but I finally made it through! Inspired indeed! What I take away just for me is the Inspiration to start gearing up for my Next Marathon and to push through my pain - seek my adventure and keep enjoying my passion! Thank You!

Dear Dean,

You Captured my interest from the first chapter. I found myself smiling, laughing often. I found myself crying at moments and my heart suspended in beat when I read of hardships of the soul. You inspire me and that's not by the endless limits of your amazing running legs ((it's that perfect gait right? lol ) but because you tap into everything single reason every runners loves the open road or trail. You inspire all those that feel defined by boundaries. You provide that source of inspiration that you can push beyond every imaginable mile.

You are Human, you show us that. You are NOT a super Running Freak- you are so full of emotion and tenderly mile after mile reach out for adventure seeking  reprieve from the mundane ins and outs of structure normal life. Your adventures spur the desires of all those sitting on the couch. You provide every runner that feeling that they too can move well beyond their legs and learn to run with their heart!

All the while I began to wonder if you just do it for the Greasy Pizza, cheesecake.........?  LOL- I totally respect your dedication to your healthy eating in your normal daily life and if I was out on the road I'd eat some pizza and cheesecake too!

The beautiful adventure goes well beyond just YOU and found a beautiful way to connect with your family- you have given back and have run for a purpose much larger than yourself. That is so Amazing and I adore you for that!

Hope to you Meet you one day at at expo or something


You can Buy your Copy of UltraMarathonMan Here

Find Dean Here:

My Favorite Quotes that Inspired me!

I run because long after my footprints fade away, maybe I will have inspired a few to reject the easy path, hit the trails, put one foot in front of the others, and come to the same conclusion I did: I run because always take me where I want to go.

"If we could just free ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless"

" I thrived on the raw intensity of the this moment. Beneath the feelings of hope-lessness and despair, never have I felt so alive, despite- or perhaps because of--the pain."

"It's supposed to hurt like hell"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gluten Free Banana Nut Muffins

Call me a baking fool  :)  Gluten Free Banana Nut Muffins

Perhaps just proving to myself I can enjoy healthy food choices without sacrificing taste and taking away the yummy out of my life simply because I am going Gluten Free (I have to keep telling everyone I am doing this for HEALTH not for weight loss!! )

So here you are- on the fly and so Good! I hope you like them too!


  • 1 cup Sorghum flour
  • 1 cup  Millet flour
  • tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 cup golden flaxseed meal
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tblsp Smart Balance Spread (you can try 1/4 cup healthy oil)
  • 1/2 cup evaporated cane juice
  • 2 ripened bananas
  • Optional *walnuts
I put them into mini muffin pans and baked them till golden brown at 350 degrees!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 2 cups of your favorite Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle mix I used
  • 1/2 cup raw cane sugar
  • 1/2 cup of coconut flakes
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • fresh dark chocolate mini morsels
  • 2 tblsp healthy oil spread (I use Smart Balance )

Mix all together and bake at 350 degrees for till the edges are brown.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Marathon Training????

So week after week I make a blog post as I dive into distance running again after my mesocycle training cycle to speed up my pace- anything past 8 became HARD on me and finally getting to the half marathon distance feels normal. Now I'm fearing the distance again because simply put I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform stronger each training cycle. Further more I've had challenges with consistency with my training schedule and honestly it's not because I don't want to have concrete 30 mile weeks it just seems with my schedule that mileage happens but it takes an extra day in the week to hit that number- ....confused? My Husband works rotating shifts so it just so happens sometimes I do two long runs in 7 day period or sometimes I do one long run every 8-10 days. Just the way I've always had to train- it's why I can't have cookie cutter training programs!

So anyways- I was supposed to do 14 today- I'll try again later this week. Meanwhile I ran 11 today as my long run for this (last) weeks training schedule- I'll make 14 on Friday my Long run for this week. I either do this and move forward with little setbacks or I'll have to re-think this fall marathon and do a load of halfs (which are easy and recovery is easier for me) and make new fun fall running plans. I know marathons don't define me. Actually they take major dedication to train for and there are parts of me that wished I was still faster before training again. I have this secret spot in my heart that wants to run another marathon when I can run really fast half marathons with the HOPES of Boston qualifying the next time I do run a Marathon. It was in FACT why I ran 20', 17's etc in the spring to run a Spring Marathon and I didn't feel ready enough with my running heart to settle with a 4hr marathon- I want a 3:50 so I re-focused my training and then with Recovery from my Bronze Time Medal in Moutain Goat & it's recovery- Graduation, Summer - sickness I lost my distance (anything past an hour of running) it really does matter trying to get that back, lol- Now I question if I can even do the 4hr let alone the 3:50 and the losing out on all that 2 months of training to get faster when in fact I didn' the long run that is. GAH!

Blah, blah, blah!!!

Ok friends- I went camping last week! I had a BLAST and the Vacation with my Peeps AMAZING ♥
Got there and ran a 2 miler- so dehydrated that I thought my head would pop off- I think it was 2.25 miles- so I drank up fast and cranked out 7 miles of hills the next morning! It was a great adventure running in the country :)

What I realize on Vacation-  I DON'T DRINK ENOUGH WATER- I pee often and it appears clear enough for me- but when you are peeing in the camper toilet and it's empty and I see quanity and color- I was frequently like "that's it" hahahaha- but so NOT funny- has this been my problem all along- inadequate hydration?

Could of been my problem on my run today too- I have trained to learn to run upward of 2hrs with no fueling/hydration ***yes I know it's takes TRAINING*** and with the summer heat I often adjust that- but anyways- I set out and I felt GREAT- by mile 4 I was sweating profusely and then went FLAT- stopped home at mile 6 and drank about 16oz of electrolytes. Still the end of the 11 miler I had lost 6lbs of fluids and I drank another 16oz when I got home- needless to say I lost alot of water today and I still don't think I'm drinking enough-

My plan: UM DRINK MORE- LOL- no seriously I'm back to counting calories - so I'm tracking water now too-

I'm officially going to adventure into losing weight again- I have always had this goal of hitting 149lbs and then I got really comfortable "here" ......then I think I want to go after that goal again and try .....then I give up and stay "here" cause it's comfortable.

In order to lose weight I have to be willing to get uncomfortable. I have to count- I have to cut- I have to give up indulgances- I have to be extra mindful of everything- my fitness has to be tip top- I have to be so mindful of all aspects - hydration, fueling- sleep- counting- tracking- cutting- etc.  Losing weight in this stage of my life is going to be really hard. My body is conditioned. My body is smart and it uses fuel really wisely. I have to experiment and find my secret spot with my calorie count "now" NOT what it was 'THEN' when I lost my 150lbs. So I set up my CalorieCounting Diary and I'm on Day #3 counting and it's feeling easy again :)

Can I follow through this time to hit this goal? I hope so- I want it more than ever before. why? I want to feel leaner in my mid-section still. I want to actually perform better with my running- this extra mid section weight all be I look thin etc ....I do feel "it" when I run and I'm ready to feel more athletic!  I have grown my core- abs/obliques so strong that it built a wall inside my guts and my belly pudge feels like it sticks out more- surely it must and that aggrivates me! lol


Ok- so I wanted to go Gluten free last week - I made it one day on my trip Gluten Free and then I caved and eat wheat burger roll- a few sun harvest chips and a graham cracker for smores- and we stayed an extra day at vacation and we ran out of food so we had deep fried options for food or a pizza- we opted for pizza that night and well- GLUTEN! 

HOWEVER!! I got home and got prepared and created a meal plan and options that will work for me. As I adventure into two weeks of NO gluten to see if it resolves my plentifiul body issues. Such as irritable bowel, distention- sinus aches, headaches, inflammation- fatique etc.

My 2 week of Gluten Free Experience-

Day 1- No Gluten Feel good- no problems to report- I am however feeling tightness in my chest - I think I'm coming down with a chest infection- I try Gluten free pasta prepared from a box and it was really good!

Gluten Free pasta with Salad for dinner!

Day 2- No Gluten-Feel Good- I am definately sick with a chest infection- I have some lung inflammation and I am producing mucous. :(  I have NO other symptoms. I'm not happy. My sinus are inflammed. My guts feel normal and I'm not feeling bloated at all.  I baked bread and made gluten free cookies (i'm so naughty :) kids destroyed them- my husband asked me to make more today!
Bought $30 in supplies to bake bread- lol- omg- I hope I use all this!

My Gluten Free Bread I baked :)  I'll be using this for eggs/toast and for any sandiwch type foods I prepare!

So! I bought this mix and we used it camping - my kids & husband actually loved it to my buckwhat with wheat flour style pancakes. So I decided with the small amount I had left to build my own recipe for a chocolate chip cookie- Sweet Holey Goodness - I ate two! YUMMY!!!! We all wanted more- Don asked me to make more today- lol I'll link you a recipe of the blog post I'll make for it!

Day 3- No Gluten - Long run- for some reason I have diarrhea (sorry TMI) and I'm confused as to why- till I wonder if the Electrolyte Maltodextrose sets my guts up for tummy trouble this evening- cause for days I've been eating clean and having normal bowel movements. I was at the mall shopping- I felt like death- ugh- My lung infection still here- it's settled in the bronchial tubes and expelling some sticky pleghm, pisses me off- I HATE BEING SICK- I'm a big baby about my lungs. I smoked for 12 years and I've damaged my lungs- this is paypack on occasion they get grumpy with me over small infections and I'm not happy to hack and run today :(   Gluten free was a challenge- I ate out for dinner- Ruby Tuesdays. I ate huge salad- chicken for dinner and was Gluten free- no croutons- no small cheddar cheese biscuit with my dinner ( I love those dam things- just ONE!) LOL- We were at the mall and normally I would eat 2-3 pretzal sticks from Auntie Anne's pretzal shop- NOPE!  This gluten free thing does stop the small tiney bit of indulgances in my life- that will help the waist line ;-)

Kids are At Vacation Bible School this week!-
I went to Church on Sunday it was GREAT!
I went and watched my friends race on Sunday and then went back after church to let my kids play and visit with others! Very nice time!

Took the kids to the zoo today and had a great time!

I just want to give a shout-out to my Husband. He spent 5 days with us on Vacation and then returned to work busting out 2 double shifts this past week for his family ♥ he is a GREAT man for providing for us so well - I am thankful for his diligence in this manner! A true provider and I'm blessed for his job and for all he does for us! It was beautiful to spend an amazing night with him yesterday and celebrated our love ♥

My Husband and I  ♥

Whitney Invited me out- it was her First Trip out on a Canoe and it was with me xx- Love that!

We camped at Yogi Bear's Camp Resort! This place was all inclusive Awesomeness!
Jellystone Camp Resort Included a Water park/slides and it was The BEST Highlight!
Our Campsite- Boy did I ever miss camping!

Shout out to Kelly for Inviting our Family there- she was there with friends/family and we joined them for Fun Redneck games like CornHole (I suck at CornHole, lmao) and CanJam- and DAM- I found my Game! lol- FUN with Kelly ♥
Watched her Race on Sunday and she came in 20:16- 4th female out 385 females and she is training for a marathon and not even for speed yet- OMG_ she just started running a year ago- INSPIRING!  You'll remember our last time together at Goat and she was showing off her Silver and I was showing off my bronze and we vowed she would get Gold and I'll get Silver next year! We have so much in Common- a Beautiful Friendship continues to bloom!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lose Weight by learning to Cope with Stress

What is Stress and how can it harm you:

If you are in a constant state of stress then your body reacts by producing cortisol which directly impacts your ability to lose weight. In fact Cortisol a stress hormone causes you to gain weight and most particularly in your belly! Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands and controls:
  • Proper glucose metabolism
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Insulin release for blood sugar maintenance
  • Immune function
  • Inflammatory response
Higher& prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream have been shown to have negative effects, such as:
  • Impaired cognitive
  • Suppressed thyroid
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • loss in bone density
  • loss in muscle tissue
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body
Often we live in a state of stress and we know NO different. Often we want to live there because we know of no other way to live. Scary fact but it's true. I often wonder if I function better under some level of stress or pressure vs none at all. Perhaps we all do. But let's talk about stress to the point that it impacts your hunger, emotions, sleep, controls the way you interact with others, causes you to perhaps isolate or withdraw from those around, causes a depression or perhaps a constant worry.

Stresses can include:
  • Not Eating enough
  • Improper fueling
  • Improper recovery
  • Over-training
  • Work
  • Children
  • Financial
  • School
  • Environmental pressure
  • Social pressure
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Family
  • Personal Health
  • Family Health

Tips to Help you Overcome Your Stresses
  • Self knowledge- learn if you are indeed feeling stressed by paying closest attention to your body such as breathing, pulse, tension in your jaw/neck, headaches, nausea, feelings of anxiousness. perhaps extreme responses to normal daily stresses. exhaustion, loss or increased appetite, crying, escape, explosive or compulsive behavior
  • Find your Best Way to Relax: read, sleep, take a hot bath, talk to a friend, listen to music
  • Create a support network- don't fight this world alone- find a friend a family or an outside outlet to whom you can express yourself too. a Fresh and new perspective can be enlightening to you
  • Go for a Run- Walk- Exercise: Fitness can be a great outlet for getting out frustrations and stress. You can leave it out all out there and let it all out through your sweat.
  • Make lists: what causes you stress, what makes you smile
  • Find a hobby: find an activity you can get excited or happy about beyond what you are already doing
  • explore- life is short and we lack all sorts of adventure in our life. We get stuck in our routine and often people lead themselves into trouble when they adventure into unhealthy adventures such as drugs/alcohol/gambling and promiscuity
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Turn to your Faith or establish a Belief system that you can turn to for hope
  • Make sure you are fueling yourself with wholesome and nutritious foods. Excess sugar and free radicals will only exaggerate your stress and make you feel worse. Spikes in glucose is not a good shock to the system and will only further physically stress you more
  • Become a problem solver: Identify your problem and actually write down solutions and create a plan
  • Ask for help: all to often we go about solving problems on our own. We can seek advice and it does not make you any less than a perfect human being- simply means you need a little direction
  • Sleep: Make sure you are not getting any more or less than 7-8hrs of sleep a night.  Science proves the less we sleep the less our body's are rested and prepared for the day ahead with restoring balance to our body. Avoid over-sleeping which is often a problem with chronic stress which can lead to temporary depressions.
  • Avoid stressful situations: how many times do you put yourself into stressful situations because it's familiar, because you want to help etc. - stop doing that!
  • Set priorities in your life: sometimes the best way to combat stress is to make a list and set your priorities straight. Instead of not balancing any of your life you can try to balance most of it.
  • Do something for others to take your mind off yourself
  • Try to be positive. Embracing and accepting the negative is so unhealthy- at least try to keep your optimism and hope for a stress free life

If you are doing everything perfect and at a loss as to why are eating really healthy and clean and in calorie count, why you work out diligently and yet you can't lose weight....well then maybe some of these tips can help you break through your plateau, help you maintain your weight loss or even just speed up your weight loss!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marathon Training Week #7


Family & Self Reflections: On Thursday after a night of funky dreams/nightmares over relentless issues I woke up with a deep desire to just pray, often I don't pray when I wake up instead I give praise for the day ahead. I think positive thoughts, I make mental plans on what I'll be doing and so forth. This day changed me. I prayed and for the first time ever I asked Jesus into my Heart. After purchasing my bible a couple months ago and reading through about marraige and life and love and different scriptures that the bible forwarded me too, I began building a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Here is my Bible
Here is Whitneys bible:

I decided after that day I needed time to reflect so I wrote that blog post the other day (thanks to the follower for the loving comment :)

I stepped back from facebook and my computer for almost two days and what I noticed was I began reading more and writing more. LOL- when I have thoughts with no expression I write them down. I suppose I'm used to blabbering a thought or feeling during my Facebooking. lol- now that I had no outlet I wrote about a dozens pages worth of information that I thought about or wanted to retain. Maybe it was a thought I wanted to share, information that I was learning from my books etc. So I found myself logging in and seeing messages and this need to repsond to posts, check in with my private online group on facebook- motivate others, ask questions- interact, etc.

"Don't give up Anything in your Life that you Can't live ONE day without"

Then I found this and Rang so true to me!
Who I am? I  LOVE helping people. I love motivating others, guiding others, teaching others. It comes really natural to me. If my life can Inspire others then I feel a DEEP need to share that with the world. I feel it's my purpose and I spoke about that last year. I am thankful for it. I'm eager for my future with it and no matter what I'm doing and or how I'm doing- I'm going to be doing this in some way ; as I always have!

So I went to church today!!! My first trip to a church all on my own- as an adult!  I took my FIRST Communion!! The church feels like my home, I feel like it's meant that I'm supposed to be there. I've wanted to walk through those doors for a over a year now. I repent my sins, I realize all my sins and I ask for forgiveness and for strength, guidance to live through the holy spirit. I'm ready and I'm happy and eager to learn every single day about the scripture and my life is forever changed. I'm so changed~ I've cried a lot of tears about this and I'm looking forward to a loving relationship with Jesus :)

Foods:Going Gluten Free after this week!

I ate lots of carbs this week! My energy was back really fast and I knocked out that GREAT 10 miler last Monday, followed up that night was a great 3 miler. All week I felt Good and then on Thursday/Friday I notice not only all that I experienced with my spirituality but I also felt a host of other problems with my physical being. Distention, bloating, up a few lbs of bloat despite clean eating. I was feeling tired again- extremely tired- I'm talking crashing on the couch again 4-6pm and I HATE THAT- I am not a couch person, lol- Hydration was in check, fueling in check, balance with nutrients in check but I'm moody, tired, my joints ached really badly I couldn't even do my lifting session my elbows/shoulder joints ached like rusty hinges. My sinus issues that had gone away came again with a vengeance on one of my runs I could barely breathe through my nose- WTF!! I take Claritan too- GGRR!
So I start googling - again- I failed at dropping my carbs- my energy zapped on my running but I felt good otherwise, my bowel movements not right from all the fat in my diet. etc so I went back to more grains and then my host of old problems returned .....SO.............I'm going Gluten Free!  Gluten intolerance, protein allergy or Celiac Disease, who knows which I might have if any- but what I'm sure of- knowing my diet this well (which is a normal balance diet- you see what I eat) that it has to be the gluten! So now I concentrate on Grains without gluten, carb fueling on sweet potato's, other grains, bananas, etc.
I started back up again! so I can be really mindful of what I eat, how I feel and keep experimenting more! What do I want? I have after-all at the same way this week as I have forever- and still lost 150lbs and maintained my loss- but is a BETTER ME ;) That's all- it's good to experiment plus it helps me help others! I can speak from experience!

Do you have a Gluten intolerance?

So these food pictures will look different after this week but this was this weeks intake and what I ate!

I love this Rozzani product- Organic and so Yummy! I'll miss it :/

This I can still have after this week!! BuckWheat Pancakes! Yes, despite the name this is gluten Free because it's really not wheat! I threw in Fresh blueberries and of course I love PURE maple Syrup! No HFC's Here!

Mixed Nuts, sea Salt- I don't fear salt I sweat so much we need salt in our diet- moderation! Greek Yogurt!

I ate out this week, I'm showing that I ask for my broccoli dry (without butter/salt) and today I opted for a bit dirty sandwich with normal bacon/cheese) but most often I opt out of this extra fat/cals and go with fat free honey mustard on the side- grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato on a whole wheat bun- ice water with lemon for my beverage- I can eat out for under 600 calories :)

My protein- Jillians All natural Whey, Almond milk for my milk intolerance and PB2 which if you have not heard about is a peanut butter that has has the fats expressed out so you are left with protein/flavor powder 2 tblsp is 80 cals! I throw that in and so GOOD! You add water to the powder and can use as a spread on toast!

Experimented this week with Apple Chips ;) The Bare Fruit lost it's crisps in a day and have to toss them :( and the other is frozen and tastes good but not what I was looking for exactly for my salads.

Avocado salad & blueberries

Chicken Salad Sandwich on whole wheat with fresh spinach for lunch, made it myself with boiled chicken and olive oil mayo

Organic Beef I love it once in a while! GrassFed is so much healthier for us! You can also eat Bison!
My Green beans are Fresh- I just put broiled them after I tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled  a seasoning on top! Yum!

Steel Cut Oats- So Healthy- reduces cholesterol- I can still have this as I'm gluten free! I rolled in FlaxSeeds and raisins and tsp of Pure Maple Syrup!

Yummy Salad- I'm still surprised I fit all this in at once, lol

Fitness:  28 miles for the week, 1crosstrain, 1 weightlifting

Monday- 10 in the morning- 3 at night

Tuesday- 30min weight lifting, 1/4 mile walk, 1 mile run, 10min elliptical

Wednesday- 7.5 miles with the Stroller on the 1/2 Marathon Race course with Runnerboy & kids♥

Thursday-Rest Day

Friday-3 miles- wished I had more time to run :(

Saturday-3 miles - again I wished I had more time to run- I need to ramp up these 3's to 5's asap!

Sunday- No Chance to run- forced rest day (runnerboy on second day of 16hr shifts) ......Long Run in the Morning (14 miles)

I felt good this week- tried to lift on Saturday and couldn't my joints hurt pretty badly- so grumpy about that. - the kids have drove me nuts all week as they have been going to bed at 11 each night "But Mommy I want ot watch the OLYMPICS WITH YOU" YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, LOL- then guess who doesn't get up till 10am!! yep my kids! UGH! Then I can't run what I need to - that's NOT happening this week!

made sure I wanted all the Womans Olympic Marathon run ♥
Kara coming back for Shalane and helping her up- made me cry :*)
these woman are so TINEY- I'm so BIG and thick to these speed demons- it's no wonder they can run fast- they care carring around a 110lbs not 164lbs like me, lol-

What I discovered and want to share is that I LOVE RUNNING- I'M TALKING LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RUNNING AND I'M NOT ASHAMED FOR MY ADDICTION :) I can't care if you don't, if you others don't. I can't care if someone doenst have the guts to push past the pain and discomfort. I'm finding my magic when I run and it's not because it freaking feels good cause often I feel like Shit- sorta lets me know I'm pushing and re-defining myself! I'm on a journey to a stronger and faster me and that means I feel like crap on most given run days and will learn to embrace my easy runs and I've been doing that a lot more lately with no garmins, no music and just running where it feels like a lovely stroll :)

So Any Prediction on When you all think I'll be DONE WITH THIS BOOK ↓ lol- Only on my 2/3rd week trying to finish it :) If I do....It will be my FIRST book I have read front to back (for fun!!) since Grade school- I've read other books for College but Mark Twain is not nearly as interesting as Dean Karnandez- hahaha! Ultra Marathon Man Book Review hopefully next week!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time to Reflect - my Calling

I have this urgent need for time alone. Self Reflection. I do that a lot anyways, I am by nature an introvert as much as I'm a social butterfly I put myself in a cocoon, a protective mechanism I put into place from a childhood and adolescent pains. I love to be open but  I quickly shut down and I'm trying desperate for years to connect with Christ and more to God.

I have my whole life felt like there was more to life that what I was feeling and seeing. I knew God an instant when I had Whitney and I had sudden belief;  despite having 27 years of pain and internal turmoil burdened by deep sadness and feelings of utter aloneness. Finally God shown me a light and it pierced through me and it was so beautiful.

Ever since I have been on a spiritual journey by all meaning. I had to admit that I was sinner although I thought I did it by default, without realizing. However; I have learned I am way worse off than I ever imagined. Have felt feelings and gone through emotions that I never should of nor wanted to has left me vulnerable to the word of the bible as a year and half has gone by and I'm still in emotional pain, I realize it's more than a circumstance or an event that has changed me (or directs me)

I'm seeking change on the inside. For years I spoke about God, my journey - intermittently talking with friends about religion, worship, the church. Finding answers here and there and making my way.

This past year I felt so much and confusion. I felt so alone and petrified on who I was and am. I started to seek more prayer and asking for strength, forgiveness and up till about 6 months ago I finally started to repent my sins. I am NOT a perfect person and I am hoping to walk the path of better life in all my morals and values. I want to live my perfect truth and must hold myself to the highest personal standard.

I'm  in need for Christ to enter my life and I asked him to help me do that. I have friends coaching me (thank you!) and they tell me I have to foster my relationship with God & Jesus much like my running and weight loss journey- each day working at building my relationship. I am ready to do that and I've already started.

We can NOT Keep Repeatably do what is NOT working - I MUST make a drastic change to my life. Something that is going help me re-focus and re-energize my soul with a sense of direction and greater purpose. In order to do that I'm taking time away from the computer; I am taking some much needed time to foster other areas of my life that need attention, my children, my home, my husband - my relationship with Jesus and I'm hopeful. I am ready to keep letting go and opening up and I'm scared and vulnerable trying to be realistic of my expectations and take Faith in the direction that God Leads me after this week alone.

I have many active private messages, consultations via e-mail and private messages on facebook- I'll return them after next week 8/9 ~ Thank You ♥