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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Above the clouds in the atmosphere-Irene

Where we go we don't need roads
Where we stop nobody knows
To the stars if you really want it,
Got, got a jetpack with your name on it,
Above the clouds in the atmosphere
Just say the words and we outta here
Hold my hand if you feelin' scared
We flyin' up, up outta here.

No Hurricane is going to slow down a runner. We improvise, we run before or after the storm or maybe indoors.

I ran 3 today for my recovery run ....2 miles at 9:15 pace and then I did a 45 mins of various exercises (arm strength training, planks, pilates, endless ab crunching, pushups) then I did another mile at 8min pace. I think my home tready is burning out...I suppose my good deal may have been too good to be true! it was scary as at random it would jump speeds from 7.3 to a 5.3 in hello....scary! it's quik and sudden changes so I ran with my eye on the speed control cause it least then I could try to watch for a change and hold on for the ride! haha! crazy stupid machine....likely going to the curb soon then! oh well 25 bucks and we used about ten times I suppose I got some worth out of it, lol. No worries...that's why I have a free road to run on and even a gym membership...which is good cause in my plus hour work-out I had to make quick pbj sandwiches for the 3 kids, juice, random begging to paint and do something as if my single hour to myself to day was going to kill them!

Today I hit 40 miles for the week...starting to peak and stoked with how great I feel~!

Far East Movement- Rocketeer !!

Boy you always on my mind
Got my head up in the sky
Take my hand, close your eyes
Let's fly,
Nah I never been in space before,
But I never seen a face like yours,
You make me feel like I could touch the planets,
You want the moon, boy watch me grab it,
See I never seen the stars this close,
You got me stuck off the way you glow,
I'm like, oh, oh, oh, oh

Dam good Run song! Boom!

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