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Friday, November 1, 2013

What to do with Left Over Halloween Candy for Weight Loss

Hope Everyone had a Great Festive, Fun, Safe Halloween! 

I know how Vitally Important it is to DITCH THE TEMPTATION! 

Here are some of my Fast Easy Tips for Controlling your Candy! 

1) Proportion just a lunch bag sized portion for your children at home, then forward the remaining candy to the babysitter, schools, grandparents, friends!

2) Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Yes, it's really that simple. Hide it away! Tuck it in a spot in your home you know that you won't be ravishing the package at 10pm when you're bored, restless or feeling emotional. Popular places to hide it- in your car overnight, locked safe or drawer, your shed or garage!

3) Freeze your chocolates. Cold candy is not appealing and not quick and easy to eat out of the freezer, so it warrants a defrost as a mental preparation for eating. This again helps with needless purges.

4) Donate it- Nursing Homes, Shelters, Church's. If you collect enough you could add the Candy to Operation Christmas Child or Operation Gratitude (For American Soldiers overseas)

5) Store it into a Pinata for the next Birthday party!

6) Store some for your Gingerbread house this Christmas or for your Christmas Crafts- Plan ahead for great fun, tasty treat craft ideas for your children's gifts to grandparents, teachers or friends.

7) Some dentists love to buy back candy from kids for other cool prizes.....check with your area providers!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Mission!

I'm not sure how many people fully realize how much God has Captured me. It's the same rapture he can have on your life too! Not that you have to drop "everything" and work for God full time, but I'll be honest, I can not deny the calling that God has placed upon my heart. I'm sure all my friends and family has seen the spiritual transformation I have made in the last 14 months, but it secretly runs deeper than I let on. I've been patient and fully surrendering my whole life to where God wants me. It's not been my choice but God's calling that has moved me away from coaching, photography and even my college degree in psychology. I've been opened hearted about where God wants me. I can't deny to anyone any more that the Holy Spirit moves me every single day. The empowerment is undeniable. I started Ministry School a couple months ago, and I know that one day in the future that my husband and I will lead our own ministry.  I never imagined this for my life so it's been incredibly surreal. I just wanted to share that if you see me in real life, in your news feeds on FB etc that I am a Woman of God and I aim to live a holy and pleasing life to my Lord. God's Grace & Mercy has transformed me as a person, Wife, Mother, Friend and the best part is...... God's Not done with me yet! I won't boast about the anointing placed upon my life because truth be told, he could have chosen a better candidate to do his work but I Love the Lord enough to say "Yes, I'll follow YOU ♥"

I still look forward to a beautiful Healthy & Fit Life. Actually consecrating my body, life, actions, heart , etc to the Lord makes the Healthy Journey all the more meaningful for me.  I can certainly blend both passions, which I have done in the past and will continue to do but I feel the calling into ministry work to be about Just one thing Only~ Bringing people to Christ or bringing them back to him~Amen.

Having the Lord in your life does not mean that you give up on the passions, happy times you once had, it just enhances it. It allows you to have more gratitude and gives you someone to thank for it!  God wants us to experience love, joy and victory and never be held to bondage/chains of any kind. Those chains we often create through our own bad habits, our own poor self esteem, our own inaction. Most times Satan sits back and doesn't have an ounce of work to do because we as sinful fleshy people do a pretty great job at keeping ourselves separated from God.  Then once you begin to make healthy choices for the Lord, yourself then the evil principalities decide they can't let you be full of light so they attack. They want to convict of you past repented sins, they want you full of fear, sorrow and guilt. They want you to be lonely and most importantly the evil one wants your heart distant from God so that you can do it on your own (which we already know we just can't do it on our own.....and if you are a person that thinks they can....then I challenge you with the question of "how long?" and further more question how hard it is? With God all things are easier, his strength empowers you to get through it all!

I'll take prayers for endurance for the Race the Lord has set out for me, that when I reach my finish line our Lord will say "Well done my faithful and loving servant"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Run Or Dye Syracuse NY Race Review & Pictures

Saturday October 5, 2013
Onondaga Community College Campus Grounds
Overcast 65-70 Degrees
Un Timed Event Course- Two Loops Around College Campus
Two Dye Stations-
Loot- Run or Dye Bag, Run or Dye T-Shirt- Color Pack-

This is a Fun, Un timed Event Near Syracuse NY. A fantastic opportunity for run/walkers and people of all ages, shapes and sizes!
Dress Up and Get Colorful :) We saw lots of costumes and colorful wigs, socks, clothing, wedding dress! Don't want to dress up? Just wear white and blast each other with color!

Because this is a double loop course this makes a great opportunity to do just one loop with younger children or those that are looking to a step into getting fit!
Great Dye Throwing party afterwards and Great Music.
Downs: There is No food at the end and no water stations during the run.
I will likely participate in this in the future with my children! It was a fun- one time adult experience for me! Next time I'd certainly bring my kids :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Leaking Ovarian Cysts - Pcos Awareness

September is PCOS Awareness Month. Many of you may not know but I was diagnosed in 1998 with PCOS which stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a female endocrine disorder. It was the leading cause in my 10 year battle with Infertility. Whitney was a miracle child indeed I suffer from various symptoms with PCOS that of which includes unwanted facial or body hair, hair loss, cystic ovaries that affect hormones which always affect my ability to lose weight, maintain weight, sleep normally (as I often suffer from insomnia) heart palpitations, glucose intolerance (Hey I look at a muffin and I get fatter! true story) Acne and actually my facial complexion is worse after losing 150lbs, strange because I eat really healthy now, lol- Depression was certainly a past issue for me but now I still find once in a blue moon occasional "funks" but I'm guessing we all get that way from time to time! Elevated Blood pressure which I maintain now through fitness. This disorder increases my risks for heart disease from high blood pressure and high cholesterol which is very common with pcos. It's not a disorder that just affects 'big woman' as it also affects thin woman as well. If you would like to know if you have PCOS you can read more here.
I posted this to my personal Facebook wall one day before I was diagnosed with a leaking ovarian cyst. This past Sunday Night I began to experience an upper right abdominal pain that made me grab my right side and the ache worked around my back side to what felt like my right kidney. I looked at my ovulation calendar (which is irrelevant to fertility because my husband has had a vasectomy) but I track to know when I'll ovulate for pains and when I'll be expecting my periods. Well Sunday Day #18 in my cycle is my typical ovulation day. So I thought "maybe I'm ovulating" and maybe the cramping is radiating my belly causing me weird pains. After 3 days the pain never went away. I went to the walk in emergency clinic to see if I had a kidney infection- that was negative. I made an apt to get my yearly pap smear. There I told them about my pain and was sent for a sono. My left ovary is normal looking but the right ovary has a 3.5cm cyst. Which by that point on Friday after lots of rest, the pain was less but still nagging. Not sure whether I ovulated or not, if I'll get my normal next week or not but I now have answer to my aches/pains. The cyst is leaking into my abdomen and they say it's causing my abdominal section to be toxic causing pains. Yuck! I had NO idea they leak, lol- I certainly have had strong ovary pain and what often feels like a "pop" or sharp sudden pain that goes away during my cycle on my right side on few occasions but never one that caused me this much discomfort.

I took a moment to pity myself. Tears suddenly fell from my eyes. Failure once again from my body. I can't
escape the disorder. The Nurse Practitioner  was lovely but she made a comment that she noticed that I lost a lot of weight and that I should have lost my disorder through my weight loss. I didn't argue with her, all scientific evidence shows that once you have PCOS you'll always have it. It's not a disorder I can escape, no matter how big or small I am. I do know that symptoms become fewer and far between and for me this feels true, but I'll always have cystic ovaries and all the side effects. It sucks and it's a raw but real reality for me.

Moving On. Just be informed if you think you have PCOS please see your doctor and find the links on this blog that point to tips to lose weight while battling pcos!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eating Yourself to Death or Eating Yourself to Life

What if your life was food and you find yourself controlled by it. Food addiction is incredibly real. Unlike any other addiction out there. If you are an alcoholic you can choose to sustain from it. When you quit using drugs like Pot or cocaine you just have to sustain from it.  Most all addictions there is a separation from the 'substance' that you are addicted to. However, with food that is not the case. We need to eat every day all day long. We need food to survive. Then comes the choice if you want the food to sustain you, kill you, fill you, overfill you, under fill you, exploit you, control you, overcome you, over power you.

Do we need to be a slave to food? No, actually we don't. It's vitally important to take each day with the cognitive thought that "this food is going to fuel me, make me healthy" mentality instead of the "This food is going to control me, overcome me and make me sick".  I'll be honest that is a hard pill for overweight or even unhealthy people to understand. I'm not even talking to the Obese, overweight population either. I'm talking to my normal sized skinny fat people (the standard healthy weight by numbers people that eat like crap and have higher risk for heart disease than healthy eating obese people)

We want to choose life. We are survivalists by nature. Yet there is another side to us that wants to survive and that need is emotional. Emotional well being trumps our physical well being. We are spiritual beings living in a physical self. 

Disconnection takes place when you remove emotions from your food. Stop your comfort eating, Stop your boredom eating. Stop your over eating. Learn to control your environment. Set up your home, office, car for success. Failing to plan ahead is planning on failing. We must hold ourselves accountable. It's not done all at once, baby steps. Will today be your day that you choose Life (healthy foods in moderation) or Death (processed foods laced with sugar, salt and unhealthy fats)?

We are All NEW at some time or another - Coach Update

We are all New at something at some time or another. How discouraging to feel like no matter how much you want something in your life how there are times when it never just 'clicks'. Onset of guilt perhaps sets in. Likely the discouragement creeps up only after a day or two. Maybe it's a week or two.

By Flesh, we want quick sudden results. We expect those results to fall into perimeters we set up for ourselves. Where do you receive that preconception? Who told you that progress was based upon your expectations? Should they be the expectations of others? What if....then what...what about you? What if while you were trying to be something for someone else you realize that you were doing it all for the wrong reasons. What happens to your drive and tenacity when those others persons expectations are no longer there?

What's your drive? You want to get back into those high school skinny clothes? Perhaps you want to just get out of the Fat body you are in because you know "This is Just not me!"  How about I want it so bad but I relish in all my past mistakes.

 What if today and everyday was my "new" day? 

When are we going to STOP being "new"? Every effort begins and soon (most often) fail. Then you are starting NEW again. Yet, I wonder aren't we all NEW? We constantly start a new Day, New Adventures, New moments of reflection, New Growth, new setbacks, new pitfalls, new self worth, new denials, new complaints, new excuses, new progress....the good and bad go on and on........

What you feel is so common to every other person on Earth that is doing something "new". You are never supposed to be Immune to change. It's never supposed to be easy. If it was easy then you would never see anyone struggle. It's why everyone thinks they have the Answer! Or Wait............the magic answer!

I want to say that my Biggest Tip for Losing 150 lbs and learning to maintain the last two years is to balance between being "uncomfortable" and finding your "comfort spot".  I've come to learn that I need to live at least half my life in the comfort zone but I must always be willing to step out of my comfort zone by getting uncomfortable.  Why do we need to be uncomfortable? It reminds us how easy it is to fall away, to fall back. It reminds us that progress can be lost. When you become comfortable then you likely eat more than you should, you likely eat more of the wrong things than you should. You likely skip work-outs and then slowly the fall away from the lifestyle happens. When you learn to create a life long balance between healthy clean eating and occasional splurges then you have created a sustainable balance. When you keep active and keep challenging yourself but learn that it's ok to take a few days off or let a week or even a month where you cut back on your training so you can allow for the ebb and flow of the life to take place. 

Where I am is someplace new. Wow, actually I'm in lots of "new" adventures in my life right now. I'm in the middle of amazing experiences and amazing moments of complete surrender and I realized that because of the years I've had, that this past year has been about comfort for me. I've needed it. Between finding Jesus, losing my brother in law last fall, finding my Identity in Jesus has been my most recent adventure. Fully surrendering to Who God wants me to be. Revelation upon revelation would blow your mind away. If you know me well, don't fear to ask- I'll share :)  I've taken a few weeks away from Coaching and my photography. Just working with a few last clients on both sides and in the meantime I've started my home schooling adventure with my three kids! Wow, I'm a Home-Schooling Momma ♥ It's been so far an amazing experience! I've let go of "me" and put them fully first. I will admit I have NOT done that the last four years of being in a healthy, fit lifestyle. I've always been a stay at home mom and spoiled and loved my kids like crazy, but I wanted it different, new and even MORE! I can be here but not be here...does that make sense? I can spend my day with them but how much was actually "with" them?  I craved more with them! I crave to give back to them what I feel maybe I took away while I was so fixed on myself. I got selfish for the first time in my life when I got "healthy" and maybe I feel like I took it too far. I lost myself in problems and my marriage got rocky and my life was upside down for a least a year. My solitude was running and eating healthy it was my control when life was totally out of control. Actually it's still is, I'm not convinced that's a bad thing at all, so please don't take it that way! It's just that what I really needed was Jesus and now that I have him, life is different, complete and actually perfect. In my perfection through Christ I've learned to take comfort. I got so comfortable that getting uncomfortable made me weak. My tolerance for exertion physically was not there. I was not willing to get more uncomfortable with unwarranted or unhealthy food choices or occasional second helpings of something yummy!

In the last year I've gained ten lbs. When you lose 150lbs and maintain for two years this may not seem like a big deal. I won't make it one because really I've done this journey with complete honesty. The truth is I got to goal weight and and then did lots of strength training and gained lots of muscle and rested comfortable at 165-170lbs. Right now I'm at 178-180 lbs. I look back and think of all that this year has encompassed for me and I've not seen where I went "wrong" if anything the weight gain in random 2-3lb increments were always because of my lack of training. I've run maybe 600 miles so far this year and that should be more around 900 miles for me to maintain at what I'm used to eating. Learning to adjust my foods based upon my current fitness routine is likely the biggest maintaining struggle for me. In/out of training. In/out of several injury's this year. From 7 week knee tendinitis in spring to two separate shoulder injury's that stopped me from weight lifting, another 3 week foot injury, this past week I had strep throat. Point is, these are NOT excuses. This is my real, true life. These are real happenings that screw up my plans, lol. I'd much rather run/lift and stay consistent.
Through the struggle however, I've found that we are never meant to be in a state of complete balance.  Life would certainly lack adventure if that were the case!

Point blank. I never gave up, I'm never giving up. I was new, will always continue to be new! I want you to know that everyday is NEW chance to make it the Best day you've ever had, or had in a long time! Yesterday's are learning experiences so that we don't repeat the future!

What's ahead? I was training for Marine Corps Marathon. Got a soft tissue bruise on my arch on a 14 miler. I had to rest on long runs for a full 3 weeks (putting me at peak) and ran 15 and that was sucky but done. Then I came down with Strep and swollen neck lymph nodes and well, I just don't have the confidence to Run Marine Corps so ill prepared. I could walk/run it and come in around 4:30 or even slower, but it's not written in the stars for this Race. Despite paying for it already and putting 250 dollars of my own money into the charity, I'll just let "go" and move forward with some new ideas to keep me moving and inspired! I love fall running so I'm all geeked out about running outside! I have plans to blog on a ZERO processed foods 30 day challenge I'm going to take and plan to blog that experience here! I don't eat dirty processed foods, I actually pay lots extra for healthy frozen/processed foods just because I do still do enjoy foods that are processed like tater tots, lol *hey we all need a healthy tater tot once in a while ;-)

~Coach Connie

Oh and I just turned 35 and I feel AMAZING ♥

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Un-forgiveness Cuts a path of destruction across your entire life

Un-Forgiveness cuts a path of destruction across your entire life.

Can you see beyond the scars? A broken heart can survive but shadows fill the empty heart.
A touch of Grace can turn shadows into light.

Un-forgiveness is a tethered rope, waiting to snap and break you away from your true purpose and destination in life. There is a peace that God & Jesus has destined for all of us. When you avoid forgiveness it can create a path of destruction across your entire life. It will be written into every relationship you have in this life. It will be seen in the workplace and amidst the closeness and freedom experiences with those you love and care about. Not only will it affect your relationships but it will affect your health. Are you responding to the stress? Physical responses creating heart & body stress responses resulting an increase in heart attacks! Are you letting the hurt destroy your ability to tend and care for your health? Are you eating poorly, lacking the desires to tend to your personal fitness?

Are you letting time heal? Time healing is about pushing away the forgiveness, you avoid it and hope that time takes away the pain. Time does NOT heal a broken heart, Time does not forgive others; you do.

Can't forget till you forgive. That's just a fact. Stop waiting for the person that did you wrong to come to you to say Sorry! I can almost guarantee you that is never going to happen. Even if by chance they did come to you, would you be ready to receive it? Would you be ready to forgive and let go?

Sin masquerades and an un forgiving heart and most importantly hinders your love for God & Jesus along with everyone else in your life. Have compassion, pray for the person that has hurt you. Lift  them up to the Lord for healing. Ask God to take care of the convictions and let your responsibility for crucification of the other person wither.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pain is Inevitable, Misery is Optional

Pain is Inevitable, Misery is Optional

Transformation comes from pain. It's not a time be upset about the suffering, yet a time to take root in who you are, what is meant for your life!

Life is about transforming in pain & hardship. It's NOT a time of compensation. We ache and hurt and we fill the need or void with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.  Compensation happens when we are eager to feel "good" again. No one wants to pain!  Pain is covered, filled or compensated with food, drugs, alcohol, casual or meaningless sex, inappropriate relationships (slip up of personal boundary lines with people). 

I want to ask you, Are you compensating or transforming in your Pain? 

Misery is optional, turn your thoughts from pessimism to optimisms. Look and search hard for your silver linings, for your lessons. Many think suffering is optional and that is the furthest from the truth, because everyone will suffer! Jesus even suffered on the cross and God suffers when you stray from his light and love for you! Suffering is inevitable, but do NOT toil in it. Feel it, experience it and then TRANSFORM in it!

How can you transform in Pain?

  1. Recognize it - stop hiding the pain, it's real, it's raw and sometimes placed by there by God to grow you! Sometimes it's placed there by Satan to destroy you! Pray for your discernment.
  2. Feel it- there is something powerful about suffering, not only does it make you value when life feels' normal and good'
  3. Find your lessons- There is a way to grow inside the pain. Growth strength & courage. Find your life lesson. Identify your pitfalls in dealing with pain, do you rise up or do you allow yourself to get swallowed up?
  4. Keep your Focus- Keep your eye on strength, courage and endurance. When you stay optimistic and keep heart & soul on what God has in store for you, and full TRUST the Living God then who can be against you? With True Faith, Deep Hope you will feel that God and Will redeem you! You Must meet God Half way; don't make him do all the work for you! It's time for YOU to grow and change, Not God!

Friday, July 19, 2013

FREE Entry into Spartan Race Give-Away!

Got to LOVE Freebies and Spartan Race has contacted Me to Share How Awesome Their Race Adventures Are and Give YOU the Opportunity to WIN a Free Race Entry! The code will only work one time for any open heat in any Spartan Race in the continental US.

Here is a 15% Discount Now if you would like to Participate in a Spartan Race Near You!

Virginia, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee and Nebraska Are EAGERLY Waiting for your Participation the most! These Cities are on a mission to get you Active, Healthy and Excited about Fitness!
  1.  Go to Spartan on Facebook and "Like" their page Here → Spartan on Facebook    
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  3. Respond to this Blog Post that You Want to WIN this FREE Entry and provide your e-mail address
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Best of Luck! Contest Runs 7/19/13 through Midnight 7/21.  Winner chosen at Random and Code for Free Race Entry will be E-mailed to you!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warrior Run 2013 My First Ever Fun Run! Lots of pictures

Warrior Run Mountain Series 2013 @ Labrador Mountain

We Started Off CLEAN! 

What is the Rave?  MUD- FUN- OBSTACLE course Fun Runs!
I knew at some point I had to get me some of this Kind of Action. Play time while running, Awesome- Let's do this! 

before & after  

Try Almost 800 Feet Elevation Gain - all UPHILL for Just over a mile! Yowzers!
A Mud Pit where Carla Decided to Get Frisky- Let the REAL Fun begin....hahahaha!


My Butt Crack says "quack quack"  mud ditch!
WOAH' ......I spent tender care cleansing out the downtown area after these mud slides....WOW! LOL

We Earned our Medals *And Beer if you wanted*

Mud Pits, Mud Slides, Cargo Nets, Hail Bales, Rock climbing wall, Log over a ditch, Snow slides
It was a Fun Run! 
I am most blessed to spend the day with people that are kind, loving and easy going! Nothing but a Mud Flinging Good time!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm EXCITED to Run Marine Corps Marathon this Fall!

So I have been wanting to run an out of state marathon! I have wanted to run a BIG Marathon! If you had asked me 2 years ago if I ever wanted to run a Race THAT BIG (20thousand plus people) I would have said NO way!  I knew I wanted to Run MCM ~ what it stands for and how the Running Community can impact the world around us (Just look at Boston, we as Runners unite for Causes all year long, race after race - we Run with Purpose) Well my Purpose is No different! I could of stood online and got me a bib but I was told "No" by my spirit. So I waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for. I knew I could purchase a bib from someone but that never seemed the thing to do. So I searched the charity list for MCM and found a Church that holds the Lord Jesus Christ in the Same Heart and Passion as I do! So it was an easy magical choice to run MCM with a deep heart felt purpose. To raise money for the church so they can spread the gospel, share the word, provide funding for resources for schools, bibles, etc. 

I have included the official link below please consider helping me (Help them, help the world!)

Teaming up with Harvest Life Changers at the Marine Corps Marathon 2013. I Need to Raise at least $250 all for the Lord & His Word! Please Help me - Help them to Help spread the Gospel and Show Love! I am giving away running programs and online/in person coaching help to all those that help me reach my goals!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He Fills My Heart with Greater Joy

You Have Filled My Heart with Greater Joy Than when their Grain & new Wine abound.
Psalm 4:7

Nothing of this Earth is going to fill your heart with greater Joy than the Lord himself.  If you are comforting yourself with food, if you are trying to fill the void with emotional and or binge eating then you are trying to fill the gap with Food. Instead you must start to rely on the Lord to fuel you, you must learn to surrender yourself to the spirit. Your flesh is weak but your spirit is what is really hungry.  Your spirit can not be fed but only through God Himself.

Pray More, Worship More, Relish More in what God can give you. Surrender!

Thank You Lord Jesus for filling my heart with the greatest joy- there is NO sugary food or treat or savoring wine that can overcome- surpass or outweigh the JOY of my spirit when I relish in you.  I celebrate you Lord, I don't celebrate and idolize the food for it can't give me what you can. I pray Lord that every person that reads this learns the self discipline to push away the extra plates, the savory sweets, stray from feasting on the wine and other foods that are so often tempting us (steering us away from honoring you with our body & spirit) Only You Lord, Only You can do that for all of us! In your precious name I pray! Amen.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spirit of Power, of Love and of Self Discipline

2 Timothy    1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Does the Spirit of God Live in You? He put the Holy Spirit in you and if you truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ you have the Amazing Power, Love & Self Discipline to make Life Simply Amazing!

I've read this passage before and yet when I came back to this passage for no other reason that I was drawn to it that I really took the powerful message that it had to share for what I do in my life. When I coach people it comes down to motivation. I give that to people. What Trumps me Every Single Time is the Holy Spirit!  The Amazing Holy Spirit after all is what allows me to even help you and thousands of others to find motivation too. It whirls inside me. 

Let the Holy Spirit stop you from being Timid. Timid means you lack courage or confidence. How often do you feel that way when it comes to making drastic changes in your life. When it comes to food & fitness we are filled with doubt, fear and getting uncomfortable is not an easy feeling for many.  What if YOU alone are not meant to fight that fight.  Is that not Amazing that God already knows this? He knows we can't do it alone. We can try and many of us can possibly succeed, but how well, for how long? Many of you won't succeed at all. Yet if we stop being so Timid and really rely on our Holy Spirit and the Power the Lord Gave to us all then we could Really Move Mountains! 

The Holy Spirit gives us Love. How well are you loving yourself today? It's amazing and beautiful and love others before ourselves. The Lord wants us to do that! Yet he still wants you to love yourself too!  Let the Holy Spirit Flow inside you and learn to love yourself more! 

The Holy Spirit gives us Self Discipline! Self discipline is about giving yourself rules to follow and a code of conduct on how you treat yourself. Self discipline should first take place with the Lord. That includes diligent prayers, scripture reading and faithfulness to the covenants he has set up for us.  Lastly after disciplining yourself to your husband, children and you discipline yourself for yourself.  The ability to take care of yourself if fully given to you by the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is such an Amazing Gift! Thank You God for this! With it you allow us to Amazing Power, Love and Self Discipline so that we can be all that you want us to be! In your name Jesus! 


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - He has Risen Indeed

Friday as much as majority of Christians and the World was celebrating Good Friday there was No mistaking as my First "Good Friday" I felt sad and burdened for what my Savior had to go through. My First Good Friday since I was re-born. Yet I fully understood the end result and that he was Risen!


Today I give my forever grateful loving Thanks to God for coming down as man to show the world how to live and love! His word is written in Red. He was so Awesome and spoke with the most utmost intelligence. If he spoke plainly how intelligent would you find him? How much truth in his words would you find? His parables are great examples for the gentiles. The Lord made the word of God so incredibly relevant to all man.  He didn't just exist with a tablet of rules like Moses, Jesus was far more than just a man, he was God - all perfect - all free from sin! He came to Earth to fulfill the prophesy. The sacrificial system forever changed. No longer did any living animal have to pay the price for sin, instead God Sent down his only son to take the sin of the world "then and now and forever" so that you and I can be set free of our past, set apart from the darkness and shown the light. The light gives hope, love and eternal life after death.

I'm blessed this Easter- Being My First since I was Reborn!

Post Easter 3 Day Detox and Fitness Plan

CCRG's Detox Plan  might be enough for some of you. After a Gluttonous spree after we celebrate Easter there comes a deep need to burn of the calories you ate and to rid your body of the excess sodium and toxins you consumed if you ate abundantly or unclean. 

My Juicing Recipes
Take Liberty to add any Berry to your drinks, they are great detoxifiers

My Home-Made Green Shake Recipe
Use All/Any Fresh Greens for your shake, eliminate Pb if you want to cut back on calories

Eating Rules
Eliminate Free Sugar
Reduce Dairy
Cut Refined Sugar/Carbs
Eat Raw, Natural Foods only (nothing processed)
No Soda
Don't use any Fat except Nut Fat/Olive Oil/Avocado (These are your MUFA'S- Mono-unsaturated-fats)

Day #1
Breakfast - Healthy Home-made  Shake, 8 oz water
8 oz water
Lunch- Detox  Drink (160z)
8 oz water
Dinner- 4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast- 1 cup steamed Broccoli - 1/2 cup Cooked Cabbage,  Fresh Apple (16 oz)
16 oz before bed

Day #2 
Same Schedule -New dinner
Dinner- 4 oz Turkey Burger- 8-10 Asparagus spears - 1/2 cup Cooked Cabbage, 1/2 cup Blueberries

Day #3 
Same Schedule- New Dinner
Dinner-  1 Cup Quinoa, 1/2 Avocado, 1/2 cup Cooked cabbage - 1/2 cup Tart Cherries

Other Detox Tips 
Throw out (or donate) extra Candy
Be sure to drink at the minimum of 64 oz of water and as much as 100-120 oz
Take liberty with green teas and other detox teas to help keep flushing your organs
Relax More
Hot Bath
Visit a Sauna
Get a Massage

Fitness Plan- 

Each Day Implement minimum 30 minutes cardio and as much as 60minutes. Try to work-out three days straight to flush out the toxins.  They key to detox fitness is to get into your "Fat burning heart rate" so that you avoid overworking yourself. The method for calculating your heart-rate zones according to Stu is to subtract your age from 180. The fat burning zones are broken down into three stages, at the lowest level of intensity is the warm-up zone, followed by the mostly aerobic pace (MAP) and then the most efficient pace (MEP).  MAP is the zone where the most fat burning takes place and it is within this zone that you should concentrate your efforts whilst detoxing in order to give yourself a work-out and to help flush your lymphatic system.

 180 - Exampla Age (25) = 155
MEP Upper Limit = 155
- 10 = 145
MEP Lower Limit = 145

MAP Upper Limit = 145
- 10 = 135
MAP Lower Limit = 135
-10 = 125
Warm-up Zone = 125-135

If you enjoy Yoga now is the time to get into a class and participate! Perhaps you have some Yoga on DVD or even do a quick free video via Free Yoga on Youtube The act of Yoga helps to flush the lymphatic system.

Friday, March 29, 2013

12 Hour Run for Food Event Info & Pledge

I have decided team up with my Husband, Donald for a side by side 12 hour endurance run on June 8, 2013 to help raise Food for the Local Food Pantry.

Looking for Volunteers to help with drink/food/ needs for us as well as keep track of our lap count. We are aiming to do for 110 laps (approx: 50 miles) at Hoopes Park, Auburn NY

We are asking for monetary lap pledges as well food donations on the day of the event. A truck will be present to accept food donations. Lap pledge money will be used to purchase food for the local community food pantry's.

Please feel free to come down and join us for some laps and or offer support and donate food!

June 8, 2013
Hoopes Park 
Auburn, NY 13021

Please Feel Free to make a pledge here by commenting on this blog post or make a direct contribution to us at via paypal. Be sure to include name/address and pledge amount so we can send you a confirmation of  your pledge/donation! 
Thank You ♥

My First Real "Good Friday"

It's been a trying time as a Christian and I say that with heart full of God's Grace and Love that allows me to  overcome the burdens of the flesh. My heart and soul are fixed and I'm thankful in my transformation to become a GREAT Christian that as much as I'm still a sinner I have made God & Jesus a constant in my life. Not for when it's convenient and when I need him, but daily, hourly and fixed on his love even when my life is content and not in need of his miraculous touch, or guidance.

I have encountered endless wrath and discontent from others around me for trying to show them what I know. Many won't understand the dynamics of the relationship I have with my siblings but I was the care giver and provider. I set up the morals and ethics on how to walk through this life instead of relying on drugs, alcohol, depression and such antics that has laced my family for generations. I wanted desperately to break the cycle. I have for myself and my children but It's a struggling work in progress for my siblings. It hurts my heart and saddens me to see that they have not been shown the light. Not shown that there is salvation and that they too can be redeemed. Redeemed from their sins and the sins transferred to us by our own parents. I'm in struggle at times to wash away the dirty threads that made me who I am today. They are of sinful nature that come across as vulgar verbal garbage, walls built to hide the heart and idle in showing of love and affection. I don't care if you some can't handle when an adult uses the 'blame' game to show others why as an adult they struggle to transform. I am a product of my upbringing. It's been a struggle since I was about 21 years old to shake loose and break the chains of how I was raised. I have to through each facet of my heart, mind and soul and transform. Never has this been easier for me since I have the Lord in my Life. I trust him and I pray constant prayers for strength, endurance and courage to let go, keep moving forward and to open myself to my husband, kids and the world around me. For I lived in the dark and now I see.

I am almost through reading the entire New Testament. It's been amazing to me see my love Grow for Jesus Christ. How much I rely on him and how much he has been there for me. We all can have that gift. As it's not just about believing in him as much as it's about actually forming a relationship with him. It's not one sided. It's been recriprocal the whole time. I give up something and he gives me something in return. When I call upon him to rest my spirit and ease a burden he is quick to listen and respond. I'm very thankful for that. It's a gift that constant and I could never turn my back to that.

What does Good Friday mean to me now vs the past? Good Friday was just a day when Lent was over. It was just a day off from school or perhaps work. It meant nothing to me. Easter in itself was just a day that I knew had to do with Jesus being resurrected from the dead but I never knew the details.  Peeps and chocolate ever filled my chunky girl desires and the flowers and decorating allowed the obese woman to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

However today it feels so wildly different. I feel sad. I feel pain.  I feel that way for the world that aches for savior and those that deny him. I feel that way because I envision my God dying for me. I feel his love and his passionate way to say "I love you so much I'm willing to die for you" and just writing the words chokes me up and strums at my heart strings. It means everything to me. I envision Jesus being flogged, I see him being hung on the cross to die only because he wanted to Save the World!

It's fair to say I have never Denied my Lord and Savior. I simply didn't know him. I'm blown away when I show others the gift that is meant to be embraced and instead of showing them the way to the Light, they are determined to stay in the dark.

Why does a person choose that for themselves?  These thoughts race through mind on a constant basis lately. Fear of condemnation? Fear of rejection? Anger at God? 

It's what I'm feeling today.....Sad, hurt yet amidst the sentiments of the day, I KNOW that Christ has risen and on that day I'll Celebrate!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Healthy Home Made Honey Nut Cherrio Snack

This is a High Carb snack so if this scares you off then consider it for when you are doing your endurance running or perhaps great for the endurance athletes out there training for ultras and ironmans! Maybe you make it for your kids just like I love to! They really do enjoy it and so do I to the point I try to stay away from it ;-) Great for on the go sort of like a trail mix! So why is this is so healthy? Lots of carbs, throw in some healthy oils and touch of protein then you can feel satisfied!


4 cups of Honey Nut Cherrios
1 cup of Quick oats
1/2 cup of ground peanuts
1/2 cup of mixed nuts whole
1/4 cup of flaxseed meal
1/2 cup of unsweetened finely shredded coconut
1/2 cup brown rice syrup
1/2 cup honey

There is no order to how you combine, then stir and bake at 375 gently stirring every few minutes to avoid them being burned and then take out and let them fully cool and they stick together nicely for a crunchy, salty snack!

Feel free to toss in dried fruit like raisins and cranberry's and maybe even some mini chocolates for the kids!

Almost a cup of this is calorically dense but filling at about 235 calories which consists about 35 carbs, 5 protein and the rest in healthy fats.