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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Eat Carbohydrates and lose weight! Your Magic Answer!

How to Eat Carbohydrates and Lose Weight- I've got Your Magic Answer!!!

NAH- NO REALLY- There is NO secret to be had.  This is really just informed learning! So really I just want to package all the information I've learned into one little space for you :)  Sorry, Yeah I'm tricky Like That ;-p

I want to teach that you it's ok to have Carbohydrates! As a Runner & Athlete (NO wait- as a HUMAN) we nutritionally need sugar to function. We simply can NOT survive on Just Protein & Fats. Our body's are made to have all 3 sources of energy!

It then becomes a matter of HOW & WHICH Carbohydrates to Eat!

Let's talk about Nutrition & Scientific Facts.  It all comes down to use of Insulin in your body. Your body uses Insulin produced by the Pancreas to regulate sugar in your blood. 

As You Eat Sugar your Insulin will rise to help stabilize the sugar in your blood (lamens- so you don't die!)

IF- your body recognizes too much sugar, your insulin increases.  If you produce too much insulin your blood sugar crashes, your body quickly turns those sugars into fat (INSTEAD OF ENERGY!). When that cycle happens and quickly what happens is you get CARB CRAZY, you body literally wants sugar. You feel Fatigue, light headed, thirsty......let the perpetual cycle begin & never end!

So what causes your blood sugar to spike quickly? SIMPLE SUGARS- Raw Sugar, white rice, white bread, white pasta. Don't be fooled these simples sugars ARE EVERYWHERE- Ok- it's in your yogurt, cereal, processed foods, ice-creams, soda pop, candy bars, pancakes, packaged oatmeal, condiments.....just look in the ingredient under Carbohydrates and what it says for "sugar" is the simple sugar inside that product. I would not be so concerned with how much carbohydrate is in the product (some of it is complex, some of it is in fact fiber). I want you to to start to learn to pay close attention to the refined simple sugars. Read Your Ingredient List and watch out for (SUGAR, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CORN SYRUP, INVERTED SUGAR, SUGAR ALCOHOLS, SUCROSE, STARCH) If this is the top 5 of the ingredient, seriously DON'T BUY IT! 

What does NOT cause it too spike? Fruit- Vegetables. Why? They are not that complex? Well they are mixed in with fiber and that my friend helps aid in slowing down the absorption of the sugar in the food.  Of course there is moderation as well.  Do NOT be afraid of your Fruit/Veggies. You need that Nutrition that can NOT be found in just whole grains. Your body needs the Complex B-Vitamins, Anti-oxidant rich fruit/veggies to aid off oxidation that prevents heart disease and cancer and loads of other disease! That being said- I will say some vegetables and fruit are simply starchier than others and you can gradually learn about that- some pack LESS nutritional power than others can be lived without (Corn, Peas- for example really just providing some fiber, little folic acid but a tad it more starch) again- that is really diving into - but I want to keep it a little bit more simple for you at first!

So what Carbohydrates can You eat? Well you can eat every whole grain out there. The complex chain of carbohydrates takes time for the digestive system to break down and therefore the sugar inside the food is releases "slowly" so your insulin is not dumping into the body to stabilize. (WHOLE WHEAT BREAD/PASTA, LEGUMES, BEANS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES,

I just saved you $25 bucks, lol- cause that's what it costs to buy books that teach in complexity all about INSULIN RESISTANCE- GLYCEMIC INDEX EATING!

Can I be honest with you? I probably saved you way more than that! How many time are you in the check out at the store and get trapped into reading the covers of magazines trying to sell you on how to eat carbs, how to lose weight while eating carbs, how to least 25lbs in 30days, blah, blah, blah...?

I am going to link to the Glycemic Index. There are natural sweeteners you can use your baked goods, drinks that will help keep your blood sugar stable and I encourage you to start implementing some of those changes into your life!

I can NOT even express how crucial it is as a Woman with PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome to learn how to eat as large Majority of Pcos'ers are insulin resistant. Trust me ladies you don't need to be tested, if you hold a large majority of your weight in your mid section you are insulin resistant. Don't fear it just accept it and learn to how to eat to be healthy, how to eat to lose weight!

As a Runner I need to make sugar I eat Sugar. Sugar is exactly what is stored in body muscle. That muscle needs sugar to operate until your aerobic system for energy kicks. The first 10-20mim of every work-out is being energized by your GLYCOGEN (Stored sugar in your body muscle) Once that's gone you have then hit the "WALL" ...............

This is a fantastic resource for recipes and added information and NO this is NOT just for Diabetics, I am sending you here because you truly need to start eating complex carbohydrates whether or not you are insulin or diabetic! Eating this way in fact PREVENTS both those metabolic diseases!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Commemorative Memorial 5k Race Results & Pics

 With My Twinkies ♥ I LUV them with me on Race Day- Whitney had a Good time too♥

I don't want to spend too much time reflecting or explaining as there is major comfort in my running decision. I never do anything that ever leaves me with an ounce of regret.

I was training for Buffalo, NY Marathon- did 16's 17, 20 and some other longer runs and changed my running goals to focus more on speed on my half marathon so I can carry that speed over to a FASTER Fall 2012 Marathon. With my knee tendinitis recovery and running again I knew it was best for me to wait it out and get stronger/faster.

I was going to run Buffalo Half instead but the cost of the trip (travel 2 hrs, hotel, food, entry) I would at least be $400 in the hole and well I decided to save the money and just do my OWN 13.1 this week to see where I was for all the training I have done this past month hoping to break 1:50 and get about a 1:48 and that much closer to my goal of 1:45! I don't need a race experience or medal to make me feel more like a runner- I already am :) I love my Running wings and I don't race that often and when I do they mean something to me.

What meant something greater beyond saving the money on that race I was able to join some CCRG's at a Local 5k and it was just simply an easy and pleasant Morning :)
Race details:
Up at 5:45am- Coffee/toast
Kids up and out the door by 7:10am
Start of Race 8:35am

Race Entry on race day $25.00
Commemorative Memorial 5k Race in Waterloo, NY the Birthplace of Memorial Day!
Gun Timed- PCR Timing Company

Weather: Sunshine- Blue Sky's and warm. Temperature time of Race approx: 75 degrees with pretty low humidity.

5k Course- Rolling Dips- we won't call them hills- just lots of dips and LOTS OF TURNS, lol left, right, left, right, right, left, right, left, right....blah, blah, blah, lol - dam!

Timing mat at mile 1, water table at 1.5 miles, HOTT State Trooper at Mile .8 & again at 2.3 ;-p ( YUMMY )

$3.88 tank top from Walmart- I was going to feel like a STAR Today :)
Moving Comfort Bra
Under Armour Compressions
Nike Structure Running Shoes
Garmin 305
Under Armour HeadBand
IronMan Sunglasses

My Race:
Five minute warm up- lined up with lots of little kids all around. I loved the small town feel to this race- I loved all the kids- wished the race director told them step back but I knew as always they would speed out and fade out pretty quickly and with a smaller race field there was plenty of room to run around them ....sorta giggled when so many were walking and we were not even a 1/4 mile in! GOTTA LOVE THEIR RUNNING SPIRIT! ha!

Mile 1 split time: 7:21
Feeling Good- adjusting to the increased heart rate and breathing pretty well

Mile 2- 7:41 - I slowed down some and I was ok with that- by about 1.5-1.75 I attempted my move to work back down to a 7:20 pace but my guts said no- I started to stitch- not sure why- but I'm sure it's just a sign I need more training on my breathing in the mid to lower 7's

Mile 3:- 7:41- Now I won't lie to you- I was feeling 'taxed' but not in a bad way like pain or inability to run but more like "this sucks and not much fun pushing so hard" sorta of way, lmao. I was like "Ok, I'm ready for the finish line now" Glanced down and saw my time of 18:xx and some change and thought "hold on for 4-5 more minutes Connie- there was NO way I'd ever stop or slow down- just dug in and keep my stride despite the beginning urge to slow down- I was really getting hott out there at this point.

.1 - 'this would be a great time to sprint- nope- got nothing for you here, sorry lol

23:36- Personal Best- Not by much though- last time was 23:50 but it is a PR none the less- I work on intervals but they are generally at the 7:20 pace and what I need to do is work on HOLDING it and doing more concrete fast runs at least once every two weeks in my distance training- hard to juggle a speedy 5k on top of speed intervals and long runs, tempo runs, hill runs, etc but that's the best part of training- I never get bored!

So what am I most happy about? My splits. I love that I never really "hurt" I never wanted to "puke" and not sure I had the energy to get to that point anyways- which sucks- I want energy to push hard enough to puke, lol

I love how consistent I was in this 5k compared to last Decembers where my splits if I recall correctly was 7:20, 8:00, 7:41 you can see my PR today is because I didn't' fumble in mile 2! So that is progression and I see more than ever I am going to step up my 5k training pace and start working on 6:58 pace now and work on a 22min 5k for Fall :) I KNOW I CAN - MARK THESE WORDS! :) :) :)

I had a GREAT time with these CCRG's and so Proud of all of them! Each so special to me in their own way!

I brought Home a First Place Gold Medal for My Age Group Win~!! So maybe there wasn't a Full Marathon or Half Marathon Finishers Medal for my Boom Wall but an Age Group One and well I'm HAPPY- BOOM'TASTIC!

9th Female in-
37th Runner to cross out of 344 Runners
First in my Age Group- (30-34)

I am well on my Way to being the Fast & Competitive Runner I know I can be ♥!!

What's cool is being to look half way down on the FIRST sheet of many to find my Name- WoW! Running Boost for Sure!

 Do you celebrate your PR's with a concentration on more than just your overtime like maybe overcoming something in a race or looking at your splits, etc?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Closure feels SO Good

Sometimes God and people work in their own time.
Ever ask God "why" and feel so confused and hurt and maybe perplexed by someone or an event in your life? Trying to understand a purpose or get the meaning out of what is really going on. I'm almost convinced we are not supposed to stress ourselves out with trying to find out why or what lessons are supposed to be learned etc.

I actually went through so much last year and I was just in so much emotional pain. I kept trying to see clearly enough to just get through my days for myself and my kids. I didn't even know how to pray for myself or even know what to pray for. I really felt scared to pray for anything specifically. It's not liking praying and God are a magic genie bottle. It doesn't work that way right? lol-

So finally after a couple months I just stared to pray for courage, forgiveness and the ability to let go and be strong. I wanted to stay focused on what always mattered most. My family. So by about November I really was able to start doing that more and more.

As a I reflect on the last 11 months I see that I found my closure. Surely and slowly the last few months what once was hurting me so much- no longer was. I found myself smiling more. Living More. Willing to open up more to the people I love. I was coming "alive" again. I cry now at the tears of freedom I have in my heart. I have closure. I thank God for that feeling. Time does heal and my views about people/events in my life last year have changed the FREEDOM is amazing to me right now!

I am ready to keep moving forward and I'm REALLY EXCITED to keep moving on!! I know this amazing feeling tonight will continue to transcend in my personal life with my Husband and kids- with my personal running goals and so many exciting things I have planned for future.

My lessons are learned and boy that was a LONG lesson, but I'm never making that mistake again!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Running, I love & miss you

I have not run in 3 days. I had plans for a 16 miler on Sunday- but getting sick and vomiting for 4hrs was exactly what I did instead (Yes, before my graduation!....ugh)

So a miserable 20 mile week, holey crap last week was a miserable 17, my running has really gone down the drain the last two weeks and it's totally not my fault. Life is busy, My 17 mile week was all about recovery from Mountain Goat. Every since I have a nagging ache in my right hip, back and flexor- mostly bothersome only when I lay down at night. But I tried to really be positive that even though I had not run in 3 days that maybe in the big picture of REST was good for my hip. I Looked up my running stats and it had been since my knee tendinitis and trying to recover at the end of November since I had a 3 day break. So well over 6 1/2 months ago!

So today I ran about 80 degrees- nice breeze. I loved being out there, I couldn't push past a 8:30 pace if I wanted to- but I averaged just about 9min miles for 4.5 miles. when I was out there running, I was not trying to set records or get all crazy- I just wanted to enjoy my miles and this is for my friend that is not running right now- injury sucks and I'm praying for you *wink* you were with me on my run today and I'm sending you healing prayers xx

then I came home, ate dinner quick (poultry sausage, steamed broccoli, couscous) then I went to the gym and did a 50min weight lifting routine and then up to the treadmill for an attempt at another run and did 2 hill repeats and Yeah- um not feeling it! HARD running 5% grade at 9min pace- trying to step up my hill pace - but I'm just empty after my run/strength training so 1.25 miles done and then a hop over to the stairclimber for 5minutes and then hit up some ab crunching for 5minutes.

I spent the entire day cleaning this house. it was as if a BOMB exploded in it being sick and graduating Sunday meant nothing clean which was BAD news cause Saturday I had a yard sale and charity function and a dine out which meant not cleaning that day- so I had two days of pure helly nasty mess to clean. And I just didn't clean to pick up today- I actually cleaned so much that I mopped floors and scrubbed the tub for 20min......I cleaned for well over 6hrs today............

How am I not passed out right now? SNOOZE...............


Egg/egg white, whole wheat toast
all natural pb
all natural jam
whole wheat bread
greek yogurt
poultry sausage, steamed broccoli, cous cous
weights/run/stair climber/abs
apple/protein shake recovery
snack: air popped popcorn/dark chocolate mins on top

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally a College Graduate!

So it took me 4 years of study- one year of floundering- but I made it!

I started college just one year after my daughter was born. Why? Whitney and motherhood changed my life. I felt a passion and feeling for Life to which I have never felt before. Before Motherhood I was simply existing. Whitney changed my heart. She opened up my soul. I thanked God for making me wait. I finally knew all in one moment just how amazing and beautiful life truly was. I held her in my arms and God shined a light through me. What an Amazing feeling and I talk about that often. Because it transcends me each time I reflect that moment!

I started with just part time semesters (2 3hr credit courses) I did that up till my twins were born. Then because they were in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and I emotionally was a HOTT MESS (Austn spent 6 1/2 weeks in Nicu and Ally spent 9 1/2 weeks in Nicu - which put me into October) I took a leave of absence for 6 months- you can do this once on student loans- Then in a jiffy to hurry it along that following spring I took 4 3r classes and just about LOST MY MIND- Why someone was there to say "Connie, really full time AFTER TWINS- AFTER having PREEMIE TWINS? ) but I did and that's when I quit breastfeeding the twins, Runnerboy worked more, I gained 40lbs in 4 months! Yep, that stressful on me! but I passed all my classes and with Great Grades too! Sure I had almost lost my mind with colic/high reflux baby crying, my hormones, my isolation.. blah, blah, blah.....if there was ever a reason to quit- it would have been that semester- THAT HARD!

I earned my degree in Liberal Arts in Humanities and Social Science with a Psychology concentration. What sort of degree is this? Well a Great starter into any direction of higher education I might want. I took Several English (can you tell, I type fast and never spell check, bwahahaha) I took several Science (I love Science! like Environmental science, biology) I took sociology, philosophy, American History, Woman's History (I love history too!) What I DON'T LIKE IS MATH, MATH, MATH, MATH, MATH, GGGGGGRRRRRRRR.....MATH IS MY MENACE, YOU BITCH OF A THING CALLED MATH! I took great subjects for self like sports nutrition, coaching management, health & wellness, weight management, alcoholism and its effects etc.

Ok, holding a 3.8 Gpa, My biggest mistake was Math. I waited till the end of my degree to take it beacause I'm not that great at math. I took Mathfor the first time in spring 2011. I was withdrawn, not keeping up with the coursework- the Professor withdrew me in Spring 2011. Holey shit, I wallowed in self pitty :*( I really punished myself mentally for not grasping teaching myself math online. so my other classes suffered as I lost my desire to even do any of my education :/ I was also going through hard time personally in my life and so I just started to sink emotionally.

Then in the fall 2011- I was still a hott mess emotionally. I was still beating myself up for fucking up my spring math, I mentally committed to trying Math AGAIN- ONLINE! I thought- I must have been lacking discipline. The sort of discipline that would get me past this class. I mentally committed to really studying! And I did, but I WAS NOT LEARNING- I WAS FLOUNDERING- CONFUSED, NOT UNDERSTANDING MATH! I was withdrawn AGAIN! OMG- SOMEONE SHOOT ME! I was so disappointed in myself. Again my other class floundered as I thought "I'm never going to graduate, I can't get another student loan with them withdrawing I was so upset :*(

Then with encouragement from RunnerBoy he said- go for the student loan and see if I get it, once I was accepted, I then said "I can NOT keep repeating what is NOT working for me" so I took my study to the campus. I worked magic with the school and got into a Sunday Evening class, perfect for just when RunnerBoy would get off work!

I never missed a class and I studied and did all my homework and BOOM! I got a 90 on my final exam and B+ in my class!!

My Gpa had fallen and instead of graduating with higher honor (Magna Cum Laude 3.5 - 3.8) I graduated with Cum Laude (3.44 gpa) and I'm happy about that!

I just wanted to share that this was NOT an easy journey for me. I had and raised kids during this journey. I had a husband that supported the idea of me going but never lifted the burden of my responsibility around the home for me to do it. I had to be all woman, All wife, all mother despite being all student. I love him for his "support" but some of my tears come from the notion that I did all this with little "real" support. The kind where I could go to school and find time to study and the slack of my house chores would be kept up by him, or that the kids would be bathed when I got home. Runnerboy knew what I needed to do but he never wanted it to impact our "family" time. Wow- balancing my schoolwork around his needs/expectations was really hard on me. Whether he would ever want to me to confess to the www, well that's too bad. This blog speaks the truth and I don't sugar coat anything!

My kids made it difficult to study. I was EXHAUSTED each night at bedtime. Sure facebook/blogger is different- I don't need energy and brain cells to laugh or share a little with friends. Don't go talking to me about imaginary numbers and how to graph quadratic formulas. But it had to be done- because I rarely ever did school work during the day- I just could never find a way to get my brain going and then get interrupted by 1-3 year old TWINS! A little easier when they were baby's amazing how those baby toys can entertain me as I wrote essays and responded to threads via online. But they always still interrupted me and even up till last week would cry and whine when I didn't' give them undivided attention! :/ *sigh*

When I cried at graduation it was because I went through so much. I battled through so much at the same time as I got my education. I held on, I never gave up. I kept onto my dream and I worked through all the hardships. I'm feeling blessed to be the first member of my family to graduate College *Yes the First!!!* BOOM!!!

I want you to really know how amazing I feel, how to reach such a milestone is much like running! Getting this 2 year is like running a half marathon for the first time. There was so much training to get there, but I did it. There was so much commitment and some mistakes but I got there. When I got to my half marathon I knew then I would Run a Marathon. Today I know for sure I'm getting my Bachelors! What you gain is just another ounce (or pound?) of motivation and self inspiration to KEEP GOING!! I'm not stopping. When I look at the core of who I am, no matter how hard it is on me, I really do love my education. I really do intrinsically enjoy how much I learn and really I would love to keep learning for the rest of my life and I really hope I can do that! (all though financially, omg- I can't do that! ugh)

I wont' get into how ill I was that morning of the graduation, I'll keep it simple. I woke up with severe sinus pain and that causes extreme nausea and I vomited for about 4hrs before graduation. I was severely dehydrated in these pictures and had not ate in about 18 hrs. I managed through graduation but I left early- I got my diploma and then I left. I had to- I needed sugar/liquid- so for the FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS- I had a Slush Puppy- a BIG FAT CHERRY SLUSH PUPPY - Dam that was so good!

Thanks for letting me share and before I go- I would LOVE for you to share with me if you too have earned a degree with a kids or a spouse and how you managed through. Or if you are in college and you are struggling- I would love to hear from you- I could help support you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you Ready to Learn to Run?

Do you want to learn to run?

Why? I want you to ask yourself what your goal is.

•Establish a Fitness routine
•Heart Health
•Cardiovascular endurance
•To feel Good
•To be/feel like an Athlete
•To look athletic
•To be Strong
•To lose weight
•Everyone is running these days and I have to join the race fun!
•If people can get addicted and love it so much I have to see what the hype is all about!

How about all of them?!

What are your Fears/Concerns

•I weigh too much
•I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself
•I don't have the time
•I am not strong enough
•I have not lost enough weight yet
•All runners are thin I won't look right running
•It's going to be to uncomfortable
•I don't know where to start
•I don't know what to wear
•I don't know what shoes I need
•I don't have the time to run
•I have kids and so I can't run
•Everyone will stare at me running
•My lungs burn, My legs hurt, I have shin splints, I side stitch
• I can do it but I just don't like how I feel and it's not fun or comfortable
•People tell me it's bad on my knees and joints
•I have vulnerable knees

If you are reading this it tells me you are thinking about learning to run. Maybe there are a lot of different reasons why you are thinking of joining us (muwahahaha) I promise if you commit to 5k training plan that I can get your running and enjoying it. But what I would need you to do is fully commit to learning to run. Be willing to wash away all those fears/doubts. Let's forget the negative self esteem that stops you from becoming the athlete/runner that is tucked away inside of you!

No excuses, you need to run/walk at least 3x week and follow the plan. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it! The plan starts off modest and you listen to your own body and it's cues on when to run and when to walk. I will be asking you push through all the discomfort, gather your composure and push through.
5min warm up- increase your heart rate
Start your run/walk interval for 20min. - Run and walk only when you must. In your walk you are gathering your breath and letting your hear rate settle a little bit- when you have composed your body you begin the run again. Interval like this and you will gain strength!
5min cool down- end with a cool down walk and then stretch.

My Plan is on the Learn to Run Tab here on the Blog!

Running is very much mental sport. I need you to wash away the fears and doubts. You will NOT hurt your self running large/overweight/obese. I will ask you to listen to your body and stop running if you are in "pain" not if you are achy/sore (these are normal) Pain however is NOT normal. But very rarely do overweight/obese runners learning to run ever encounter problems. If you are concerned drop me a message and I could help guide you to either your doctor for further evaluation or just recommend RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) You are going to ache. You may feel stiff, tight, sore and achy. VERY NORMAL- just think you are doing something you likely have not done in a long time or even EVER! Wow- EPIC! Can Running cause Injury? Yes it can. But I want you to focus on the run a great recovery and strength training your quads will protect your knees and you can still run with weak knees- talk to your doctor but strength training the quad muscle can take the blow/impact from the pounding pavement. You can always learn to run on a track and lessen the impact of the pavement. You can find very cushioned shoes to help you out too!

You are so Worthy of the Right to Run- Stop boxing yourself in. You can run if you want. No one is judging you like you judge yourself. I tell all my RunnerGirls that when I look at new runners I see Promise, Hope, Excitement for them. I don't ever judge someone for being fit and in the gym- not EVER! I am proud of them- I'd be proud of you! Who knows maybe I'd come up to you and say "Great Job- keep going and don't ever stop!"
*Yes I LOVE doing that to strangers :)*

Find the time- Take your kids to the track and run small circles for a set period of time- Take them on a stroller walk and start your run while you push (Mommas do this all the time) WOW AND LET ME JUST SAY.....If you do this you will be SO STRONG when you actually run without pushing them you will feel like you have Wings! It will be that much easier for you! If you have to get up early to get the run done- please do that. If you have to do it late at night- please do it. You CAN find time. I shudder at you Mommas that hand me excuses. I have a set of toddler twins and a 6 year old- I MAKE/FIND time- so can you! You are priority! You will be a healthy and fit Mother and you will gift to your children the BEST YOU Possible, Wow what a blessing that will be for them ♥

What do you need to start running?

1) Mental commitment - we just talked about, you decided to become a Runner- there is NO going back now- you are FOREVER CHANGED!

2)Running shoes- Get fitted at fleet feet- they have a great return policy- and they check to see if you pronate and what sort of stability you might need for your running shoes. So Important. If you don't have a fleet feet or you are out of country please start googling running stores and find a company that will analyze you. So important. Try your shoes- if you have shin splints- buy shoes and trade them in till you don't! Ok- shoes are 95% culprit of shin splints (personal opinion and I believe it to my core) Find a shoe that is working- stick to it! Don't wear them but only when you run! Ok- no street use, we don't need to wear them out early. They are costly (about $75-$100) so make them last! You can run about 300-500 miles for each pair *but not if you wear them in your everyday use, cut that in half!*

3) Gear- Try to find some great Running gear like Under Armour ;-) they wick the sweat, keep you cool and dry! I want you to afford a pair of compressions they are just $20-$25 and they will help you run smoother (prevents thigh rubbing and belly bouncing) Find a good sports bra - and purchase at least one running shirt from Under Armour. I will confess to you right now I ran 700 miles in ONE OUTFIT. I washed it everyday! I was losing weight and I couldn't afford nor mentally handle spending a lot of money on running clothes I'd hope I would eventually grow out of! Wicking socks important too!

4)Start the Running Plan! Yep just that easy- just get out there and Protect your house!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Mondays- My Fave!

I love Manic Mondays ♥

Oh they are always Manic because I'm always eager to start a new week! I always have a million percent enthusiasm for a new week!

Here's My Day & Food

8am- egg over wheat toast/coffee

9am-10:30 - 3 mile run in 23:18 and then strength training for biceps/triceps- oh it burned so good! Then I did two intervals. Both half mile each and one was at 6:50 pace and the other 6:40 pace.

10:30 Banana- water

11:15- 12:45- Weeding, shoveling, raking- yardwork- good hard work!

Lunch: Protein shake, All natural pb, natural jam on whole wheat

2:45- 4:15- MORE Yardwork-

Fuel: 20 oz electrolyte drink/ apple

4:30-5:15- c25k training and one of the runnergirls ran the WHOLE 3.1!!! 38:30 and I'm so proud of her- I love training new runners ♥

5:30 - Dinner- grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, 1/2 avocado , 2 cups of fresh strawberry's

9pm- greek yogurt, slice of wheat, 1 oz all natural no preservative turkey slice, tsp of lowfat mayo and fresh spinach

snack: popcorn

GREAT News- I passed My Math Final~!!!!!!!!!!!!! 84! BOOM- Graduation is this Sunday! I cried and cried happy tears- RELIEF....... To talk about how much this means to me is an understatement!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Miler & Update

Hello Peeps, what a WEEK!
I stopped by the other night to report my recovery- slow/hard and after today I have just 17 miles in this week and that's because I did a ten slow today. I spent yesterday and the day before very sore. I would definitely say I was on the cusp of an injury if I had to push the mileage and ignored by body.
Surely my stats for the week/month are going to be back burner with the Race happening and my taper and this subsequent recovery- but none the less to explain to you how EAGER I am to run some great running this week is an understatement.
I just need to be mindful of the right glute/hamstring/knee/itb etc. my entire right side was screaming aching for two days at me. I foam rolled and took some fish oil and ultimately some ibuprofren on day two for some relief.
Todays ten was slow and a tad pathetic feeling in comparison to last Sunday super hilly ten in a 8:30 pace where as today I mustered out ten in 9:15 pace. Mid day - Blaring Sun- I didn't run with fuel/hydration and I faded fast- I could not have gone and mile more. Ten is all I had. I'm fine with that.
I hope to run some for Mothers day- just a 30min I think - How about you, are you running on mothers day?
This evening I spent some time with the family- I'm snuggled in now to do some last minute studying- study last minute again tmrw and then brave this math final exam!
Oh and GREAT News- I weighed after a week of my period *gone now*!! and eating clean and at home- I'm down two lbs- so back to 163 :) two more! I feel the stress of my semester melting off of me! I have prepared all meals at home and I can't wait to get back to normal blogging so I can start sharing with you all again- I'll have the mental capacity and time again!
Here are some pics :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Recovery so Far

This is an update post to my Mountain Goat Race on Sunday.
Well my lovely friend showed up on Monday- fair to say after a CCRG pointed out to me at the Local c25k training program that I was walking like I had a stick in my ass! Thanks for that, lol- then to find out today apparently when I ran with a runner I looked like I was running with stick up there too. Jeesh! lol- I'm telling you what my ITB's and Quads were SORE! I am sick- I love that I can run a really strong ten and wake up the next day so sore! In the morning on Monday I did a great strength training work-out and some walking.
Tuesday- I'm DEAD to the world tired. My day consisted of hanging with my twinkies- I didn't even brush my hair or teeth- gross I know- lmao. Didn't do an ounce of cleaning either! AF was draining every ounce of life out of me. it was raining and I was just BLAH'
Wednesday- Nice 3 mile clip in 23:18 and then 4 miles on the Arc for some extra cardio without running. Quads still sore! Obliques, one set of hammer curls was not feeling like lifting so I went home-
Tonight I took some CCRG's to the school track- ran, bleacher stair repeats, knee highs, jump rope, planks, tricep dips off the bleacher- push ups off the bleachers basically I trained them for 45min and HAD A BLAST :) My Heart Happy and Confirms yet even more I'm eager to make this more apart of my life!
They did good and next time I'll push them more- I was kind I want the newbies to come back- lol
ME: Well I confess that in 1-2 weeks I tacked on 4lbs. Wow- I think cutting for the first half of April caused my body to panic and it quickly stored this weight in one-two weeks and I haven't been able to toss it since- super sucks. I didn't realize it really but I was eating out way more lately because of how busy I am. Not always perfect or clean (as in beef burgers and maybe a fry once etc) so it was like the body said "thank you" ugh. I hate the pudge/bloat feeling- now it could be hormones too- I was late again on the period so I think I am on month 2 of really bad pcos symptoms- again I'm totally thinking stress from being so busy- cortisol can do that.
So I planned ahead every meal this week so I can eat at home- I know how clean I am when I eat at home- I am making it a priority to keep my eating in check and I catch myself quickly and thankfully I do still weigh myself once in a while and I was little shocked when I saw the scale and then put it away for a week and saw it again and was like "oh its not gone- uh oh" don't like that! especially when last month I ran the most I have ever run before and half the the month I was so restricted- but I answered my own question- it was the restriction and the bounce back to maintaining that did it to me- so I'm mindful of it and never doing that again! ever again! lol Mission- back to 158-161 and how ? I am foregoing snacks and eating at home only! It's only 4lbs not a crisis. so I'm all good! Actually want to share that Runnerboy is up 6-7lbs and that is because he has virtually no cardio in 2 1/2 weeks because he has a severe torn calf muscle- so we are talking about him focusing in on cardio- he was able to run 3 miles with some calf pressure today but limped the whole evening after- true bummer! But he is eager to toss the lbs but we are both convinced we don't really notice it on each other- lol None the less I think it's why it's good to weight in once a while and no matter how long someone is maintaining that they too keep on eye on their fueling. It's very easy to have an off meal and maybe two in one week- etc. It all does add up- but I've done this in the past by mistake - just like this time- up a few lbs and then re-focused on nutrition and I balanced back out :) Lifestyle friends!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bronze at Mountain Goat 2012 Results & pics

Race Report!!!

I have been feeling so Great all day!

First of all I went to bed and slept the best I've slept in 2 weeks- slept solid- only up to pee 2x - I drank a lot before bed. I slept solid- no funky dreams and I didn't want to get out of bed- like that good- so I stayed in bed a half hour more and I didn't do my old normal routine- which would be facebook- music/videos etc. Instead I would spend the morning with just my heart and mind-

Got to the race- the weather - PERFECT- High of 70 today- blue Sky's- cool light breeze-
Hello Sunshine- I Love you :)

Gear: Under Armour Heat Gear top, Under Armour Compression shorts, Under Armour Socks, Under Armour Sweatband, Moving Comfort Bra, Nike Triax 13's GTX Shoes, Garmin 305, Iron-Man Sunglasses

I miss Runnerboy :( He is Papparazzi boy and the kids are home with the babysitter- if he can't run at least he can have some kid free time with his RunnerGirl ♥

Got into the start and talked to these two runnerboys and my runnergirl Kelly & her Runnerboy Jared and I was excited to see her and we mingled and talked- then we had the anthem and then the start-

Mile 1: 8:00- all flat- had to tame the 7:00 pace and started to stitch- too excited........
Mile 2: Hill
Mile 3:Hill
Mile 4:Hill/flats (walk to drink fluids)
Mile 5: Split marker read 42min :)
Mile 6:Flat (starting to notice the hot sun- little warm)
Mile 7:Hill (Colvin Street Hill- the SHIT (steepest hill in town)- loved the band- had a drink at the top)
Mile 8:Hill/flat- another quick drink- some power juice :)
Mile 9:Flat- Holding around a 7:30 pace
Mile 10:Flat - still holding around a 7:30 pace !! feeling STRONG!

Garmin - the end looks choppy- I think it's cause I'm downtown Syracuse with all the buildings

Mountain Goat 2012 10 miler Race Results:

Overall- ------------------823/2525
Sex Place---------------- 187/1204
Age Group 30-34- ------43/177

Chip: 1:25:55 pace 8:36

Sub 1:30 Females Earn a Bronze Time Medal Here she is and DAM AM I EVER SO PROUD- I EARNED THIS!

I got some pictures with Friends ♥ Best part of this Race too- was my friends- the race fun- the atmosphere- it was all so exciting for me. I have been wanting to race really badly for well over a month so I was really so excited to be feeling the adrenaline from Racing- there is NOTHING else like it! I love those pre-race jitters and getting out there seeing what I have that day!

See all those people around me- they were in front of me- then along side me- then behind me :)
I sprinted at the end- almost had both calves seize up on me- lol - yikes!
Me by the Billboard showing off the Gun Times!
Down in this Picture is my FAST RunnerGirl Kelly- Dam she Inspires me! I blogged about Kelly before- she is a Great Runner- Jock in high school- lacrosse in college- took up running as a sport last summer and has been really starting to realize her true Awesome Running!
Today she Only had like 14 females ahead of her- earned her silver with a time of 1:13 and next year she is going for Gold (sub 1:10) and I'm going for the Silver (sub 1:20) we are so gonna do it!
I love running with her ♥ she is the kindest and sweetest chick and she runs with her husband and we all just get along so nicely- it's so much fun to be at races with her - well with both them actually- well all four of us :) ! MANY MORE TO COME!
Lisa- my Lil Boom Boom- she has been training and planning for Goat for a year- last year at this time she was starting c25k - I watched her run 5k's and helped and encouraged to run her first half marathon - now this goat and eager for her running future- she has lost weight and taken her life back! she is beautiful inside and out and I'm honored to watch her journey!
Down here is Leslie with Lisa- Leslie is a follower on CCRG and she ran the Goat today and formally introduced herself to me at the race- how Special- ♥
Little Testosterone for the blog- RunnerBoys - sorry my RunnerBooy wasn't there so you can eat up his dust- bwahahaha-
Great Run Guys!

So how am I feeling?
Sore- tired- tight- got home and showered- rested and ran off to college for school-
I cried a few times tonight- really proud of my race- proud of so many running friends of mine- I was looking through pictures all night- and reading marathon updates and 1/2 marathon finishes and I just get so proud and pumped for everyone. To me it's not just about a finish time- it's the alive and amazing feelings from runnings- if I could bottle it up and sell it to you I would- cause it's amazing!
Plans for the week: Not a whole lot- I have final exam next Sunday- so I'll balance and focus on school- but maybe this saturday I'll run 16-20 miler for a long run and - we'll see- 1/2 marathon race at Buffalo in exactly 3 weeks - Goal as close to 1:45 as Possible- I'm feeling pretty confident after Today- I thank Under Armour for the challenge to re-shape my Plans!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pre-Race Info

Just popping on to talk a little-
I spent a couple days with headaches- low grade fever- but it didnt slow me down- I had so much going on - strength training- running shopping - volunteer work- then my daily life- and balancing act is happening but I'm mentally spent- so my feedback is not where it needs to be- but I'm hanging in there- I just have a focus on like 8 thousand things right now-
Ok so this is short and sweet- I'm feeling better healthwise- my headache is gone- I had some knee pain from some leg press work I did- spiked a flair into my knee so I had to drop my 1 hr run on Thursday to 30min and that was ok- it was 80 degrees and HOTT and so I was feeling tapped with the headache and life stress- so here I am it's saturday- day two of no running - have not done this in at least 6 weeks so I'm tweaking but eager more than ever to race the Mountain Goat 10 miler in Syracuse tmrw- my knee feels good- I am however LATE again on my period- so at this point I've had some lower back pain like the wench wants to come but I hope she stays away- very truthfully I won't spend time with runnerboy because he will make her get here sooner- lmao- I'm serious- am I the only one? get intimate with your S.o. and then BAM your period is here- yeah- no thanks- I don't want the pain and such on such an important race- so staying clear of the studly runnerboy-.......OMG> BIG deal to me! bwahahah.
Ok- so here is some work I did on the UA challenge- it's keeping me busy too- I hope I balance this correctly- I want this badly - but I realize as much it's a sponsorship I need to remember I will likely not win this or be chosen so I have to keep balance and do it just for me! I want it badly for me- not to even win it but to chase my goal! 1:45 half marathon!
here is what I worked on-
Are you racing this weekend- how are you feeling- ready?
Oh and I don't think I told you Runnerboy tore his calf muscle almost two weeks ago and will NOT be running the Goat with me :(

Just Because I love this Song-

One Step Closer..............

Time stands still

beauty in all she is

I will be braveI will not let anything

Take awayWhat's standing in front of me

Every breath, Every hour has come to this

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Year Maintaining Video

Forgive me!

Forgive Me! ) Oh of course you do!! Cause you LUB me :)

Blogger- oh have I thought about you and wished I had the time to write everyday- but I simply don't and it won't get ANY EASIER for the next 2.5 weeks. This moment in time is exactly what the last few months have led up to for me!

I have Trained my butt off- hills and distance and I have a My Huge Mountain Goat Run this Sunday at 10am. I have trained hills and speed and distance and I feel as ready as I am ever going to be from where I was at. I'm confident for sub 9min miles to earn my bronze medal. A competition against one person that day! ME!
Runnerboy won't be running- he tore his calf muscle 8 days ago and tested it out today and it's not healed. He is very sad about this- registration has been paid for but I'm keen on him being there with me and my kids too! I am pumped for them to Celebrate with me. I want this medal desperately- its' going to show me how hard I've been training and how strong of a runner I am. Sub 1:30 time! so 1:29:55 but I *hope* to feel GREAT and Run STRONG enough to come in around 1:25!

School is coming to an end. Study, study, study, study, study. ...............I'll do my run this Sunday- have a quick lunch, quick shower and head to class to STUDY, STUDY, week later on Mothers Day- Final Exam....Week Later- Graduation! GRADU'FREAKIN'ATION!!!

So blogging is minimal- the blog is happily sustaining itself with hits of about 200-300 per day just on what is stored away for great use for runners and those looking to lose weight- feel free to browse around and read- and ask me questions...heck do me a favor- click an add that appeals you once in a while- I don't make but a few cents off of each click but maybe after a years collecting advertisement money I could pay for a 30 dollar race, lol - I go through my ads to and make sure they are about running and good weight loss stuff- no crazy diet crap! if you see it and it bothers you- let me know I'll adjust the ads- sometimes they throw in new ones!

I have been working diligently on my Under Armour Challenge stuff- making lots of videos and having fun with supporting woman over there reach their goals! It's amazing how they can inspire me!

Few updates- Ran 153 miles last month- Lost and gained the same dang 3-4lbs - but I'm strong- feel great and not caloriecounting - struggled a bit with eating at home so I didn't eat as clean as I normally do which led to the bounce back up in weight but I'm ok with that- life is just so busy- but I saw that I was doing that and changed my eating pattern and have eaten clean the last 3 days at home! at home I can control how clean and how much I have!

Just hit the over 500 mile mark! at 502 miles for the year already! Woot ! woot!

I hope you all hit your weight loss and running goals for April? Anyone here struggling and need guidance? Drop me a message~ FB is the quickest- actually It's been at least a week since I checked my e-mail so I apologize if I have not returned one yet- I'm going there next!

Please Check out my Youtube channel and link to Under Armour Stats and Hope you all still join me!

I just put up videos about haters and not having excuses and all sorts of stuff- good stuff- go check it out :)

xxx Connie