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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ooops...I worked out!

Today should and could of been a rest day. Or at least that's what I predicted yesterday! I'm still learning...never predict the next day what it is you'll do! Wait till the moment comes and decide from there!

So How do you decide? What dictates the decision between Yes and No for a work-out or that step toward change?

So, Right now it's easy for me because since becoming athletic and implementing Cardiovascular activity into my life, I've never looked back.

I love how I feel AFTER I do it! Often times during it too! But the endorphin release is always the best...especially after a Great Run ♥

Today I woke up feeling surprisingly really well~!

So I knew then I would get some exercise!

1 mile tempo Run...started at 10:30 pace and laddered up ending at a 7min pace with an over-all mile of 8:35!

Ten minutes on the StairMaster where I CRUSHED IT with a record 67 Flight Climb in those ten minutes! WOW...I was jogging up those stairs and felt so dam STRONG! I remember this spring just digging to hit 50 flights in that time frame!

Then I went to the Elliptical and cranked out ten minutes on that thing at a great pace!

So there...I wanted to 30min change-up for something different. Yes, I have a tendency to get bored, lol. Hey listen we do what we have to do!

Then I met my Husband in the Weight room and busted some arm routines ♥
Then to the Nautilus for more weight training! 40min total!

One thing I find about being at my gym for just one year now is the friendships with people. Nothing too serious or deep, just super friendly people and talking about stuff back and forth. Yeah, building that community of support and it draws you back to the place which is like a 3rd home for me! (First is my home, then the open road on my runs and the gym my last home!)

Weight: 158
Water yesterday: 78oz

Oh and I think it helped with my recovery after the glut'ony' of my hiney ache with the fact that after my 9miler I hit up the pool and it was cold and there I was able to soak the body and stretch in the water! Great Recovery yesterday!

Tmrw is 7 miles! Long Run of 16 Looms for Friday!

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