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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 31- MRI Update Again- Group Run

This Morning I took off with RunnerBoy to the LiverPool, NY Ymca- we met up with Kevin Collins who is the Coach for all the local Ymca's in the Syracuse Area. 2x weekly he travels to each Ymca and incorporates one day for Speed/tempo work and the other is a long distance run.
What's GREAT about Coach is he is simply INCREDIBLE!!! His running is amazing he is an Olympic Qualifier and has been running/winning his whole life. I just HAD to meet him. When we met...I was running our warm- up mile for today's Speed Drill Work. He ran up to me asked if I was new and I said "yes" and introduced myself. He explained how he would do his speed drills and then encouraged me to at least to do 2 sets of them because they are intense. I was excited.....intense...running..& Me...yeah...I LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT!!!
1 Mile Warm- up 9:20 pace- Grumpy knee- hates this slow pace (slow for me now....Marathon pace before...who knows what is is to me now) but my knee screams anger as I run softly and slow. I scoot off to the bathroom and miss my first part of the first set of drills....hey nature calls!! Thanks Coffee!
30 second sprint
60 second sprint
90 second sprint
30 second sprint
x 3 sets.
First Sets...Was hitting 5min miles....actually Kevin came up to me in the 60 second sprint- Said "Way to Go, keep Going, Keep Digging" and then FLEW past me, lmao.
By the 3rd set....I will NOT lie...I felt alive and know how long it's been since I've had a run where I felt like I wanted to puke and DIE? FOREVER!!! I was freaking loving that sickly got nothing left in me feeling as I was pushing to run sub 7min on the 3rd set ....cause the first two sets I was FAST....well for me anyways....there are a few good speedy runners in that group...gave me someone to run against!
Fun times! Got to stretch and talk with other area runners from the group afterwards and just warmed me to talk about my passion with other people (that are even better than me!!) ♥ My RunnerBoy was one of them...Color me Impressed, that RunnerBoy can SPRINT!! I'm looking down at a 5:15 pace and he is running fast ahead of me..gaining distance! WOW! And he has a head cold! Dang!
Went to Toy Shopping After my Shower up at the Gym- Thought my head my EXPLODE as I waited 20min in a SLOW checkout at ToysRuS...OMG....never again, lol
I had my appointment today. My Official sit down with the Doc to discuss the MRI and to give an update to how I am feeling the 3 weeks since the MRI. She asks how I am doing- I tell her the Faster I go the better I feel....I can get up wards of 3 miles and that's it right now. Told her the slower I go...the more pain I get...and sooner. She nods and agrees. Then I told her I've not gone to Therapy- as I am listening to my body and continuing on strengthening my quads/calves in the gym 3-4x weekly. Stretching *all though maybe not as MUCH as I realize now I should be* and Icing when I feel I need to. Ibuprofren before I run.
So here we go the results:
1) Some swelling around the ITB -
2) Low Grade to Intermediate Grade chondromalacia patellofemoral compartment, involving boththe trochlea and patella, with mild chondral narrowing and irregularity---------Lamens terms- Some wear and tear along the track of the kneecap- showing I am having an allignment problem causes the softening of the cartilage giving me knee pain.
3) small knee joint effusion- bottom line on this would be some water/fluid on the knee from the arthritic nature of the mis-allignment of the knee cap
4) Mild *YaY* Peritendinitis in the regions of the pes anserine tendons.
So Maybe I'm weepy all of sudden as I write down ALL OF THOSE PROBLEMS :*( But my Rational and Thankful to God Side- knows that I have NO tears and it's nothing that I can't work through ♥
Ok- So what I need to do:
RICE- Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate as I need
Strength train to keep strengthening the quads
STRETCH Like a Maniac
Strengthen my Hamstrings- Hamstring/ITB weakness/tightness plays a key role in the allignment of my knee- I have complained of my right hamstring all year! It's a no wonder my 4:23 Marathon Broke me!!
I will be contacted by a Sports Specialist that works with Performance issues of Athletes and he will professional evaluate my foot strike, stride/gait and make his recommendations!
I will go in and the Man will evaluate my stride, my foot landing *much more complex than at a fleet feet, which I will add I had my strike/pronation analyzed a couple of weeks go and we see no abnormal rolling in my shoes) but he will look scientifically and not just with a naked eye how I run.
I KNOW FOR A FACT that I know my push off is different from my right leg to the left. I know even now that the more I push off my right toes the more painful it is so I've learned to land more heal and push off on the outside of my right maybe I've got too much support in my shoes or not enough. I've considered that My stride/gait has changed since I've lost all my weight, gained a new form as I progressed my speed has to admit going from 10:15 typical miles in May all the way to 8:30 miles in just a few short months is a pretty rapid increase in pace- I think that new pace and plus when I'm hitting now- I'm either in desperate need of quick- you are doing that all wrong wake up call- or maybe it's as simple as strengthening and getting different shoes.
Thanks for Everybody for being there for me the last 6 weeks. I've had some dull achey hearted moments as I yearn for what I love best 10-15 mile runs but I've actually surprised myself a lot how I've embraced other fitness and been behaving myself with control with my running. I've ran just 45 miles since Marathon and that's not too bad considering they are all just 1-3 mile run occasions, lol. but I've learned alot lately. I know through self discovery and even chatting with new running friends today at the run group or even looking at my facebook running friends that the fear of never running again is Just NOT the case. I need to understand that I can be fit and healthy and keep my weight in check and maintain my 150+lb weight loss by doing all sorts of healthy fitness things that I can also enjoy *not love...lets not get crazy now, bwhahaha* but I can enjoy them and I can manage my way through this.
I have my wings for life- no matter how long it takes me to recover- I will....and today ...I see the direction I need to go in and I'm so hopeful for a speedier recovery and when I come back...Watch out...Boston BQ you may not be that too far away for me! One Day, I know it!

Day 30- Rest

On the 9th Day the Lioness Must Rest and Must Calorie Up ;-)

I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm hungry -----emotionally hungry too.....Oye!! Great Day to Rest!

Recovery, Muscle Repair, Re-stock the glycogen stores in all the muscles of my body...time to heal.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 29- Arms/Core- No triple work-out

I woke up super sore and tight in the calve muscles. Plus I'm feeling tired and I know I'm fully hydrated but I'm just tired......I know there comes a point in which I must rest, lol. Today was day 8 of hardcore working out and today's' efforts were sub par at best for my usual but none the less I was in the gym and did the following:

25lb arm curl one set of 10 (Yes I'm starting to UP my bicep curls!!)
20lb bicep arm curl 3 sets of 10
10lb tricep reverse curl
15lb tricep reverse curl
20 tricep bench dips
50 incline situps
1/4 mile walk/run
1/4 mile run at 7:30 pace

lots of stretching the quads, massage and rest for remainder of the day.

Actually left the start of TRX today- I hate having to leave- but I must listen to my body- after the first initial 3 squats in the class my right knee/calve were screaming mad and spiking flairs of tendon pain. So I knew...I needed to leave.

No Insanity today either. I just can't. I watched RunnerBoy do his First Full work-out and I'm impressed and pumped but there was NOT a single ounce of this machine that actually would of joined in. That says alot for me you know!

Basically I ran errands after the gym- I took my twins to Walmart and I stockpiled some personals. You know I enjoy a hot shower at the gym and getting dressed for my day there. I found this great "hot stuff" pocket thingy to put my flat iron in after my shower so it doesn't burn stuff in my bag- cute too ♥ Twins were very well behaved today ♥

I have been on the downlow on Facebook and stuff- I really am very focused right now on embracing my little family as the holidays are here. I've had so much insight and enlightenment in my heart and soul this week, as to what's most important. My kids, my Husband- we are so amazing together. The world is so great through my eyes right now. There is this amazing level of peace and comfort....which as I embrace the calm and peace and open hearted feelings- I'm somber when I reflect on the past year and what it has shown me for challenge after challenge- nothing to which anyone here or even in my real life understand.

Is it not interesting how you can live your life- and you can look so perfect and put together and for the most part- you likely are *well in very contrast to the crazy chaotic world of those around you * but there's something sorta intriguing as you look into a persons life, maybe even their eyes, when you think you know them and if you only knew the depths to which their heart/soul is/has taken them....then you really begin to understand that Life is NOT always so black and white.

Life is Not always so Perfect. As you adventure into fitness or your weight loss-......shoot even as you adventure as a Mother or a Wife you begin to notice that you are forever evolving and changing. Most times always for the best....but have you ever changed for the worse? How about the notion that you made choices which in hindsight left you thinking "Wow, did that really just happen" Yeah.....!! Welcome to Living! I like to live inside my pretty little boxed world. I have what I think it all sorted and figured out...but I do. Maybe I like to think of Life here with my family a pretty box and inside of it - so Much LOVE and perfection to what is always meant to be...and the quirky spirally bow on top-----yeah that is the spiralling evolution of my heart and mind and soul. Most times a fun slipper slope and other times a scary freaking ride. But it's Me...with my box (family) and we are pretty and perfect and we are gift to each other and to others if we let it.

How about you? Has Life taken you for unexpected rides? How does that play into your place in the world? Interesting to always re-evaluate who you think you are- sometimes who we think we are - can quickly be challenged and changed ....oh so unexpectedly by our choices...even if they seem right and good at the time.

Greek Yogurt with Wheat Germ

Green Monster Shake
1.5 cup spinach
1/2 banana
2tbsp Anutra
1tbsp all natural pb
10 oz almond milk

4 halves of a gutted baked potato and tossed in some plain Greek yogurt *you can use lowfat/nonfat sour cream*
topped with low sodium bacon 1 slice to a crisp
100 calorie avocado snack pack
5 oz grilled chicken breast
smothered in a slice of a fresh cheese from the deli- called Garlic Cheese

1/4 treat of protein chocolate pudding

Today I started 1000mg of Cinnamon. I'm going to use it for the Month, just 2 caps a day and see how that impacts my metabolism of sugar, with my insulin resistance I think this might work for me - in moderation- I hear good things about it (in moderation, lol ) Always a risk of taking too much of something *wink*

Sunday, November 27, 2011


‎2 mile run in 15:40
First Mile at 8min pace- warmed up and hit another great negative split.

Did a 1/2 mile walk cooldown- I think I could of gone 3 with a mad knee- as these 2 were easy for the knee and I had no complaints, but I was also medicated on ibuprofren!

Followed that with the Day 1 of Insanity® . Took My Test and here are my
Fit-Test Results for Day 1: Super Excited for my 60days!
1) 120
3) 99
4) 42
7) 19

whooped Runners boys ass on this ;-p I beat him in all departments except the pushups - he cranked out several more than me but in one minute with a plank/push up I managed to do 19!
Great Sweat/Burn and my calves were feeling a little compromised after the run to really get in the best performance on the fit test but lets just say I SPANKED even the numbers that people on the video AFTER 60 days of Insanity- OMG!! this is going to make me so much STRONGER!! WATCH OUT!!

1.5 organic egg
1/4 cup egg white
4 slices of all natural minced ham deli meat
2 slices of wheat
tsp of butter *yes, butter- so rare but I used it on my sons toast and he gave me a pc and instant I was craving TOAST WITH BUTTER...OMG!!*
tsp of jam
1 cup of turkey soup *posted blog entry for the soup* so good!!!
1oz of sharp cheddar cheese to go in soup
after run - dinner- was double protein shake with pb2 serving size
electrolyte drink
Greek yogurt with wheat germ

Day 27- Uphill Mile plus xtrain

Real Quick- not much time to blog ;-)

1 mile uphill climb crank the treadmill to the max incline 15% Incline
Walk 1/10 mile at 3.0
Jog 1/10 mile at 4.5
All the way till the end and the last 1/10 I jogged that hill at 5.0
17min total- wow, what a crazy sweat and a great cardio/respiratory work-out

5min on the row- 1150 meters

10min on the elliptical- 1.75 miles

Nautilus Equipment-20 min
Hamstrings/abs/lower back/obliques/hip flexor

egg whites
protein shake
chobani/wheat germ
whole wheat bun
98/8 lean burger
lowfat mayo
portabello mushroom
jalapeno cheese slice
mixed nuts

Left-Over Turkey Taco Soup

Lots of left-over turkey. Been eating turkey for days. Before I freeze the last bag of it, I thought I'd use some of it. So threw this together :)

1tbsp of healthy oil

1 - 1.5 cups of corn

1 can of diced tomato's- or I did about 10-15 diced Cherry tomato's

1 can of garbanzo or pinto beans *rinse gets rid of extra sodium*

1. oz of taco seasoning

32 oz low sodium chicken broth

1 cup of leftover turkey *or more if you want*


tbsp of olive oil, toss in 1 cup of corn, some diced tomato (I had leftover going wrinkly organic cherry tomato's so I was thrilled to use them instead of chuck them!) 1 can of Garbanzo Beans - it's what I had in the Pantry- then I sprinkled on the taco seasoning stirred it all together, added 32oz of low sodium chicken broth, let it all boil then added my turkey and let it simmer. That's it! Delish!

Oh and just cause I've discovered I love cheese alot now- I sprinkled some sharp cheese over the top and let it melt in- So Good!

231 calories *without cheese*

6 grams of fat

6 gram of carbs

25 grams protein

4 fiber

*** For Yummy'ness you can toss some Organic Corn Tortilla chips next to it and dip into the soup!! I always buy organic tortilla's it's not much more and the oils used on these products are healthy oils and not hydrogenated and they are often very gentle on the use of salt***

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 26- Sore Hiney!

I woke up feeling better!!

I Marathon cleaned my castle all day long. I'm not sure how it gets that dirty so fast....if you all know me by a stay at home momma I clean 1-2hrs every day around here. Making beds daily, dishes, floors, laundry! Oye! Today, after yesterdays holiday fun- the house looked as though a bomb had exploded.

Anyways! 5 hrs of cleaning and then when RunnerBoy came Home I took off for a run. Having done 3 yesterday I was curious to how the knee would treat me today! I am on ibuprofren before my runs so I was able to crank out 2 happy miles. All be it FAST, I'm Loving my Run!

7:58 first mile
7:25 2nd Mile
So Happy Negative Split!!!

Then off to the Gym with RunnerBoy and did the following:

20lbs biceps arm curls 3 sets of 10
10lbs lateral arm raises 2 sets of 10 forward and to the side
10lbs tricep reverse curls 3 sets of 10
10 reps of bench of dips for 2 sets
10 ab crunches on incline bench for 4 sets
20 ab crunches on ball
3 sets of 11 pushups
10lb tricep arm curl raises for 2 sets of 10
80lb tricep pulldown 2 sets of 10
****off to the Cybex Equipment*****
60lb quad curls together and each leg x 10
40lbs hamstrings x 10
100lb pulldown x10
100lb row x 10
70lbs obliques each side x10

5 min. on the elliptical for 1 mile- my KNEE GOT PISSED on this machine- I think I'm pushing it too much and my knee is beyond angry! flaring sharp pains had me stopping this and going to the row :(

5min on the row machine for 1165 meters.

stretch/heatpad for recovery!

now tonight...I sit here with my laptop with the worlds most sore hiney- my poor glute muscles are MAD!

I'm noticing a little cough too- as if there is some phlegm in my lungs and I've coughed it out.......I wonder if that's why yesterday/today my lungs were a little hurting- I was just thinking it was lack of deep lung cardio, now I'm thinking a small lung infection.


Coffee *skipped foods considering the illness in the belly last night*

Liquid Lunch
10 oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillian Michaels all natural protein powder

2 cups squash
4 oz white turkey breast
1/4 cup stuffing
bite of cranberry sauce
10 oz almond milk
JM protein powder
greek yogurt w/ wheat germ

Air Popped Popcorn *no chocolate ;) *

Total: 1400

Day 25- Feast & Fun

Today was Thanksgiving- I always blog one day ahead for the readers, lol
But today I ran family fun 5k in the morning. An impromptu for fun - untimed run. This local gentleman with great hospitality marks out up to 5 miles away from his home (so you can run 10 miles if you want) and then back where you can hang out his house and enjoy some hot cocoa/coffee and sweets. What Nice People, What a Great Turn-out! I saw my Friend Lauren/Amy/Jay there. They were running a 10k! I was there with the intention of just running 3.1 with the my three peeps! RunnerBoy pushes the double with the oldest and on of the twins- I push the single and the other twin.
I felt great, the morning sunshine, the temps were not frigid and we actually overdressed and had to stop quickly to take off gloves/jacket and run back!
28:18 for the 5k with the kids! We did good- LOTS OF HILLS!! OH MY GOODNESS! Felt great except the down hill got my knee grumpy- but overall still happy run- felt amazing to do this as a family.
There at the Mason House we set out flyer's for our new local Running Club we started. Hoping to attract more than just the 25 we have now. Start implementing weekly runs after the first of the year, network with area events to aide in raising more money for our community :) Today's Event was for donation for Warm the Kids in our County- So a Nice little donation for the York Family was a Nice- gave us the opportunity to teach our oldest daughter (6years old) just how important it is to donate sometimes- that there are children out there that need warm winter coats!
Dinner was Delicious! I'll be posting a blog later just about our feast and how I prepared it, pics of our healthy dessert too.
I will admit as much as I did sensible portions of 'each' food, I still over-ate and got really uncomfortable. I was in pretty bad pains all night and I don't think this is just about the foods but because I think I'll be menstruating soon and that often leaves me super bloated and unable to digest much. None the less- I was HURTING all through the night/evening with severe stomach/ab pains all throughout my tummy regions- even makes me wonder if this was a stomach bug?
1/2 cup egg whites
4 oz orange juice after 5k run
2 cups of fresh fruit
fresh veggies random- about 1 cup
dinner feast
6oz turkey
1/2 cup stuffing
1/2 cup sweet potato
1/2 cup squash
1 dinner roll
1/4 cup fresh cranberry sauce
dessert after feast
- slice of lowfat cheescake from
1 cup of fresh fruit with family later in the evening
4 oz of turkey
bread roll
Probably a 1800- 2200 calorie day- I've not the energy to calculate, lol. sorry!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day24- Happy ThanksGiving!!


So Much to be Thankful For

My list is long and I've spent alot of time reflecting this week. About my life, my love, my children and what matters most to me. All felt with clarity and and light heart ♥
I am thankful for God's Grace that has found me. My desire to seek more spirituality to see me through the last few months of my life. The strength inside me grows more and more and I believe that I give some of that power up to the Big Man.

Hope you have the BEST ThanksGiving - Remembering what you are so Thankful for ♥


1/4 mile warm- up

1 mile ladder up run which looked like this:
1/4 mile 8:30 pace
1/4 mile 8:00 pace
1/4 mile 7:41 pace
1/4 mile 7:15 pace

5min on the row machine for 1150meters (not a PR!)

1 set of 20lb bicep curls
1 set of 20lb arm over head shoulder lifts

100lb arm pulldown set of 10
100lb row set of 10
50 lb biceps dually set of 8 *ouchie on the forearms?*
80lb lower back set of 20
90lb abs pushdown

4 jaunts of the hallway
8 sets of stairs
set of 20 ab crunches


2 whole wheat waffles*200
1tblsp pure maple syrup*50

Green Monster shake- made this one with pb2 today! *200

Fish Sandwich-380
2 nuggets*100

Mixed Nuts*250
Greek Yogurt*140
Slice of Pumpkin Roll

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day23- The deep desire to share

Are Haters Just Confused Admirers?

I'm always tearing down balconys!

I suppose putting myself out there and introducing myself to an online runners forum (RunnersWorld) got all twisted up to become some witchhunt against me. I've been there for a couple of months. I go in and read and occasionally share. I love Running, I love reading about Running. I love going there in the last few months and what I found GREAT is that I could see a post and someone ask a question or share in something Great and the support always seemed to be quick and outpouring, so much that there's not much else I could ever add. Well I could- I'm no Stranger to Online Forums- 8years ago I discovered them. But quickly I learned all about TROLLS and people that spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on them- lol. I've been addicted to them, this I understand. I simply don't have the time in my life to commit to them by usual outpouring self. My Facebooking and my 120 Close Running Friends on FAcebook are enough to keep me that busy!

I basically introduced my story and then forwarded a link to 'here' for any 'Newbie" runners that might need help with Running or Losing weight.

Then magically I was "spamming"
Magically I was "looking for attention"
Magically I became a "crazy" (because I stood up for myself *wink*) poster!

Wow, So confusing how I go into an online forum and offer 'help' or inspiration that I'm somehow doing it for some twisted manner.

Made me really think about how cruel the world is. How twisted so many people think. How a person could take something as innocent as my intentions and make them so impure and make them somehow wrong.

Just seems so wrong on multiple philosophical levels. But such is the sociology!

I am NOT a Fool and I'm not one to back down from a fight- but fighting against people that work with the wrong part of the brain- is like beating a dead horse, you can't change the ignorant, you can't change foolish thinking.

Interesting indeed.

This Blog is Free from Ads!
This Blog is Purposeful for me to share and what I get out of it I only hope someone gets from it too. My Blog continues because of all the e-mails thanking me for all that I do. Private messages on Facebook asking for help and direction with getting faster with running- or to share in the experience of what it's like to become a runner out of Obesity. I've helped people and many great people are losing weight and I've helped inspire that change in them ♥ The best part now I watch them share what they are learning with others!

Many of you come here day after day and you read what I write. You embrace what I have to share. Thanks for believing in me!

That is not self seeded, this Blog is beautiful and pure and great. I'm not letting people take that away from you! I'm not going anywhere. This is "My Place" My corner of the world to share and explore and embrace in the journey of health and fitness!!

Ok, So with all that said "phew"

Today I woke up- incredibly SORE! 3 hrs of working out yesterday just proves the insanity to only torture my body - for majority of the time the pain feels good but today- I feel a tad worn but that's ok. I still do exactly what I set out to do!

1 hr of spin-
Sauna & Stretch!

My afternoon monopolized with negativity as I embraced an actually spiritually beautiful morning as my Husband celebrates his 36th Birthday ♥
We went out to Dinner tonight- Sadly I confess there were moments of the RunnersWorld Insanity that flew through my Mind. Certainly the negativity and pessimism seeps into the good to steal the greatness, With this vent- I hope those feelings pass!


organic egg
Slice of Wheat toast
Healthy spread

Unsweetened Almond Milk
All Natural Whey Protein Shake

Dinner out- Chicken Sandwich with broccoli
Whole Wheat Bun
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
No fat honey mustard dressing on the side
lettuce/tomato slice
1 cup of broccoli

Dessert with my family to celebrate my husbands day- a tasty treat- my first since Marathon :) 1/2 Moon Cookie from the Bakery :)

Great Day Overall - Focus on what's Important - Me & My Family and all those that I am helping!

Which reminds me - to the 50 of you in my Holiday Challenge on Facebook- Be sure to check in with me via the e-mail to share how you'll get through the holiday with your food moderation/healthier choices and what fitness you'll be up to in the coming days!

What do you think, Have you ever encountered twisted thinking on the part of strangers in an online setting? Is it me or is it Odd to be so Mean to someone sharing in such a Great Journey?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 22- Manic Monday x 3hrs workin'out


1 Mile on the treadmill- first 3 min was a walk finished out the speed mile at 9:25

11 push ups

4 sets of 20 ab crunches on incline bench

Run the halls 10x

20lb biceps x 3 sets

10lb lateral raises to the front/side x 2 sets

10lb triceps - 3 sets

10 bench dips

set of squats

quad stretches

20lb over head arm raises

Then I took off to an Hour of TRX

Of course just loved the killer plank work!! side planks, 1 minute plank, pike planks, mountain climber planks

Back to the Gym This Evening and this is what I did:

5 min on the treadmill- 1/4 mile 15% incline- half speed walk/half jog, other half mile was a run

10min on this new crosstrainer machine- sit and pedal with a huge foot bed and you can use your arms- so DUMB!! SHOOT ME NOW!! ;-p but 10min in the bag- 100 cals gone!

5 min on the row machine- I tell you what- I really need to do this more often, every time I do it, I drain out quickly, of course I don't pussy foot around- I'm cranking it out like I'm actually rowing, sometimes I close my eyes and put myself kayaking over a beautiful sunset and what's best is getting lost in a great song on the shuffle. Today that song was

10 ROUNDS IN BOXING- BLAH- No time with the coach, BUMMER!
My arms are sore in here!!

Then we ran in the gym with the 3 kids for about 10 mintues! Their idea - so that was MY BEST WORK-OUT TODAY ♥


1/4 cup egg whites
Organic apple

spinach/spring mix
2 tblsp lite natural raspberry vin.
cucumber slices
whole wheat crouton
toss of a couple cranberry
almond milk
all natural whey protein

Grilled cheese sandwich 1/2 cup of soup-
whole wheat bread
2% cheese slice
Hormel All natural ham slices- 2
organic cherry tomato sliced
1/2 cup of Panera Bread Cheddar Broccoli Soup

Greek Yogurt
Sprinkled with Walnuts
1 serving of whole wheat shredded wheat w/out milk

Calories: 1450 ( 47/32/21)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 21- 1 Mile Sprint Interval & Feelin'Skippy!

Got adventurous on my work-out today at home.
Jump Rope Baby! Boom! This is an AMAZING cardio work-out!
I actually am going to start implementing this into my daily work-outs :)
When I google all about skipping rope I have learned that this is just as much if not more of a calorie burner than running a 10min pace. That Jumping rope for ten minutes is like doing a 30min jog! That you burn .75 x (your body weight )x (minutes you'll skip rope) so If I skip rope at about 80 jumps per minute then I will burn : .75 x 162 x 30min = 360 Calories
This is an amazing cardio work-out but it takes time and patience to really get strong at (not cardio wise for me cause I'm strong as an ox in that dept!!) but in terms of keeping the calves happy! This will challenge every muscle in the lower leg! So I must be careful :)

Ok Here's my 20min routine at home followed by a One Mile Speed Drill
Jumping Jacks


cardio kick

cardio punchs

15 push ups

2 (1 min) planks

1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
Ladder jacks on the floor off from one of the planks
50 sit-ups
10 Push Ups
Jump Roping
20 Min of ↑ got me sweating :)

Then I went outside just as soon as my Husband came home and ran some speed sprints right in front of the house!!

160 meters = .1 mile











Then I took a Run/walk to my sisters house who now lives just .2 a mile from me xxx I am thrilled to have her so close and my nephews, I am going to secretly make this my way to see her more often, maybe try to force her out the door for me for some runs around the block (oh she'll hates running!! asthmatic smoker....gonna WHIP HER ASS INTO SHAPE!!) BWAHAHAHA!


Let's just CONFESS RIGHT NOW.....that I found a pack of cigarettes in my lungs that I must have smoked about 10 years ago in that run, Wowzer Lung Burn!

P.s. Happy knee :)

My Husband and Kids watched me sprint from the girls bedroom window! How Cool is that! Twinky Peep Waves *muwah*



3/4 can salmon

2tblsp lowfat mayo

3/4 whole wheat tortilla wrap

1/2 peach

naan flatbread pizza - organic bbq sauce- leftover ground turkey, 1 oz of cheese

16 oz unsweetened almond milk

1.5 scoop Jillian Michaels all natural protein powder

FreezePop :)

Went to the Grocery Store Gearing up for some major Fitness and going Calorie Tight of 1200 everyday except ThanksGiving this week and I'll calorie up to about 1800 -2000 :)

Day 20-On the 9th day she rests

Rested all day :) Well with Exception to Using my Brain for 3.5hrs it the Morning for my Police Officer exam. Feeling confident as I dusted off the brain cobwebs...been a while since I've used my brain that long! Yikes!


2 eggs-140
egg white-15
english muffin triple health-100
1/2 slice 2% cheese-15
Spinach & turkey skillet-350
bite of my kids cake ice-cream (wow that was a tasty ice cream, but just one bite :) 20
Walnuts/cranberry/cherry/dark chocolate mix-325
Greek Yogurt

Total: 1325

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spinach & Turkey Skillet

16 oz lean turkey (either breast medallions or ground)
2 tsp olive oil
1/2 chopped onion
1-3 garlic cloves
2 cups uncooked brown rice
4 cups low sodium chicken broth
dried Italian seasoning - or you can create your own!
2-4 cups of fresh spinach leaves
1 cup chopped plum tomatos
freshly grated parm or mozz cheese

1) Cook Turkey in skillet. Add your onion and olive oil and season to taste
2) in larger skillet start to boil your low sodium chicken broth, once boiled add your brown rice and cook till done, then add your turkey/onion to the rice skillet. Add in fresh garlic and seasonings. Toss in your plum tomato and then your spinach leaves. Allow the spinach to moisten and wilt.
3) Season to taste with spices/Italian seasoning and sprinkle with either parm cheese or finely grated mozz cheese!

This Recipe provided 5 servings
Each Serving:
Calorie: 316
Fat- 9g
Cholesterol- 39mg
Sodium- 309mg
Carbs- 33g
Fiber- 3
Protein- 25

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 19- Sickly but still ran ;)

I woke up was not feeling well. Tired indeed but I had severe stomach pains. way up in the diaphragm. Surely I knew quickly I got this one from Whitney as she complained of a stomach ache at school yesterday and went to the Nurses office to lay down for a while.
So I put myself on the couch for the morning and then I took a hot bath to help me feel better and popped some ibuprofen all about 11am. Quickly I nodded to sleep in the hot bath as it was SO RELAXING but quickly I was reminded that my life is full of toddler twin fun and the twins blood curdling screams awoke me!
RunnerBoy came home from a 10mile group run over in LiverPool, NY.
His friend lives over there and his Ymca has a great group run 2x weekly. Friday being a long run Day. I so badly wanted to go but with the bum knee and the belly ache I knew I couldn't go :(
He came home super happy, the longest run for him since Empire Marathon. So he was happy his legs remembered. I smiled and laughed at him. Of course they do. That just reminds me too. When I come back, my legs will remember :)
He urged my run despite feeling tight, sore and still under the weather. He quietly encouraged me and reminded me softly that I always feel better after my runs.
So off I went.
First 2 miles were Great. I stopped and stretched and took back some layers. It was a COLD NY day but the sun was shining and I was so HAPPY to be out there. I love Running and I miss in my life everyday. Now I realize that it's ok to wait to run and share the need for special occasions. That my love affair with Running will be like no other in my life. Permanent, no matter how times I ever get hurt, no matter how long I ever have to take run breaks, it's in my heart and it's never going to go anywhere. I'll always have my wings and for today, even just a simple 5k my heart and soul are again happy and refreshed ♥ I Know for a Fact that running will never leave me. It will never stop being there for me. It will always pick me up when I feel like I'm falling down. It will rescue me when my life feels crazy and a bit out of control. My Running will never not love me enough to keep sharing itself with me. It's permanent and for a person with my sorta of a heart ached past, this is a Great Thing!
After my 2mile turn-around I was excited. I felt nothing but a tiny noticeable ache that my knee was feeling the run. To which I felt confident and ran 2 miles out away from home. However on the way home about the 2.5 mile mark I started to 'clam' up around the backside of the knee. Again feeling as if someone was clenching down on the knee from underneath and then wtih steadfast ironclad fist it grappled my entire knee. I tried slowing down as I was running comfortably at a 8min pace and I tried speeding up but it didn't agree and then I tried slowing down and it certainly didn't agree. So then I just kept the pace about 8:35 for the last 6/10ths the last mile and by the end I was certainly hurting but I was claiming my 5k today! 26:25 8:35 pace
Then I walked the last Mile home. It was a nice walk and I wasn't mad. I was too thrilled to just be out there. Now that it's been a few hrs I am a tad disappointed that God has not waved his magic healing wand for me. That I somehow keep feeling that 4 weeks should be enough time to recover from some knee tendonitis. Maybe Ludacris how I think that after several days off that it would be healed and never hurt me again. Maybe it's just progress that I got 2.5 miles before pain and that is progress from a Month ago when my first recovery run I could barely get 2-3min into a run :)
I count my Blessing and I thank you God for my Run today ♥
100 calorie Triple health English Muffin
1tblsp all natural jam
1 organic beef burger
triple health muffin
1/2 slice 2% cheese
1.5 cup steamed broccoli
1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
1/4 cup portabello mushrooms
2 tblsp organic bbq sauce
Not up for eating today. I'm lacking foods but I'm tired and this is day 8 of exercise and I really need to rest, however I suspect I may go 9 days and then rest on Sunday. OMG...I am a little crazy?
hhhmmm!!! Tmrw morning I take my Police Officer Exam!! If I have time after I will go to the gym for some crosstraining. If not I go home and spend the rest of my day with just my peeps As RunnerBoy works a double! Wish me Luck!
RunnerBoy laughed as he picked this up along side the road today on his 10miler. He's a pig and he excitedly reports he got a hummer on his run! nastyrunboy!
I said "Honey, I see hubcaps along side the road all the time, doenst mean I bring them home! I see dirty socks/clothes, shoes, and all sorts crazy stuff but you don't see me brining it home" He says "No's a HUMMER...I HAD TO" BWAHAHAHAHA WHAT A DORK!

5k Award Arrived

Finally the Award arrived in the mail (took a reminding e-mail from me to the racing director!!) but none the less I was eager to get the award that RunnerBoy and I earned back in Early October for our 2nd place Husband/Wife Team Placement!

Great Bag to hold our Running Shoes in which will come in real handy when the snow starts flying here in a few more weeks *or shoot maybe even today as inches fall just an hour north of us!!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 18- Yoga'Lates First-Time!

Prompted to give Yoga'Lates a try today. Yoga with a sprinkle of Pilates. I'm used to Pilates. The use of muscles in specific ways. Being the first time with Yoga I was not sure of what to expect. I was unsure if I could get into specific positions let alone hold them.

To my Surprise I was able to hit every pose and hold them just fine. What I found so Fantastic about Yoga is the incredible Stretch of very specific muscles. Certainly stretches and movements to which I've never done before! They all felt so great and a few times I got my heart rate up to hold my own.

I was comforted to know that as I embrace my cross training during this knee injury that I am learning that I NEED to do more of this important stuff. This is ONLY going to keep me strong and likely with much less running injury in my future. I do know however the logistics of time in my life. How do I balance all this need for cardio with weights and then all the stretching, lol. Being an Athlete is a really big deal, not just simply label myself to be, but something I really aim hard at working at.

What I loved about this Yoga Class is the thoughts the instructor gave us. She talked about the need to give Thanks for all the Greatness in our Life. To which I do and did.

Her best intention was to remind us "stop going to an empty well." If any of you know me at all you know that this is MY most popular sentiment. This exact sentiment changed my life back when I was about 21-22 years old. It was then that I stopped going to my empty wells. There were people in my life that were empty and could never give me everything I needed. It ruined my childhood and adolescence and I vowed as a young adult to take my life back. So I did, mentally healing myself.

So what had me crying in Yoga today? How IRONIC this was for me this week. I dealt with a very emotionally abusive father this week. Same shit I dealt with over the summer from him, ontop of an already incredibly time for me in other personal respects. Surely my heart was feeling very broken at the time. As I have been busy trying to mend my life and heal my heart, I let this person back into my life. That in my Moment of 26.2 miles of clarity, I would at least re-open the lines of communication. Only to have him viciously attack me again. So I know for me, that this Well was Dry. But you think somehow by some miracle that there could be something there and maybe there is, but it's tainted dirty water. Water that is just leaving me sick to my stomach and is not clean and pure the way it should be. So I walk away. *I'm really, really good at that*

Then I reflect further about how my empty wells (not just daddy/mommy issues either) sadden my heart and soul sometimes. That as much as we want to forget the very people that hurt us that it's always easier said than done. And maybe when we think that we have moved on, there comes a time when or a moment where you just can't help but be so overwhelmed by the loss. But I remind myself "I set that free" on my Marathon!

Great Class! Doing it again and again in my future for sure!


2 eggs
slice of toast

fuji apple salad
1/2 bowl cheddar broccoli soup
green tea

Chicken Caprese Sandwich

mixed nuts
Indiana popcorn
No Pudge

Day 17- Better Day

I woke up in 5hr sleep Connie Fashion. Bound to make today a better today. Spent my morning getting ready and taking my twins to story time and then Wal-Mart. Where I won't lie daughter threw the worlds largest toddler tantrum (stripping clothing kind, omg!!) and everybody stared and watched as I carted her screaming little self out the store!
Got home and to my surprise a friend stopped by so that was nice.

Took off the gym later on in the evening with my RunnerBoy.

Boxing 1 hr. Two back to back rounds with the coach working combos and by the hours end I had worked up a decent sweat!

Then I took that same friend that stopped by earlier in the day- out on a classic Connie Work-out. She is joining my gym and I'm eager to watch her progress with her running and fitness and watch her keep shedding the lbs, she has done so great so far!

Called her off the tready and said come with me!

600 meter sprints on the upper track
run up 8 sets of stairs
back down downstairs for set of ab crunches on inclined bench
set of bicep/triceps

Back up stairs and repeat all of this x 3

Great 40min interval training!!!

Best part too, not a single ache or wiggle in the knee during the speed training!

what I loved most is on the last set of 8 sets of stair climbing I said on the way up "last time, we are done" but then I busted out a 1 minute plank at the top! bwahahaha! "Connie you Lied to me" hahahahaha, I loved that! ok, I like lyin' now!

Hey RunnerGirl if you read this- Loved how you pushed hard when I came up around you on the track! Glad you have this amazing drive to just keep pushing. You never complained and had we had the time...I would of loved to do what what we did tonight till you told me "No Connie, I can't possible do it all again" cause Girl....I could of gone another 40minutes easy doing all that, ♥ it! Next time more planks and I'll throw some burpees and jumping jacks in there too!


English Muffin- triple health
1/2 slice 2% cheese
1/4 cup egg whites

10 oz almond milk
1 1/4 scoop Jillian Michaels all natural whey protein
mixed nuts
5 tater tots
1 chicken nuggett

6 oz breaded chicken
1.5 tblsp raw honey
mixed nuts

popcorn/dark chocolate
Wine cooler

I'm carb craving frenzy so I'm staying away from every darn starchy thing I could get my hands on. Must not trust the hormones right now!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16- Legs & Pilates and Head spinning

Full Nautilus Leg Work-out & 1 hr of Pilates- where I worked every inch of my legs/core. My right leg is now feeling compromised and tight. Pilates is a great stretch but surely I'm due for REST!

I'm feeling a little out of control today. Hormones? I'm dealing with family stress this week and emotionally I've regressed into some Summer Thinking. It was not a Pretty Connie Night for me.
After a Complete Melt-down on my Part....I'm trying work my way Through.

Not running is hard for me. I fought off some anxiety this evening the good ole fashion way- Crying. I'd much rather run through my shiz. But sometimes in life I just gotta face the shiz head on and just tackle life, love the best way I can.

Who knows. I'm exhausted.

English Muffin Triple Health
1 tblsp all natural peanut butter
Grilled chicken snack wrap- Lunch with friends (grilled, no cheese, extra lettuce)
1 cup of grapes
Cheese tortellini
parm cheese
2 turkey meatballs
2tbslp sauce
spat of butter
Mixed Nuts

I'll tell you what. I'd much rather Be Chasing Cars Today.
When will I let go? Of every dam thing and every dam person in my life that hurts me?
"I don't quiete know how to say How I feel"

I have lots of thinking and reflecting to do. I predict I'll be taking a day or two from blogging. Unless I get some clarity and light in my sleep tonight. I will actually Pray tonight. For me for once.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Woke up with a headache but diligent to stay on track for what was meant to be in store for today.

If anyone wonders why a person like me decides to just be so NON stop, then I give you the best and easiest answer that I hope you someday declare for yourself; that is, "I hate how I feel when I make a plan and that NOT do it" I will beat myself over it in my head one thousand times over. well unless I'm truly bed ridden sick and then I'm totally forgiving. But if it's a slight headache, or If I'm tired and feeling blah, then I force it.

Remember, There is NEVER a Work-out that I've ever regretted, EVER!

20min in the weight room with my 15lb weights

1 full hr of TRX Training. The straps were cruel to me today. Third week in the class and it's getting easier to transition and get into the routine.
*killer superman fly on my part today. We put the straps in our feet and we flip around so that we are planking. We did several planks today. 1 minute planks! Then we would bring up one leg up to our chest while we plank and we worked several planks were brought up both knees to the chest, We did planks were we piked our ass to the sky! We did side planks, we planks on our elbows, on our hands too! We did this one plank where we did a push up and then pull in with our feet and that's when I flew up and flat onto my guts so my neighbor work-out girl laughed at me and I said "holey shiz, did you see me fly" and she said yes! hahaha! SWEATING PLANKS TODAY!

20 more minutes in the weight room. I was happy to be feeling so good that I walked back into the weight room with a smile on my face. Little did I know I was wearing a happy smirk. A friend says "Uh. Oh Connie is a playful mood, why are you smiling" and surely he must of thought I was a crackhead" and I was just happy. Can't a girl smile? ha!

On the way out the weight room this old man stops me and says "you do real good on that row machine you know, you do it exactly the way it's suppose to be done" I said "Wow, Thanks" Gosh old 60 year old duder must be checking out my work-out the 'OTHER' day, lmao. Thanks guy.

CUDDLE!!! FOR HOURS!!!! ON THE COUCH!!!! Didn't clean my house, didn't do a shizzy nizzy thing which is so UNLIKE me!


Back to the Gym. I DIDN'T WANT TO GO BUT I HAD TO....YOU KNOW it was in my I had to go! Remember a work-out I never forget.

Dam, I really didn't want to go! Wasn't 1hr40min enough for me today?

30min Cardio Kick Class. - Great little class. Left with half hour to go but my knee and all that jumping and stuff was not something my knee was liking. I was not hurting but I was aching and surely this is NOT what I wanted to be doing to my knee with my attempts to REST! But little did I know what this class would be like, it's my first time in there! surely I'll kick some cardio kick ass in the future, today is not that day! Though when I was in there I was BOOM!

5min Elliptical

5min Row

24min in Boxing with 2 sparring rounds with the Coach. I'll tell you what "I FREAKING LOVE BOXING" OMG!!! I'm so glad he was working me new stuff cause this one-two punch stuff was a little freaking boring. Tonight he had me jabbing, double cutting, ducking, moving all over and really giving me challenging and fun 3 minute rounds! he laughed at me alot. He really wanted me to learn something. It's weird to have someone staring at you in the face when you are trying to box. So I tend to giggle alot when I mess up and talk my face off *jeesh, do you think I can talk?* It's nice to see some progression with just a few times in the class so far. Wednesday I'm going for a full hour! Today I was sparring and sweat got into my eyes and I started boxing in the fast 30second round with my eyes closes, had the Coach laughing his booty off! Hey I still hit the target good, lmao! boom!

Then after all this- Grocery Store for some Grocery Shopping, some more healthy foods to fuel this machine!


Coffee- I was too headachey to eat. I can't help, I couldn't -35

2 slice of whole wheat bread with crust cut off- 65
tsp of low fat mayo-15
tsp of organic ketchup-15
1 veggie burger-140
2 servings of Squash-30
1 kiwi-

1 organic egg
1/2 cup egg whites
1 full sausage patty
1 English muffin- triple health

air popped popcorn
dark chocolate
wine cooler
kettle chip- sea salt and vinegar- I was so craving sea salt and vinegar for LONG time!

CARBS- 180 (51%)
FAT-40 (21%)
PROTEIN-78 (22%)
SODIUM- 1800

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 14- Darn Crotch Riders

I woke up with the SUN shining brightly through the crack of the mini blinds to strike me straight into the face. Sure some may shy away and hide under the covers. NOT me, I love SUNSHINE! I rose with a Glory, claiming to have the Most Amazing Day! Which has been a Great Reprieve for how heavy my heart has been feeling the last few days.

I spent time with my peeps, making healthy buckwheat pancakes where I hid some flaxseed in there and to be a little fun and naughty put some mini dark chocolate chip morsels in them! Topped with All natural maple syrup...hhm..hhmmm!

Spent my afternoon bathing kids, giving them school lessons and blogging my Green Monster Shake.

After RunnerBoy came home I ventured off for some Late Afternoon exercise.

I started my run and not even 2minutes into my run I turned around and ran home to throw a skirt over my Crotch Riders!! OMG...Why are these dam compression shorts sliding up my thighs and trying to get swallowed up my crotch? So first instinct is that I've lost some weight on my thighs and the shorts are no longer tight...which is NOT a bad problem to have! I will say my thighs have very little fat left to :/ but not much left to pinch for fat! Now sometimes that do that till naturally I sweat just enough to help them stick to where they need to stay, lmao.

So I throw on a skirt that has compression built in with those two. So maybe both compressions will stay on my leg. NOPE!! I get to about .4 miles into my run I crotch down to yank the compressions down and I FEEL IT .............'TWINGE' ...........DAM YOU KNEE! My tendon spiked a nice angry FLAIR for the compression yank! Omg!! I was pissed at those dam crotch riders at this point. So I start walking because now the Knee is MAD!

I walked and walked and walked. I can't run. But I CAN Walk. I was out there in my element. I was breathing fresh air. I was moving my ass! I needed to be there. no where else at the moment.

The sun was shining and setting. On my way home I took a different path and walked toward the sunset and then climbed the hill before home for some extra walk fun. ha!

My Walk Trumps!

My Walk Trumps every person sitting on the couch!

My Walk trumps the guy that was walking across the street from me smoking a cigarette while pushing his child *insert Connie Snarl*

Just know that even though I was Walking, I looked like I was a RunnerGirl ;-p
haha! I had my skirt on, my running shoes, my watch.

My Sexy as Hell legs REPRESENT POWER! You see me walking and see my amazing quads/calves you see that chick has some sexy as hell legs...she must be a runner! Oh Yeah!

I notice that when you's like Running in Slow Motion. I get to soak in the atmosphere longer, lmao.
I notice more details in something that catches my eye, when I'm running I notice it and then it's GONE! haha!

Ok, so there is my triumphant failed run! 2.12 miles done - pace 13:30

Then I lecture myself for all my running and all my failed ways that I'm not letting my knee rest.

I'm lecturing to myself to embrace my fitness in new ways and realize that I don't need to be a runner to stay active and healthy.

So I make no promises other than I'm trying and I'm working my brain.

That I came home and I wrote down exactly what I'm doing this and by Golly I'm sticking to it!!

10am- TRX Training
6pm- Boxing with Trainer

Tuesday- Core/Arms/Pilates

9am-Nautillus circuit, Row Machine, Arm Rower Thingy, lol
5pm- Boxing with Trainer

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Run !!!!!


Buckwheat pancakes-200
Pure Maple Syrup*125
Green Monster Shake-225
Organic Blue Tortilla chips with flaxseed-210
1.25 Organic Beef Burger-
100 calorie English Muffin
1 strip low sodium bacon
1/4 slice 2% cheese
3 tblsp Organic natural BBQ Sauce
1.5 cups of steamed broccoli
1/4 cup cottage cheese
10 oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillians natural whey protein
greek yogurt

carbs- 183-(48%)
fat-52- (30%)
protein-83 (22%)
fiber- 32
vitamin c- 336

So Tell me, What's the worst thing you have ever worn in a run and regretted it. Am I the only that owns an apparent pair of crotch riders?

Green Monster Shake

I love my Green Monster Shake!!

Loaded with Goodness!!

1/2 banana (Fiber, Potassium)

8-10 oz almond milk (or regular milk, I'm lactose intolerant ;-) fortified with E&D, Calcium

1 cup of fresh spinach (rich in Vitamin A, C)

1 tblsp of flax seed or Anutra (great fiber, anti-oxidants, Omega 3's!!)

1 tblsp all natural Peanut butter (protein, healthy fats)

Blend! Drink! Great as an in between snack or meal replacement

235 Calories

24 carbs

13 fat

7 protein

*if you want you can add extra anythings you want to your liking* Sometimes If I want extra potassium I'll add a full banana, or sometimes if I'm going calorie tight I'll take out the PB and just put in protein powder! All in all this is a great way to get in some veggie!

* you may even want to add Greek yogurt for extra protein or a whey protein supplement*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 13- 8:25?

Today is Day 13 of our Challenge!
I keep wondering to myself when I'm actually going to really 'try' to lose weight. I'm so focused on trying to run, getting fit and stronger that I'm putting this whole calorie reducing thing on the back burner. You have all seen my blog everyday what I'm eating and 99.9 % of the time I've figured out my caloric intake for the day and shown you every morsel of what I've ate! Which always ends up around my maintaining mode of about 1600 calories.
So I've been thinking of how great it feels to fuel up, to eat healthy foods, to be maintaining and it's so easy and nice and comfortable, it's shows that a lifestyle change that I had for 2 years to lose can be managed very easily when I'm looking to stay stable.
So just remember that, as much as you reduce now and make the sacrifice there will be a time when you will have to learn that you are NOT in calorie cutting mode! That one day you are going to have to 'up' your calories so you don't lose anymore!
I know for fact how easy it is to eat very satisfying 1600 calorie days without it being too much or too little. I know for fact also how sometimes 1200 is not enough but then I remind myself when 800 has me FULL so it's all balances it self out! The journey is always Health!
Ok. So sooner than later I hope to bring my calories down cause I do want to lean out my guts more. I am fearful, I like the junk in my trunk ;-) I don't want my face any more thin and I'm my tits can't handle to lose another ounce! So I fear losing anymore, lol. Maybe that's my problem!
But I NEED the fat to come off the guts so I will sooner than later have to really jump on board and get 'calorie tight' I call it!
I did a 1/4 mile walk - warm up - range of motion exercises on the treadmill- I always feel a little 'awesome' for my warm-ups and my stretches on the treadmill. I sorta hope I'm showing everyone that really is the best way to run! walk, get the blood flowing and then stop and stretch warm muscles and then start my run!
So what's with the 8:25?
8:25 Mile Run
8:25 minutes on the Row Machine
8.25 minutes on the treadmill at a 8.5 Incline(couldn't get 8.25 darn it, haha) at 5.0 *wow, DIG toward the end!!*
Ok that was my fun with 8:25!
Then I went downstairs and I did
90lbs arm pulldowns
90lb tricep pushdowns
15lb arm bicep curls (4 sets)
10 tricep dips with 2 benches
10 ab crunches on incline bench (3 sets) My Core is SORE!
70 lb Obliques torso twists on each side
110 lb Row Machine for a one set of 15 reps
15lb lateral raises above my head for 2 sets
90lb lower back pushbacks
Ran the halls 4x... my knee was not liking running so I quit that
Almond Milk-90
Jillian Michaels Protein Powder-125
2 cups of Chili- 435
8 whole wheat crackers-130
4 oz lean pork loin-140
4 slices Low Sodium Bacon-
1 cup of Squash
1/2 Organic Pear
Mixed Nuts
Dark Chocolate Mini Morsels
Total: 1470
133 carbs
96 protein

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 12- Back at it!

I'm always keen for a Great Work-out the day after I've rested.
2 mile run- Today 8:45 avg pace. As much as I keep trying so hard to convince myself to not run....I DON'T WANT TO STOP RUNNING! Omg! And shit, I don't want to feel badly for doing the one thing I am so in love with. I feel good, then I want to do it.
I am trying to be smart in that when I run and I feel 'pain' then I'll stop. And maybe I make my recovery longer by running these small mileages but I really don't care right now.
You'll never hear me write that I was in pain and then ran. Never!
I am pain free- so I am running. When I feel pain, I stop. That to me is being a smart runner!
If that run is slow then it's slow, if it's fast then it's fast.
Ok so 2 miles and the last .5 I was feeling tight and pace had really fallen short and the slow pace was killing my knee. I was angry at the end for how pissed off it was acting. But I do want to add that for the first time in a week this was a med free run. I had been running all week on anti-inflammatory for the tendons. This time I forgot, I do hate taking meds but I do value how they calm the tendons and can allow me to run upwards of 20-25min without pain! No-where near the hours of running that I'm used to but I'll embrace my runs!
The cold air in my lungs crushed these ex-smoking lungs. Sometimes on crisp cold runs just like this it reminds me of the burn I experienced whenever I used to smoke! Cleansing out the smoke still ....12 years of smoking just doesn't leave your lungs - even if it's been almost almost 7 years since I quit!!!
Got to the Gym and this is what I did.
6 sets of 15lb arm curl routines
bench dips
100 sit ups on the reclining bench- found a nifty pad to use for my boney hiney- hot diggity dam my tailbone has no cheek support and my hiney hurts and no longer can do roll ups in pilates or and doing situps hurts if I don't have great cushion!
11 push-ups
1/2 nautillus circuit at the gym - quads/hamstrings/pulldowns/hip flexor/biceps/shoulders
I hit as low as 154 back in August then in Marathon training and working hard to build up my arms/abs/core/glutes I've packed on some lbs and I'm back to 162 but look at them guns! I HAD NO MUSCLE AT ALL BACK IN JUNE! Now look at them! BOOM!
egg (75)
toast (60)
L: 1/2 green monster smoothie(70)
1 nuggett (45)
few fries (75)
Milky Bri Cheese- 1/2 oz (50 cals)
whole wheat crackers (80)
Raspberry jam (30)
2 whole wheat tortilla wraps (240)
4 oz grilled chicken (100)
100 cals guacamole pack (100)
2 tblsp greek yogurt (40)
spinach (10)
organic tomato (20)
lowfat mozz cheese finely shredded (50)
No Pudge Brownie - 120
2tblsp lowfat whipped cream- 20
8oz almond milk
1 scoop whey protein

Day 11-Rest

Not Much To Report from my End on Day 11 of our Challenge

Foods were Up as Part of my Rest Day Plans


6 CCRG Boom Bars!
Some Pumpkin Smoothie- too full off my boom boom bars ;-p

Grilled cheese - (healthy spread & 2% lowfat american cheese)
1 cup of cheese & broccoli soup

Air Popped Popcorn
dark chocolate mini morsels

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pumpkin Smoothie/Dessert

I found a Great Recipe and been wanting to try it for a while now. I've bought pumpkin for it several weeks just waiting for a chance to get creative!

It's a Pumpkin Smoothie but I decided that because it just doesn't seem right to have a pumpkin anything without some Whipped Cream that's what I went ahead and did!

In the Blender Put the following

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

1/2 cup pureed pumpkin

1 tblsp agave

dash of cinnamon, nutmeg

1/2 banana

1 cup of ice

I'm not sure I like this as a smoothie for me, I'm really aiming hard at enjoying smoothies beyond my Green Monster. It's not working! ha! Just be sure if you give this a try that you love smoothies, that you actually like the taste of pumpkin. Pumpkin is Loaded with Vitamin A and is a great source of Fiber!

I do love pumpkin, this was my first time with Cold Pumpkin. I almost started to fantasize what this might taste like warm!

Because of that I threw this smoothie into a bowl and topped with some Whipped Cream (lowfat or fat free) and just really enjoyed a great whippy tasting cold treat!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 10 - On Fiya'

Day 10-
My arms are on Fiya'
Oh my!
Woke up threw on the runners and some boom tunes and rocked out house cleaning and laundry like a mad dashed diva. Teasingly joked with a friend *hey girl ;-) * that My Dirt Devil couldn't keep up with my vacuuming sprints!
I wore on with my day with some increased anxiety. OMG!!
Incredibly Anxious for harboring some my procrastination in my academics and it's left me feeling shiz nizzy and so I had to run to conquer out the pessimism in my brain!
2 miles Fast. Wore the watch on this fun run. My first mile was an 8:08 mile and I felt great. Decided to pick up on the return home since I felt no wiggle/niggle in the knee from the mile. Not wanting to go for more than 2 with all technicality I promised myself yesterday I would run but then today told myself "No" so I compromised with myself and went for 2 although secretly I wished I could just run for 4 or way more ;-)
Here's what she looked like as I hit a major negative split on the way home. Opened up my wings and looked down and saw a 6:35 pace for a little while !! how the ? !!
So that's 2 miles in a 7:39 average pace, I'll take that!
Then I made dinner really quick and then took off to Boxing!
I loved it. My arms were on FIYA'
TRX, weights for 2 days in a row..yeah I was hurting really good in this 3 minute rounds.
Ten rounds later I was totally TOAST! I'm not sure I could pack a punch after all that!
The instructor says "bring it" and I say "I'll give what I have left" to which we went into what I've done today and the past few days and he was like " ;-0 " you Go Woman and then I flashed my arm muscle and then he chuckled "I like you posed and showed me your guns" bwahaha! I said hey it's better than where I came from ....with having nothing in JUNE to having this is awesome! Plus I told I used to be 150lbs heavier to which HEADS turned in the box room, oh my! EVERYONE JUST STOPPED and were like "you" ? Must be I hide real well that I used to be that Big. Faith that Age is in my corner and the fact that I've worked hard on toning up has really given my body a better look. Faith to the thighs that I may just be able to wear a bikini to the beach one day *although I still may need some thigh tape for the skin* insert harsh reflecting chuckle here* My arms in the spring were a DISGRACE! Now look at them...I can wear a tank top and have no concerns that they look fat or that they have too much skin *although sometimes they do but fuck it....I lost 150lbs I can't and won't expect perfection* I think alot of times I'm grateful to be in a committed marriage, not sure anyone could understand the flaws of my body as a thin woman - my skin will be a reminder of who I was....although like I said I'm even impressed at this stage just how great I look in my sexy black lacey panties. Just sayin' ;-)
Anyways...the instructor literally bowed down to me, lol. Stand up fool and get me punching!
Ok Foods:
Oatmeal with flax/cranberries
coffee *tried stevia today I think it gave me gut rot, going to try that again*
1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
2 oz skinless boneless chicken breast grilled
1/2 cup fresh spinach
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 tblsp of plain greek yogurt
8 oz almond milk- orginal
1 scoop whey protein - Jillian Michaels all natural
Organic Apple
1.5 servings of 3 cheese tortellini- organic
2 tblsp parm cheese
4 turkey meatballs
2 tblsp of sauce
2 cups air popped popcorn
2 tblsp of dark chocolate morsels.

Motivation for the Procrastinator

So Maybe I Procrastinate in writing this Blog Entry. ha!
However, here I am.
What causes one person to either make a decision to do something vs. do nothing?
•it's easier
•don't have face potential failure
• can't let go of the past
•somehow wallowing in those bad feelings makes you feel 'alive' (sickly enough!!)
•your couch is comfy
•your reflect on all the failure of the past day/week/month/ lifetime
•you have little/no self worth
•you FEAR (oh this one is BIG)
It cycles, you know it does. It goes without saying. The more you decide to do NOTHING the more you hate yourself for it and then you just for NOT do Nothing.
So what triggers and motivates a person to actually 'change'
So, we all know how easy it is to talk the talk in our mind. To go round and round with knowing what we need to do. We lay in bed every night and outline the plan on how 'TOMORROW' will be better and different. Then somehow we wake up and maybe try and if we fumble then we just automatically fail ourselves. Well that's not very fair. Not much else in life is so criticizing as we are upon ourselves. You get bad grade in school you don't flunk the grade, you just failed the test.
You won't be held back from going forward, you'll simply re-learn the lesson and then move forward. Life is very much the same way.
If you take a wrong turn, if you get off track you can always make the choice to do the smart and healthy choices.
The ownership is the best part. Once you start to take back ownership you will feel so worthy, so accomplished and you will try always to never get off track again.
If you can be inspired then by all means let that motivate you toward your greatness. Follow another persons plan and let the words and actions move forward daily. It's my goal for you. That you see that everyday I live to stay on track and maybe being here and sharing with you my choices will only guide in making yours!
This is not just about fitness and foods. Gosh knows I procrastinate alot in my life. One of mine has nothing to do with the above, it has to do with being TOO BUSY! I am simply always running myself ragged. I simply sometimes put some maybe less meaningful (oh but enjoyable) things in my life priority over other things. So this week for example I battle my procrastination in my academics. So this post to you all comes at the perfect time for me. You'll surely forgive my absence while I get myself caught up in my school work. Sometimes that juggling act does cause me fear, that I won't accomplish everything I set out to do. NewsFlash- especially this past year- I've had some personal epic failures in some areas in my life besides food/fitness so I fumble just the same. I realize that just with food/fitness that the place of procrastination is just the same; just transcended in different areas of my life (sometimes!)
Make A Plan
Write it out, share it, be accountable
Find some inspiration
Find a partner to share in the journey
Rejoice in the Victory (treat yourself to something great like a massage/shopping trip!)
Prepare yourself ahead of time - being proactive helps
If you say to yourself "Trmw is a new day" you already working against yourself. Start Now! Even after a mistake, Never wait. Weight loss/fitness/smoking/addictions/obligations etc....just get it done, relieve yourself of the burden by taking action immediately. Trust me you'll Thank Me After!

Arm Weight Routine for Women

I am going to share with you a series of Video's to give examples of what I do in the gym to work on my Guns ;-)

So when I say I did a Set of Arm Curl "Routine" this is what that Routine looks like:

1) Bicep-

2) Tricep kickbacks- (P.s. Girls- get that Hiney in the air' Holla' hahaha!!)

3) Tricep Extensions-

4) Dumbbell row for your Back-

5) Lateral Raise -
I like to do these in single arms rotation because it forces you to work on balance!

6) Dumbbell Front Raise-
I do these singly as well, forces to not throw your body into it and causes you to concentrate on core stability

7) Dumbbell closures-
Great for Strong shoulders

8) Dumbbell arm raise- I can't find a video- but take your dumbell and single arm I raise the dumb bell up over my head from the waist position.

Other Randoms I like to do:


Tricep Dips-

Push ups-

Lower abs-

Things I am going to start working on!!

Spartan Push up-