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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Run for Amelia Marathon

Hello CCRG's and Friends & Family. Today was a Really Special Day and I completely understand if you skim the post and just grab onto tidbits of what I have to share, I feel like I have a Million Things to Share! So I will cause I'm like that. So Start Skimming or Have a Seat, settle in with something to nibble on and enjoy the Post.

I took complete rest days. One is to make this a taper week for me. 31,31 & 36 mile weeks in progression, I needed to taper back with a LR and taper back on total mileage for the week. My Knees - both ironically were aching for two days- probably all the speed running and double run this week, lol- I really do push myself too much sometimes. Anyways. Perfect Rest Days as my all 3 kids battled their first colds of the Season- let it be Spring and they finally get sick. Coughs and really weak. I felt the same way. Topped with a 10day late period and pcos difficulties, my back and ovaries ached (true Fight Like a Girl, right?) lol- Well insomnia struck me with just a few hrs of sleep and I finally got some and woke up to my period- so cramping and running and aching is True and Proof of Pure RunnerGirl Glory- That's what RunnerGirls have to endure, changing tampons and cramps and hot flashes and nausea.

We get all ready this morning and I'm feeling ready and pumped.
We drop RunnerBoy off at the start and I take off to get gas, drinks for the kids and then I actually drove to Marcellus and met with a Wedding Photography Client and then drove back to meet up with RunnerBoy and RunnerGirl Anna...and at that Point RunnerBoy Vin- the Hills were just ridiculous and all my kids kept saying "Omg, Mommy- Daddy has to run this?" and we just pulled over so many times and looked the hills and especially one 1mile honker he had...Impressive! Here are some of those pics!

The Weather Was a Cold Spring Day. Mother Nature is Confused and we bounce from 80's to 40's recently. Today was a wet, drizzly at moments Low 40's degree Day. Little Wind so Cold was ok, because there was not much wind to make it not so miserable sort of cold.

I'm none to Eager to Start my 13.1 Portion on a HILL. No Warming Up and then Hitting a Hill- My Warm Up WAS a a hill. Actually here it is. Don't Crap Your pants like I did when you see it. When I got into Marcellus and saw that Honker Hill - my Nerves struck and Poop is exactly what I had to do, I won't lie- Potty Break was a must. lmao. Ok, so then I was even more Eager to Move along with this Run- lmao! Ha- Modesty is Not in my Vocabulary.

I start the Hill- I declared myself a chance to just climb this thing and not look at my pace and that I didn't. But I think it took me 12 minutes to climb the dam thing ....a small stitch at the top- went away with some strong and big inhale/exhales.
Every Flat away I was able to hit a steady 8:15-8:35 pace ....but really- look at the Garmin- Not much Steady flat anywhere on this course- except when I got into the city.

One thing I know for sure- I run Hills....I DO NOT DOMINATE THEM. I want to. One Day I will. I know it's my Weakness with Running- the Domination and Eating them up and Spitting them out- I save so much- I Fear Pushing so hard on them that I puke- I know how I am- I push on flat aways and I'm very afraid of breaking myself on a hill and crashing on a run. One Day I'll grow past this- I'm not a perfect runner- I have the rest of my Life to Perfect them and get faster on them. Now I find I can own them for 9:30 - 10min pace - sometimes slower- depending!

Don Ran the first Half in 2:07....but at the same time he had at least 17 minutes where he didn't stop the watch. He went to the bathroom- got drinks, lol
I didn't stop the watch at lights or adjusting my shoes, etc, picking up money etc. We just kept it going- what you see is a great pace despite at least 18min of inactivity, lol

I ran my Half Portion in 1:58

Ok so for the Really Fun Stuff?

•I found 28 Cents on my Run= 1 Quarter and 3 Penny's.
One Penny I gave to Amelia for Luck. I met her for the first time when I was 7 miles into my run and took a break (it was my only fuel and hydration on the route today- 10oz of active Gatorade) I handed her the Boom Penny and told her how important they are to me, I find them- I keep them as mementos of my Runs and looking for money keeps me focused on my Strong Runs and I wanted her to know that she Too was Strong and it meant alot to me for her to have one ♥

The Not so Fun Part!
I got Lost- I was Running with a Partner Here ↓ He is in TaperVille for Running for Charity in the Boston Marathon - He normally runs strong 7min paces and today he was comfortable with running his pace and waiting for me at the top of Hills :)

Well kept an eye for me, we got into the City of Syracuse, NY .....we started to Run through the Side of Syracuse. Which is Really Well Known as the High Crime Gangster Area of the City. Crime- like Drive-Bys and Murders happen here almost daily. He kept a decent 1/10th mile clip ahead of me the whole time- well we entered a park and he turned left and another quick left- saw me through trees- problem was I stopped and didn't see him when I got to the corner- I was like "where did he go?" .....I looked in all 3 directions...I didn't see him? ......I saw a cop coming toward me from the South - Northward- I flagged him down and was going to ask him if he saw a runner up ahead as he was coming from around another corner- well the Cop ....Yeah....He NEVER even rolled down the window - I bent over to tap his glass and waived at him- he made eye contact with me through the window just a food away from my face and just Pulled away- I threw my hands into the air like "really?" lmao......................WOW......................Serve me Cop- I lost my Running Partner- I'm in the Ghetto, lol ....H E L P ME ...............Nah. I felt a little frustrated at him- but my mind doesn't think Negative- it thinks "When I'm an Officer- I'll stop" !!!!

I adventured through da'hood. Cat Calls. Loose Pitbulls ready to Attack- Stares, Yells......I was likely the only white blond they have EVER seen Running through their Neighborhood. I kept my head focused and my pace strong- Just keep on Moving Connie! I felt a little vulnerable in those moments and I was Lost for about 3miles. but I have a great sense of direction and honest to God this helped me today, the WISEST Wisdom from my 6 year old this Morning Ironically enough
"Mommy, do you know what to do if you ever get lost? Lick Your Finger and put
it in the Air and you will find Your way"
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whitney was highly upset and crying when she learned I was missing- everyone was looking for me when I didn't arrive at the mile 23 checkpoint (I guess I should of studied the route map better) well I cheered her up when I told her Tip Helped me Today ♥
Could You Imagine this RunnerGirl Licking her Finger in the Hood and Putting it in the air? Holla' I wonder if Any Gangsta's thought this was my RunnerGirl Gang Sign?

So It came down to some major decision making as I was lost as to which way to turn. I could turn left into major housing projects or run toward the freeway which I know the other side at some point contains the hospital district. Not a wise choice to run more in the South Neighborhoods so I opted for the Freeway- ok- so where I got nervous was when it got Quiet. When I got lost to be acutely aware of my surroundings I stopped my ipod- I kept my buds into to appear like I was likely jamming away to music but the truth is I was listening for cars, dogs and signs of people trouble. My survivor and "Fight Like a Girl" Instincts shined through- I know that because I did not Freak Out like maybe some Women would in that situation further proves I'm ready to become a Police officer. I had my Survival Mode on and I was ready to protect myself. I was a tad upset I didn't have my mace/pocket knife Like I normally do but none the less I'm not a RunnerGirl anyone wants to mess with...I actually train to protect myself- it's why I feel it's important for me to be so Strong- Well, I get near this underpass and it's dead quiet - and I wonder if I can make my way past the freeway going this way? I hauled ass and till I noticed I got to where I needed to be. That adrenaline shook me ...changed my energy and I went flat fast- I saw a hill or go straight- I was tapped for hills, my calves were aching- so I walked upped it- I thought - whats the point of running and crushing myself- I'm emotionally vulnerable - physically a little spent in the legs and so I walked 1/10th a mile up and then started running again and found my way to the hospital.

Despite the walk at the end- I still managed 1:58 half marathon today with all my elevation gains, so on an Athletic sense, I'm Happy :)

Physically I'm good- I didn't realize till after but I'm sick too- my neck and glands are sore and I'm sure that I am starting to get what my 3 kids have been sick with for a couple days now. Oh and I'm Tired- Really Tired, lol - So Tired I don't want to do 4-5 hrs of Math Homework- ha!

THE MOST AMAZING PART..............♥ AMELIA ♥........................

When I got to Golisano Childrens Hospital in Syracuse I got the Amazing Pleasure to meet Amelias Family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and Mom!

I was told some history to Amelia's chiari malformation, the Surgery that was supposed to take just 6 hrs but lasted 12 hrs. How she suffered with symptoms before surgery, how she had to battle allergic reactions to Morphine and struggle to walk and the endless worry about her ability to walk and eat and have full control over her body despite having major spine surgery. I was taken back when I was shown the scars that ran down the back of her neck and down into her spine and the scar where a spinal drainage port was. I tear up thinking about how Strong she is. The photos and videos that her Mom shared with me flash through my mind. Her mother had to Fight to Advocate for her Daughter with her HealthCare. That Because of Mom's Strength she likely saved her daughters life. Amelia was incredibly Ill and our local doctors and area hospital would not take her seriously. I am sad that someone has to fight so hard to advocate that her daughter was more ill that any doctor believed. Thank God for doctors and hospitals that took the time to listen! Amelia has a little sister and she spent so much time watching out for and tending to her big sisters needs! I wished I had something to give her too! What a Strong Little Sister. Her Family had to Travel from Central New York down to Long Island for Surgery and treatments. I could not imagine the cost that has on the family. No cozy home kitchen to cook meals. All the gas and costs of traveling.

If you are at all interested in Giving Back to help Pay for Amelias Medical expenses that I'm sure are being payed for by her Parents then we would appreciate any help in that. Amelia so Far has been Donated over $1230 on behalf of Efforts put on by and you can donate even just a dollar or five to

A Video for Amelia

************* The Family Thanks You for All Your Support and I told them about CCRG and our how many of you shared Miles and Offered up Prayers and they smiled Big and thought it was so Impressive! Thank You All so Much for Giving Back! ********
All the Runners & Amelia

Friday, March 30, 2012

Healthy Protein Snacks for Runners

Healthy Protein Snacks:
1) Beef Jerky- avoid the high sodium in beef jerky and possible un-necessary additives by buying a wholesome version of it or try making it yourself. Usually around 70 calories and 11 gram of protein for each pc.

2) Greek Yogurt: Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt typically can give you about 140 calories and 18grams of protein. Go for a fruit flavored kind and you keep the same calories and reduce your protein to about 14 and add extra fruit carbs. My Favorite -

3) Cottage Cheese- Yes I know it doesn't sound so snacky does it? Well when you want to eat and secure your protein intake for the day - it's a great healthy option to reach for. Top with some slice peaches or pineapple and add some fiber and nutrients and sweetness to it. When you Eat Your Cottage Cheese purchase the low fat or non fat version, all you are losing is the yucky saturated fat!

4) Egg Whites- this one is my favorite small meals if I'm feeling a little hungry. Skip the yolk the extra protein is not always necessary and by doing so you omit the cholesterol. However- Please note that egg yolks (in organic state are based because the yolk holds all the pesticides) do hold a lot of necessary Omega 3's which are vital for our nervous system ....which is in turn vital for our Running and Aerobic activity. Deviled eggs is another great snack idea!

5) Protein Bars- I'm talking the ones that are not full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Spend the extra and fuel your body right.

6) Protein Shakes: I use Jillian Michaels Triple Chocolate and or Vanilla Shake and RunnerBoy and I love it. I highly recommend it as it's natural with no artificial flavorings or preservatives. Contains Stevia for Sweetness.

7)Mixed Nuts: Do Not be So Afraid of the Nuts- They are very caloric but at the same time it's because it's full of only Great stuff like healthy mono and poly fats and protein! Just portion size them!

8) Whole Grains: There are so many whole grains out there that are complete proteins like Quinoa. Lentils and oatmeal - it's all great for you and some of these you can find ways to turn them into snacks. Sometimes Runnerboy snacks on Oatmeal and with the mix of complex carbs and protein- you just can't go wrong!

9) Avocado Dip with Vegetables: take an avocado and mash with a pinch of fresh garlic and olive oil. great little dip for your veggies and loads you protein and healthy fats

10) Cheese Stick- LowFat

11) Salmon/Tuna/chicken- Not snacks but I'm so compelled just say if you are hungry and then don't be afraid to reach for these- 2-3oz of each on just one slice of whole grain bread is a great way to eat light and get in extra protein

12) Chocolate Milk- Fat Free Milk is loaded with healthy mix of carbs and protein and throw in some healthy chocolate like Nestle or Ovaltine and you are all set!

13)Soy Milk

How to Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

I had several plateaus in my 150lb weight loss journey. RunnerBoy had them in his 100lb weight loss journey. What was best was learning together how to break them to keep moving in the right direction!

Why does Our Body Hit Plateau's?

•Routine- Our body is so smart, so efficient that it learns exactly what you like to do and how you like to eat and it performs it's best based upon what you normally eat and your normal fitness plans. Smart!

•Hormones- Pcos, Thyroid

•Age- as the body ages the slower the metabolism- it's science.

•Do You Drink?- Alcohol does affect your weight loss

•Eating Disorders- Inconsistent eating patterns

How to Break Your Weight Loss Plateau:

Be Sure You are Counting Calories. As we Count we become used to what portion sizes look like, so we skip the measuring cups and spoons and neglect the food scale. If you are doing that- Go back to strict measuring.

•Be Sure You are documenting everything. Every Lick and bite needs to be recorded so that you can be most accountable to what you are eating. Mindless eating happens and can be forgot about when journaling or entering food into MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople

•Take Your Caloric Intake and Cycle Up with Your calories by 400calories- If you are currently eating only 1200 calories, shock your body and metabolism by eating 1600 for exactly one week. Exercising regimen remains the same.

•Take Your Caloric Intake and Cycle Down with Your calories by 400 calories- if you are currently eating 1600 calories, shock your body and metabolism by eating 1200 for exactly one week. Exercising regimen remains the same.

•Increase Your Cardio - Throw in a couple more miles, add some cross training to your current work-out schedule

•Decrease Your Cardio- Sometimes we need to stall our body and confuse it. We can do that by drastically cutting back on our cardio/fitness for a full week. Take the time to read a book- go for walks instead of runs- paint a room in your house, go call or visit friends and family and just cut yourself some slack. When you come back to your routine not only will the small break will have allowed full recovery of muscle tears but it will kick start your metabolism and turn that furnace back on!

•Begin a Weight Lifting routine- Many people that are losing weight fear gaining muscle because it feels counter-productive to put on weight while losing it (I can't be the only person that thought that?) but I'm telling you now I wish I knew then what I know now and that is that building muscle is so great for fat burning all day long! Your muscle burns extra calories all day without you even knowing it. Add strength training to your routine at least 2-3x weekly!

•Take Your Measurements- sometimes a loss on the scale is not indicative of muscle gain/fat loss that does happen. Measuring tapes can help you measure your progress- maybe you are not in a plateau after-all

•Take Pictures. Sometimes the scale and the measuring tape give you no justice! This one is for me. but what I do know and feel and see is the shape difference in my body. Where I'm cut so differently than where I was just a year ago. Use comparisons to help you see that again you are not in a plateau that actually you are burning fat and gaining muscle.

•Add Metabolism boosters to your intake. Cinnamon, Green Tea- almost any increase in vegetables and fresh fruit is going to boost your metabolism- so take a look at your foods and see where you can add more fresh foods

•Take a look at your sugar intake. Are you eating too many refined sugars? Be willing to cut out all Free Sugar out of your life for a while to get you past your plateau (hey maybe you'll keep it out!)

•Learn Your Glycemic Index if you are insulin resistant. Feed your body sugar and it stores immediately as fat. If the sugar is broken down gradually then it will be used as energy and not stored as fat. Find a Glycemic Index Here:

•Evaluate your hormones and how that may be impacting your journey. Do you have Pcos or a low thyroid? Sometimes just recognizing an body imbalance can ease your frustration because you at least understand why. You can also get your thyroid check to be sure your meds are working properly and you can always ask your doctor about getting on birth control or metformin to control the symptoms of pcos.

•Muscle Confusion: What ever exercise routine you are doing now- create a brand new routine that will use new muscles, different levels of cardio exertions. Maybe you do intervals of weights with Cardio. Maybe you use a new machine at the gym for a whole week. Maybe you try a new resistance or pylometric routine. Your muscles won't know what to do but to start working against o begin to repair new rips and tears from using you body in a new way!

•Add more fiber- Are you going to the bathroom enough? Sometimes if you are not getting in enough fiber your bowels back up- your ability to push and move things along your GI tract can cause you to feel "full" or sluggish. Add more Fiber to your diet to be sure you are feeling fuller longer- cleaning out your digestive system fully. Psyllium fiber works great if you want to cleanse your guts a little bit. Psyllium has been proven to help lower blood glucose as well, hear that Pcos'ers!

•Look at your Carbohydrate to Protein to Fat Intake Ratio and adjust it. Change it by reducing your carbs and upping your protein. Bring your Carbohydrates down to 40% your daily intake with Protein at 35% and healthy fats to 25%. SparkPeople I know breaks this down for you after you put in your calories and ask for a daily report.

•Change Your Eating Pattern. Are you stuck on 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and eat on the clock? Change it up by skipping snacks or by eating 6 smaller meals through-out your day instead. Same foods, Same Calorie Count - just new eating times.

•Lastly Stress- Cortisol can stall your weight loss and that increases when you are under stress. You are so excited to lose weight and when you see your efforts not working you can become stressed out. This is the worst thing to do. When you experience that moment of stress- combat that quickly with either - more exercise or relaxing efforts like Yoga and maybe it's time to just go shopping and buy something for yourself and recognize all your hard work so far. Manicure or pedicures are great treats too!

• Stop Drinking Alcohol- It's ok to hate me for saying it ;-) You work so hard all day and then what do you do? You Stress our your Liver and slow your metabolism and suck down sugar watered alcohol to 'treat' yourself. To me beer and wine (beyond 1 glass daily) is no different than a twinkie. Stop Rewarding yourself with foods and drinks.

I want to add that I know there are Fasts, cleanses and drastic calorie cutting attempts out there that being used by so many. I ask you to research it and if you try it- please listen to your body. I never felt like I needed to do any of that! Ever! I want natural and normal lifestyle and that does not include making my life miserable. Success if finding a way to live sustaining your whole life with energy and happiness. I could never be happy sitting on the toilet for days cleans myself with whole body cleanses (how would I ever be able to run?) Oh wait....maybe I would be running the toilet ...with the runs, lol ....


What I tell all the CalorieCountingRunnerGirl's out there is that no matter if you are losing weight in inches or lbs- what you don't see happening is on the inside. Your body is healthier for having exercised and ate well.

On a cellular level inside your body you are combating Free Radicals that cause cancers and disease. I can NOT stress this enough to you. When You eat healthy foods you are repairing damaged cells inside your body from the grind of exercise and everyday life. Oxidation & Free Radicals occurs if you are fit or not. It's scientific fact. Anti-oxidants they help repair damaged cells.

When I tell you I made this Journey to Be Healthy, I'm Not Kidding You- this is NOT about Skinny and once you Adapt this Same concept then breaking through this plateaus will not be stressful at all- it will be easy and you will just accept it as apart of your journey. You understand that fitness and healthy eating is something you'll do forever anyways so what's the hurry? In the meantime keep doing it it all because it feels great to feel energy and happiness to which I'm sure you never felt when you were sedentary! This I know!

Great Luck

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Newest Running Picture

May 2012 RunnersWorld Review

It's that time again. I joyfully jump and down for my RunnersWorld Magazine in the mail. Simply just because I love Running. I love Reading about Running and well most times I proudly confess I know so much already about what is shared in the articles about Running, however I know many of you don't. Many of you don't subscribe to the monthly mailings. So instead of letting all my Reading go to the waste- side I am going to share with you all what I think about each Month's Magazine!

First I notice continuously the last several months (trust me I glanced over the pile of RW's) and they all Advertise in the upper left cover of the Magazine "Get Fit, Stay Fit" or "Lose weight" articles inside. Clearly I'm NOT the Only CCRG out there Running to Lose Weight and finding their passion along side others!

My First Stop is always the "Rave Run" Photography 2 page layout each month. As an aspiring Running Photographer I always think "I want to be there running that and taking that picture!" *tip - bored on a treadmill- do a spread of the RaveRun on your Tready and Get lost in the scenery- I did an 11 miler once to an incredibly beautiful Rave Run Pic Last Year! But My Mind is easy to manipulate like that! For Images go Here


►All Whites- Eggland Eggwhites did a little half page ad on Protein for a Smooth Recovery and gave a yummy looking BlueBerry Pomegranate Protein Smoothie
1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt (my CCRG Tip- go Greek Vanilla instead for added protein)

►Fresh Mint is in Season Now- Vitamin A, C & Iron, Manganese- good with tea, pesto, pork

►Pre - Run Fuel: Orange, applesauce, pudding (go with no/low fat pudding and unsweetened applesauce) dried dates, whole grain cereal, hummus/carrots, instant oatmeal and sweet potato's

Inspiring People:

►The Human Race- Erin Henderson lost 75lbs with 55lbs of it through Running. She Started Running 5k's and went onto run a 4:15 Marathon in December of 2010 and then Qualified for Boston and is hoping to Break 3:20 at her next Marathon. Her found passion for Running and Her amazing speed progression is not just impressive within itself but she has 12 children (some adopted) and she is able to teach and take care of some special needs children and still log over 75miles a week by getting up at 5am daily to run! I tried to cyber stalk this woman and can't find her! She is Inspiring and Incredible!

►"When I started, I'd Run a little, think about Walker, cry, stop, pray, and run a little more, Quit is not in my Vocabulary" Flo'Allen-Hopson started running at age 57for her son Walker who is age 5 and has type 1 diabetes. She Helped Raise more than $35,300 for her local Diabetes Center.

►Keith Wood- Qualifies for Boston at Age 81- He'll be the oldest male competitor at Boston this year! Wow!!!

►Glen Miller- age 67- Was diagnosed Leukemia and given just 6months to live, however he fought back and qualified for Boston (3:57) where he will run in honor of his bone marrow donor. God Bless this Man!


After Building Up your Base, it's time to pick up the pace and get more fit! To get faster you have to spend time training fast. Running burns 50% more calories than walking and speed work boosts metabolism for hours AFTER your work-out is over. It's vital to have a base built prior to beginning speed work-outs because the connective tissue in your leg muscles need that - making for a strong musculoskeletal system.

**if you are an experienced runner focusing in on your speed working to help you reach your goal event. Hone into Race Pace Intervals when you do speed combo's. If you are a 1/2 or Full Marathoner you could tap into 1/2 Marathon Pace for 4 miles and then start tapping into your 10k or 5k Race Pace intervals x6. **

►Target Work-outs:

Beginner 5k- Run 200 meters Hard, walk/jog 200 meters .....repeat 6 times

Intermediate 5k- 8x400 at 5k race pace with 200- meter jog.

Advanced 5k- 1x800 at 5k pace 400 meter jog recovery. 2x400 at sub 5k pace 200 meter jog. 4x200 at mile pace with 200 meter recovery jog. 2x400 at sub 5k pace 200 meter jog.

►The Fast Lane- Steve "Mona" Moneghetti - Aussie Olympic Marathoner -Fartlek:Run the effort between 5k & 10k pace and the recovery at Marathon Pace or slightly faster (this one is my Fave ♥) 2x90 seconds with 90 seconds recovery.....4x60 second with 60 second recovery....4x30 seconds with 30second recovery....4x15 seconds with 15 seconds recovery.

►Canova K's- Italian Coach suggests giving this a try: 1000 meters at Half-Marathon Pace, followed by 1000 meters at Marathon Pace - Repeat three to six times.

► Tech Time-out....How Often are You Disconnecting from your music and watch? I don't do it often myself with the watch- but yesterday I did - I did time it from my house to my destination but I didn't have a watch telling me a pace- I ran what I wanted. Find some Liberation and Disconnect

►Knee Savers (don't I know it!) - foam Roll, Squat thrusts, side to side lunges

►Attitude adjustor's

•Are you vowing to train harder but lack follow through: Set a new goal, join a running club, run for charity.

•You've found balance and now you need to stay on track: Focus on your enjoyment so it keep you running!

•You're obsessing and analyzing your running- Listen to your body and relax when you need to avoid burn-out and injury, cut yourself some slack and focus on life when you're not running and stop thinking so much about your running.

►There was a huge Head to Toe several page spread about Head to Toe Newbie chronicle information and I think I'll save that for another post :)

►Running Duds won't perform if you don't launder them properly- skip the fabric softener - it can coat your dry-wick and lose it's ability to wick, hang your clothes dry, wash in cold water, wash them immediately after a run.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running Inspiration

1. stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
2. the state or quality of being so stimulated or aroused
3. someone or something that causes this state
4. an idea or action resulting from such a state

Most Often I am asked What Inspired me to "Change". My Weight loss Inspiration was Different from my Running "Inspiration".

My Weight loss Inspiration at first was my deep desire to stop feeling so uncomfortable. I desperately wanted to feel good. In obesity I felt tired, sick and totally uncomfortable. Uncomfortable driving, walking, being active which is something I still was even in obesity. Incredibly active but lacked the energy to fulfill my life the way I wanted. I would have to take breaks where I crashed on my bed or couch with exhaustion and collect my energy and strength to finish my days. Once I began making those changes after creating a "plan" I continued to inspire myself. With all sense of it all my Children encompasses a deeper feeling of wanting to Inspire them one day, or even be a better Me so I can be a better Mommy. So they in fact Inspired me to never stop what I started!

My Running Inspiration came from RunnerBoy. I owe that man. He Owes his Friends. Amazing to see how they inspired him and how he Inspired me and now I can Inspire You? All being paid Forward. I saw this Man fall head over heels in LOVE with Running. He wanted to do it all the time. He never said a bad thing about it. He lost weight really quickly, his 100lbs and into maintenance happened all within a year! His Inspiration fueled me with one simple thought "I am going to dedicate myself to become a Runner" Not only did I feel like building a base of at least 3.1 would make me "fit and heart healthy" but maybe I could see what all the FUSS is about!

Wow- I didn't Like Running when I started. and I'll make another post about that journey at some point in the near future-.......
What Inspired me to Keep Going? Connecting to a Great Online Running Community. Sharing, Embracing and Celebrating with myself and others. Sharing with Runnerboy. Talking about it. Moaning about it, lol
People that Can Inspire Me:
Other Healthy People
Other Runners
Those that have overcome in their life
Support Groups
Those that have Lost Weight too
My Peeps ♥
Sources of Inspiration:
Motivational Mantras

I want to share some vital messages to you, which is what inspired me to write this post.
1) If you have ever felt Inspired, I BEG You to do something with the Inspiration. Don't just let someones Drive, Dedication or Courage or Strength shake your emotions momentarily. In those moments where you actually feel enlightened or powerful enough to seek a deep desire to change and try something new or challenging, I want you to Create a Plan and Start it Immediately! Don't wait. Don't let that Inspiration fade away into nothing.
2) Be a Source of Inspiration to Others. Understand whether you have lost 5lbs and have only run 1 mile you too can Inspire another person to do the same things. Eating Healthy and Getting Fit is not set by a definitive number and is not measurable. You too can impact a person in your life to make those same healthy choices. Speak it, share it. Embrace and Share it. So Many of My Friends are So Afraid to Share it. I too know how that feels. But You should Keep Celebrating, even if by chance one farce creature decides it's annoying or a nuisance to maybe their stale life, pay that no Attention.
3) Use Your Inspiration toward Others Continue to Fuel You. You already see that you are leading by example. You are in fact allowed to journey through and make mistakes and not always be perfect. Whether you want to be or Not, You are a Role Model. If you need to Use that to Inspire you to Stay On Track with Health & Fitness then so Be it! If for No one else but even for your family/friends and most often Your own Children. Just don't ever stop!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Run, Shoulder Bi & Tri Today

I woke up on the most perfect side of the bed this Morning! I woke up with the very first initial thought and feeling of Gratitude and Excitement for Another Great Day in My Life. I said a Prayer and Declared to Own my Day and Make it the Best ♥
Today I did a Run, Weights, Elliptical Routine.
.7mile warm up- walk/run up to 5k race pace
2 miles at 5k Race Pace Intervals.
Who Knows Why I did this. I didn't want to do anything but Run. I got on and my right knee actually didnt feel good. No pain but pressure. I was NOT happy. But I warmed up and I pushed to test the knee. HA! Oh Knee You hurt at a slow pace- let's see if you hurt going fast...UM' Of Course Not- Remember my Knee tendinitis loves FAST, so I gave it what it wanted and truth be told I enjoyed that Sweat! No WAIT...I LOVED IT :)
I did a concentration on Shoulders Bi's and Tri's Today.
My Shoulders Hurt Plenty after today and this is what I did.
10lb lateral raises rep 10 2 sets
35lb set of 21's wow- that one hurt, lol
25lbs 2 sets of 21's
20lb set bicep curls
25lb 3 sets of bicep curls
110lb Pulldowns 1 set
110lb pullbacks 1 set
90lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
100lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
110lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
25lb tricep dumbell extensions 2 sets
20lb dumbell shoulder press 1 set
10 assisted pullups
10 tricep dips on dipping station
I tell you what- I'm really really sore tonight. My left shoulder/bicep is aching. Not sure this is a good ache so I will have to be mindful of how much I'm doing. I do get carried away. I need to organize my weight lifting with some routine! I have None other than trying to make sure I get in there 2x a week now! Today is Monday My last Weight Routine was Thursday- I missed it!
If you want help to learn of these- this chick is great to walk you through them :)
After I decided to do a hit of some more cardio without running. So I opted for the Elliptical and didn't think much of it but soon I started to compete against the clock for ten minutes and got in 1.96 miles in just 10 minutes and well had I known I was going to do that I would of pushed earlier on and got in over 2 miles, darn it, haha!
B: Banana
L: All Natural PBJ on Whole Wheat
S: Mixed Nuts & Cherrys
D: Home-Made Macaroni and Cheese and 1/2 Avocado
S: Greek Yogurt
My Body Woes me. I'm having an issue with PCOS the last two months. I'm not sure why but I'm very symptomatic. Moods, hormones, fatigue, carb craving, flux in weight, sleep irregularities, fast growing hair, omg- you name it. I am Offically One Week Late on my Period- I'm rarely this late. I can't be preggo- Runnerboy had a the Big V- so it's stubborn body. I'm bloated. I'm really uncomfortable. I'm ROUND from Bloat ---GAH! Oh and I hate Runnerboy Today. Despite Him wanting to "own" me. No RunnerBoy GO AWAY- I must be getting this period, I always hate him when I'm close to getting it. He looks at me and says "You are getting your Rag" and I just want to smack him for using such filthy talk. No worries I only smack in a good way, ha! Anyways.
Other than that- Life is good- CCRG Stickers are Being Sold- Sent some Out today with more Being Sent out Tmrw!
This Webpage is Looking Great- I keep making changes and Look forward to hopefully many years of just doing this stuff for fun and Helping people like you to stay motivated, Eat Well and Run Strong! xx

Saturday, March 24, 2012

♥ Sweet 16 Love ♥

First I wanted to show off the new outfit I bought - Running and Eating Healthy Pay off :)

Hello! I had to switch back to .blogspot as my new domain would not work and I'm not sure where it went wrong- but after 3 days it should of been accessible yet it got worse after 3 days and even I couldn't access or see my own blog. GAH! That is Not good- I need this place. It's mine and I love here. I pour my heart and emotions out on this little white screen about my life, my loves, my passions, my foods, my obsessions and well I guess you just get to be witness to my boring, my indifference, my awesome *wink* , My Crazy little life!
I took two full days of Running Rest. Thursday was a hit of the weights and I tackled 30lb bicep curls for the first time. Really not looking to always rep on weight this heavy- I've mastered 25lbs and can super -set them easily without any more tear. So I knew I should transition. 5lbs is a big difference, lol Plus I wanted to hit the arms at least two days before a LR so it doesn't hurt me on a run. Learned that lesson a while back- so theres a tip for you- don't lift heavy before long runs- trust me your shoulders/arms/back might not like the swing of 2.5-3hrs of running!
Friday- Rest Day - fully- I was at home did some random planks, jumping jacks, jogging in place, ah- just cause- lol
I have been experience restless leg syndrome and not been mentioning too much about this. I experience my very first symptoms of it after my October Marathon. I was not running and my knee was in pain- I chalked it up to not running. This time I am thinking it's because I'm building up my base even more. I went from 25mile weeks to 30 and this week I went to 35. Ever since I hit 30+ mile weeks I notice an incredible urge/creepy crawling feeling like my legs need to bounce and jerk about and mostly at night- Poor RunnerBoy- he doesn't get mad at me- despite my endless twitching at night on some occasions. He rubbed me last night and just him massaging my quads super sensitized me to feel that same feeling a million fold and I felt like I wanted to jump off the couch. What it feels like is a nerve sensation to move. To Run, to twitch about- GAH! Why? lol- I was trying to not let my Paranoid side thing it was something serious-
I posted an interest blog on Wednesday about my father-trust me you likely want to skip my mental drama fest from that one! Lets just say several months ago I had to write this man out of my life for emotionally and mentally abusing me at 33 yrs old in a time in my life when I don't need or deserve it. Well he made contact with me via-facebook. Even though I have him blocked- he found a crack in the FB system and was able to make contact with me via my Photography business Page on FB. I was not happy. He also called me home and then left me a really nasty message last night. I am so over the abuse. I told him again to leave me alone. It's sad really that the man is so sick in the head. He is a poisonous snake just waiting to bite! Scarey and totally undeserved on my part. So I had that drama last night. I didn't get to bed in a timely manner and well I woke up later than I wanted. I wanted to be out running by 7am. That became 8:30
But I had 2 cups of Mojo and my Oatmeal- My normal Marathon training Run Fuel. I watched running videos, looked at motivating pictures and listened to some great music to get my body ready.
My head was not- I actually wanted to stay home- cuddle in bed. Hang out and do nothing today- omg...why? I just feel alot less passion to run this Marathon unlike my others. I'm not sure if it's the busy of my life. If it's because I gave myself permission to fall back to a 13.1 distance in May if I was not managing my life the way I needed to due to school. It has become a permission slip. I know after this point of 16 - in all reality in my mind there is no going back. 17, 18, 20 & 20 and maybe another 2o and I'm done for LR's and that is so worthy of a medal if I adventure into that long run territory. ha!
I was fearful that the runs was going to be shiz nizzy too- as I kept trying to train 'smarter' by slowing down. All coaches tell us to go 45-60 seconds slower per mile than normal . I don't know about this. Maybe this is so true for all those that run 6's and low 7's like normal. But if I run 8:30 like normal that puts me 9:15-9:30 and that is just tough to get into. I feel so slow- my stride really off- It's relaxing but I struggle even to not go even slower, lol- I either have FAST or SLOW - ggrr! I want to be a better controlled runner so I keep putting pressure on myself.
So because I know that and this might be affecting my desire to run long- I need to just shut it all down in my head and just run what feels good for me- fast, slow, too fast, too slow- who cares- just clock my miles and celebrate the end result - no matter what.
So it's what I did- and I'm content with Today- NO_ I am PROUD of myself for letting me just be a runner- and stop self coaching myself and just RUN!
I felt great- all the way to Mile 10 where I made a mistake and well I again, I don't care, lol- but I went really fast simply because I felt the energy- I felt amazing- my feet were just on fire and I was feeling my Runners High- Hot Dam I love that feeling. Mile 10-12.5 I was running around an 8min pace and maybe even in the 7's for a while- but truth be told- I felt it hit me about mile 13 where my legs started to feel the burn- the heavy feeling- the tapping myself was good because If I can get a burn on a LR I secretly like it. I know I will make myself stronger in the end.
Last two were super tough and despite how tough they felt I still kept pace around 8:30-8:45.
Definite Negative Split today- my first half in 1:12 my second half in 1:08
Fuel mid run (actually at mile 6.5) was 10 oz Active Gatorade Fuel and 1 jet black raspberry GU
Trails, track, around ponds, to the lake, more hills, no waits- lots of elevation gains- nothing huge but still taxing ups on the legs!
Ice Bath-hurt so good!
Post Run Fuel- Sweet Potato- Walnut- maple syrup drizzled on top
Grilled chicken breast
All natural Whey Protein Shake
More Recovery Drink

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weights & Rest

This Blogger is in transition and so it's irritating me ;-p I can't access anything- at this point I can't even view it, somehow I'm able to write a post?


35min quick weight session.

Rest Today

16 in da' Morning :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunset Run

I wanted to do a Sunset Run after a really busy day. After all I had my Running Shoes on all Day. Cleaning and made the house spotless :) Yeah, I like a clean home, it's my Job so I try to at least be 'ok' at it :)

I was a little disappointed as I made my way to the Lake, which is my most favorite running location hotspot.By the time I got there the SunSet was Over- I ran through the city with the sun setting to my right.

Still an ok run.

I didn't blog - I ran double yesterday. or did I? OMG_ My brain is so fried, I can't remember! haha!

3 miles in the morning where I walked to warm up and finished 3 miles in just over 31min or something- but that includes the walk warm up, finally opened up on that run.

Then I did 4.5 miles with the Running Club last night- it was a Blast- I am so HAPPY I started a Running Club in my Community. We had ten runners and we all enjoy running and so to share that is pretty Great to me! When I was a new runner I never felt worthy, I felt too slow, I wanted to run alone and now I'm completely different!

I felt better with last nights run- not so hard on me, my energy and heart rate still feel off.

I was still not perfect tonight- and in reflection lets not be fooled we have been in Record Heat Waves Highs in Central New York. Our Weather should be in the mid 45-50 degrees and we have been in the 70 & 80's ....OMG! I actually even noticed earlier in my Running dress that I was peeling on my shoulders- at some point in the last week I got a small amount of sun color on my shoulders and now peeling. Perhaps I underestimate the impact the heat has on my running.

I still don't have my period. I'm officially late now- GGGRRR- I want it here so I can move past the day one funk and pain of it before Saturdays 16miler!

So 8:21 pace tonight-

Foods have been Great- I have lost 4lbs of water that I was holding and that fell off in 2 days or really super hydrating myself. Scale has been put back away- It can be such a great tool to show me how on/off track I am with hydration, at best I'm not really trying to officially lose weight yet so I am not at all concerned with gained or losing so the scale stays in the closet for a while longer.

Todays food:
2 slices Whole Wheat Toast
tsp spread
tsp natural jam

spinach & arugula
home-made Italian
low fat cheese
slice of low sodium bacon
cup of grapes

15 min Healthy Dinner: 1/2 cup FF Cream Cheese, 3 cups of mixed veggies, cooked chicken breast add in McCormich MSG Free Garlic and herb spices with 3 tbsp of grated parm. Yum! ......THEN... I decided that I wanted to try my first Sweet Potato Burger. 80grams of sweet potato, 1/2 servicing crushed walnuts and tsp of pure maple syrup- patty it up and toss in frying pan with healthy oil today was SunFlower Oil. SOO GOOD! All quick easy and low calories.

Pre- run fuel- 1/4 cup of ice -cream on a sugar cone- OMG_ 80 degrees and it had to happen, sorry it just had to happen, lol- hahahaha! Listen, moderation- 150 calorie snack-
The only regret is I don't eat ice-cream that often and I'm lactose intolerant mostly to plain milk and ice-cream and tonight I'm gassy, lol!

After my Run, I felt Ravenous- my calories were light so I ate a serving of Organic tortillas with organic salsa - probably 200 cals.

Total today: very loosely figured around 1500 cals.

Wednesday Mourning

That is utterly the most perfect blog post title.
Today is my fathers birthday. It's been a good 7-8 months since we last had a healthy interaction. I became the center of attacks when he was in fact upset with my siblings and their life choices. Suddenly he was bringing me into a situation that had nothing to do with me.
When I speak of the issues I had last year, this was certainly one of them. I never spoke of it, I was the midst of a much bigger pain in my heart and life but surely he put the icing on the cake of complete and utter insanity for me.
Maybe in reflection the one person that should of held me up or talked me through my life, was in fact the one that was putting the nails into my mental coffin.
I was picked apart and dissected by a man that barely even knows me as an adult. Someone that thinks they know everything because they are looking in.
Tears roll down my face as I think about the extra pain he caused me in an already vulnerable point in my life. I know I didn't deserve his attacks, I realize on a human level that he is sick. He has depression and PTSD and all these other medical issues. I couldn't help but to forgive him for doing that to me. On my Marathon in October when I wrote "Set it free" I was setting that burdened relationship free too. I felt a insatiable feeling like I had forgiven him. That I know when my father hurts others the most it reflects the hurt in his heart. To which his expectations of our relationship was far too high. We will never be that close. He ruined that many years ago when he did "all this" stuff then. I always forgive. Family does that right? We forgive because we have to, because it's the right thing to do. So I reached out to the very person that tore me apart mentally. He made me insecure and self reflect negative things about myself, made me defend myself and try to convince him that I'm really good person. Why should I convince my own father that I am a good person? He had me head twisted thinking I was a terrible person, in a time when I was already feeling terrible about other things, mistakes and situations last year to which he never even knew about. So I kept thinking maybe he is seeing something I have not. But rest assured, I buried that doubt. I do not drink, I do not do drugs. I take care of my kids very well, I keep a clean home, I am a respectable member of my community. I am respectful and act like a lady. I am appropriate and to the outside world my life was happy.
Well it didn't take but 2 weeks after reaching out that he lashed out me again (he was upset I didn't return a message soon enough for him) and well, I yet again had to eliminate him from my life. How many times do I give someone a free pass to abuse me? Mentally and emotionally I was being abused by father.
So Today on his Birthday, I mourn for his life. I mourn for the loss of the kind of father he should of been. I mourn the dysfunctional dynamic relationship we have.
What I hope is that I can build my little family with RunnerBoy and Peeps to have normal and healthy relationships with each other for life. I know I can because I love these people above myself. I love these people and I think of how they feel instead of how I feel. I love these people that I hurt when they hurt and I don't ever want them to hurt .My Job is to protect my Children. The world is going to be hard enough on them so I want to be their Safe Haven. I am their Guardian, I will love and respect & guide them through their life. I care about them so much that their happiness trumps mine. I promise no matter my frustration with their life choices that I will never dis-own them. I will never break them down, I will only build them up. If they are making mistakes or need Mommy life lesson then I will guide them through it and let them live their life.
So Really for Now- I do this ↓

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Domain

I purchased a Doman, so Now I own my name without the " dot" behind it :) What will happen though, service and availability to the blog may be interrupted here and there. So I apologize for the inconvenience.

Your blog is in transition

Your blog's new address is Since it takes time for this new address to be available all over the Internet, you can still get to it at
Your new address should work for everyone after at most 3 days. At that time we will redirect your readers from your old address to the new one.

Failed 16 miler

I was retaining a lot of water on Sunday- most times when I retain it's either hormones or the contrary of most people weigh too little my body holds onto whatever water I give it, so I go up in weight- always have been this way. So when I hydrate after dehydration I actually lose 3-4lbs in one day. Well I was drinking and peeing so much on Sunday- I was peeing clear and I actually had to apologize to my professor for escaping to the potty 4x in a 3hr class simply because I thought my bladder would explode. I have been dealing with a sore back and tight hips, ITB flare out of nowhere and pain my lower belly - right near my ovaries. I think I ovulated last week which just means and with coordination of my cycle I am due for my period any day now. I'm tired, fatigued when I thought I was hydrated I think I still was dehydrated and maybe just 'normal' ...gah, frustrated at trying to sort out why am not feeling myself. I couldn't get my heart rate up- every time I did- my hear rate would be high- I would feel winded and the body even heavier- I felt like a horse out there again today-

coupled with the physical stiffness, aches, pains, lethargic feelings I was also battling my emotions. I had a very intense dream and it mind f'd me up. I woke up crying and just hate those sorts of feelings and it stayed with me, toppled with runnerboy spousal distress because I broke my cell phone on one of my runs, I dropped it- so he was fresh with me about it- frustrating me, not like I meant to break a cell phone- GAH! good news is that it still works but has moments of broken insanity so I'm not sure how much longer it will last :( Remember the half marathon it fell into the snow :/

I ran through so much last Year. It actually saved me. It escaped me to go into my own little world for a while. My heart and mind found some sort of solitude out on the roads. Running with broken heart and fucked up feelings was just so normal for me. However, things are different now. I don't harbor the 'same' sort of feelings or heart ache. Those sorts of problems have or are still are being worked out and when I run I have nothing but clear thoughts and a happy heart.

I did NOT like running yesterday with funky dream, with the angst from the runnerboy being upset with me, my body already off- my energy low- I had no fuel of which is typical for me- an egg/toast is not going to cut it for me with a 16 mile run. Epic fail there. I brought no fuel, no hydration, epic fail there. I had to hold my mace/keys- epic fail there, I didn't have my cell phone and that pisses me off because I love taking pics and having it for security and I was stubborn left it home.

My 16 turned into 8.5 and that's just the way it worked. I would of most honestly ran the whole way home - as I went 8 out and started my way back into the city but runnerboy came to me with fluids and well within an instant I ditched my run. No regrets at all either.

What I did love- the lake views, the birds chirping - being in the country.

oh well, confidence to know that it's ok to try again later. Trust in myself that ending this run was the best thing for my head and heart. I love running and yesterday it was not much fun- and I was there to just be there and that is not fair to me or my wings-


spinach salad topped with pine nuts/walnuts/cherry/olive oil dressing, grapes, greek yogurt

organic beef, crustless whole wheat, 1/4 slice of swiss, 1 slice of low sodium ham, 2tbsp of quacamole, pineapple, jalapeno poppers *2* , carrots

Best Part-No Evening Snack- I'm so over it :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

No Fuss 100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Yes!! You Can Snack! Healthy, Clean, Quick and Easy!

100Calorie & Under Snacks that require No Baking or Recipes:

• 4 Dark Chocolate Kisses or tbsp of tbsp of Dark Chocolate Mini morsels. Dark Chocolate is Full of Flavenoids and anti-oxidants. The Dark Cocoa is very Heart Healthy unlike Milk chocolate which is just sugar and saturated fat.

• 1/2 Cup of Slow Churned Ice-Cream or just under 1/2 cup of sherbet or sorbet

• 3 cups of Air Popped Popcorn

• Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks

•Raw Veggies- Endless eating- virtually little calories in most raw veggies- so you know what- go eat your heart out!

•Natural Peanut Butter- Great for Whole Wheat Cracker or fruit like Apple or veggie like Celery

• Fresh Fruit- I love it- fiber, nutrients, water - but control yourself - there is still sugar in it and you don't need more than one serving at a time! Mix it up- make a smoothie, bake an apple and sprinkle it with Cinnamon and enjoy

•Hummus- tag with some veggies like 8 carrots and 2tbsp of Hummus you will get just under 100 calories!

•Nuts- Use Your Scale to Measure Proper Portion Size - Almonds for Example: 14 for just 98 Calories or 20 Pistachios for 8o calories

• Pickles & Olives- Great Snack RunnerGirls!

• Non Fat- Greek Yogurt - Try Freezing Frozen Yogurt and eating it as ice-cream, Yum!
•Fat Free Cool Whip

•Jello *it's ok to use real sugar Jello- just portion control it and top with whipped cream!*

•Pumpkin Seeds

•Sunflower Seeds

•Frozen Banana Pop - coat with nonfat yogurt, insert a stick and freeze.

• 3/4-1 cup of a high fiber cereal (oat cereal, raisin bran, Cheerios, granola)

• Whole Grain Tortilla Chips with Salsa (just about 8 chips and 2tbsp of Salsa)

•Low Fat String Cheese- approx: 70 calories

• Dried Fruit

Healthy Snacks just over 140calories per serving that a CalorieCountingRunnerGirl can Enjoy!

• Kettle Chips-

•Snickiddy Snack-

• Annes snack mix

• No Pudge Brownie (made with non-fat Greek yogurt)

•Skinny Cow Ice-Creams

• Sensible Portions-

Tips to Portion Control & Moderation

1) Use Snack Bags and Portion out your snacks ahead of time

2) Never eat from a bag or a container- put into a bowl first

3) Never Purchase more than what you'll need

4) Seal off or Freeze Leftovers

5) Bring these snacks with you on the go- bring with you only what you need. Keep extras in your purse or car for when you are feeling vulnerable to fast food or pitstops simply because you are hungry

6) Use Your Measuring Cups/Spoons or Scale. Never ever go by chip or nut count- weigh your food you may get an extra chip or you may lose one- Be accurate, trust me at the end of a full day it can be a difference of 100-300 calories

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Move Over Lions- Lionness is in da' house! GROAR

Today , I woke up with mind, heart and body in full motion to really have the best day ever! That is called great outlook, optimism, gratitude ♥ Love, Life...all of it...Perfect.

Ok So I get to the gym and I am a little tiney stressed I wanted to run 60min today and I wanted to hit the weights in a decent form- I was a little lagging on time- a little taking my time getting ready to leave the house on a Saturday Morning. So instead of running 60min and 30min weights and no time to shower and having to get to a birthday party by 1 and still needing to buy a present- I had to do both quickly!

Now this is a tip you all you that have been following me for a while know I like to do interval training between cardio and weights. Like I love it. But I tend to stick to speed work on these sorts of work-outs too- Just to earn my "Bad'Ass" status for the day, lol

So today lots of boys in the gym- I aint got time for the stares- I am in there for me- not you boys- I gotz me a man- and he is Perfect - ha!

Anyways! I am an athlete- I deserve that room and I am going to work my ass off right next to the other Lions and they can piss all over their den if they want- but they WILL share that equipment and they will give me respect- If not - My Lioness Side might come out- bwahaha! I just say that cause they want to hog machines and when I want to do a quick set or two they want to claim the are in the middle of super setting- I can care less- you are breaking for 2 minutes between sets- let me in there for a minute- I'll put things back where you had them- that's called good gym etiquette!

Besides do you realize how bad- ass it is to lift and be a runner- like seriously? I do both baby - so watch out- cause you boys might lift but my guns might be just as big and THEN I can run circles around you all day LONG! BOOM!

Ok, Ok, I'm like ridiculously hyper today :)

20lbs bicep curls 10 reps - 2 sets
90lbs tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 2 sets
8:15 Mile for One Mile
25lb bicep curls 10 reps- 2 sets
100lbs tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 2 sets
8:00 mile for 1.5 miles
25lb bicep curls 10 reps - 2 sets- starting to feel it and so I knew 6 sets was good today!
120lb tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 1 set
110lb tricep pulldowns- 10 reps- 1 set
15lb tricep throwbacks- I really need to go for 20lbs on these - they are too easy now

THEN...... I trained at my desirable new 5k race pace of 7:20 and I was able to hold it for 1.5 miles and ran out of time- and I was ok with that- lol- I am ok totally with walking away NOT dead from that pace for 1.5 miles- I am so Hopeful RunnerGirls- I just felt so Amazing at this pace and it's so mental and my body was so on cue with energy and fluid- open wings for sure!

Breakfast: Banana/coffee - 100cals

Lunch: Greek Yogurt - 140cals *on the go on the way to the b- day party- I did NOT eat pizza, chips, pretzals, cheese balls, cake, ice-cream* Lol- Omg- see- I knew what was there- but I didn't even want to it :) Control, Gotta love Control when Life is Out of Control, hey that's my theory!

Snack: Small Apple - 60cals 3 slices of thinly sliced low sodium deli ham and one skim cheese stick - 100cals

Dinner- Fish Fillet, Scallops, few bites of my kids mac & cheese - Not sure- Scallops are good for us- but they are very caloric and they are very high sodium. From what I remember of calorie counting this food back in the day- the fish is about 300cals- I don't eat the bread - and the scallops is around 500 I think ? or maybe it's 35o? oh shizzy, I'll go google. ok so it's 385 calories and almost 900 mg of sodium- see that I remember, lol!! yikes! for 6 lil pcs! So why do I eat them? They are actually really great source of protein and selenium and they have no carbs! Some ketchup- 15cals- some tartar- 30cals, that mac was just a couple of bites but I'll easily call that 50 cals.

Snack at home-
Cherrio- 150
Dark Chocolate- 200

Todays Cals: 1560

negatives to my eating- On the go- wasn't home all day- I hate that- I hate that I've been so busy lately that I never seem to be able to eat as clean as I want- I bought 200 dollars in groceries yesterday for the week and well I barely ate any of it, lol- gah! Where is my vegetable? I really need to lay off the dark chocolate- I'm way too obsessed with it-lol

Friday, March 16, 2012

MountainGoat Training #2

Enjoying the Spring Day- 70's sunshine and I'm totally Loving it ♥ Hello Spring♥

Here is Mountain Goat Hill Training #1 -

Mountain Goat Training #2 Rolling Hill Repeats

1 Mile Warm Up- walk/run -

Hill pace 9:50 (6.1 on the treadmill at 6% incline) ..... Flat Pace 8:00 (7.5 on the treadmill)

1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- Flat
1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- flat
1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- flat
1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- flat
1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- flat
1/4 mile- 6%
1/4 mile- flat
Flat Mile- 8min pace

Total 5 miles today.

This Training Run felt GREAT- I stepped up my speed in recovery phase as to mimic race day- I will be aiming to increase distance on the next repeat and stepping up my pace on the hills. I'm skeered, lol - this was very tolerable- I had lots of energy- moments where I was feeling a little tired so that good - but I promise you I was not tapped at the end of this run- I was feeling pretty dam skippy! ha! love that Run Feeling! Way better than Goat Training #1 two weeks ago!


Apple, Grilled chicken snackrwrap- extra lettuce, no cheese, apple slices
protein shake
2 greek yogurts
4 cheese tortellini
3 turkey meatballs
honey nut cherrio to snack on while editing photos!

This was a really long day for me- I did a lot - shopping- 3 photoshoots for clients- the twins were mini monsters - I went to bed at 1:30 am just tapped - my sinus was hurting- the allergies from the day really tapped me- I've been going at 110 miles per hour for days- catching up to me!

PCOS Weight Loss Running MetFormin

What is Pcos?
Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition in which there is an imbalance of a woman's female sex hormones. This hormone imbalance may cause changes in the menstrual cycle, skin changes, small cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant.

CCRG- Pcos Symptoms:

• decreased breast size
• flares of acne
• insulin resistance
• infertility
• thinning of the hair
• occasional flares of body hair
• Majority of my life I had absent or irregular periods
• now I have shortened periods of just 3 days
• I breastfed twins for 6months and my first for 13months- I dealt with low milk supply due to pcos- I am a Fighter for my Beautiful Babies and I gave them the best and I'm really proud of that!
• Insomnia & fatigue
•belly & back pain
• large abdominal circumference

CCRG- Diagnosis
• Happened just after getting pregnant with my first daughter- while trying to get pregnant again, I was diagnosed with PCOS via ultrasound and found all the cysts. In totality every part of PCOS fit me and my inability to get pregnant- my struggles with my weight etc.

CCRG- Attempts to Treat pcos
• lose weight
• used metformin for 5months
• used birth control pills for a few months to control cysts

PCOS is a really a terrible thing for most woman to be diagnosed with. It's a viscous up hill battle to lose weight and get pregnant. You work your butt off to cut calories and work out, yet the hormones in our body is such a strong dominate factor as to how our body treats the calories we eat.

I will admit that I forget that I have pcos. It's not the forefront of my daily thoughts. It's more of a reality slap in the face when I stall in progress with my running or my ability to lose. I can sometimes gain weight ridiculously quickly *like 3-7lbs* in ONE day. I was this way my entire 150lb weight loss journey.

What I remember experiencing:

Weeks where my testosterone was high- my energy through the roof. I had little appetite. I would work really hard and cut calories and my cardio was strong. I would notice a change in my hair growth- the hair on my head would grow faster- I would be shaving my legs more often, plucking stray hairs more often - I'd lose 3-4lbs in one week that could happen for 2-3 weeks.
THEN......I'd do all the same things in regards to my fitness and healthy eating but I'd be more tired. I would feel weak. I'd have sluggish runs. My Ovaries would Ache- I would experience back pain. I would experience tenderness when touching my lower abdomen. I would crave carbs really badly. I would stall or lose very minimally with all the same efforts. I would be incredibly emotional and hormonal. Very Needy and sometimes 'sad'. I would often have a couple days or a week of frustration.

My Detailed Pcos History:

I got my first period 3 days after my 13th Birthday
I was regular till I was about 15 yrs old
Then I started to get irregular periods.
My Irregular periods were from 15-29 yrs old. Having my period just 3-4x per year
At age 27- I attempted for the very first time to lose weight. All wrong- I smoked cigarettes, I only ate once a day and my attempts to run were simply to burn fat- and then I'd smoke afterwards. OMG! Well I lost weight- I went from 275 down to 215lbs. I started to get my periods back to normal September 2004- January of 2005 I had a period each month! Well in January of 2005 Is when the Magic Happened! 9 months later I had my Daughter- Whitney ♥
Then I blew back up around 295lbs during pregnancy. I settled around 265-275lbs after having her and trying to lose again while breastfeeding and working with an endo a couple of years later after tracking temps and irregular cycles I went on Clomid- failed- went onto my first IVF cycle and it was a success with Follistim and got pregnant with my Twins!

Maintaining with PCOS-

So with all that said- Now that I have been maintaining for almost a year, it's still a battle against insulin resistance. There is a fine line between warding off carbs so that I don't hold onto them and needing them to fuel my running. It's nutritionally vital that I have carbs in my life for my Fitness.
I try to keep my carbs under half of each meal intake or the mindset that my plate is half full of veggie, then 1/4 full of lean meat and then if I need it, I will add a quinoa or cous cous for a complex carb. When I track I break down the percentages through a tracker like sparkspeople. the closer to 40% for a daily carb intake the better. When You are cutting calories down to 1200 it does not take much carbs to hit your limit.

So here are some Tips that I'm going to Share about PCOS:

• Track your Carb Intake (there is NO real way to diagnose the insulin resistance with pcos- it's almost an automatic given per most doctors opinions)

• Always Go Complex Carbs- avoid the simple sugar- the body will quickly store the simple sugars more readily because of the insulin resistance

• Cut Carbs by doing one slice of whole wheat bread instead of two when making sandwiches. cut the crust off your bread. add a half a banan to your smoothie instead of a full.

•Use low glycemic natural sweeteners that won't impact your blood sugar so rapidly. this inludes honey, agave and stevia.

•Learn Glycemic Index -

• don't worry about counting veggie/fruit carbs so much - they are healthy and stocked with vitamins/minerals/water/fiber.

• Don't be afraid to eat the complex carbs but I'm very serious that you should be measuring out your pasta- I always keep my pasta cooked to just one 1 measuring cup. I make sure I add a lean meat and veggie with pasta meals to get more of a fill

• Track your periods- pay attention to cycles - they can indicate why you might not be losing that week and may have nothing to do with calories/fitness- simply a hormone imbalance

• Don't get mad if you actually retain or gain during a week in which you did your food and fitness perfectly- Your body is retaining it- when you balance out- you will toss those lbs really quickly! I could gain 3-7lbs in a week and hold it for 7-10days in in like 2-3 days "Swoosh" It would be gone forever and I never got them back- this happened more than you all would care to know during my 13months of losing the 15o lbs! At least every other month I'd stall but then surge forward!

•Mentally Grow Stronger- Keep Your Eye on the Game and the Prize- that is Health and mental strength to not give up or give in. Don't ever say to yourself what you are doing is not working so why bother and eat more or work-out less. It does NOT work that way. I never did that to myself- I would expect you never do it either. This is Not a Game- this Is Your Life- This is Your Health. Your Cardio fitness is the up most vital importance to us Woman with pcos- we are scientifically at a great risk for cancer and heart disease. I do NOT take this lightly. I hope you don't either!

• When you see yourself cycling with hormones and you feel GREAT - then Really push your cardio that much more- make up for the time lost with the hormonal imbalance. You will grow as a runner, you will grow as an athlete and you will reap the benefits on the scale that week!

• Talk to other cysters- get advice- share your frustrations and maybe even be a guide to them that you are doing it and they can too!

pcos is NOT a RoadBlock- it's more simply a series of little detours that will in the end just make you stronger and more triumphant. I am really serious when I write this. I give myself mad prompts for losing my weight without medications. With sticking to the lifestyle despite the detours that were before me.

Yes I do get jealous *even still* and even during when someone else does the same things and maybe even I may have worked harder and I saw no progression on the scale. it really hurts. It was at times very discouraging and I cried some tears over it. But after a few moments of frustration and tears- I wiped my eyes and continued on. You can too. Some Pcos'ers lose steadily and some are on meds and some don't need meds like Metformin to lose. There is NO Right or Wrong Way for you Take Your Journey- the focus is what is comfortable and feels right for you!

I remember going to my doctor when I was 220lbs. I told him "I'm not losing weight fast enough- I am jealous that other people can just have it melt off of them and yet I have to work my ass off and cut calories down to 1200 to just lose a freakin lb. He said "Connie- this is not a race- you are doing it on your own and it's making you stronger. As a Runner I would discourage you from using the metformin and just keep doing what you are doing"

I am no doctor folks nor will I declare that my doctor discourages Metformin in totality- but he too is a runner and I talked to him about my fears of using metformin while adventuring into long distance running. Metformin is after all suppose to affect your blood sugar- it reduces the sugar production by the liver. It's not something I wanted to fool around with.

Metformin & Long Distance Running

Metformin works by improving the body's response to insulin and reducing the amount of sugar that is produced by the liver. Because metformin can cause several side effects, it is important to weigh these side effects against the benefits of treatment before beginning this medication.

Because- Metformin lowers blood sugar- therefore it can cause low blood sugar. This Fact and adventuring into long distance running- well it really scared me. Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar include drowsiness, sweating, fast heartbeat, headache, hunger, seizure, confusion, fainting and irritability

This is a medication there are very serious medical side effects to taking it. Lactic acidosis is one of these side effects. This condition causes lactic acid to build up in the blood faster than the body can remove it.

What I want you to do if you are taking Metformin and looking to become a long distance runner is to actually make an appt and talk about the risks vs. the beneftis with your doctor.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recovery Run & Arms & Abs

Yesterday I did an easy 5.5 with the my runningclub~♥
Keeping it tender- I ran with 2 other runnergirls and I enjoyed running nice and tender- no attention to pace because we didn't wear a watch. But we know we were about ten minutes after the boys returned from the run and so I definitely kept the girls under 10min miles and one is recovering from meniscus surgery and the other was doing her first ever double run day! So we certainly not out there to do anything but enjoy! The weather was perfect- like seriously wished I had my camera because the sky was so intimate. I have been so blessed to capture so many sunsets on my runs and that is my all time favorite- I love catching the rise of the side but most especially catching the sunset on them!

Today I did a mad session of the arms and small hits of my abs and lots of stretching. Yesterday and today I spent many hours cleaning, organizing my home. I'm talking moving the stove and re-arranging stuff. I loving this feeling- I bought new organizers- and put a new door on my pantry and bought one of the fancy but so cheap over the door canned good shelf units. yeah- BAM- Loving it! I bought contact paper and I'm going to keep re-arranging my pantry and then when I have space for more stuff in there I am going to clean out more of my one kitchen cupboard- am I the only one out there with a cabinet that when you open it' you shuffle to find and stuff falls all over? ok- my house is 120 years old- nothing super fancy- even so I still might have a junk drawer and a junk cabinet...'GAH' ....I eliminated 2 shelving units out of my 6x9 bathroom. Witt that said I disposed of 3 trash bags of stuff from my bathroom- YES THREE BAGS and it was not trash- we are talking old make- up- hold perfumes- old medicines- omg- shoot me- it was terrible how much I keep.

I definitely think I keep too much- I'll spare you my analytic thinking as I purge my house!

Running Rest Today- Nothing different for foods today - other than I did do a pizza tonight- rest days- calorie up and I enjoyed 2 slices- yum! Breakfast- Orange- lunch- pbj & Greek yogurt- Snack- popcorn

Yesterday food was on point- chicken avocado sandwich and broccoli for dinner- lunch easy egg & mushroom scrambled with 1/2 slice of 2% cheese.

I'm so tired- I have not spent but 15min on facebook today and not much time there at all this week- I'm secretly loving it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 Miler for #3

Yesterday I ran 60 minutes. I was feeling utterly dehydrated and I was slightly frustrated because it was so beautiful - but my foot bothered me as I ran against head wind- throw in some elevation gains and the run was just 'ok' nothing stellar- pace was a bummer- but considering my recovery from Saturdays 5k pr- I just took- I soaked in the sun afterwards- the best part I spend the rest of Saturday tending to my 3 peeps (6 yrs old & 3.5 yr old twins) throw in my sisters kids - 7 & 4 then you can imagine my house was busy!!! But in return for taking them overnight- my sister took my 3 and so while Runnerboy worked I ran and then took off to the college and worked my math and sat there for 6hrs and fried my brain with algebra! Gah!
But here is me soaking in some sun after my run!

Today I woke up and had breakfast and took off for my 15 miler. I had NO foot issues today! I did feel a little dehydrated still and should of drank up more- but I knew I didn't. Sucks- I really know better- but ever get so busy you forget to take care of yourself? Yeah- I do that! After my run I spend 6hrs at school and I drank maybe 16oz there- then home where I drank maybe 20 more and still NOT enough!
I ran in just a t-shirt and shorts- it was really cold down by the lake and I ran WestLake Road Today- my House to the Lake- down WestLake and felt like I went really 'far down' the lake and I was about 4miles down- then turn around and come straight back. I did a quick potty break at the circle at the lake- hey nature calls! I actually felt better having gone-!
I really knew I was running gentle- I pay close attention to breathing and heart rate- this pace was like a walk for me- not to say that it still doesn't work the legs- running even slower works different muscles- just like running faster works different muscles. I wanted to run this gentle- I am learning to control myself. I feel like I know I can run strong and then I do- and then I fade. I don't want to fade at Buffalo- NO matter what my time in Buffalo this Year- I want it to be like Buffalo Last Year- I didn't Fade- I want to feel Good till the finish- Unlike Empire where I faded and crashed and hurt myself. I want to run all year - I don't want to injure myself- I thought I'd make this Marathon Goal 8:30 MP but I have changed that- I would love to even go 8:45 - but with all honestly like I said - I am looking to run even splits this Marathon- so I will aim for 9min miles consistently and come in under 4hrs if all works out my way. In order to get there- I need to get a grip on my runs- This includes embracing my strong runs and embracing my easier runs. This includes being able to really control my pace...which is like REALLY hard on me. I tend to have 2 gears- either s l o w or FAST.
I averaged 9:45 pace for the first 7.5 miles in 1:13min Then I drank 16oz of water- 1 Gu jetblack and ditched the hydration belt along side the road and ran back home- in 1:04 for 8:32 Pace.
Seriously I ran sub 25min 5k at the end of this run....I had wings and I was running sub 8min pace alot at the end- I felt AMAZING- stark contrast to the start- I wonder if the water and GU really did me good ? lol
Total Time for 15 miles 2:17 for avg 9:07 per mile. - Slower than I wanted but I'm learning to control the slow- I am looking forward to more self control!
Whole Wheat Pancake
pure maple syrup
Post run:
Green Smoothie
3 whole organic eggs
2 egg whites
2 slices of whole wheat bread
tsp healthy balance spread
Beef CheeseBurger on Bun
*small scoop of ice-cream*
Dark Chocolate
Greek Yogurt
Todays Cals: 2200
The burn on my watch said: 1800