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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warrior Run 2013 My First Ever Fun Run! Lots of pictures

Warrior Run Mountain Series 2013 @ Labrador Mountain

We Started Off CLEAN! 

What is the Rave?  MUD- FUN- OBSTACLE course Fun Runs!
I knew at some point I had to get me some of this Kind of Action. Play time while running, Awesome- Let's do this! 

before & after  

Try Almost 800 Feet Elevation Gain - all UPHILL for Just over a mile! Yowzers!
A Mud Pit where Carla Decided to Get Frisky- Let the REAL Fun begin....hahahaha!


My Butt Crack says "quack quack"  mud ditch!
WOAH' ......I spent tender care cleansing out the downtown area after these mud slides....WOW! LOL

We Earned our Medals *And Beer if you wanted*

Mud Pits, Mud Slides, Cargo Nets, Hail Bales, Rock climbing wall, Log over a ditch, Snow slides
It was a Fun Run! 
I am most blessed to spend the day with people that are kind, loving and easy going! Nothing but a Mud Flinging Good time!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm EXCITED to Run Marine Corps Marathon this Fall!

So I have been wanting to run an out of state marathon! I have wanted to run a BIG Marathon! If you had asked me 2 years ago if I ever wanted to run a Race THAT BIG (20thousand plus people) I would have said NO way!  I knew I wanted to Run MCM ~ what it stands for and how the Running Community can impact the world around us (Just look at Boston, we as Runners unite for Causes all year long, race after race - we Run with Purpose) Well my Purpose is No different! I could of stood online and got me a bib but I was told "No" by my spirit. So I waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for. I knew I could purchase a bib from someone but that never seemed the thing to do. So I searched the charity list for MCM and found a Church that holds the Lord Jesus Christ in the Same Heart and Passion as I do! So it was an easy magical choice to run MCM with a deep heart felt purpose. To raise money for the church so they can spread the gospel, share the word, provide funding for resources for schools, bibles, etc. 

I have included the official link below please consider helping me (Help them, help the world!)

Teaming up with Harvest Life Changers at the Marine Corps Marathon 2013. I Need to Raise at least $250 all for the Lord & His Word! Please Help me - Help them to Help spread the Gospel and Show Love! I am giving away running programs and online/in person coaching help to all those that help me reach my goals!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He Fills My Heart with Greater Joy

You Have Filled My Heart with Greater Joy Than when their Grain & new Wine abound.
Psalm 4:7

Nothing of this Earth is going to fill your heart with greater Joy than the Lord himself.  If you are comforting yourself with food, if you are trying to fill the void with emotional and or binge eating then you are trying to fill the gap with Food. Instead you must start to rely on the Lord to fuel you, you must learn to surrender yourself to the spirit. Your flesh is weak but your spirit is what is really hungry.  Your spirit can not be fed but only through God Himself.

Pray More, Worship More, Relish More in what God can give you. Surrender!

Thank You Lord Jesus for filling my heart with the greatest joy- there is NO sugary food or treat or savoring wine that can overcome- surpass or outweigh the JOY of my spirit when I relish in you.  I celebrate you Lord, I don't celebrate and idolize the food for it can't give me what you can. I pray Lord that every person that reads this learns the self discipline to push away the extra plates, the savory sweets, stray from feasting on the wine and other foods that are so often tempting us (steering us away from honoring you with our body & spirit) Only You Lord, Only You can do that for all of us! In your precious name I pray! Amen.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spirit of Power, of Love and of Self Discipline

2 Timothy    1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Does the Spirit of God Live in You? He put the Holy Spirit in you and if you truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ you have the Amazing Power, Love & Self Discipline to make Life Simply Amazing!

I've read this passage before and yet when I came back to this passage for no other reason that I was drawn to it that I really took the powerful message that it had to share for what I do in my life. When I coach people it comes down to motivation. I give that to people. What Trumps me Every Single Time is the Holy Spirit!  The Amazing Holy Spirit after all is what allows me to even help you and thousands of others to find motivation too. It whirls inside me. 

Let the Holy Spirit stop you from being Timid. Timid means you lack courage or confidence. How often do you feel that way when it comes to making drastic changes in your life. When it comes to food & fitness we are filled with doubt, fear and getting uncomfortable is not an easy feeling for many.  What if YOU alone are not meant to fight that fight.  Is that not Amazing that God already knows this? He knows we can't do it alone. We can try and many of us can possibly succeed, but how well, for how long? Many of you won't succeed at all. Yet if we stop being so Timid and really rely on our Holy Spirit and the Power the Lord Gave to us all then we could Really Move Mountains! 

The Holy Spirit gives us Love. How well are you loving yourself today? It's amazing and beautiful and love others before ourselves. The Lord wants us to do that! Yet he still wants you to love yourself too!  Let the Holy Spirit Flow inside you and learn to love yourself more! 

The Holy Spirit gives us Self Discipline! Self discipline is about giving yourself rules to follow and a code of conduct on how you treat yourself. Self discipline should first take place with the Lord. That includes diligent prayers, scripture reading and faithfulness to the covenants he has set up for us.  Lastly after disciplining yourself to your husband, children and you discipline yourself for yourself.  The ability to take care of yourself if fully given to you by the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is such an Amazing Gift! Thank You God for this! With it you allow us to Amazing Power, Love and Self Discipline so that we can be all that you want us to be! In your name Jesus!