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Thursday, August 18, 2011

7 With a Friend

Cleaned all morning and spent the afternoon wondering why I had sudden left leg fatigue and an odd cramp that came literally out of no-where in my left calve muscle. I rubbed it, Runner Boy rubbed it, I took a 20min doze and then doped myself up on two ten ounce cups of coffee after dinner to find my Mojo!

I ran 2 miles to a friends house in (19min) then ran 3.3 miles with her at her pace, which was so Great to run with a friend, to take my time and go her pace and letting the miles fly by supa' easy. Reminded me of My Marathon, lmao. When I ran so dam easy that it was just enjoyable. I liked that! Thanks to my Friend for wanting to go! I was encouraged that someone wanted to run with me, tried to get more woman to get together and get running but it's still not gotten to where I had hoped for a turn-out. But that's ok, we were both out there! We did that 3.3 in I think 37 min. Then I ran a fast 1.7 mile clip home in 13min. For a total of 7 miles for an average pace of 9:50 or something. So I was feeling good. The calf was ok during the run and there was no real issue.

My body is tired and my left calf feels vulnerable. Maybe a good dose of potassium and protein will do the muscles some good! Maybe a rest day? lmao.

1200 cals in today. 70oz of fluid
Weight: 154 again this morning :)

2 egg whites
1 slice rye toast
1/4 tsp healthy spread
1 chobani greek yogurt
1 tsp of pb
1 slice wheat toast
3 oz grilled chicken
1/2 cup mixed veggies
1/4 cup of lowfat cottage cheese
1/4 cup of olive oil pasta
1/2 cup of cherries
4 cups of air popped popcorn
3 tblsp Dark chocolate mini morsels

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