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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Mountain Goat Training Run #1

I am training for Mountain Goat May 6th (as well as my May Marathon #3) Moutain Goat is a 10 mile Hilly Run
Here is the elevation chart

I ran this Event for the First Time Last Year- After Watching my Runnerboy Run it the year before. Having only run upward of 4 miles- I KNEW and claimed that course then for 2011- Fighting a soft tissue foot injury and some major side stitching- I managed this course in 1:38 last year for a 9:50 pace. I am totally aiming for Silver Medal (sub 1:20) Time- but I know that I'll be earning my Bronze for time (sub 1:30) for sure- No Excuses!

I did 3 hill repeat training sessions outside in January/Early February- but nothing like working a hard hill repeat routine on the treadmill and here is how she went down.

1/2 mil walk/run warm up

Then I just plugged a 9:50 pace into the treadmill (steady slow- see where I am at and start progressing pace/inclines in the weeks and subsequent training runs to come) obviously this is an incredibly tender pace but when working hills at the beginning of my training I'm not looking to kill myself day 1 especially since coming back from the knee tendonitis. Playing this safer.

6.1 (9:50) treadmill setting with Inclines at the % grade listed below

600m- Warm Up
300m- 5%
300m Recovery
300m- 6%
300m- Recovery
300m- 7%
300m- Recovery
300m- 8%
300m- Recovery
300m- 9%
300m- Recovery
300m- 8%
150m- Recovery
150m- 7%
150m- Recovery
150m- 6%
150m- Recovery
150m- 5%
300m- Cool Down

Ok- So details- I decided to ladder up with the BEST of intentions on being able to ladder down with 300m hills- but I had to cut them short- I was just really pushing myself today- I loved it- sorta sick how I wanted the full 300 but I just couldn't.

My right quad today was so sore again- it wraps around the right knee (you know THE KNEE) And if you touch the quad it's MAD- it's so sore - it hurts to poke- Thankfully and Blessed that the knee itself does not hurt to move but it hurts to touch the top of it- like it's all sore to touch - this pain is identical to post marathon pain- so maybe the half and then not enough recovery has left me uber sore. lol- self torture at it's finest!

no worries my CCRG's I'm not running tmrw :) Maybe weights if I can squeeze it in- my focus tomorrow is all school work at the college all day :)

egg -70
whole wheat toast -60
Coffee- 35


Panera Bread for Lunch with Runnerboy & Peeps
Fuji Apple Salad -560
Cheddar Broccoli Soup-300
(ok so I am shocked that came out to 860- I thought for sure it was like 600)

Afternoon coffee out (4 sugar 6 creamer) yes liquid crack- 150

1 cup broccoli - 60
whole grain roll- 120
poultry sausage - 150
onion/peppers- 20

Total Today: 1560

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am So Back!

I told you I am like amped up ready to just crush out some MAD strength building- cardio endurance- I have this incredibly sick urge to just kill my work-outs. I think the half marathon just set a bar for me. Reality check - a quick realization of whre I was - where I am now and where I am going just this year alone!

Today I woke up so sore in my quads. ha! Dam you Quads- Shut up and Just get Ready for more Torture!

Today's Torture (nah-- it wasn't really too hard- I can't wait to really blaze through an INSANELY SICK work-out where I am just dying and panting all over- eager to stop because I have nothing left. Which For a Marathoner - this might be hard to accomplish- but I am not a machine- totally human- it will happen.

Made it a ten minute challenge- Ten Minute Walk (.75 miles) Ten Min Run (1.3 miles) Ten Min Elliptical (1.91 miles) Ten Min Stair Climb (67 Flights) Ten Min Row (2070 meters) Then Hopped over for Ten sets of 10 ab crunches with 65lb weight resistance! BOOM


Breakfast- One Waffle- lol- I was in a hurry and was more than Glee to eat anything at all- getting 3 kids ready in 45min and myself is always a Hurry and big deal!
(100 cals)
Coffee (70)

whole wheat (120)
tbsp natural pb (100)
coffee (70)

Chicken Breast (160)
spritz olive oil (20)
Quacomole 2tbsp (100)
organic crushed tomato 2tbsp (30)
asparagus (40)
Pumpkin Cake- (200)

Jello (80)
Fat Free Whipped Cream( 40)
PopCorn (140)
Dark Chocolate( 140)

Total Cals: 1440

Monday Recovery Run


I really want to get back into making sure I blog everyday. If for nothing else other than myself- it's for me- I love that I have so many faithful followers that love to hear about my fitness and foods - Thanks Ya'll ♥ I love that I can be that somebody for you! Always Humbling- Never Take that for Granted!

Ok - so I'm feeling PUMPED and Ok- a tad bit on my soap box today- I can't help myself. I am reamped for myself. I get ramped for others. I get in this jive where I want to just make sure I touch somebody in some way today. CCRG Page- My Closed Group- Return E-mails...Boom! blew it up with support and help! Phew, I love it. Some people may think I like the attention-and this is true- I like the attention I can give someone else- because you wanna know why? Because you might need that. I don't freaking need that- (well except Attention from runnerboy- but that is a whole new seperate subject, lol) but I have so much self confidence and self esteem- I overflow and I can give it. Many of you know I'm not out for anything other than the satisfaction of helping someone. Now don't get me wrong- I do like celebrating and sharing in something but I try to keep those sorts of posts modest on my CCRG Page- I never want to come across as a Bragger and know it all- simply more a Woman That loves to Run and Eat well :)


Bicep curls reps of 10 for 4 sets
tricep throwbacks rep of 10 3 sets
lateral raises rep of 10
row - 110lbs on cybex set of 10
pulldown- 110lbs on cybex set of 10
gravitron- realized how sore my shoulders are - not sure why- only 8 assisted pull ups and 1 set of dips
2 sets of lunges with 10lbs weights (hammer curl on each lunge)
set of hammer curls with squats one set

1:30 plank

Walls Sits
30 sec wall sits for set of 3 (first time doing this - I joked that I felt like I was sitting on a potty , lol - a friend suggested finding my own space so I can feel more discreet- yeah good idea, lol) I couldn't imagine the faces I'd be making when I start to really challenge myself with them.

10:30 mile- 3 min walking in this- I'm tighter and more sore than I thought- first recovery run since half marathon 2 days ago.

Hopped off to Stretch. lots of stretches on the mats to loosen up- my left hamstring is rediculously tight - which is odd - I don't get tightness in that leg

8:30 mile
8:00 mile

That was it my friends! About 90 min- (I did bs for a little bit with a couple people so that kills time)


Breakfast: Turbo out the door so I just did a slice of wheat with tsp of natural pb (110 cals)
Coffee x 3 today- tsp of sugar, 6tbsp of ff half in half (105cals)

L: 1 cup of spinach, morningstar veggie patty, 1 tbsp organic ranch dressing
1/2 cup grapes (270cals)

S: tsp of natural peanut butter (45 cals)

D: It was meatless monday in the York House so I took all the left over portions of all these frozen veggies and I rinsed them and threw them into a skillet with some LaChoy Sweet and Sour Sauce- so basically I just had an amazing yummy veggie stir fry for dinner! Kids and runnerboy of course ate the same thing- except I gave them some brown rice with it to aide in more complex carbs and protein - because of my insulin resistance- I stayed away from it! (200 cals)

S: All natural Jillian Michaels whey protein, almond milk , 1/4 cup of Life Cereal (200 cals)

Late Night- Greek Yogurt and 1/2 cup of grapes (180cals)

Todays Total: 1110 (going to bed a lil hungry...but I need to break my evening snacking- Im not gaining or is it unhealthy- I just don't feel like I want do it anymore- its getting to be a habit to eat at night and that is a red flag for me to stop and back off- snack a couple times a week at bed- not everynight- even if I have cals and it's healthy- it's about healthy habits!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Michelle- CCRG Success - 107lbs lost

Meet Michelle, I met her online over a year ago. She was a Runner and I watched as she ran all the time just for the pure need and joy of it. It wasn't till much later in my journey as she watched me with some of mine that she shared that she too lost alot of weight (107+lbs!!) and runs all the time! I had Joy hearing all about her training and becoming a Marathoner! I am excited to do the same thing this year. She is an Amazing Woman and Mommy ♥ A great Running friend to have!

My Story: Hi! My name is Michelle and I'm a food-aholic! Yes, addicted to food and yes, there is such a thing!! I had lost myself to being lazy and working too much so before I knew it I was overweight. After the births of my daughter's I realized that I wanted to become a healthy example for them in hopes of breaking the food issue cycles that are in my family!
So, I began to exercise, starting with alternating between speed walking and running, slowly decreasing the walking and increasing the running. I believe in baby steps, because they are easier to take, commit to and make into habits.
The food was a different story! I tried to keep a food journal, but it didn't really work for me. I wanted to get back to what food was meant to do, fuel our bodies, so I aimed to eat healthy, smaller portions and moderation. I don't believe in diets! Forbidding yourself from having something just sets you up for binging on that item, sets you up for failure. It's about moderation!!
I did a lot of praying for strength, endurance, discipline, self control. I would stumble but always got back up. I read all the health magazines I could and took in every tip, advice and example that I could find. Whenever discouragement came along, I would force myself to focus on being healthy because I knew the weight would follow.
So, it took me a year to lose 100 pounds and another 7 pounds fell off within 2 more weeks. To celebrate, I signed up for my first half marathon. Somehow along the way I caught the running bug! I went from not really loving it to loving it, craving it and needing it! It helps me in so many ways other then weight! I can take out my stress, frustrations while running. I can pray while running. I have met some amazing people because of running! Running is for me, the one thing I have for me, which in my world is important (I take care of my 5yr old autistic daughter that is sorta nonverbal and then a typical 3yr old).
Now, I'm learning to maintain in the midst of some stressful situations, but I made lifestyle changes, so they aren't going away just because life gets crazy, stressful, and busy. You just adjust! I have a full marathon and a half marathon coming up in June, plus many 5ks. I hope to get in another half before the end of the year. My goal is to be in my 70's and still running 5ks and half marathons. Which if I keep running, stretching, strength training and eating healthy then I will be. So, to you I would say, nothing is impossible. If you want it, get it. No excuses!! I'm just an ordinary 32 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, and runner! If you are curious about my numbers, the highest I ever got was 312 pounds, but I was 281 when I began this journey. I have been running for 3 years!! And I have maintained my weightloss for 2 years. Quitting is not an option!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Motivational Running Pictures

I've made these through the months- they are mine but I love sharing- it's actually why I make them. I am a Running Photographer as part of my Passion for Photography in General. Pictures Speak a Truth and I hope you all get something from that! This Blog is Dedicated To Helping People Lose weight and Run. Eating Healthy & Clean for a Lifestyle that is maneable and easy to maintain!

Running Strength Picture

Running Pic I made tonight.
I am most vulnerable Just after a Race - I reflect- I dream higher and feel so much.
I don't know- just on a compulsion felt like making this pic today.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lake Effect Half Marathon Race Re-Cap

Time: 1:55:43 (8:50 pace)
124 out of 415 Runners
30 out of 209 Females
10 out of 35 Age Group (30-34)

Event Pictures: OMG_ check these out!

32' (1' c)
24mph WNW Winds
35mph Gusts
Snow Accumulation
Wind Drifts
Under Armor Compression Pants
LiveStrong compression Tank with built in bra shelf
Layer 8 Wick
Under Armour Cold Gear Hoodie
Under Armour Socks
Nike Triax 13's with Screws
Nike Gloves
Apple Ipod Shuffle

•Gu in the Freezing Cold- Gets HARD- lmao - Next time Gu goes in my between my breasts to stay warm! haha!
•I tried Drafting for the very first time- FAIL- It makes me feel like I'm going too slow- well they were- so I passed them
• Don't drop your gloves
•Don't drop your cell phone

• Positive Thinking is Everything in a Race- I never thought or felt negative and so this Race was very Tolerable! I felt like a Champion!
• Watch for the Race Winners to pass on loops - I yet again achknowledge how much energy I can draw from how strong they are running- it really inspires me!
• Eat Well & Train Hard - it Really Pays off. I'm coming out of knee tendonitis and I lay here aching/throbbing in recovery but I never had pain today- My Energy on this Race was so Amazing and I'm confident for this Years Runninng if I can a 1:55 with so much ease- I have NO doubts I can aim for around a 1:45 this year!
•I still Take NO shame in snot rockets! bwahahaha- My sinus Drip is rediculous in the cold and I proved I have no shame in a race- HA!

Yesterday in Preparation- I totally relaxed all day- actually my ass stayed implanted on the couch totally scoping out the weather and being Lazy- actually the day before I was away from my home for a 12 hour day- so to be lazy and do nothing was so perfect- not too often you'll ever hear me do that! Oh Gosh I loved it. I rested, I hydrated- I mentally prepared.
In Bed by 12:30 am and up at 7am- oatmeal and coffee and back in bed till 8am. Hot shower and dressed and out the door by 9am (on top of taking care of 3 peeps- got to love race mornings!)

We picked up two friends and took the drive over to LiverPool NY and we Took the NYS Thruway and White out Conditions with a Lake Effect Band that left inches and ice left us going 20-25mph for about 10 miles. I started to question a timely arrival for the 10:30 am event.

But we got there by about 10:15

Pee Lines

Start Up- RunnerBoy found me- Kissed each other Good Luck and away we went.
The first 3 miles is North. Strong Head Wind- Path is pretty clear- we think they put down salt and it seemed to work for the first 3 down. Intermittent slush but it was snowing as we headed out. The wind was pretty bad even for the first three down. It was hard to find pace in the head wind- it was hard to catch my breath- I started to stitch and it wasn't from my pace- it was from my form- quickly the eyebrows ice up and the eyelashes fill with snow.

Turn around and go back to the start- the wind is our at back *except on some minor turns in the course* but I took this opportunity to make up pace.
At the 1/2 Mark I wanted to see a 55min or under to be on track for a sub 1:50 time however it was 55:49 (8:30 pace- so I was on track) - but I was ok with that- with the conditions I knew I had no control (Many elites may laugh in my face as they held 5min pace in those conditions, lol)

Now we go back into the 3 mile route in the head wind and this time this loop is a stark contrast - an hour has gone by- the snow has accumulated- there is ice and drifts of snow- the wind is just as powerful as ever and I feel as I push forward that the wind is just holding me back- I try to pay close attention to form and get into my zone.
On the way back for the last 3 miles- I try to Gu and it's like frozen- I walk and squeeze out hard Gu and try to wash it down with literally frozen water, lol- Wow- that was like ridiculous.

I am happy to be back to the wind against my back.
I count 8 people that I pass on my second loop- I feel like I'm racing a 5k on the last loop despite the road conditions that still slowed me down- I still had loads of energy - my head held high- running a great clip
**Mind you this is Running on the Fly- I did NOT time this Event with a watch- I did glance at my cell phone once and I then I lost it and it went flying into the snow - lol - but I did really great considering I had no timing device! **

My Second Loop I slowed but it was certainly from the 3 into the Wind that likely had me going a 9:30 shuffle or something. Anyways with my second loop my averaged pace was 9:09 - had I held pace in the Northern Wind I would have come close- but I can't help the Weather- I wanted to fight against the wind but I won't lie to you- I battled the runnergirl thought of really pushing against this and risk losing my ability to open up on the way back- so I told myself to get comfortable and try to be fast with out forcing and then make it up on the way back - I'd bet I was running a 9:30 on the way out and and a 8:30 on the way back in -

The Race was for a Great Cause- the money goes to to which I'm a board member of. I know the Race Director of the Race it was Great to See his Dram to Put on a Race come to Reality - now he can focus on Boston and plan for bigger better for next year!

I got to watch friends become Half Marathoners Today - I loved that. I handed out so many High Fives to several RunnerGirls, I watched them cross the finish line- * hey lisa - I spanked you on the way back through- I know you were in the head wind and were digging- but that was me that spanked your booty on the way by- haha! I saw RunnerGirls that I met on Facebook - Ladies that I met and Run a Marathon With- Another I met a half Marathon last year- and lots more people that I saw. What I'm loving is the Running Community- the sharing and embracing- so much Fun for me! I suppose that's what I love about Auburn, NY Running Club- the Joy of Running being Shared!
Great Job Everybody!

He totally impressed me- He really held pace really well and this man is so Dang Warrrior! 1:42 for his time on his first official half for himself *not pacing me* and well he did GREAT- We are both super pleased with his time considering these conditions- I am really proud of him- ♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Day Before the Half Marathon!


I wanted to catch up and post an update from this weeks training.

Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- 5.25 miles with my Running Club
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 30min Run

I'm feeling really excited and Ready for Race Day Tmrw.

Today I rest and I plan out my clothes, stalk the weather (which will be a True NY Winter Day- Snow and cold 32' , deep clean my castle for the babysitter tmrw!

I need to re-arrange music on the player

I'm hydrating counting at least 80 oz of fluids today- so I can go fluid light tmrw morning! I have plans on peeing totally clear by the end of the night, lol
(at 1pm I am only 42 oz in ) so I think I'll hit goal for water and maybe try for 100 oz

I have plans to soak in the tub tonight and be in bed by 10pm and up by 7am

Dinner Tonight will be 1 cup of tortellini and asparagus ♥

My Thoughts before this Race- Spiritually I'm feeling Humbled. Back in October I couldn't run. My knee and tibia wouldn't let me. Knee tendinitis that occured during my October Marathon left me wounded and I never stopped fighting to come back - I worked hard to keep up my cardio - I embrace cross training- I began lifting obsessively and I got into Insanity and TRX and Spinning. I jogged halls and run up and down stairs for hours a week trying to keep up my cardio. I remember when I was able to run a mile then 15minutes and then 20 - I was stuck at 20min runs for weeks- before the pain forced me stop. I cried tears and I worried myself to an oblivion about my recovery - I wondered if I lost my running wings. My Fear was Deep and Real.
The only way I could run was FAST (well faster than my last Marathon Race Pace which was a 9:15) but none the less - What I see now it has prepared me to get faster - it was like hitting the re-set button my running. I basically was running alot of 8min miles and slowly in time gained an endurance at the pace and slowed it down a bit as I started hitting runs over an hour. Here I am- Fully healed with my knee. It still clicks. I still get aches. I still have hip clicking and ITB flare ups - I still have tibial rotation that I hope continues to correct itself as I venture into Marathon Training - but I'm hopeful (and yes still a little scared of the knee) as I push beyond this Half Marathon this week and start hitting up my Long Runs for Marathon.
But I'm not there yet- so I'm not at all letting any of those thoughts yes to consume me or scare me away from my goals.
In essence I have had only 1 month of distance running to prepare for this race- I was able to get in 2 Ten Mile Runs and I ran a Mock Half Marathon 2 weeks ago in the Winter Cold for 1:50 - but that was hilly and that included light stops. This route will be flat and a double loop- so more mentally challenging and potentially challenging on the calves on a flat course.

So I'm just Humbled. I'll have wings tomrw. No matter my pace, my heart will be light filled with nothing but positivity and love for all in my life right now is clean and pure. The people in it love me. I have no drama weighing me down. I don't have negativity eating away at me. My spirit is Free and I'm ready to open up explore myself on this Race- I'm ready for the Challenge to push myself to the point where I can create some race excitement and embrace the full notion that I know that potentially I could hit a time tmrw on this race I never knew could be possible.

I have control today for tmrw and tmrw I'll let go of all control and I'll run STRONG - I'll think and be a Champion. I'll Run in my Heart Like an Elite in my Own Right and I'll own this Race no Matter my Time or Pace! With that Said- I am NOT wearing a timing device. The race will be inside my Heart and Drive to Just simply Run as Strong and Powerful as I can and I will forever be Grateful for my Running Wings.

I am so Excited to be able to Run with RunnerBoy- This Man drives me insanely Crazy - his drive and push inspires me all the time. I share a passion of Running with him and that just always draws us closer. There is Nothing I love More than to Fall into his Arms Tmrw after this Run ♥ Thanks RunnerBoy - I am so Ready for our Date !

I am Excited to be able to Share this Day tomorrow with RunnerGirls that I adore, Spending time with them, watching them smile and sharing in the experience is going to be so much fun for me! All I can think about is my Camera- how will I get pictures of us beyond my stinky cell phone camera, lol-

I have plans to cross the finish line- hurry up and hydrate and throw back a food and change quickly into dry/warm clothes and hurry back to the finish line so I can watch my friends cross!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Throwing in the Towel

Reasons Why Some people Throw in the Towel with healthy foods in moderation or their Fitness.

1) you ate something you feel badly about

2) you went over calorie count

3) you didn't work-out or run

4) you didn't work out hard enough or run fast enough

5) you listen to criticism and hate from others

6) you feel hungry and want to eat an arm & a leg

7) frustration

8) you don't meet time goals

9) you have unrealistic expectations

10) you become your own worst critic

11) you weigh yourself and don't see progress on the scale

12) comparing yourself to others

13) you gained weight back

14) you lost some fitness

15) you feel like you can never reach goal so you stop and get comfortable
16) you gained weight even though you ate in calorie count & did your fitness

17) hitting plateaus where you do everything right and can't lose weight
18) you get distracted and you lose focus on taking care of yourself

19) taking care of others instead of you

20) you reward yourself with food

21) you emotionally eat to feel comfort or to reward yourself

How to change how you think and feel and set yourself up for Success so you NEVER throw in the towel again!

1) Have Realistic Expectations- Don't think for one minute that you can sustain 5 days of working out hard if you are going from a couch to fitness- be realistic so you don't burn-out. Start off slowly- aim for fitness just 3x weekly for 30minutes. As time goes by- gain your endurance and start pushing the pace/distance and length of time you work out

2) Create a schedule- Find a schedule and stick to it. If you however can't handle schedule- then be flexible (I am NOT a schedule person- so many people are- I am not- I just can't not have rules on my fitness- I spent my whole life planning and never following through- I needed to feel lit and then just DO IT! ) So when I say schedule- it can be as easy as saying 3x weekly and leaving it at that!

3) Find a routine that is realistic and you can do week after week- Same idea, don't overkill it. This is not a Race My RunnerGirls- this is LIFE- this is something I want you to learn to maintain FOREVER- ok, not for 6 months or a year- a routine of things you like to do week after week, month after month. You love running, you love zumba, boxing- I don't care what it is- Just find a routine by making it a habit of getting to a gym class week after week- planning on racing through out the year- etc.
***Find a routine with Your foods- don't be crazy about it- keep it simple- if you know you lost 2-3lbs last week - then HIT REPEAT - do the exact same thing this week with foods/fitness to try to get another 3lb weight loss- it really does not matter if you ate the same foods all this week as last week- soon you will be able to eat something different and you'll be lighter and that commitment will have been worth it! Trust me- this is a BIG tip! It's why I love to hear you all Journal your foods/fitness so you can see what worked for you and what didn't!

4) Avoid burning out - feeling tired- slow down! Don't Quit- Slow down- you are no less a Woman for being Human. We all don't run at 99mph - again set up realistic expectations and make fitness / foods a healthy balance

5) eat when you are hungry- You want to eat an arm and a leg? Ok- eat!!! Please EAT! Listen to your body - always! but's ok to be hungry... but it's not ok to be really physically hungry and not fuel yourself- it's incredibly hurtful and counter productive to your health. What I want you to learn to do is to reach for healthy foods, packed with fiber, protein and you know I say eat endlessly if it's a veggie!!
*****Tip: it's really ok to feel hungry- you won't starve- I promise you- eat at least 1200 calories of highly nutrient dense foods and you won't starve!******* It's Ok, to go to bed a little hungry- I went to bed hungry alot- but I always knew I would lose weight that way- Yes I got hungry! but if it was night time hunger- I knew it would be ok to just go to sleep! That body will work hard while you sleep to find those fat cells and fuel itself!

6) give yourself a cushion in your calorie range- Do NOT be strict all the time- sometimes if you go what I always called "calories tight" then fine for a week or so- but realistically give yourself a range- so lets just say 1200-1400 or maybe for a long while you go 1200-1600 and if you are super struggling go 1200-1800 calories per day

7) Create and absolute threshold for calorie count- this plays off the calorie range- you allow some moderate flexibility in your calorie range (do realize the more you calorie up you work against your weight loss efforts- but it's really ok if you are feeling challenged to even eat in calorie range at all that day) so with that being said- YOU MUST , MUST, MUST TRACK ALL YOUR CALORIES- I do NOT care how dam ugly those numbers are- REALITY check- Right? You need to feel those feelings- don't hide from the numbers- they allow you to grow and learn. but I truly feel that has to be a point to which you just never get yourself over a specific calorie count- personally I think a cap of 600 over your normal calorie range is not unreasonable and should be expected upon yourself. This is CalorieCounting You are going to have to establish some rules!

8) find a partner to be accountable to- Find someone you can trust in that is NOT going to let you throw in the towel. Find an accountability partner!

9) give yourself permission to fail- WE all Fail. We fail at eating something that makes us feel badly. We ate too much- We gained weight- We Didn't work out as much as Wanted. It's Ok to get it wrong- it's normal. You are NOT Strange, different than anybody else! It's this part of getting it wrong - where we learn how to get it right next time! But you can't just spend time feeling badly about it- you actually find your lesson and learn from it- so you can stop making so mistakes and then soon - you won't be failing as much and you won't keep making the same mistakes! It's not a permission slip- it's a learning lesson !

10) don't be afraid to admit default- (fear!!) - Go ahead hit the ignore button- go ahead - hide the scale, get out the fat pants- ignoring the mistakes and not admitting you got it wrong for a little while is only going to allow you to perpetually cycle out of control- stop beating yourself up about it- Move on- let it go- Get back on track by admitting the failure and let it go! Set Yourself Free!

11) Learn from your journey- Read, Google, find support, track your fitness/foods, dive into just really figuring yourself out- why do you do what you do- what drives you- what goals do you have- learn spiritually- physically- emotionally-

12) Self Esteem - I wrote a whole blog post about the importance of self esteem- what it can do for your weight loss - how to break perpetual cycles of negative self talk- how to gain a positive attitude the whole time you journey through- how to flip your frustrations into motivations!

13) Mantras- find them, write them down- put them on your hand, put them on paper and put it in your pocket for the day to pull and read whenever you need to. Post it names on the fridge- pantry, on the scale-

14) scale watching- very sensitive subject- but no matter your choice to weight yourself daily/weekly or none at all- please take some sort of control with it. If you know you are going to only perpetually beat yourself up then put it away for a while. If you can emotionally handle the number on the scale then realize in a healthy respect that weighing your true weight (in the morning after your first urine - totally naked is going to be your truest weight for the day) then all the other numbers- well they really don't matter at all! For me- if you're curious- I weighed 2x daily- once in the morning and once at night just before bed- it's just something I would do - it taught which foods worked for me and what worked against me in regards to fluid retention :)

15) proactive- plan your fitness- set out your clothes, set the alarm, buy the good healthy foods for your fridge/pantry- make plans with friends- pay for a class it forces you to go- pay for a race ahead of time!

16) Consistency- everyday hit the restart button - if you can sincerely imagine hitting a 'restart' button everyday then you will master "letting go" of yesterday- yep 'GONE -OVER WITH' Now it's not about tmrw or yesterday- but TODAY-!!! It's all we have, ok- it's the ONLY thing we have! We don't have Yesterday to do it over- We don't have Tmrw Yet- We only have Today- the here and Now- So make the choice to make everyday a fresh start to get it all right!

17) OMG- Maybe after a bad or "off" meal/snack/temptation you can hit the restart button- I do! So you ate a bad meal- don't throw the whole day away- the day is NOT wasted- the HOUR is wasted- not the entire 24hrs! Ok- so hit the restart button and keep moving along with healthy choices!

18) Support- The Blog, The CCRG Page- The CCRG Private Closed Group- Your friends, family- there are so many groups, clubs and networks out there shelling out motivation and support for one another. I will never be in competition with another support group- I am honestly one of thousands- I am humbled to just touch the few lives that I have - So thank You for that- I have many compliments of people telling me they see/hear me chanting them to keep going while out on a run- Yes, THANK YOU - I love that I can do that for you!

Very Specific Cognitive KEYS to my Success as a Runner and with my Weight Loss:

1) FOOD IS FUEL- it's so important to breaking your connection to emotional eating and your addictions to food to start viewing food ONLY as Fuel- sure it's going to taste good - but always ask yourself if you need or just want it. I have a Whole Blog Post about Emotional Eating and how to break it-

2) NO MATTER WHAT- IF YOU EAT HEALTHY- YOUR BODY WILL BE HEALTHY! Ok - so if you eat bad foods- you not only gain weight but you actually slowly destroy your insides- your body floats with free radicals that just wait to be turn a healthy cell into an abnormal one and then CANCER - so ask yourself when you eat something "Does this make my body healthy?" I need you to remember when that scale doesn't move that consistency will get you to goal but most importantly that the focus on being your health. Focus on Healthy- focus on reducing your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure- work on cleansing out all the toxic filled fat cells in your body. Remember you are losing fat and gaining muscle- If you have to carry around all that fat while you exercise your body needs to gain some major muscle to move it around at the rate you want it too- sometimes there are gains- and plateaus- but don't change your routine- stick to it- it does and will work if you stick a normal healthy lifestyle!

3) Even if you never plan to race or run or do your fitness to be competitive- I want you think like an Elite- Like a Champion- Live and Breathe like a True Athlete! I do- some laugh- some think I know everything (p.s. CONFESSION- I DON'T) The Grand Glory of Life is I have so much to learn and I do keep reading and learning. I experiment and dare to challenge myself and my body. My mind and spirit thoroughly challenged through the entire process. It doesn't matter _ I keep the focus. I truly think, live like an Athlete. I like that. No- I love that feeling! It's NOT for Glory - it's for the love of feeling Great, it's for the love of the challenge, it's for the Sick High I get from my Hard Core Running, it's for the connected Spiritual journey with all aspects of my life on long easy runs. I am an Athlete! I hope even when I'm 60 or 80 years old, I'll still consider myself an athlete (maybe I'll start up some old people walker races-lol) I win! ha!
I can make this subject a book! Truth be told- you just have to change your habits. That doesn't happen by just wanting it, instead it happens by truly working really hard to make new ones- take on the challenge and change your life and stop the perpetual cycling with your food/fitness!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1hr timed run

I was thinking I was going to aim for 8 (I love creating my own run plan- so much flexibility, lol) but once I started running I was feeling so GREAT and and midway through RunnerBoy told me he was not feeling his run and stopped at mile 5 and I was starting to think as much as I felt great- I though I'd be done as well but he opted to hop on the elliptical so that encouraged me to go at least 5 but then I said "that is not enough for how great I feel" I was running race pace of 8:13-8:27 the entire run-
I had deep desire to run really fast- but I held control and kept race pace- and when I wanted a flare of fast I went 8:18 which is a 7.3 on the tready and when I felt a little normal and backing off I went down to 7.1 on the tready which is the 8:27 pace.
Once I hit 6.65 though I cranked the treadmill to an 8:3 which is sub 7:30 pace and I just ran hard and fast till I hit the 60min mark so I ended my run with 7.25 miles :)
Dam, What a great run- even if I wanted to ditch it cause the treadmill was OH SO BORING to me today!

Went downstairs and did small hit of the biceps/triceps- nothing fancy at all- just enough to keep some tone- till I can get back to schedule with my arms!

20lbs reps of 12 for 3 sets
10lbs lateral raises
15lb reverse tricep rows
some shoulder work

again nothing fancy!

Got the TOM of the month today, joy, joy!

Breakfast- egg, egg white, slice of low sodium bacon, triple health english muffin, coffee

Post run- apple

L: slice of whole wheat bread- tbsp all natural jam, tbsp all natural pb

s: 1/2 cup of multi-grain cherrios

D: 3 oz poultry sausage, 1/2 cup of cous cous, 1 cup of brussel sprouts/broccoli

S: Boom Boom Bars

Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Mile tempo and More Follow Ups

OMG- SWOOSH- There goes my Life- Yep - it's moving along just that fast!

So Many amazing and wonderful things in my life that keep me busy- I've mentally been up and down all week- nothing terrible - more so likely hormones- maybe it was off meals that threw my overall body balance - But my Hormones from the PCOS has left me Carb Crazy- I want like every darn sugared thing- mainly toast/ bread/ pasta- things I NEVER CRAVE!

Today I'm fighting really hard to not get temped and I'm stuffing with protein, protein, protein!!

3 eggs
greek yogurt

1 cup of fresh spinach
tbsp of organic ranch dressing
1 veggie burger

Turkey Meatloaf- 4 oz
1 cup of green beans
1/2 cup of organic mashed potato

(Omg- I wanted to EAT ALL THE POTATOS!!!) LMAO- Crazy!

I even behaved so much I drank water instead of my coffee!


Tuesday- 10 mile Tempo! Kick ass PR- 8:09 Miles!

Wednesday- 1 mile run- 20min stairclimber- 30 min weights

Thursday- 30 min Recovery Run

Friday- Rest & Recover as I am gearing up for an 8 miler and weights in the morning- my knee is oddly aching today. Humph.

I have been busy adding CCRG's to this Blog-
Creating and Sharing my Running Club 5k Program

oh and Working on Photography adventures ♥ Just finished up editing a Wedding that I did last weekend :)

Meet Helen a CalorieCountingRunnerGirl Success

Meet Helen, She has lost over 65lbs has become a 10k Runner and will soon be a Half Marathoner in April 2012 ♥ Here is her Story!

My name is Helen DeRitis Wall... I would love to tell my story and show my transformation because of running and fitness.

I have a horrible time putting my thoughts into words so I will do my best without rambling! If anything doesn't sound right or if you think I should change anything let me know!

I have pretty much struggled with weight my entire adult life... I gave birth to all three of my children before the age of 24. I pretty much spent the next 10 years raising my family and forgot about myself.. Being a YES person I constantly did for everyone except me..

In 1990 my girlfriend was getting married and I could not be in the wedding because the dress they had picked out did not come in my size! I was devastated but of course did nothing about it! The following year my sister got engaged and asked me to be the maid of honor, I was not gonna have that again. I joined weight watchers and lost 70 pounds in 8 months. I was able to pretty much keep that off until 1999 when my husband started going in and out of work due to a back injury again I let life take over.. My husband was in and out of the hospital and four back surgeries later with a total spinal fusion and trying to nurse him back to health I found myself back at 230 pounds.

After my husbands fourth surgery I decided it was time to take my life back, my children were grown my husband was somewhat recovering and on permanent disability! This time I started my journey over in April of 2009, the first year was slow I think I only lost 20 pounds the first year. Then my sister told me of a 5k she would be running..At that point I decided I was gonna try to run it with her. Never in a million years did I think I could do this! I just started by walk / run intervals! Before I knew it I was running a mile, then two, then three.. In September of 2010 I finished my first 5k in 31:06! The pure excitement of crossing that finish line gave me the running bug! In 2011 I completed about 13 5k's, a mud run, and a 10k bridge run! I would of never called myself a runner EVER! I am now training for my first half marathon in April and I a 10 miler in May! The addiction has changed from food to running!

As of today I am down 65 pounds and I am happier and healthier and at the age of 47 feel younger than I have in my entire life!

If I can do it, anyone can!

Meet Tosha CalorieCountingRunnerGirl Success

Meet Tosha ♥ She is a CalorieCountingRunnerGirl that has lost over 65lbs through Calorie Counting & Running !!

My name is NaTosha Bernard and I started my weight loss journey April 2009. I actually started the morning of my 33rd birthday. When I started I weighed in at 193 lbs and I was miserable. I am 5’2 and carrying around that weight on a small framed body was rough. I started out with a support group and then as time went on, the group became nonexistent but I continued on my own. I started counting calories and exercising 6 days a week. At the time, I was doing Leslie Sansone Walk at Home dvds and then I incorporated some strength training in using arm bands and hand weights.

After I lost within that first year, I bumped my endurance up and started doing aerobics classes. I went to boot camp, kickboxing, body blast, military fit and even tried Zumba. There I started lifting more weights, used weighted body bars, exercise balls and resistance bands.

I didn’t start running until February 2011 and that is when I ran my first mile ever. I ran some in my aerobics classes but never distance. That first mile was a milestone for me because I’ve always wanted to run. So once I completed that, I’ve ran ever since. I completed my first 5k in April 2011, 10k May 2011 and ran my first half marathon November 19, 2011 (that is my wedding anniversaryJ). I am getting ready to run another half marathon in VA Beach next month in March.

After all of that I can say that I am 65lbs lighter and I am loving life and addicted to exercising, running and eating healthy. I became a positive influence to my family as well and that is such a wonderful feeling. I have a 12 year old daughter and I want to set a good example for her and so far she is my biggest cheerleader and she is getting to the point where she is into fitness and that is such a blessing.

I can say that I am utterly blessed with my health and the will power to stick through it. You get out of it what you put into it. That is my saying J

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Be blessed and take care.

Happy running to ya!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Stephanie CalorieCountingRunnerGirl Success

Stephanie found CCRG Page not too long ago- Quickly I was drawn to her daily posts about her excellent commitment to running. Stephanie is interactive on CCRG and can be a great source of motivation to every CalorieCountingRunnerGirl that is looking for extra help, motivation or Inspiration! Thanks for Sharing so Much with all of us Stephanie♥I look foward to watching you journey through with all your Goals!
←Before After →
71 lb Weight Loss
Marathoner- Soon to be

My name is Stephanie Werntz, I am 26 years old and I originally started running in middle school during the 6th grade. I kept up with it really well all through high school and on my own during college just for fun. I didn't stop running until I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own with my first serious boyfriend (now my husband!) It was just weird learning to live with another person..doing what they want to do..he wasn't very active and introduced me to video games. So, i quickly lost interest in being active as well. Luckily it only lasted for a few years..but I managed to get up to about 181lbs and I'm about 5'4 in height.
When my now husband asked me to marry him I realized I wanted to lose the weight and start running again. Unfortunately, for medical reasons he can't run very well since he had major back surgery..but he did change his eating habits. Not only did I start running regularly again I am in better shape now than I was back in high school! I started out just doing a mile..then two miles..and for the longest time I would do about 2 miles 3 X a week until that was really comfortable. Once I started increasing the miles it became a fast addiction..I kept wanting to do more and more! So, I signed up for a 5k, then a half marathon, a few more halves, a full. and now training for an ultra! I reached my goal weight of 120 before my wedding on November 11th..and now on 2/16/2012 I weigh in at 110 for a 71lb weight loss! I run almost 6 days a week on a good week! I also strength train regularly as well.
As far as food goes..I really didn't do exact measurements. I didn't keep a food log (although I should have, it would have made life easier) but I did keep track in my head. I think the biggest help for me was just making small changes. Water instead of soda, grilled or baked chicken instead of fried, fruits instead of processed sugars, whole grains, etc... I started thinking food in terms of fuel for my runs instead of just eating to eat. So, changing my thinking towards food really helped me understand what I needed to eat. I won't lie though..I still enjoyed the occasional piece of cake or a chocolate chip cookie..but in moderation. Instead of eating 5 I would have 1 and be perfectly happy with it! I said goodbye to soda cold turkey and haven't touched it since.
I will never go back to a sedentary lifestyle. I love running and it has made me appreciate life much more as well.
In addition to running I am also currently studying for my personal training certification from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and I take my exam next month! I can't wait. I hope I am able to help others get on the right track as well.

Meet Lauren - CalorieCountingRunnerGirl Success

Lauren is a Dear Friend of Mine- as much as we live close- we are both incredibly active stay at home moms working on raising our children, going to school and being the best house wives we can be. Lauren is a Godly Woman and I enjoy our friendship! It's been an honor and pleasure to have my lifestyle rub off on her and to help answer her questions and be an advocate for her new healthy lifestyle choices that have allowed her to lose over 32lbs but most importantly make a complete 180 in regards to her food choices and personal health. Now she can pay it forward to her children and family & friends. Luv Ya and can't wait to watch you become a Half Marathoner ♥ (p.s. this woman gave lots of razzing to anyone that ever ran more than 3 miles and could care less if she fed her kids chef b'rdee, sorry Lauren- I just HAVE to go there ;-) tehehehe, your progress is inspiring!)
*update* Lauren is Now a Half Marathoner! 3/25/2012 in a snow blizzard in Central New York!

Hi, My name is Lauren, I turned into a calorie counting running girl in a very short time- I started my journey to change the way I eat in January 2012 and I began calorie counting and viewing food differently. The people in my life are what inspired me most to be better. This would be Connie York, and Amy Sheridan. They have been the most influential people in the change and have helped me learn and grow in so many ways other than just running. Before my thinking wasn't positive, I always felt like it was to hard or that there wasn't a need. I didn't see the need to run past 1 mile or see the need to change the way I was eating. Now I think of food and running in a different way. Running isn't just running, its has become apart of my life and the motivation to push me.. Food isn't just to feed my taste buds. Food is now something that needs to fuel me and whatever that fuel is, I want it to be worth eating. Think about what that food is going to do for you. Is it going to make you feel better or worse! Eating well and exercising does a body good! Its has helped me feel physically better and mentally better.
I wrote this Note for family and friends and feel free to read what I think and have to say about taking this journey:
Decided to write this out for my friends and family who wants to lose weight.. You really have to do it the all fashioned way.. Exercise and food choice changes.. I have never calorie counted before and always thought that would be way to hard, but now I'm wondering why I was so negative and against it because it really isn't that hard and you will not starve..Initially you can lose weight without exercising but it wont last long unless you are extremely strict on your calories and eventually your body will adjust and you probably will stop losing weight.. If you exercise you will lose more weight, so I say if your going to count calories you might as well make it worth it by exercising, plus exercising can suppress your appetite.. It does for me someday and other days it doesn't.. There will be days that you will have temptations and urges to eat something, but its all about will power.. You can remove yourself from the food that is tempting you, or move it away from you.. Example, every Thursday Marissa has piano. Piano teacher leaves a bowl of candy and chocolate out.. It stares at me, the entire 30 minutes so when I walk in I take the bowl of candy and put it on his table so its not in front of me.. This also means don't buy things that you will want to eat that cant have.. so no soda, no creamer, no butter, no chips, etc... etc.. etc.. Don't go out to lunch or dinner anymore, or meet up with friends who you think will want to do lunch.., no more dunking donuts coffee unless you switch up your order.. If you plan on going out to dinner, look up their menu and see what is calorie counting friendly. Most restaurants have a light menu, so plan your day out around that meal so you are still within range. There are also going to be saboteurs.. I call them that.. This can be your husband, your best friend, anyone really.. They will say oh come on, you can eat this, or geeze your no fun now because you cant do dinner or lunch. They might even buy you a box of chocolates... My hubby usually will drink his soda in front of me, so I can smell it and say yum-mm..There are going to be days where you totally go off course, like way off. This is just one day or meal, so don't get upset about it.. Its going to happen.. The next day you just start all over again. I also think if you find yourself playing mental games like I do, with exercising or pushing yourself you need to tell yourself to shut up.. Seriously, if your having a bad day instead of deciding whether or not to go to the gym, you say nope shut up, I'm going and going to get it over with even if you are not in the spirit to do so.. Sometimes that means you might even have to run faster to get it over with faster :). You will have pity parties, but you will learn that your pity parties last so long because you are not in the gym or on track.. That is when they start. You will decide not to workout and then that leads to future plans of working out that don't happen and by the time you know it 3 weeks have gone by and the entire time you are thinking about the fact that you weren't in the gym, and throwing a pity party and in a huge funk.. Its hard to get out of those, but you must break free.. Have someone hold you accountable which will help you get out of that funk..1. The best part about jump starting your progress is motivation.. The best kinda of motivation is actually seeing a change. A change in the scale, in your body, in your attitude.. If you don't see a change after a week or two, its because something is off.. Either your calories are not correct, not working out hard enough, both, or you think your not changing but you are but don't see it.. To be motivated this way, will take commitment.. That means being committed to your exercise and committed to your calories.. If you build it, he will come.. Or better yet if you do it, you will lose weight.. :)2. Attitude changes your motivation.. So you need to decide on something for a goal that will motivate you.. This can be planning on running a 5k, learning all the moves to Zumba, doing an entire workout video fully in it without the wimpy movements, building up the lbs on the weights.. That kind of stuff.. So when you start this, you need to have a plan in place that will motivate you to work to it.. Register for a 5k in 4 months.. Fill it out and send in the check.. You will be motivated to learn to run, because you already paid for it. There is no going back.. If you don't run the race at all, then well you deserve to lose the money you spent.. but if you decide to run it but don't run the entire race, it doesn't matter, you crossed the finish line and this will change your attitude which will change your motivation level.. You will want to run another one..3. Where to work out.. Humm.. I think working out at home is the hardest place.. Its so comforting, and well boring.. You are in the same place, staring at the same people, same walls, that you always stare at.. If you have no choice but to work out at home you are a rock star because that will take more commitment and planning. You will have to plan your workouts at home just like if you were at the gym. You also can work out outside. Some ways are to run, walk, bike ride, swim, in your community. These ways are all for free which is awesome and you can intertwine these two places.. Another way is by doing it at the gym. I have a love hate with the gym, I would rather do my running with a friend outside but I'm a wimp in the winter, so I did a 3 month membership because I know that I wont commit to running outside in the winter and wont commit to running on the treadmill in my own house..Suck it up and pay the money.. Happiness is better than money..4. Working out.. Make a schedule of your workout days and rest days.. So if Zumba is M,W,F, well then duh.. That is when you will do Zumba. If you need to rest in between than do so, but you can also add some running, or strength training in other days of the week.. If you plan on doing a 5k, make a running schedule.. So run M,W,F,S, or T, Thu, Sat. I say if you are going to run, run at least 3 times a week, but if you run 4 times a week that extra day does something. It makes it easier and you will get stronger faster.. I like to rest in between runs.. So I do M,T, Thu, Sat.. I rest W, F, Sun.. When you work up to a 5k, you will run short, short, short, long.. So Monday is a short recovering run.. Tuesday is a short run, Thursday is a shorter run, and Sat is the long run.. If you cant run like this there are great app to help you ease into a 5k.. Like C25k program.. Google it.. If you miss a workout, your body will be able to tell the next time you work out.. Sometimes extra rest days will do a body good, but sometimes you will feel like crap.. Tired, and just blah.. Push through that because the next time you will be good.. You have to hold yourself accountable to that schedule.. If you say I'm going to workout, M, W, F then do it.. No excuses... I had a ton of excuses, and honestly they get you no where but where you are now..5. Food... Food is awesome.. But now I'm in a place where I don't think all food is awesome.. I think a lot of food is gross.. The start of my calorie counting led to me to a point where I'm like what in the heck is in my food.. Man Made Food Is Bad For You!! I believe that GOD put the food on the earth that we were meant to eat, like untouched Fruit, veggies, Grains, nuts, animals.. We are not meant to eat chicken by products ground then covered in bread crumbs that have been bleached and "enriched", added sodium, trans fats, preservatives, with high fructose corn syrup, then deep fried in oil, with trans fats or "trans fats free", then froze and then deep fried once again to heat up for consumption..This is NOT FOOD!! This is called cancer! Honestly!!! My opinion.. but seriously! Some foods we consume but don't have control over are foods like fruits, that have been sprayed with pesticides. It sucks and doesn't make sense so if you can buy organic do so, but most of the time I cant.. If you want chicken nuggets, make them yourself.. Chicken breast, with oatmeal crumbs and cooked in EVOO or olive oil spray..Don't fry them in the EVOO just cook them in it, or bake them(even better).. :) Or read the back of the packaging to find out what is in the chicken nugget you want to eat.. My point is try to eat what you can closest to how it is naturally.. Veggies in veggies form not covered in butter, or sugar.. Fruit in fruit form, not fruit juice, or fruit snacks, but a real live banana that you peel!! Whole grains minus corn syrup, chicken breast, lean ground beef, milk without hormones.. I don't drink milk because of my own opinions on it but I do eat cheese, Greek yogurts, etc, etc, etc..And look at the sugar and sodium on the label... Always look at ingredients.. If you are buying juice for your child, and it says water, corn syrup as the first ingredients.. Its not juice.. Its basically sugared water that they have manipulated to taste like juice or there is a very small percent of actual juice in it. Feel guilty when you let your kids drink and eat these things.. I do, so now I am changing what they are aloud to eat and drink as well.. I've boycotted Mcdonalds since its basically a cancer building with a play pen..Oh and if you are not worried about my little thought on foods, you still can calorie count with the foods you buy.. Just read the label with the serving size..6. Calorie Counting.. Its really not that hard.. I think the best way to fuel your body is to consume natural foods.. like veggies.. You can eat a ton of veggies and they don't have very many calories, so guess why you wont starve.. Because you can a lot of them, and you wont go over calories or feel bad eating them.. Eat veggies in every meal.. I eat fruits for snacks.. Mostly a banana in the am and an apple in the pm.. Condiments are your enemy.. Seriously if you were like me, saying well I really don't eat bad. I don't eat crazy, I try to eat lean, then take a look at your condiments.. like creamer, sugar, butter, dressing, ketchup, sauce, etc, etc.. A typical cup of coffee for any person probably is at least 100 calories, but how? Well coffee is like 5 calories, and then when you add 2 tablespoons or more of sugar and 2 tablespoons or more of full fat, half and half, whole milk.. There is about 100 calories of just those two items to make a 100 calorie cup. and then when you have 2 cups,,, THATS 200 Calories.. See holy smokes.. Your breakfast is already 200 calories and that isn't even including the food you eat.. You must substitute items for items to make it worth consuming.. So you make a 50 calorie cup of coffee instead.. 1 tablespoon of sugar measured and yes I mean get a tablespoon and measure it.. Then take skim milk, soy milk, or coconut milk and measure 2-3 tablespoons.. Then you take one or two eggs with one slice of low calorie bread or bread that is low calories.. Your breakfast would be around 300 calories.. And you will feel full. Protein will help with that..The other enemy is beverages.. There are so many useless calories consumed through beverages.. Like SODA, juice, and milk.. Soda is something I no longer partake in because its really really bad for you and it has a ton of calories in it.. Well can I drink diet soda?? NOPE.. That is even worse for you because of the fake sugars they use.. If you cant live without soda dink gingerale or sierra mist natural and guess what?? Measure it out. Those two sodas have the lowest amount of calories. My favorite beverage is water.. Yep.. It zero calories and it needs to be consumed especially if you are exercising.. You will dehydrate without it and it will throw you off track.. The other beverages I drink are coffee, tea and a tiny bit of soy milk.. I still will measure my soy milk.. One day you will no longer have to measure and you will be able to tell by looking at it, but measuring is a must in the beginning... If you are having a hard time with choosing foods, I say stick to what you know.. Make the same things over and over again until you are confident enough or strong enough to step outside the box and venture with recipes.. The most important thing I think with calorie counting is Substitutions... You will need to substitute this for that... So no more mayonnaise, instead your nonfat sour cream or Greek yogurt.. Swear they will do the same job and you wont even notice.. Link to a good sub list.. also need to track your food, beverages, condiments daily in the beginning to make sure you are on track.. You can use and write everything you eat down..Examples of 300-400 meals..Everything measured by servings of course..Breakfast-2cups of 50 cal coffee2eggs in olive oil spray, with 1 piece of low calorie toast, with tsp of smart butter Lunch- 2 slices of low calorie bread, tsp of jam, tsp peanut butter, Dinner- half of chicken breast baked and cut up.. Saute onions and peppers in olive oil spray, tomatoes, non-fat sour cream, and sprinkle of low fat cheese, 2 small tortillas..Snacks, fruit, veggies..Sweet tooth.. Cup of popcorn, with tbs of dark chocolate Hersey, and 10 almonds.. The mix of all these is really good and will get rid of that sweet tooth..If you still feel hungry drink water, if that doesn't go away eat an apple, banana, etc.. This is really all you need to know.. Count calories and exercise.. That is basically it.. I think staying between 1000 and 1200 calories will give you a huge jump start because you will see the loss in the beginning and will keep you motivated.. If you need help with making a meal try or email me for options..oh and btw, im not a professional calorie exerciser.. Just started this and it has worked..

Meet Hope CalorieCountingRunnerGirl Success Story

I met hope through Facebook just shortly after adventured into my maintaining phase of my personal weight loss journey. She was new to running and I was quickly drawn to her because she was fighting the same fight I just won; which was training to run a Half Marathon while losing weight. I had Great Joy in watching her meet both her personal weight loss and run goals. I am Thankful to Facebook for such Great Connections like Hope and I am eager to watch her Run her Way through NYC with a Half Marathon in April and Further Run Herself into the Elite Status of "Marathon Runner" ♥ So Proud of you! Here is her Story!
My weight loss/running journey began in January of 2011. After moving in May 2010 from Louisiana to West Virginia, I was wallowing in depression & anxiety. I had moved over 1000 miles away from everything & everyone I had ever known. I spent the next few months eating myself into obesity & sleeping all day while my kids were in school. I hated myself. I hated my body. I knew no one here & had no friends. Food became my friend.
By December 2010 I decided enough was enough. I wasn't happy & I knew continuing this way was no good for anyone. It was time for a change. I made losing weight & learning to run my New Year's resolution for 2011. At 5'1 & 200 lbs, it was time. I started a weight loss program & the Couch to 5K program. I made that 5K my goal. Running was hard in the beginning, I got a bad case of shin splints & had to take some time off from running to heal. I was slightly discouraged by this, but I continued working out. When I was able to get back to it, I never looked back.
By June 2011, I ran that 5K. I was losing weight & I felt great! That 5K motivated me to start training for a half marathon the following October. I trained all summer long for it. I've got 2 kids, & since they were off school all summer, they joined me for most training runs on their bikes. I was stronger, leaner, & losing all that weight. But most importantly, I was reinventing myself. I was becoming the person I was always supposed to be. Happier, healthier, & stronger. A runner. I ran a few races over the summer while training & became more sure of myself & my ability to run that half marathon. October 2011, I ran that half marathon & finished it. That sealed the deal for me.
When I got home from that half, I registered for my first Full Marathon. I'm currently training for it right now & I've never felt more sure about anything in my life. Running changed me. It humbled me. It has taught me that I'm stronger than I ever thought I was. It taught me that there's a lot more to this life than sitting around eating myself into oblivion & feeling sorry for myself. I'm better than that. Life is full of possibilities, I'm excited about them all. I recently reached my goal weight & am now maintaining it At 32 yrs old, for the first time in my life, I can say that I'm proud of myself.

Meet Michelle - CalorieCountingRunnerGirl

Meet Michelle! Michelle is an original follower of CCRG shortly after I started my blog and boy am I ever glad she stumbled upon my Blog! She is now a friend of mine and I have had joy in having tiniest bit of inspiration to her in her journey. It all came down to Michelle though; she has a deep dedication and a real true understanding of how to lose weight, the commitment to do it and over-all the health importance to her so she can be the healthiest and happiest Woman, Wife and Mother she can be ♥ Thanks for Sharing Your Story with the World Michelle ((hugs))

May 2011...reached and all time weight high of 175! I felt like energy...sleeping all the time...bp was elevated...knees killing me...self esteem was horrible...I hid behind everything (or what I could fit behind)...I went to the doctor because I felt like I was going to die. I was shocked at the scale...I've never been that heavy. My diagnosis...I was obese! She really talked about my mom's heart history (she was her doc when she has her first heart attack at the age of 40)....she scared me...I have 3 young kids...I don't need to let me being fat kill me!

I started my new lifestyle that day! Just good old fashion eating healthy...nothing fancy...just healthy! Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Lean meats and fish that was baked/broiled or grilled. When I was actively losing I tried keeping my calories @1500.

My exercise...oh boy! I was not a fan but I pushed through the pain!!! I walked 3-6 miles a day, 6 days a week! Id get up before daylight to help with our summer heat and thunderstorms. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I added the biggest loser card max. Also on Wednesday's If my husband was at home I went to a pilates class....but not religiously. Living 34 minutes from town put a pinch on that. I also do situps daily...nothing fancy on that. When I started I could not do 1...I now do 60 a day! My waist went from a whooping 44 to a 28!!!!

I started running in August...that is my new Love!!! Now I run 3 days a week and walk the other 4...yep something every stinking day because now I love to exercise...

My first official running race will be the Azelea Trail Run in Mobile, Al on March 24!!!

May of 2011 I weighed 175
Feb of 2112 I weigh 108
For 67lb weight loss!

My contact info..

Monday, February 13, 2012

5 & 4 PCOS Rant

5 on saturday- was supposed to be a ten miler- I tried to outrun a headache that became noticable once I started running- and never went away- I suffered through- conditions were cold and windy and wore my screw shoes- ok pace- hated taking two days off of running- it never does me good unless I'm peaking with more mileage.

4 on Sunday- conditions were Tough- white out squalls- totally earned my winter warrior princess badge on that run- almost a foot of snow- pretty indeed but still risky road conditions- fell off the sidewalk and gave the left foot a major twist-

The Foot is unhappy today- slight strain-

My energy is depleted. I was trying to really sort why I am so in the dumps with mood/energy and why I'm craving carbs so badly- finally d'uh realizing It's probably my pcos- every few months I get a ravenous odd week during mid cycle were I just don't feel right. I'm just tired- depleted- feeling like I could eat all day long- super carbs- super eating- I'm up a few lbs just from eating in just a few days- I feel it when I run- so I'm trying to catch myself before I fall. It happens at the same time that I had two 'untypical' meals for me and that sodium and extra calorie/food intake makes my body scream a big old WTF!!

I miss eating lean- I miss eating light- confession: I typically go potty just once a day- I've been eating so much I go potty almost every time I eat (to make room ...BOO) TOTAL TMI- but I like sharing TMI cause as much as I totally cringed at the weight gain in one week- I know its not just fat but fuller bowels, muscle soreness from harder recovery from sore arms/legs.

anyways- Was going to do my ten miler tonight- BUT I Did NOT- I just couldn't I just can't get my umph to get this one done- I need sleep in the worst way- 5 hrs last night and I felt like I only slept 2! I tried going to bed at 8pm last night runnerboy woke me up 2x -GGGRRR so then he falls asleep and I lay awake for hours ....GAH!! 2:30 AM CAME FAST and so did 7:15 when the alarm starting going off!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rest the legs Day 2

My arms are SORE! Like crushed my arms so bad that it hurts to push and or touch them!

Ouchie! lol

Today is Day 2 rest for the legs- so unlike me- but you know what- I am often holding myself back from running too much- I'm going to embrace the need to not run-

Must be a full moon or something? Oh Yeah that's right - it was or is - ha!

I should be fresh for a FAST ten Miler tmrw as my last strong push for training before taper for my half in 2 more weeks!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interval Fun

1/2 mile warm up

3 miles in 24min with a 60/90/30 second intervals with recoverys.

Felt GREAT- Had FUN!

After I hit the legs with some strength training-

170 lb leg press x 20
70lb leg press each leg x20

70lb quad curls x20
30lb each quad x 10

85lb abductor x 15
145 adductor x 10

50lb hamstrings both legs x10
20lb hamstring each leg x10

75lb obliques x20

B: whole wheat, tsp all natural jam

L: Whole wheat, tbsp natural pb, tsp natural jam
chobani greek yogurt

D: Whole Wheat tortilla, plain greek, grilled chicken breast, avocado, fresh spinach, oz lowfat mozz cheese, kiwi,

protein - all natural whey , almond milk

popcorn, dark chocolate

Double Run Fun

Double run Day-

10 min walk/jog warm-up

2 miles in 17min

15min walk


Running Club Meet-up

5 miles in 42 min

Monday, February 6, 2012

1.5 Hrs then 4 mile run

7 whole hours of sleep- yep!! Ah- after only 3.5 the night before- sleep never felt so perfect- I slept solid. Thank Goodness- I spent my Entire Day Smiling- Life Just feels so Perfect for Me Right Now ♥

1.5 hr weight lifting session this morning and I'll my best to break it all down again- trying get a hit at different muscles over- all not super setting or anything- just a hit at the muscles to keep the tone-

Little bummed I didn't' get in last week what I needed to for my muscles- felt like I actually lost something with so many days off- been a good 5 days since I seen weights- BOO-

But I will say by the end of you reading this- I was SWEATING- and super pumped :) I really want to share that I love that I can burn/sweat and get my heart rate while doing my weights now- huh- I like weight lifting adrenaline rushes- !!!

25lbs bicep curls 3 sets of 10 *struggling on last set* see, lost some*
20lbs bicep curls 1 set till burn-out
110lbs tricep pull downs one set 10
120lbs tricep pull downs one set 10
130lbs tricep pull downs one set of just 6 (couldn't even get to 8 - ugh) not happy!
15lb hammer squats 3 sets (actually one set was with 20lbs)
10lb lateral raises to the front /sides
15lbs reverse bent over triceps 3 sets of 10
20lbs superset (bicep curl and then over head raise to work the shoulder) for one full set

Inclined bench - 20 sit ups on incline with 10lb medicine ball

Off the freeweights and into the Cybex Machines

70 lb obliques - taking them nice and slow feeling the burn - 1 set
80lb tricep dips- one set
70lbs abdominal press - one set of 30
110lbs pull downs ( I wanted to go more but not for the shoulder!) one set
110lb row - one set

Gravitron- my shoulder did a small scream- not worth it - but I did do one set on the gravitron with some tricep dipping-

210lbs leg press for one set of 10
180lbs leg press for one set of 10
70lbs leg press each leg - for one set of 20

Quad Curls-
70lbs both legs one set of 20
30lb each quad one set of 10 (my right quad is so sore!)

Hamstrings- 50lbs together- 20 alone- one set each

Treadmill- 1/4 mile walk - 1/2 mile light jog- seeing how I feel after Saturdays Half Marathon and PR - feel great so I stopped knowing I was going to run this evening.


This Evening I went for a Run-
Skirt- light wind coat- blue Sky & sunshine, unseasonable warm about 45-50' degrees- I felt so happy to be running- so happy that just after mile 2 I took off the headphones and just enjoyed the run even more- to be apart of such a special winter day was that special to me-
I met my family at the lake and I played with my kids at the playground.
4 miles 35 mins- avg pace 8:50- I knew my pace was slower as I glanced down seeing 9 min pace at often 9:20 I was ok with that- this is a recovery run- I was having fun- it was beautiful and I had No qualms about going slower- I did open up my stride the last mile so my hips stay open- I hit my pace just fine- but secretly wished I ran without my watch so I didn't see my pace - lol-

This evening sticking & foam rolling and stretching!

organic egg
1/2 slice 2% cheese
Whole wheat mini bun (70cals)

Green Monster Shake (spinach, almond milk, Anutra (omegas, fiber- like flaxseed),1/2 small banana- 1.5 cups of fresh spinach, tbsp of all natural pb)
slice of whole wheat (tsp of all natural pb and all natural jam)

home-made pizza
100 calorie triple health English muffin, tbsp marinara sauce, 1oz of lowfat mozz
1/4 cup of cabbage boiled with some spread and pinch of sea salt

Greek Yogurt
dark chocolate