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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Woke up at 5am to a fresh brewed pot of my Hott Coffee! Hot Dam I love You!

Oatmeal, coffee, fresh pick me ups from some running videos, made sure my new songs I just uploaded were on the play list, geared up and took the puppy out and was on the road by 6am for the first time EVER!

Starting my run in the dark...amazing! Watching the sunrise equally UH_MAZING!

3 Mile run to the west ....back to home = 6miles.

hydrate, grab the fuel belt, eat some organic stingers for energy, hit up the potty and back out within minutes.

3 mile run to the east....back to the center of town= 6 miles. Hydrate, fuel up with more Stingers and took this picture. Thinking of in this BIG world...we are connected through this computer...united in the purpose of just be inspired and interested in what it's like to journey with someone that is training and running hard for a change, toward life and happiness and good health. Cheers.

3 mile run to the South....back to home= 6 miles.
When I hit mile 15, I knew I was going to step it up and try to run fast toward home, I needed to open up my stride. Truth be told my foot and my quads were sore from the 10min shuffle I was in. Totally comfortable, not exerting much energy and full of life and feeling 'boomtastic' I told myself to let loose and go with it. So I did and the last 3 miles I ran in 24 min! I could NOT believe it...I knew I was running fast as I would random glace down to see anything from a 7:40 pace to a 8:30 pace on those last 3 miles. It felt great to feel like I was 'running' that forced yucky feeling that I missed the first 15 miles...I made sure to make up for that on the last 3 miles. I knew that pushing myself this hard at this stage of the game was only be like adding Sprinkles to my Sundae. Sure a Sundae is yummy and good and fine...nothing wrong with a sundae...but when you throw on the sprinkles....hhhmm...that much more satisfying! So my run felt that much more satisfying to me. I did a half mile walk home for recovery!

I am happy that this time I ate and drank more than I ever have on a training run. I know at this new weight I need to be sure I fuel & hydrate myself ....that lesson learned on the last half marathon.

Things just feel so different this time around for Marathon training. I think being at a lighter weight.....and faster pace, my body is just taking it all so differently. I'm re-learning how to train for a Marathon.

I can only 'hope' for a 20 miler just like today's 18! Next Week!!! Maybe sometimes around my Birthday...what a present that will be to myself!

Got home and did an ice bath for recovery!
Ate 4 whole eggs/2 slices of whole grain bread

lost 6.5lbs of water on that run despite having drank 10 before, 20 during and 20 after the run...that's ok...I was BLOATED and tossed some post 1/2 marathon water weight I was holding onto!

Onwards to recovery and a new week!

oh and when I got home...Runner Boy wrote that pc of paper out for me.....18 miles with a circled check mark and my classic 'boom' ...........Thanks RunnerBoy♥ I smiled true...18 miles ...check! P.s. thanks again for taking today off from work so I can first thing in the morning!!

Today it was just awesome to have such a great run, to feel so comfortable and care free in my heart and body and soul. I uploaded some Leona Lewis recently...she was sorta bliss as I ran into the sunrise ♥

this song can be about so much...Running, love, life....we all can only hope that life just gets Better!
Sometimes when you hit rock bottom there is no where to go but UP!

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