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Running Tips

Getting Certification to go along with some education and personal experience I know more than prepared to guide you along in your Running Journey.

My Education:
• Sports Nutrition
•Basic Nutrition
• Health & Wellness
• Weight Management
• Sports Injury & Prevention- Coaching Principles
•First Aid Certified
•CPR/AED Certified
•RRCA Certified Running Coach

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► How I Started Running:

►Running to Lose Weight:

►Tips on how to Run Faster!

►Random Running Tips!

►How To Run Hill Repeats:

► Running With Acid Reflux: Tips to Control the Burn

► What to Wear while working out and losing weight

► How to Prepare for your Half or Full Marathon the Week of your Race!

►How to Recover from a Half or Full Marathon

► Have you Ever said to yourself "Am I Too Fat to Run?"

►How to Dress for Cold Weather Running

Are You Ready to Learn to Run?

How To Eat to Lose Weight:
► How to Carb-load

Running Extra's:

►Running Safety

►Running Inflammation: List of Anti-Inflammatory foods enclosed!

►Running, Training and Donating Blood Question & Answer

Running Tips to Keep Your Head in it.
►How Self Esteem can Affect Your Running

►Motivations to Keep Running: