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Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Never a question of Can You,but will You?

It's Never a question of Can you, but will you? Wow...Right! How many excuses will you make today?

9 Soupy Hot Miles today.............
Wow that air was thick...felt like a swim..not a run!

Incredibly sore and hurting still just as over all pains in the butt, I knew I was not going to jump out of bed and want to run. Heck my 3 year old daughter dictates the house yet again and decides to wake up the other 2 kids and I had them all at it at 6:45am! Let my husband sleep in as he has been working alot and the days he's been off he has been getting up before the crack of dawn to hit up his long runs and and such. So committed at times to not disrupt the family dynamics of the day. Too bad my body could not respect the same way this week! Sorry Honey! He was suppose to run with his friend at 10am and I didn't get out the door till 8:30 when my body woke up and I had my brain on straight. So basically I didn't get home till a little bit after ten and he missed his run with his friend. But listen...I can't be bound my time limits! I need freedom to run and I need some flexibility on these long run days. I can give a flying shit if he wants to run 6 miles with a friend...believe me let me have time to get my long run done without any extra pressure. Rant over :-) He apologized for the pressure of time constraints!

I was a major grumpy pants because I too have been going to bed late (oh yes, We all know you know my insomnia!!!) but then I'm up early too! Thanks Honey but after 16 years you don't need to kiss me good-bye and wake up for the day before work ;-) But anyways I'm just sayin'!

I'll keep this short! Easy Peasy! Nice and Steady! Nothing crazy! Went for ten but I changed my route cause I wanted to avoid a hill as I wanted it to be that easy and got home at the 9 mile mark exactly and didn't care to go the extra mile! I am no less a runner and that is one less mile of stress on my already sore and achey ass!

I'm on week 2 of no weight loss. My calories have been good and my efforts in the cardio and lift department are on key with a really fit person! So let's chalk these past two weeks to HORMONES and my Dam PCOS! Dam you! There is no mathematical reason to have not lost any weight. I reduced and worked my ass off so it should have melted something!

I have been taking measurements the last 5 weeks, the last two weeks the only difference on the measuring tape has been my arms! They got bigger :( Yes i know you are thinking...GOOD THEY ARE GETTING MUSCLE! but shit...I want the fat gone at the same time and get them smaller, lol. but I'm actually starting to get a little baby bump when I flex now! I see the cut down the middle of the arm so there is major definition going on! For this See's me through the weight loss plateau!

Next 4 weeks I know for fact will be different because I will cycle off my good ovary and I should not have a hormonal imbalance problem and should lose like a normal person! Crazy body of mine! I hold steady.

You know what...this just proves this is not about skinny or about weight loss...this is about being healthy, feeling good! Taking pride in my energy levels, my ability to chase my kids and do about 8 million things in one day! I'm proud of that! Very!

So I found $. 29 cents on my run today! Boom Boom! Add that to my collection! Quarter and 4 penny's!

1:26 for 9 miles for pace 9:36 per mile.

PreRun Weight: 158
Post run weight due to water loss: 155.5

I didn't eat before this run and I didn't bring anything to drink, lmao. Crazy huh!
I made it through. I was not thirsty, I was not hungry! I was not anything other than comfortable and happy to be out there!

Breakfast: Got home and at 2 slices of lite bread with 2 whole organic eggs and 2 egg whites for recovery! Coffee

Lunch: 9 grain whole wheat 6" sub. (tip skip the mayo or get lite on the side! opt for the low fat/non fat dipping sauces for flavor! gut the bread to ditch the carbs if you want and veggie that baby up! oh and skip the cheese, you don't need the tiney bit of protein it offers vs the saturated fat calories! it all adds up!)
So it was turkey loaded with veggies. I used a tblsp of lowfat mayo that I spread on for flavor and added a tblsp of fat free Italian Dressing to the sub :-)

Snack: Fresh Peach!

Dinner: Will be the same thing as lunch!!!

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