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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Triathalon Support for him, strength for me

THIS CAT IS GETTING JACKED! HE IS UP TO 400 PUSH UPS EVERY DAY...HIS SIX PACK IS AMAZING! I see his shoulders getting ripped, his wing muscles have gained about 3inches in the last month...Yeah! He is super proud of his efforts and so am I...I get to be spoiled by his sizzlin body! Hopefully I can match up to him?

Today I took a day off from being a Runner Girl and supported my husband and his team with THE GREAT RACE.

Perfect start to the morning as we gathered the kids and brought them down to the lake with us to help spectate!

What a Great start. Met up with his team-mates.

First Impressed with his Friend that has this TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR SERIOUSLY? OMG!!!! Ok, so he is not married and has no kids! Explains the spoiled self! The money these guys make and no financial obligations like kids then you can easily see how fun it is to spend that much! Oh and his Mountain bike he says...Just as expensive...HELLO!

Headed over and we watched him set off!

Sat next to the road and we hooted and hollered at all the 5k short racers come through...Winner about the 16min mark. Then we started to see the winner of the 10k come through right around the 32min mark! Hot DAM! These guys FLY! Make it look so effortlessly!

I wondered how much I annoyed the Deputy that I stood next too because for a good half hour I was the nutty spectator that clapped and rooted people on to finish strong and call outs that they looked great!

Told the First Lady, she got first and super job! TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION BABY! love it!

Super excited legs bounced the whole adrenaline pumping with them! OMG. I'm so addicted. ♥

Don finished in 46:16 and he said with some hills and some calf cramping a half mile before the finish he was certainly digging to keep running strong! It's funny how slow he looked when he passed and he reassured me he was running a 7:20 pace! Must be the people that came in just before him looked so much faster, lmao. Oh I know...7:20 mile for 6....RESPECT from me! all the way! One day that could be something I can do!

His team did well....they didn't place in the kayak division but the time over-all was incredibly competitive. They ranked 22 out 48 teams and 4th in their age group! so Well done Team *can't say your name cause you men are FILTHY PIGS* ;-P

Tonight I went off Calorie count and caloried up with a rest day for 2500 calories. I won't weigh in tmrw cause I'll be SCARED, lol.


Been three weeks since I've lost weight. I have been holding steady around 158 now for 3 weeks straight up and down 1-2lbs at times mostly due to water flux and now my time of the month, lmao. But really hoping that with the extra rest day, the calorie up cycle smashed with a quick cycle down with calories and a major uptake of my cardio/muscle strengthening this week that I flip that switch and get my body losing again! Maybe this is as far as I get? Not body is not moving from this point...even with calorie cutting, so I'm not sure....just going to try again to change this up and throw my routine around and see if more ab work will cut the fat.

My arms are both down and inch this past week though! noticeably leaner unlike last week when I actually gained a little bit, I'm down a whole inch!

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