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Friday, August 12, 2011

16 Miles, True Champion Fashion

Today's Runography Pic for You!

I woke up after just 2 hrs of sleep...Hey, don't start lecturing me!!! My insomnia my friends......anyways....if I can run 26.2 on 3 hrs of sleep I can do 16 on 2 ;p

Started my run much later than I wanted...I was up and ate a banana and two 10oz cups of coffee! P.s. I love Long Run coffee days I double up on sugar! haha! I headed out about 6:40am...having to return home after realizing the Garmin was set to heart rate monitor controls for Don's speed work...I woke him up and made him adjust it! so that got me out later than I wanted.

With my short sleeve running dress on....I decided I'd be too cold to hit the first part of the run so I threw on my Bright Pink Hoodie and set out (only about 60 when I left the house) Comfy miles set in as I made my way to the Hoopes Park. Round and round I go....then I head off a different route which is an amazing change to my running routes! I ran to the College where it swiftly reminds me that in 18 days I start school again..(but I'm ready!) then I jotted next door to the football field and did a lap of the track. Which to be honest this was the first time as an adult runner that I have run the Track! I felt proud of that, lol. There was this guy running stairs...which I've been dying to do lately as part of my fitness routine so I was crazy jealous and wanted to run some stairs with him! He says "hello" and I say "hello, beautiful morning huh!" and he said "yes, 5 more minutes for me though..." and I say "Good, Rest Easy...12 more miles for me" he says "12???!!!!" I say Yep...he says "Oh My...good luck" BOOM...hahahahaha!

Next I venture over to the Nature Trail~! I have yet to run there either. To be honest I thought it would be a corny and cheesy...but it was NICE in there! Shady, hilly, and cooler! Wow...LOVED IT! I ran unplugged of course soaking in the beauty of why I love to Run...moments just like this, to be one with mother nature, the birds loudly chirping, the crisp air, the smell of the tree's and morning dew. AMAZING!

Then I was STARTLED....oh I'm sorry My Lil Nature Friend...I scared you too!

I only spent a half mile on the was fun but it was slowing me I got off and hit the pavement again. home from a 7.3 mile loop and threw off the hoodie, grabbed my drink, ditched the camera, sucked down an ice-pop and forced myself back out there as I really wanted to go to bed, lmao. I'm serious! Not because the first 7 were hard...they were EASY! but I just was not feeling like going anymore. You know one of those times where I beat myself up for looping back toward home...hard to go back out for more sometimes! I was thinking...I had my fun and I feel great...I'm all done now!

OH NO! Connie...Marathon BABY!

My heart and my soul will be the fuel to carry my body when my limbs are to weary. I will never falter, I will never lose focus as long as there is hope in my mind and my heart still beats. I will never give in to the evil that is weakness and I will fight that evil with my dying breath.


I was hungry 2x on my run....I drank 20oz of water on my run and pre-fueled with 20oz coffee/ there was a reason for my hunger as I continue to count calories and get leaner for race day! a Reason for my depleted energy about mile 12...but my body tapped itself and I was hitting my negative splits! Take that ....strained calves as they began to seize up on me...dam you right knee for aching and screaming at me because I took today in a relaxed pace. When I run stride affects my was aching today when I ran and I don't like that...not at all. When I run sub 9min miles I feel nothing really...hamstring tightness maybe but not the knee ache. So Funk you I apologize and ice it right now :/

Got my Shiz Done....I knew I was spent as at mile 15 running my negative splits of at that point a 9min mile I had to stop and wait for traffic and my legs started shaking badly as I stood there...I knew best to get my hiney home fast so I can rest!

2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 slices of whole wheat lite bread for recovery fuel and a 20 oz electrolyte drink in the hatch.

Weight: 158 pre-run
154.5 after run due to water loss.

16 miles in 2:31:26 Pace 9:27 per mile.
In reflection my 16 training run on the first Marathon was likey a 10:15 great progression in pace/efforts in just a couple of months!

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