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Thursday, August 25, 2011

EggPlant Parm

I love eggplant, I don't eat it enough. Like 2x a year, lol.

Here is what I did...On the fly.

2 eggs beat in one bowl

In separate bowl create your coating ....whole wheat bread crumbs, flaxseed meal, what bran, wheat definite portion sizes...just made sure the bread crumbs was 50% the mix.

Clean and slice your egg plan (you can leave the skin on)

dip in egg, dip in dry mix and coat.

Fry in skillet with olive oil. Careful it will soak it up fast which is ok cause it's a good oil but still = fat=calories! just be mindful.

then throw all your fried eggplant slices onto baking sheet, top with pasta sauce (or marinara) I used jar sauce (remember...easy peasy Connie!)

baked for 15-20min

Then right before it's done I threw on 1/2 oz of slice ontop of each slice.

I purchased a great all natural whole wheat roasted garlic artisan bread...I toasted that and threw each slice ontop the toasted garlic bread....OMG ....SO DARN GOOD! Runner Boy made a sandwich out of it.....So Good!

This is a must repeat recipe for me!

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