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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HIll Repeats

I took off today for a run..thinking just a steady 7 or 8 miles.

Well after one mile I decided that it was best to do my hill interval today.

So mile 2 I hit my hill. It's not the S.H.I.T. but it certainly is a decent climb and one that could give me some great hill repeat endurance.

Just think of a Triangle like this:

I ran up it..... 1/10 th's a mile and the recovery was just the same.

so I ran that hill 15x and by the 15th I was really starting to feel it and was starting to dig. I could of ran it at least 5-10 more times to get extra benefit...but still...mad props to me and my efforts.

2 mile run home for a total of 7 miles for a 9:20 pace :)

I ran Benny tonight for an extra 1/2 mile to today's total.

I also took my kids to the park and we flew the kite. Found a great hill and we rolled down *P.s. it sucks being an adult...because once I had kids I get dizzy easy and rolling down hills with your kids makes you dizzy and itchy, lmao* Boom!

But anyways! There was huge grassy hill that once I was done rolling down it...I ran up it about 10x...just slipped off my flipflops and ran that shiz and had fun racing the kids up it, lol.
What I loved most is reflecting how I would very likely DIE after doing one of those as my old fat self...and believe me I would have ran it once just because my kids wanted me too but my lungs would have burned and I would of wanted a nap, lmao. Now I run that 10x and I'm like "what.....I'm not even sweaty" lol.

Today this song came ipod when I ran my hill repeats I don't know ...stuck out for me...

Can I ask you a question? Why aren't are you running hills for hill work and doing repeats?

I always do them on the treadmill but what I learned after my half marathon is that my hill repeats and work on the treadmill each week is not what I need because I was thrown into side stitches and my breathing was for now on...I'm hitting my hills on the road!
My Marathon in October is full of hills and I won't lie...I'm starting to FREAK myself out thinking about this Marathon! It's going to be a DOOZY! Starting to wrap my mind and heart around the seriousness to this course.

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