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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Calorie Count

Calorie Counting may sound difficult and perhaps time consuming. I have two initial thoughts about this for you

1) Aren't you worth it?

2) Is five minutes after every meal worth adding years to your life?

Of Course you are Worth it (I know some of you may not believe me right now!)

And most definitely a longer life happy and healthy is so much better than living a shorter life full of regrets and sickness.

What do you need?
Paper, Pen, measuring spoons/cups and a food scale!

That's it!

Oh and YOU!

Purchase a food journal (you are savvy and into doing fun stuff online you can access for a great calorie counting tool.

What I want you to do (cause this is what I did too!!)
Measure and record your caloric intake on all the foods you eat after every meal.
I want you to record the time and the feelings you felt when you ate too.
Record if you felt full or if you still felt cravings after you ate.

This really only take 5-10min after each meal just keep the content information on hand as you prepare your foods.

Add your total up and this is what you ate today.

When you have reached your calorie intake for the day try to avoid eating.


*the more dense and nutritionally power packed your foods the more you can eat. The fiber/water/nutrients can satisfy you more than sugary, starchy/poor fatty foods could.

* a food scale is only about 15 dollars, so don't procrastinate, purchase one today!

*weigh all your foods don't go by suggestive serving sizes. Sometimes they say "18 chips" is a serving when in fact the 'true' serving is 1oz and that by fact may only be 14 chips! Weigh your food!

* use your measuring spoons for EVERYTHING! sugar/syrup/butter/spread/peanut butter/jelly/oils etc. They are a staple in every interaction in my kitchen, even if I'm not calorie counting that day I am therefore mindful of how much of what is going into/onto my foods!

*record every morsel, don't cheat yourself from the truth

*Losing weight is as much about counting calories as making calories count. You can drop pounds on a diet of potato chips, and beer but this is NOT HEALTHY!

LASTLY, I AM NO NUTRITIONIST OR DIETITIAN! however I smart enough to help you. If you want to you can forward me your food journals daily or weekly for guidance or suggestions to

Not only have I walked the walk (ran my run, lol) I have learned and read so much along the way, I take my personal experience, my husbands weight loss experience and formal education in Personal Health, Basic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition as tools to help you/us.

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