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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Many Calories Connie?

Oh the Golden Question!

And that my friend is up to several things, your metabolism, your age, your body's reaction to carbs etc.

But there is ONE 'TOOL' I am going to offer you and it's just use it loosely and adapt when you need to depending on how you feel with your fueling and how the scale reacts to your calorie cutting attempts!

Go Here:

Put in your personal information and you'll get your 'general' indication of what your intake should be!

Please I beg you...go to this website and look up under all the links and play around and find out information about your BMR, BMI your Waist/Hip Ratio and know your numbers!


  1. my bmr is 1517.4 now what do I do to get how much calorie to lose 35lbs not good with math pls help

  2. 1517 and click into the calculator what your predicted work-out routines will look like and then tell the calculator if you aim to lose 1lb a week or two! and it will tell you. I'm going to guess that you may be around 1200 if you want to lose 2lbs per week