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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be Strong and Do Not Fear

Joy of the Redeemed
Isaiah 35:3-4
Strengthen the feeble hands,
steady the knees that give way;
4 say to those with fearful hearts,
“Be strong, do not fear;
your God will come,
he will come with vengeance;
with divine retribution
he will come to save you.”
God will redeem those that take the highway; the Way of Holiness. You are Redeemed when you choose to accept and live by the laws of our Lord. We have nothing to fear and we are told to be Strong as we adventure through our life. God wants us to take to our path in all avenues of our life with joy and gladness. What fears are holding you back? Do you not believe that Jesus washed away any sin of yours and that our God the Almighty has already forgiven and you are truly redeemed. Let it go as God waits for you take to the highway .....forever and ever...Amen!
Fears in the Journey of Weight Loss & Fitness
1) Failure
2) Disappointment
3) Never reaching the end goal
4) Letting God Down
When we stand before our God at the end of our days on Earth surely he won't care about the size of your waist or how many Miles or Marathons you have done. Instead he will look at you heart; did you harbor all these fears to which held you back- did you live so full of Life that others saw or found God through you? No More fear, No more unsteady knees take to your Highway Today!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sagging Skin During and after major weight loss

Why is Sagging, Loose skin such a big deal?

  • Uncomfortable during daily activities
  • Can be hard to keep clean and dry
  • Makes it difficult to dress stylishly
  • Is simply unappealing to oneself
  • Feel sexually unappealing
  • Unable to wear bikini's or specific clothing like tank tops in public
  • You want to mentally erase the past but the skin is a constant reminder of where you were

  • Loose skin occurs in a number of places including:
    • Under the arms
    • On your back
    • At your waist and belly
    • On your buttocks (around the hips)
    • On your thighs
    • Around your knees
    • Under the neck

    Let's First Ditch some Myth's.
    1. You can dry brush your skin back to great health- there is no science to back up this method
    2. The More Expensive the moisturizer the better the result- truth is doesnt' cost a lot of money to moisturize your skin.
    3. You can get rid of stretch marks- they don't go away (sorry) but you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks with lotion and sometimes with a tan.
    4. Is your excess skin actually skin or is still a thick layer of stubborn fat (stubborn deposits of subcutaneous fat) The best way to get rid of that fat is time and devotion to burn it off.

    Factors that can aide in Skin Retractability.  Loose skin and retractability has everything to do with elasticity. One factor that effects elasticity could be your age. The older we are the longer it takes for our body to regenerate healthy skin cells.  Vitamin C is important for collagen formation, which is vital for skin elasticity. Make sure to get enough vitamin C.
    What Can You Do?
    • If you have a choice (without weight loss surgery- they lose much faster than typical weight loss) lose your weight 1-2 lbs at a time. It gives time for your skin to retract. Skin replenishes itself about every 28 days.
    • Moisturize as often as possible. Healthy oils are best like Apricot oil. Truth be told I used an all natural moisturizer each day on my entire body that only costs 5 dollars. I have however have used natural oils (even Olive Oil *gasp* ) 
    • Start weight lifting if you are not already. By tightening up your muscles, the skin over your muscles will also look firmer. You can tone your abs, back, buttocks, hips and thighs to aide in the tighter appearance of your skin. You will have to trust that it will help because if you do it enough and maintain you will be much happier with your appearance!

    Changing Thought Patterns
    Acceptance. I know as a coach and woman that has gone through major weight loss and the maintaining phase it took me a while to accept my new body. What fears are attached to how you might appear after weight loss are multi-faceted on so many psychological levels. It really can become a thought trap for so many.  You want to overcome the mental issues that held onto you  in your obesity and the skin will remind of your past. This is very true and yes it can be a constant reminder of who you WERE! If there is one thing about the journey and acceptance it's that we bare in our hearts, soul and mind old scars from our past. It shapes who you are, who you will become. Old stretch marks and sagging skin can be a sign that you held onto issues that are no longer there. Celebrate the Victory in that notion that those issues are in your past. Sometimes the scars reflect the fact that you are a mother and your imperfect looking sagging belly once held one, two or more children in there! I have wide hips and I have a belly apron that is not going to go away. Not only was I morbidly obese but I had single and twin pregnancy. Do I want erase that sign from my body? Cosmetically sure it would be nice however on a psychological standpoint I really don't care because I am proud to be a Mom! 

    I would advise each of you losing now or in the journey to maintain to aim for simply being your best you  despite what your skin wants to do.

    I can train you to firm up the arms just as I have. I can coach you to lose a few more stubborn belly pounds. I can offer you even more training tips that can help you sculpt a 6 pack (that maybe no one will ever see) and tone up the inner and outer thighs that can help fill that skin in. However, I can't get you perfect. Not even a cosmetic doctor can get you perfect.  Surgery is a viable option for many. I too have met with surgeon for a tummy tuck and one day I may adventure there. However trust me when I say that there was this major light bulb moment for me when I met with my surgeon. The surgeon was touching my imperfect belly and in instantly while I'm gazing at myself in the mirror I had raging GREAT thoughts in mind. I was instantly proud of that I even made into that room. I was proud to lose the weight. I was there talking about stubborn belly fat and thick excess skin. I was proud of myself and then I started thinking  "You can fix my tummy but what about my hips?" You can fix my belly but what about my thighs? I am a walking full body contour patient. I will NEVER be perfect. I will never have a bikini body. Not only can I never afford all those procedure but I know for me that I live a life of great vitality and I could never mentally handle the time it would take to recover.

    I encourage you to adventure into your weight loss and maintaining with greater focus on the health of your body and not just the appearance. I want you to moisturize and lose at a healthy rate if you can and then begin to tone. Your body will keep changing, that I promise you.  Let your self esteem grow with each passing day with high quality thoughts about your great persistence, your growing strength. I want you to  mentally, spiritually and physically grow your acceptance of your ever changing body.  The love of yourself will fall right into place if you let it!

    Everyone wants to know how I look under my clothes with having lost half my old body weight. I'm 34 years old, lost on average 1.75lbs a week with NO strength training. When I met goal I started to build muscle and LOTS of it. I'm now very thick and solid woman. I had major sag on my arms to the point that I couldn't wear tank tops in public. I've since eliminated that problem. What once flapped when I ran is not a solid arm of muscle as I run and barely moves at all.  My stomach is a 6 pack though I still have subcutaneous belly fat that makes the appearance of my belly BETTER looking when I hold at this body weight. I got to 154-158 lbs and I was a wrinkly mess. I didn't like the appearance, I was bit flatter but I since put on both muscle weight and some extra cushion back into my abs that makes the appearance of my belly look that much better. I'll share pictures with you but what I'll share is that my skin sags on both sides as I lay down. My tummy is like a deflated balloon when I lay flat and the ocean of skin wrinkles is not appealing but at the same bothers me NONE.  I have inner thigh skin sag that will always prevent me from wearing a bikini at the beach and have come to fully accept the tankini~! It's really ok. I'd much rather take my imperfect fit body vs an obese sick body.

    Monday, January 21, 2013

    Vegan & Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies

    These are Tasty Little Treats that will satisfy a clean eaters taste buds for something subtle and sweet while sticking to Vegan, Gluten Free , Clean Eating Principles!  I love this recipe too for my Athletes and Runners. I was sure to add in a pinch of coffee for caffeine, flaxseeds for Omega 3's and chia for hydration hold.

    • 2 Cups of Black Beans (if you use a can, drain and rinse)
    • 1/2 Cup of Honey
    • 1/2 cup of Special Dark Cocoa
    • 1 tblsp of Flaxseed meal
    • 1 tblsp of Chia
    • 3 tblsp of coffee
    • 3 tblsp of Vanilla
    • Confectioners sugar to sprinkle on top
    • fresh berry's for on top

    Optional for thickness and sweetness
    • egg white
    • 1/2 cup flour
    • 1/2 cup of raw sugar cane
    • Crushed Walnuts

    Blend and Bake at 350 degrees for 25min

    Biggest Loser Competition Week #3 Recipe Rehab Challenge

    This EXCITES ME!

    My Whole Existence in this Healthy Lifestyle has to do with Very Principle!
    Eating Clean and living a new Healthier Lifestyle is about Keeping what you love in your new Lifestyle but you do so by Recipe Rehabs. You do it be learning new ways to eat your favorites. New Ingredients, lower fat options, leaner meats, less sugar, less saturated fats, more veggies and think whole/complex grains and more natural ingredients with no artificial anythings!

    I challenge you this week to at least do ONE Recipe Rehab! I want you to share it with me the group on what you did and offer that inspiration to others!

    • Tacos
    • Your favorite Mexican or Asian Dish
    • Pizza
    • Alfredos
    • Seafood
    • Pastas
    • Sauces
    • Condiments
    Every Single Item in your pantry, fridge, freezer could be rehabbed! You could and even I Can still find ways to eat a specific product cleaner and healthier!

    Don't Forget about the T-Shirt Give-Away Ends Tomorrow and guess what there is a CODE so it's instant Ship from Keirra's Kollection!

    My Experience with the 21 Day Daniel Fast

    Last Day- Wow so Inspired by you all. Without Guilt I ended by fast on Day #16 for Financial Reasons (ok, Dog had surgery and with other bills a couple thousand dollars was spent in ONE day ) so I had to make do what was in my pantry, freezer for food for two whole weeks. I stuck to the fast as long as I could (16 of 21 days) but soon chicken, eggs became what had to happen in order to eat. I could of really reduced my intake but I also know that I'm in training now and building back up my running base to at least 20-25 miles a week for the month of January. I know God does not forsake me for financially having to end it early but instead loves the commitment I had for 16 days.

    Perhaps that's another reason why I had complete comfort in having to go back to all foods. I learned that I'll be doing lots of other fasts but they will be much more sacrificial and will likely be Liquid only, juice only or absolute fasts. Partial food fasts just don't jive for me personally and well most importantly spiritually. I think Daniel had a lot less choices back then and it's blows my mind as I spoke with God about this just how many choices we all have that Daniel still did not - yet will we ever fully truly know? We know he was weak physically so I really think he much less than what we might be able to imagine. Yet, at the end of the controversy on what to eat and what not to eat it, I realized the fixation takes complete focus off the exact primary reason for the fast at all- that was to put complete focus on God.  I think for me that's why those liquid fasts might be best for my mind and soul when it comes to doing a fast. I don't want to spend so much time shopping, planning and recipes. I've read where some sites that promote the daniel try hard to not get caught up in recipes either because you again lose focus on the largest picture!  How much time was spent on thinking about what you'll eat next and what you can't eat. The mind explosion took over my thoughts. Where was God? God was there only upon temptation on not what I would I could eat but only in moments when I wanted eat out of the flesh foods that were not part of the fast. Then I started thinking maybe back then eating meat was seen as indulgent along with the wine. However for me meat is just a source of energy and protein and not sacrificial at all.

    Physically I felt ok. I had severe gas and lots of bloating and you might wonder "huh, why?" and the fact remains I don't process carbs too well. I simply eat minimal grains and my intake mostly involves meats/veggies/fruit so going with just veggies/grains my belly was grumpy at times and bloated. It fully shows me that my body loves all foods just as God in Awesomeness intended :)

    So I'm ready to keep fasting apart of my life- I've done a 2 day liquid fast that connected with a one day absolute fast and now 16 of 21 days of the Daniel. I'm learning and you know what? No matter how perfect, imperfect we are to God he will love the sacrifice. He will absolute love best the fellowship we had. He will love best if you shared this experience with friends, family and non-believers. We stand before him on judgement day and he won't even see what we ate- he will see how Spiritually connected we were with him. He will love and reward us for the love and any sacrifice for him. So don't worry if you did this perfectly, imperfectly- if you lasted a week, or the full 21 days. If you accidentally caved or stuck to it by full completion just HONOR what you did, HE will

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    Fitness & Weight Loss Christian Fellowship

    I have been Inspired by God. I'm listening and letting God take the drivers seat in this great new adventure! I've tried to quietly incorporate God into my coaching the last several months and have yet to find a path that works for me. I don't need to be favorite amongst society for my love of God but by Golly I can't let it dim my Fire for Him ♥ I'll keep Blogging about Food, Fitness and how you can incorporate God into your daily life for Greater Food & Fitness Choices that God will be proud of. I'll share all this information over on the page here on the Blog labeled "Running & Fueling on Faith" and I hope you consider letting your love for God be fueled in new and unimaginable ways! I too keep growing with God. My Love for him continues to blow my mind and I want to GROW with him and for him! I want to lift his promises and his word to inspire myself but also inspire you!

    So for FellowShip, Motivational Photos and God's Word feel free to Join me on Facebook!

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    Inspirational T-Shirt Give-Away!



    Keira is my energetic, smart, and (usually) sweet 6 year old. She inspires me, brings me so much joy, and makes me better in so many ways. Just like all good parents, I want her to grow to be a happy, healthy, educated, motivated girl with a high level of self-esteem and awareness.
    I always read from successful entrepreneurs that you need to do what you’re passionate about. After my NBA and pro beach volleyball careers didn’t work out, it hit me when I read an article about the infamous “I’m too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me” t-shirt. Being a father, I was just as upset to see this as many other women and parents were. I thought to myself, “There needs to be more clothing with messages and themes that align with the values I desire for Keira, and all girls and women out there.” A powerful brand that promotes optimism, confidence, independence and self-worth! So there it was, the perfect intersection of my passions for being a father and inspiring others!
    Clothing is such a strong form of expression and brands can create such a strong feeling, vision, and image. I truly feel what we wear can have an impact in our actions and thoughts. And positive thoughts can change our lives! I simply do not want to see vanity, greed, and materialism replacing respect, self-awareness, integrity, and character. Helping create and sustain a generation of girls and women that fully accept and believe in who they are is of the greatest importance to us. We are a young company, so your support of our vision and message goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!!!

    - Kevin Wagstaff, Founder

    I Feel Inspired and Ready to Keep Inspiring

    Sports Tank
    Great Inspirational T-Shirts
    Just Like this One

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    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Running, Training and Donating Blood

    As a Running Coach most often I'll get clients that want to donate blood. What an Amazing Gift to be able to give ♥  The American Red Cross suggests that you don't resume extreme physical activity for about 24 hrs after the donation.

     I do however have further restriction as a coach and as an athlete myself.  I deeply value the affect the donation has on the athlete's body. Within 24hrs the missing plasma in the blood is replaced. However it takes 4-6 weeks for the red blood cells to be replenished in the body. The red blood cells is exactly what sends oxygen throughout out your body. It's very normal that you will expect to feel a little more fatigued than normal while you run and train. I would highly suggest if you are at all concerned about your training and the timing to your donation that you send me a message. My Rule is that if you are in Marathon training that I strongly urge you to wait till you have completed your race. If you are insistent on doing it during a long 18 week training schedule that you avoid at all costs doing in the last 4-6 weeks before the big day. This way your red blood cells have had a chance to refresh and you can feel your ultimate best.  Further you want to make sure you drink lots of fluids and eat lots of iron rich foods to aide you along in your athletic recovery.

    The Beautiful part is there is always a blood drive going on so don't guilt yourself and donate when you're done with your training!

    I make a difference and so Can You!


    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Overcoming Temptation from food

    13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

    In the journey to use our faith to deter us from gluttonous ways we are always in temptation. It's our culture and it's the American (and often Worldly) way. We celebrate with food, we comfort ourselves with food, we eat out of boredom and we indulge when it just tastes so great. Temptations come from advertising, smells, enriched foods not in it's natural taste that heighten to the maximum the sweetness that leaves the brain and body alluring for more. What does your heart truly desire though? What about your soul?  

    Temptations are going to happen. It will then become a matter of what we do from that temptation. Often we promise and vow to God that we will sustain. I've read and heard from countless that they submit and then repent for their unwilling flesh. However I urge you to deeply remember that you have a willing soul and  that it wants to connect you to God's word and his promise. 1st Corinthians could be use more wildly than the discussion of food. Such as idolatry, addictions and deeper rooted sinful natures beyond a food addiction. However it deems just as serious to me and to those that battle food addictions. How do we trust in our God to provide and deliver us from that temptation? 

    We know we are of the flesh it becomes our scape goat to commit the sin and quickly repent. God wants better of us. He wants us to listen to him, read his word and speak to him in your heart for when you are tempted he will provide a way out and or help you endure. Can you trust in that? We must it's apart of our Faith. 

    Ask yourself as you stand before each temptation "Is this time to celebrate?" "Can I indulge and have moderation?" and begin to speak the truth that you fully trust that God will provide you  away to hold true that he will be enough for your craving soul. 

    Brainwash Yourself Thin- Mind Control for Weight Loss

    Brainwash- verb-  to effect a radical change in the ideas and beliefs of (a person)

    What are you thinking about when you are working hard to be fit? Are you focused on music or are your eyes glued to the closest television?

    Let me clue in on some major tips on how to help you grow in your journey through a little self brainwashing! What you speak to your mind while you work-out can do wonders for you for the rest of the day, week and entire journey in weight loss and fitness.  Truth is if you are thinking negative and or nothing at all you are being completely counterproductive. I know because I've been there.....done that.... it did me NO good and it does my clients no good either.  Instead what you should be doing is be thinking not only optimistic and celebrating the sweat, the push and barf factor behind your work-outs but I want you to actually start to think beyond the work-out as well. I want you to focus on talking to yourself about your body, your food intake and I want you to make special notes in your mind while you are working out.

    Why when you are working out? This is when you are most vulnerable, this is often when we are at our brink physically causing us to more than often to be our weakest mentally. Ever notice particularly on shows like the biggest loser when the contestants are crying, sobbing over a light run. Do you really think it's because it's all that physically challenging? No they are breaking down mentally and we all do that when we are pushing beyond our comfort zone. This is the exact time when the brainwashing or the inner warrior needs to come out. 

    1) Focus on what you ate that day. Decide right then and there what you will eat the remaining part of the day that will allow you to refuel and recovery properly.
    2) Think about how many calories you are burning that day, how long it took you to burn off 300-400 calories and how long it takes to eat that back! It can take 45min to burn off ONE DONUT!
    3) Start thinking about empty or useless calories you are consuming in your every day life that you can cut back on. That extra sugar or creamer in the coffee. That 100 calorie snack pack will take a mile to burn off.
    4) Instead of discussing with yourself how grumpy you feel about your weight and how you might feel or appear while working out instead visualize the fat literally melting off of you. Mentally tell your body to shave the fat from your belly or but and while you do that I want you to PUSH that work-out a little bit harder!
    5) Find your Mantra! That's right I want you to find a mantra that works for you; something that makes you never want to give up on the run, the set, something that keeps you focus when you put the second helpings into the fridge at dinner time.
    6) Put reminders and notes around the house, office, car for you to find and read. Self motivating inner voice messages that push you stay focused on healthy choices

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Hot Bath a CCRG Secret to Weight Loss

    That's Right you read me right!  A hot bath can do so much for us and the biggest plus about hot baths I found is it that it aides in weight loss! So you are thinking, how can this be?

    Well for starters when you relax with a bath you relieve stress. Cortisol levels in the body come back down in the body and that stinkin' cortisol is what helps to tack on the weight. It's a hormone released when we are under stress. So finding ways to relax can actually help you not only with feeling better in your head and soul but it can really alter the body from the inside.

    Next if you can tolerate a nice hot bath you actually will excite the body's metabolism to speed up to cool the body back down and if you can get beads of sweat pouring down your face then you know you are really ReV'vin... the metabolism and burning calories! It's a beautiful thing!

    A hot bath is such a great natural way to detoxify yourself. The pores open up and cleanse and the skin becomes refreshed and the glow of your skin will boost your self confidence.

    I challenge to take a hot bath every day for the next week and see if this helps make a difference for you!

    Also I challenge you to explore your body while in the bath- excess body fat floats so learn by feeling and pinching around your body to see what is firm like muscle and what is fat. In the weeks and months to come you can try this again to literally feel the difference in your weight loss or muscle gain! It's a neat thing that no one likes to talk about but I think it's vital to stay tuned into YOUR body ♥

    Set the Mood!

     Candles, Bubbles, a Single Glass of Red whine, Aromatherapy, Soft Music ............ 



    Candle Light, Glass of red wine

    CCRG's Biggest Loser Competition Week #2

    Hi Challengers & Teams!

    Today let's propose a sit up challenge between each commercial break lets see how many sit ups you can do and then share in the group how many you had complete during the entire show! Get out your pen and paper and keep track! Also don't forget to get in on the Skinny Pop Popcorn Give-Away!

    Our Challenge this week is to Eat Less Sugar! We see all over the Internet Sugar Free Challenges and I like those too but I want to be very practical about this as well so I decided that instead of forgoing all sugar that I challenge you to live healthier by eating less than you did before! This small step is in the right direction!

    And Here Are the Rules and Guidelines:

    • I want you to aim for clean eating and apart of that lifestyle is avoiding as much sugar as possible however this does not mean you start shopping and buying products that read "Sugar Free" and that's because 99.9% of the time that product is instead loaded with artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose, Aspertame, Sacharin, Sweet-n-low, Acesulfame K, Splenda, Sweet one. Make sure to avoid those products as part of your healthy clean eating lifestyle.

    • Limit your "Added" Sugars to no more than 25 grams per day this is most typically what I suggest to all my clients and calorie counters on a reduced diet (Challenge yourself each day to aim for LESS!) If you are maintaining and eating at about a 2,000 calorie range you can go upward of 32 grams a day. (2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans) What I mean by a "Added" Sugar is a refined sugar that was added to a product while in manufacturing. These refined sugars can be found in everything from Soda to oatmeal, cereal, breads, pastas, tomato sauce and even soups! Every Label look here
    • Learn all the sugar Names so that when you read a label you are as educated and prepared to make the healthiest choice possible.     
    Brown sugar
    Malt syrup
    Confectioner’s powdered sugar
    Corn syrup
    Maple syrup
    Corn syrup solids
    Nectars (e.g., peach nectar, pear nectar)
    Pancake syrup
    High-fructose corn syrup
    Raw sugar
    Invert sugar
    White granulated sugar
    cane juice
    evaporated corn sweetener
    fruit juice concentrate
    crystal dextrose
    liquid fructose
    sugar cane juice
    fruit nectar
    •  Read the Label and Write it down and tally your Sugars up at the end of each day and report in with your accountability partner how much sugar you had- what surprised you along the way and mid week I'll ask how everyone is doing this week with this challenge! I hope you tune in and share your experiences!
    So now I want to talk about why liming sugar is not only beneficial for our health but for weight loss!
    → Refined Sugar raise the insulin level in our blood. When the blood sugar rises too quickly (too much sugar!) the insulin receptors notice and step in and release insulin to then lower the blood sugar level. Well what happens to that sugar that is taken out of the blood and not used for energy? That's right it get stored as FAT! Too Much Sugar = Fat Storage.
    →Refined Sugar suppresses your immune system. Your body is on overdrive all the time just constantly processing sugar and it has not time to relax and focus on fighting things in the body that needs attention. Your ability to fight disease decreases and are likely to get sick.
    → When you eat too much sugar you are likely making choices that are not natural and the more refined, processed the product the more likely you are eating less than desirable amounts of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and not to mention important fiber benefits.
    Don't just take my word for it as it's such a common knowledge these days that we have to start putting more practical choices into our grocery carts and mouths so we can stop the excess sugar eating and help gain control of diabetes, pcos and our the belly bulge.
    Read Lots of Sugar Danger Information here and do a google of valuable reputable online resources for more information
    Do NOT Fear Natural Sugar. Do Not Fear Complex Carboyhydrates. They yield vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and cancer fighting properties. You still must use sugar in moderation. Choose one apple at snack and not an apple and a banana back to back. Choose an apple one hour and then the banana the hour after for better energy usage. It's best to aim for 1/2-one cup of pasta at dinner and not 2 cups even if it's whole grain- remember that what's not used at the moment for energy is stored!
    Check out Sugar Stacks for a great little visual like the ones below!

    Skinny Pop Popcorn Review & Give-Away!

    What I love about this PopCorn!

    • Guilt free......only 39 Calories Per cup!
    • All Natural - No trans fat and they use Sunflower oil for popcorn which is a great healthy oil
    • Low Sodium- only 50mg per serving-  just enough salt for a sublte salty crunch
    • Great For My Gluten Free Clients & Followers
    • Popcorn = fiber! What people don't realize is that they often lack fiber in their diet. Not only does fiber help you feel full but it helps you to eliminate toxins out of your colon!
    • Preservative Free-Clean eating Plus :)
    • Non GMO  (Awesome! Thanks Skinny Pop for Caring about our Health!)
    • TASTE! Stop the microwaving and grab yourself a bag that trumps any microwaved popcorn! This has the taste of an air popped over the stove version and I guarentee you'll love the taste- NEVER STALE!
    • I was surprised at little unpopped kernals were in the bottom of my bag in comparison to other popcorn company products.

    Popped Skinny right in the USA


    How Often and When could you Eat this Yummy PopCorn?

    • Eat it everyday for a healthy snack. Beat the munchies at night with this and satisfy the craving with zero guilt
    • Bring it to Partys to beat the party atmosphere indulgance
    • Bring it to the office or carry a snack pack of it in the car to beat the fast food drive thru's!
    • Kids Love it too- enjoy it with the entire family ♥

    Do You Want Some?
    Skinny Pop Cares about You and has Sent me some to Give Away!
    Not Only have I handed out several bags to my local clients and local CCRG's but Now it's Your chance at 2 Large Bags of this Yummy Skinny Pop Popcorn!

    Here's How!

    1) Visit Skinny Pop PopCorn on Facebook and Give them a Like and tell them CCRG sent You!

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    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms & Quinoa Stir Fry

    Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms & Quinoa Stir Fry

    • Garlic
    • Parsley
    • Hot Pepper Flakes
    • Sea Salt
    • Chopped onion
    • Portabello mushrooms
    • Quinoa
    • Fresh or Frozen chopped Spinach
    • Olive Oil but I choose a Herb seasoned Grapeseed Basting Oil
    To Make the Quinoa Stir Fry
    1. Rinse Quinoa and then boil to cooked
    2. Toss into a pan of Grapeseed or Olive Oil on Medium
    3. Toss in Onions & (spinach is optional)
    4. Toss in Diced Mushrooms (optional)
    5. Season to taste with Garlic, parsley, hot pepper flakes, sea salt
    To Make the Stuffed Mushroom
    1. Rinse and core out medium sized portabellos
    2. stuff with the Quinoa stir fry
    3. Bake for 15-20min at 400 degrees in oven.

    Now for the Scoop! This was absolutely delicious. Call me bias after a quick 3 mile run but this went down super easy and was very pleasant to eat. Not only is this a vegan friendly dish but it was a hit with my 7 year old as well. Quinoa provides a nutty grain taste so it works very well with stir fry. Quinoa as a complete protein so consider to start using this in place of whole grain brown rice!

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    How to Overcome Food Gluttony

    Gluttony means over-indulgence and over- consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste.  In our Christian denomination,it is considered one of the seven deadly sins- a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy.

    Proverbs 23:1-3
    When you sit to dine with a ruler, not well that is before you,
    and put a knife to your throat
    if you are given to gluttony.
    Do not crave his delicacies, for that food is deceptive.

    Proverbs 23:29
    Do no join those who drink too much wine
    or gorge themselves on meat,
    for drunkards and gluttons become poor,
    and drowsiness clothes them in rags.

    We are all so sinful at some point or another with gluttony because it is so easy.  The first step is to acknowledge if we are truly sinning with gluttony or simply enjoying a sugar treat or a glass of wine. When does an indulgence become gluttony? It's simply really for most of us when we have over consumed and over indulged. When a single serving becomes binge eating. When a full plate of food tasted so amazing that we went back for seconds. At that very point we are wasting and becoming extravagant, feeling we DESERVE that second portion.

    Give glory and honor to the taste of the first bite, plate or serving and then rejoice. God wants us to flee from all this and have greater gratitude. Be humble in your flesh; seek God and give thanks for the tasty treat or food and then keep pursuing righteousness (simply by not going for more). 

    1 Timothy 6:11
    But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love endurance and gentleness.

    Steps to avoid the Gluttony

    1) Plan your Meals ahead of time- decide ahead of time how much is worthy of you Prepare your plate and immediately put the second helpings into the fridge to get cold.
    2) Moderate your wine, snack goods. Porton size control by avoiding eating of the bag/container- weight your portions and use common sense on what looks like a normal portion.
    3) Give away your excess to the needy.
    4) forsake yourself from all indulgance, wine, meat and give that to someone that truly needs it
    5) Pray to God for control
    6) Make a promise or commit to a fast to God to avoid all gluttony
    7) trust the body the Lord has provided you. When you cut the sweets, wine the cravings will decrease. God built us this way!

    Take joy in the journey, recognize that when you control your gluttony you will infact gain control over emotions that leave you extremely vulnerable to angry, selfish, slothful behavior.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    What will be Your Turning Point for a Healthy Lifestyle Change?

    Joanne a single mom to 3 little girls was Christmas shopping when all of a sudden she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Instantly Joanne panicked and all the fears about who would be there to raise her three little girls scared her deeply in an instant. Fearing a heart attack at 285lbs Joanne met with her doctor immediately. Joanne had learned her blood pressure was dangerously high and for Joanne pills were not an option for her at the time. Her Doctor said "Joanne it's time for a Lifestyle Change"

    I'm curious always what drives every single person to take make a change. I knew mine it was love for my children and deep feeling that I was not physically well.  What I want most is to old Momma with my Grand kids in my arms or Great- Grand kids (Yes!! I want to hold my GREAT Grand kids!) I knew I had to make my lifestyle change when going up and down the stairs took my breath away. Who am I kidding .....tying my shoes felt like a 5k-  I would drive and the wheel would hit my fat rolls. I had a million reasons in retrospect but those were just the ones that stick out the most.

    For some of my clients it's personal health deterioration, a family member that suffered cancer or heart disease. Sometimes it's a woman that has finally decided to live for herself after being set free from a dominating relationship with a partner.

    What's Your Turning Point? If you really hit that fork in the road or are you shuffling along side the road wanting to take that turn? You see the Healthy Choices to be made but you never fully take the turn. Wow- don't I know that feeling!

    I think we will all hit our proverbial bottom or maybe we just have this sudden catastrophic personal event happen that will force that upper hand for us. Let's hope that doesn't happen; don't wait!

    Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Judgement Free Zone

    Everybody's got a story to tell and everybody's got a wound to be healed. That's what I think about when I see an overweight person. I don't see lazy, I don't see someone who lacks motivation, I don't see uneducated. What I see is comfort, what I see is someone who may have chosen to set other things in their life a priority over their own health. I see someone who might be really freakin' happy in their large frame got a I also see someone who might be battling health issues, hormone issues, thyroid disorders etc. That's what I see when I see an overweight person. I know that some might not understand soulfully the vulnerability of the body and how one day a heart attack or diabetes or serious disease can change/alter their existing life forever. I know fear, doubt, worry and the unquestionable "how do I start and keep this going" goes well beyond the simple act of stating "eat clean and move more" there has to be that intrinsic drive and reshaping of the character to push through and triumph over all the unknowns. Those same uknowns that so often causes us all to fumble at some piont or another. There is mental and physical discomfort in transformation. Be Kind in judging others, for you and I don't know the root of who they are, the real foundation of their hearts desire may very well be well outside the physical self but I will say "Encourage on another and lend a helping hand to others in the journey with you. If you are in the gym and you see someone with wrong form help them correct it. If you see someone really working their butt off then tell them Great Hard Work! Avoid Judgement & Spread Love ~ CCRG

    CCRG's Biggest Loser Week #1

    This is friendly competition to keep you hopefully motivated, inspired and on the right path for the next several months. The Challenge is intended to ignite sharing, networking and working together as we all gain a better understanding of our body's and what it's going to take for each of you to get to ultimate goal!

    Each Week that Biggest Loser Aires I'll come to the group and share the coming weeks personal challenge I have set up for you all. Some will be focused on food, some on fitness and maybe a little of everything in between!

    I will ask about progress and suggests reads that might be helpful to some of you in the coming months. There is over 400 people in this group and I know I mentioned it before but I can't stop repeating myself there is some AMAZING Awesome Woman here that have the tools and knowledge to help you along in your journey. Many are well on their way to their ultimate goal weight and many are there and maintaining. Inspire each other, ignite conversation. Ignite challenges with each other.

    Every Week while you watch the show I want you to use the commercial as a mini work-out session.
    Commercial Work-outs can be any of the following and anything else you might think of!
    • wall sit
    • push ups
    • sit ups/russian twists/core work
    • lunges across the house
    • squats (sumo, plie)
    • Yoga poses
    • Pilates moves
    • Planks

    Week #1-
    • Weigh In- Take Pictures- Take Measurements this can be great re-cap of the last challenge if you lose some inches and weight and want me to do the comparison photos for you then email me at and I'll do that for you!
    • Prepare your Pantry- throw away opened junk/processed dirty foods and donate the unopened stuff. Time to clean out the old and start your clean eating shopping and eating!
    • Plan your Schedule - choose today what days this week you will work out. Write it down on an index card and prepare ahead too a list of reasons why you deserve to work out to re-read it to yourself when you are low on enthusiasm to get out the door or onto the treadmill
    • Pick a Partner! If you are interested choose a team color!  Your Partner will uniquely be your accountability partner. I'd pick someone who is going to be as interactive as you. So if you plan to only come around once a week let that be known to the potential partner. If you plan on daily accountability with each other then make sure you share that as well. Partner up well, share e-mails and maybe facebook friend each other. Use each other for motivation, support and I know that if given the same participation from each it can be a really special new friendship!

    After Each Week if you have weighed in I will make a choice on a winner (chosen at random) for great little samples. I have free samples coming from all over so make sure you are joining in each week for your chance at a small item or treat!

    ~ CCRG