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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Experience Joy & Victory & Don't Give Up

 Keep Growing in Christ. God has a plan for your life; a purpose. He wants to restore your salvation and grant you a willing spirit to sustain you. If you are a sinner you can always turn back to him.

Very often we lack Joy & Victory in our life. It's is his purpose for us to enjoy all these Earthly things. We must not turn our back to his Wildly Amazing Creations.

What I know for me I find Joy in Running. I find Victory in following through with my daily endeavors with food & fitness. "I fall I get up- I keep going"  I don't let my past keep me from what I'm supposed to be doing.

 Psalm 51:10 

Create in me a pure heart, O God, 
And renew a steadfast spirit within

God does not want you to quit. He does not want you to give up on yourself. He is waiting and watching you. Don't turn your back toward him because he has not taken away your pain or sorrows. He needs you to learn to forgive yourself and he wants you to ask for forgiveness. Repent & Move On.  

Psalm 37:24

though he stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with his

I Trust You My Heavenly Father ♥ Amen. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What to Wear Working out while Losing Weight

If you are a large Woman it can be very stressful to know what to wear when beginning a running or working out routine.

I can totally sympathize with you. I felt like I wanted to be comfortable and yet wanted to be economical about what I purchased. I wanted it to last long enough to wear it during my weight loss. the longer the clothing lasted the better but at the same time I knew I would outgrow it rapidly.

What to Aim for when Shopping for Work-out Clothes
  • Loose Clothing- give yourself room to move without the clothing clinging to you
  • Dry wicking material is pretty easy to come by these days
  • stay away from 100% cotton
  • Don't go heavy materials
  • NO Sweat Clothes (pants, hoodies, etc)
  • Comfortable fitting shoes just for working out. Please do NOT wear your normal day to day shoes to work out in. If you get a chance get to the local fleet feet or running store and often for FREE get your foot landing analyzed to determine if you pronate and if you are wearing the correct shoes (stability or neutral) you do NOT have to buy shoes there!
  • Wear a comfortable Sports Bra. It does not need to be costly just make sure it's supporting. If you have larger breasts you will want a more secure bra to help prevent the bounce.
  • You will want some Body Glide (you can use petroleum but it does stain clothing *be warned*) use this around your bra lines, pant lines and maybe around your thighs.
  • I always wore a pair of compressions it helps with thigh & running mobility.
  • I wore loose shorts over my compressions
Must Haves for Working out!
  • BPA Free Water Bottle
  • Body Glide
Optional Fun Toys!
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS Watch
  • Apps

Company's that provide GREAT Starter and Economical Sports Wear
Company's that provide GREAT & Cute Sports Wear for Larger Sized Woman

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Eat & Prepare the week of Half & Full Marathon

I wanted to write a few posts for runners to find me in hopes I can help direct them into some tips on how to fuel and rest and recover in the last taper week before the Half & Full Marathon!

Running & Fitness/Strength Training
  • At this point you should have cut your weekly Running mileage down by 2/3rds.
  • Work at keeping a normal pace this week when you run. Don't go too slow it may mentally discourage; alter your stride and make you feel sluggish. Be confident!
  • Don't get bored and restless in Taper and try a new work-out routine or class you are not familiar with. Not only do you chance getting a tear or injury from working a muscle you forgot you had but you are missing the point behind resting anyways. Trust me it's your nerves that need worked out not your legs!
  • If you feel a desire to stay active go easy impact- like elliptical or a light cycling session. Give the pool a try as you water walk and the water is great recovery for your legs.
  • Time to eliminate speed work the week of the marathon- the training should be done- time to rest!
  • I want you to focus on recovery and that includes stretching (warm) and working range of motion. You can work the stick or a foam roller
  • I encourage you to consider a massage early in the week if you are planning one. Monday/Tuesday at the latest so that you can fully recovery from the worked muscles. Sometimes that deep kneading into the muscles can cause some serious aches for days.
  • Again- same for the chiropractor visits; the earlier in the week the best- if it gets too late in the week you may want to consider waiting!
  • You can skip the weight session this week but if you are like and have been lifting for a while and you are familiar with what works for you and what does not then you can leave up to 5 days up to the race. If you find this race really important go ahead and skip it; accidents can still happen no matter how experienced we are in the weight room. If you are going to work-out the muscles in the upper body go ahead and Skip the core work and reduce the time/sets/reps and go further out from the Marathon as you can handle!
  • ****There are NO right or wrong way to go about the run just before the Half or Full Marathon. Most will do a normal paced 20min run to get the kinks out and to get rid of pre-race nerves where as others prefer to take a complete rest for 1-3 days prior to the race.
  • Eat a Diet rich in complex carbohydrates
  • eat plenty of lean protein to ensure muscle repair
  • avoid alcohol as it may dehydrate you and can interfere with your sleep
  • Start drinking 80-100 of fluid  at least 3 days out of the Marathon. Do NOT over hydrate as you will flush your system of vital electrolytes. It's not necessary to over hydrate- more harm than good
  • Start taking in vital electrolytes in the days leading up to the race. Such as you would replace your electrolytes you must first give them to yourself before the race. Use your power drinks early!
  • I want you to focus on healthy fueling options this week and most certainly you can eat your electrolytes. Concentrate on lots of fresh veggies/fruit. They are chock full of anti-oxidants for cell repair.
  • Consider how much fiber you  eat leading up the the race. Mor fiber earlier in the week and start eating a little more refined in the days leading up to the race so you don't get GI stress from cramping.
  • Avoid greasy foods that can lead to stomach upset and diarrhea
  • do NOT try any new drink/powergel on the course that you are not already familiar with. This can lead to a severe stomach ache. I hope you have trained your guts with what you will be fueling with on the course!
  • Don't eat out at unfamiliar restaurants when you are out of town as a way. You risk food poisoning.
  • If you decide to dine out in a new city etc please consider a food chain you are familiar with and can trust!
  • I get a lot of questions asking about Carb Loading and you can find that here:
  • In a Nut Shell go from 40-50% of carbs 3-4 days out and start cycling up in complex carbs to 50-60% 2-3 days out and 60-70% the day before.
  • Do NOT over eat carbs. Sometimes it's too much for the guts to digest and you will cramp and might not be able to eating your morning breakfast
  • Follow your long run training run morning routine for nourishment. If you trained with coffee and oatmeal in training then you should follow the same routine on race morning. If you drink 2 cups of coffee don't drink 4 and don't drink none.
  • Avoid Runners Trots by

Mental Preparations:
  • Study the course. Where are the aid stations? Where are the Porty's located? What drink/gels will they offer on the course and plan ahead.
  • Visualize Yourself Running the Race; acknowledge the hills in your mind via the course map and prepare for them ahead of time.
  • Set Up your Race Support. Tell them to be patient with you and encourage them ahead of time that you may experience some race anxiety and how they can help relax you
  • If your muscles are starting to ache/cramp this is very normal for all runners of any experience. Your muscles are relaxing and repairing.

  • Do NOT run in new pair of running shoes you have never wore before
  • Do NOT run in a new shirt you are unfamiliar with as bloody nipples (for the guys, lol) can and does happen.
  • Do NOT Run in new running socks to which you have never trained in before
  • Use chaffing gel  to help prevent chaffing like Body Glide (thighs, bra lines, nipples)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

13.1 with Friends & Marathon News

Well I was thinking it was going to happen. Perhaps I was secretly it was going to happen. Likely why I kept playing around with my husband about it happening! We are preparing to go to HIS Marathon Next Weekend and Yet Now it's NOT his's MINE!

So my schedule 20 miler to help me Peak for Empire State on October 21st was turned into a light 15 miler to help me get distance yet help me not overdo it for next Sunday Sept 30th! It's My Daughters 7th Birthday so I plan on doing something special for her as I cross the finish. Either I plan on stopping in the finish chute and handing her a flower *or after* but I know for sure is she is going to know that I'm running this one for her! For all the Beautiful & Amazing Ways her life has blessed me. I love her so Much and she is such an amazing little human being and going to make a Strong & Intelligent Woman. My Life changed for me when I had her and to her I owe her my every reason to be who I am today~ she has made me want to pursue my education, made me pursue my Christianity, She was the reason why I wanted to live a Healthier life. We plan to head down a day earlier to visit the area and help celebrate her Birthday a Day earlier as well ♥

So I ran to my friends house and then we ran 13.5 together and then I ran a half mile to the restaurant where we all had a BIG breakfast! Yummy!

Great Conversation & lots of Happy Smiles. It was a pleasant run and toward the end a friend and I picked up the pace and unfortunately my Poorly Charging Garmin lost all batter power so I had no clue our pace but likely mid 8's and my calves started to tighten. I knew I had to open my stride and loosen up the slow tight pace so the last mile I'm pretty confident I ran it about a 7:20-7:30 as I was just flying down through and really taxing some cardio/breathing and my legs even more. I love doing that at the end of long runs and that is just opening up and giving what I got. Especially when I know I can and I certainly could and so I did!

      Greg & Lauren.........ME............Amy & Jay Before our Run!
After our Run! SOAKING WET...LOTS OF DOWNPOUR RAIN! Water Fun :)

I said I'd NEVER confess to ordering such a Large Breakfast but I DID! and well I ate almost one of the three pankcakes, slices of wheat, 3 eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon slices and 1/4 of my potatos.................planned on this splurge.....surely 15 miles trumps the calories back in :) I think I'm talking to my Bacon Here- lmao. Hey Bacon you want me to eat you? hhhmmm.....of course I shall! nom nom nom

Plans for my Week? Rest Trmw- 8 on Monday- 3 on Wednesday- Maybe 3 on Thursday or I'll just rest till Marathon..............OMG!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Maintaining My Major Weight Loss

I'm now officially just about 18months into maintaining 150lbs weight loss. All be it I'm up past my original goal weight (158lbs)  I've added so much muscle and lost more inches and gained mega muscle everywhere on my body.  I've focused on major strength training since hitting goal. My arms have transformed from mushy cellulite sag to strong thick hard muscle. My abs sport a six pack that I can feel under the leftover belly fat. I have focused on strengthening my shoulders and back. I do cross training exercises to build my glute's. Put it this way- my body has transformed so much since hitting goal weight.

Weighing myself and taking measurements are tools to monitor my ideal body weight since hitting maintenance. How often I check my weight changes on what I see on the scale and there are times when I focus and weigh in daily for a week or two and then I can go upward of one-two weeks without stepping on the scale at all. Ideally it feels perfect to go with how I feel in my own skin, how I feel in my clothing. If something feels snug It's a self check- what is different? Did I gain belly pudge or did tack a lb of muscle somewhere on my body? One can never truly know when they are this active with running and weight lifting.

One thing I do is take pictures of myself. I like to compare how sculpted I look in different places on my body and changes I can make with my body without just measurements or the scale. Truth be told I'm Up One whole inch around my entire mid section and up 5lbs since March/April 2012 to September 2012 where I was 164 - I am today just around 168lbs and was upward around 172 at one point....

I like to think of maintaining like riding a horse. You can guide the horse with reigns. The horse appears to know what to do - go straight in a great steady pace and perhaps the horse slows down and you whip the reigns a bit to speed back up again. Perhaps the horse goes so fast  and one has to pull the reigns back in. My weight maintaining is the same way. Both with my Running & Fitness and my Eating. All be it I enjoy indulgences and enjoy my 90/10 eating practices (that is 90% clean and wholesome foods with 10% of my intake being an indulgence) perhaps there were times where that ratio was 80/20 know on a Camping Trip or maybe when my PCOS was making me Carb Crazy. Maybe I get into my running and work-outs so much and get focused on my fun fitness goals that I run myself TIRED and perhaps overworked and so I have take extra rest days to recover and that impacts my weight fluctuations. Lets throw in sleep, stress and hormones changes and well one like I (and you others with major weight loss) that it's so normal to go up and down a little bit on the scale.

What I'm learning is that You must stay vigilant; we must stay focused at least in one direction in our life. If we lose that focus and we forget where we were and let what comes easiest (like eating unhealthy- fueling emotion or fueling other seeded desires) we can go back to that old familiar place that is not at all healthy physically or emotionally. Yeah I don't want to go there either!

I myself don't fluctuate too much in my journey. I always hover and then go up a couple and then back down a couple, up a couple and back down. Forever fluctuating and surely if it tacks on quickly I'll wonder what was so different that caused it to happen but I learn my body forever more and move on.

What I've enjoyed since gaining these 5lbs is that I loosened reigns, I've slowed down my training and I've tightened the reigns and ran some mega miles. I played with the paleo diet (for experience and curiosity) and I've played with counting carbs, I've gone Gluten Free and Whey Free (which currently I'm Whey free) and I'm learning what my body likes and doesn't like. These are things I couldn't afford to do in my weight loss journey but strong enough to handle now as I maintain.

 I keep learning that it's ok to be obsessed at times there really is so much to be concerned about. I realize that my Journey is my own. There are others with their own too. For each person is different and each person has struggles we might be unfamiliar with. What I strive for as I help others is that holistically speaking I view just one path and to me it's simple (as much as it's Wildly complex) and that is focus on DAILY choices toward healthy food & planned fitness.

There are moments when I wonder when someone who is my height makes it to 125-140lbs if I could ever be that small and I just know that I'm too built for that. My muscle is long and thick. I see as I sit here now- and I know that BMI Scales are not for the athletic and not the truest of measures of health. What is Healthy is how my cells feel on the inside. Do they repair themselves daily so I can ward off Cancer? Does my Heart Pump clean and oxygenated blood because it does not have excess triglycerides and cholesterol causing plaque in my arteries. Can I inhale deeply and clearly and does my bowels show me that I'm normal because I expel the toxins and let the nutrients seep in through the intestinal walls. It's all so important to me. I want to stick around people- I want a LONG Life with My Husband & Kids and Grand kids and so forth. I want my imprint onto them and the world.

What I know for me as I sit here at 168 is that 9 months ago I had this amazing epiphany and realized I'm comfortable and I'll love my totally imperfect body. It has housed twins, a singleton pregnancy, my breasts have nourished three children. I treated it unkindly and had myself at over 310lbs at one point. It does not need to be Perfect, I'm not looking to look like anything but athletic and strong. what I focus on mostly for me is how comfortable I feel in all my everyday endeavors. Can I bend over and not bulge? Can I sit behind the wheel in my car and not form a belly roll? Can I do my most favorite things like run really fast and not worry about feeling like I have a tire strapped around my waist. These are things that make me uncomfortable. So you may wonder what sparks this desire to share and talk? First it's just another way to say that one year and half later I'm still here living my best life and even though I'm maintaining- getting stronger there and will likely forever be moments when I'm not feeling perfected and I've craved lately getting to a smaller weight for all the reasons I listed above and maybe just maybe If I really go there I'll discover that much more about myself and find a new level of self love and acceptance. If Not I love my Life. I feel blessed and I'm learning that there is so much more in life I hope to get and stay focused on as well. I'm learning to nourish my spirit and really let go into my endeavors as a photographer and work out all the self imperfect kinks to be the Best Mom & Wife I can be. I'm not there yet friends but I'm on my way!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just over 4 weeks away!

Hello Friends,

Thought I'd give an update and not because I planned it but because I'm here wide awake and bored. Letting my thoughts take me into unwarranted areas that just cause me troublesome thoughts or perhaps heart ache which is just devils work and not worth noting any further.

I last posted about not feeling well and subsequently still dealing with the slight kink in my neck and on/off again sinus pressure all be it the sinus is clear.

Kids have been sick lately - Took Ally to the ER and she has a urinary tract infection, Whitney was sent home for vomiting everywhere and spent the next day resting- twins and the whole house had diarrhea from said viral and everyone was left feeling just tired. Myself Included. Such is Life- Reality Check the flu Season and Germ season is upon us. School, kids sick germs, yuck yuck! Back to some germ-a-phobic principles like constant hand washing and I pushed anti-bacterial for all our purses/book bags/lunch box and my car! Come home and shed the clothes and throw into the wash immediately!

So I'm supposed to be loving this new schedule, right? Wake up Take Whitney to school- head to gym - come home have lunch- take twins to school- come home do wife duties - pick up all 3 kids.  though Oh "snap" this could be a great time to blog extra, time to read some books, do some things for 'ME'  - yeah so far not happening! Most days I'm spent with my husband which is Nice :) we have gone on photo shoots, nature walks, shopping, out for coffee like lots of mini dates ♥ the time wonderful!

So recovering last week this is what I did for Fitness since I last posted

Tuesday- Weights/2 mile walk
Wednesday- Fast 3
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 18 miles with my Husband - our longest run together ever ♥ We ran 2 hrs in torrential downpour- it was beautiful though and I told him that night "Baby together we can weather all storms" :)
Saturday- Recover 2 miles/weights
Sunday- Rest
Monday- Tempo 6, ab work
Tuesday- fast 5
Wednesday- 5 miles, weights and a foam roller stretching class at the gym

Whats Next?
Thursday will be 3 and cross train-
Friday- Rest
Saturday- I'll run a 20 miler - 7 alone and then meet up with 4 runner friends for 13.1 miles and then breakfast out :) I'm really looking forward to this one!
Sunday- Rest or Recovery  we will see how I feel!

My Husband is supposed to Run WineGlass Marathon 9/30 which is actually our Daughters Birthday! We will be traveling out of town and spending the night and making it a great weekend for her and for him. We jokingly keep saying I just might be the one running this Marathon under his Bib number because he has not done much long distance running. All though I know as his coach that he can and will with so much trust that he will thank me for it after! I told him besides Imagine looking over at my Medal shelf and seeing that gorgeous glass marathon medal on my wall and not his- talk about regrets! I am holding up in prayer and positive thought- so far so good all though he only got in ONE Long run of just 3hrs in preparation for Next week. I'll have him do a Half Marathon Paced Run this weekend at his half marathon pace (8min miles) and then hope that next weekend taking it easy at about 8:45-9min that he will Cruise through the whole 26.2 without getting hurt. I trust he will be great! Please hold him up in positive thought and prayer for me!

My Spiritual Journey has been so Amazing. My Life feels so transformed since I asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my Heart. It feels whole; never empty. I have not shed a tear of sorrow over loneliness since that day. I feel complete and my soul very nourished. I keep going to worship services and I'm taking notes. I know it may sound silly but I want to remember intently the passages we talk about and I want to prosper my Christianity like I prosper my body and mental well being. I feel as a human, wife, mother so Complete :)

I've lost a couple of pounds and I'm happy about that- just sorta happened and I've not really been trying with how busy I've been, surely it could be the longer distances as I notice in the days after a long run the scale lowers. I have also noticed I'm more starving lately though- I go from satisfied to growling hunger in very rapidly. I never cycled so quickly with fuel before. Typically I feel the need to eat through hunger signs- now its like BAM- I'M STARVING FEED ME OR I'LL KEEL OVER FROM STARVATION sort of need to eats! I get weak, sick to my stomach and very tired. Oh my gosh. It's happened so many times this week and my husband keeps saying you need to eat more- and I'm like "when" or "I'm trying" .......I'm now 3 weeks without whey protein and Loving how I feel. I will say that today I HAD TO EAT- was out of nuts, out of apples and so Hubby snatched a Greek yogurt my first in 3 weeks and gave it to me! Oh my gosh I thought "should I?" and yes I did...yummy! Loved it - Missed it :) My belly needs pribiotics and so I'll see if re-introducing it brings back all that gross bloat and intestinal issues that have magically disappeared-HOORAY!

Anyways- if you made this far, GOD BLESS YOUR HEART for thinking of me that much to stick it out- I feel like I got keep blogging cause I love just documenting my journey and getting it out there!

Much love to you all and be sure to keep checking out my other blog posts to help you in your journey or ask questions if you need me ♥

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teal Toes for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

I wanted to share and inspire you to read and maybe learn some new facts about a silent or whispering killer for us ladies; Ovarian Cancer.

Unfortunately I keep hearing from friends and family of friends story after story about Ovarian Cancer and I think we need to KEEP sharing!

I am going to ask that you paint your nails and share the story! Let's see how many of our friends and family will take the time to Represent and Educate. It's the LEAST we can do for each other!

Raising Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Even in its early stages ovarian cancer has symptoms. Research indicates that 95 percent of women with ovarian cancer had symptoms and 90 percent of women experienced symptoms with early-stage ovarian cancer. Symptoms vary from woman to woman and many times depend on the location of the tumor and its impact on the surrounding organs. Many of the symptoms mimic other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.
The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists and the American Cancer Society, with significant support from the Alliance formed a consensus statement on ovarian cancer. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has endorsed the consensus statement, which was announced in June 2007. The statement follows.
Historically ovarian cancer was called the “silent killer” because symptoms were not thought to develop until the chance of cure was poor. However, recent studies have shown this term is untrue and that the following symptoms are much more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than women in the general population. These symptoms include:
  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)
Women with ovarian cancer report that symptoms are persistent and represent a change from normal for their bodies. The frequency and/or number of such symptoms are key factors in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Several studies show that even early stage ovarian cancer can produce these symptoms.
Women who have these symptoms almost daily for more than a few weeks should see their doctor, preferably a gynecologist. Prompt medical evaluation may lead to detection at the earliest possible stage of the disease. Early stage diagnosis is associated with an improved prognosis


Running With Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Disease also known as GERD is a condition where stomach acid leaves the stomach enters the esophagus and often upward into the mouth. 

Most Often Runners can experience symptoms of refluxing due to exercise. There are other factors that can cause Reflux and that includes obesity/overweight and certain drinks/foods can trigger an otherwise silent issue.

Symptoms can include belching, stomach ache, burping reflux (food/drink) into your mouth as you run. A pain in your chest that could be confusing and scary to the runner; could cause a runner to think they are having heart or respiratory problems.

If you are experiencing these symptoms you are going to want to resolve this issue by being proactive. By ignoring this problem you can cause long term erosion of your esophagus, tooth erosion and chronic sinusitis  *and in my case in the past small lung infections because of the spillover into my lungs as I slept*  Long term erosion can cause cancer and permanent damage to very sensitive tissues in your esophagus.
*PLEASE Contact Your Physician and rule out any other serious medical condition before just treating the problem, getting to the root of the problem is the best solution*

Proactive Measures for the Runner:
Foods to Avoid:
  1. Coffee
  2. Spicy foods
  3. Chocolate
  4. Carbonated beverages
  5. Chewing gum
  6. Tea
  7. Sauces
  8. Acidic fruits
  9. *****SPORTS DRINKS****** Experiment with them before Running!
  10. Greasy Foods (high fat foods take longer to pass through the small intestines and can back up the additional fluids you take in while running)
How to Avoid Reflux While Running
  1. Eat solid meal 60min out from your run
  2. Running less than 30min then go for a light snack/drink instead of a full meal
  3. Avoid the trigger foods listed above
  4. Drink water 30min before heading out
  5. While running long distance drink 4oz every 30min as to avoid filling your stomach too rapidly
  6. Experiment with commercial power gels/power bars ahead of time to see how your stomach responds before you take them onto a run with you
  7. Take a preventative reflux medication
  8. Tums Prior to a work-out can be beneficial
  9. Reduce stress in your life
  10. Eat smaller meals more frequently

I had major issues with reflux; obesity caused the problem because the stomach is constantly over filled, the pressure of stomach fat pushes onto the stomach - most especially as you run.

Please Trust that you will likely encounter far less fewer occurrence's when you run as you lose any extra weight. I still make simple mistakes and my reflux will act up again despite being of normal weight but I can pinpoint most often a trigger food that caused it or over hydrating on a long endurance run. So plan it out best if you are truly suffering and you will be rewarded with less pain and symptoms!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barf Fest, Kinky Necks & Running

I do so amuse myself with the titles of some of these posts. Might I just say these funky names can sometimes yield Google Search Engine clicks that get connected to my Blog.  I get APPAULED the keywords people will Google and then Wonder How the Heck they found my blog for that name; lol- but somehow in my posts I end up saying something back handed comment that gets Google'd  LOL!

So it's been another ten days :) Life has been so Busy and because you know I love Photography and take lots of pics- here a few summing up the past ten days of my life!

Whitney Started School 
Can't believe I have a Second Grader! She is so beautiful~ she lost a tooth this week and I forgot to the leave the money under her pillow....OMG' she started screaming and crying when she woke up...ugh. Mommy and Daddy got busy and forgot about the money ;-p ooops! We told her the wind caused the tooth-fairy  to make a pit stop on the way and she would be there the next night- made good of that promise ;-)
A Family Picture Quickly while we Dined out for my 34th Birthday :)

My Birthday Present was my Running Wings ♥

 So If you Remember or was following me along you know that I was training for my Family Half Marathon. I made a phone call to the race director because despite seeing jogging strollers on the course two years ago when I ran this course; I didn't see anything on the website about them. A returned call answered my fears; they didn't want them on the course. Discouraging the use because other runners don't like them in the way. So bummed. 4 friends backed out of running it as well and I made the un-easy decision to NOT run this Half Marathon solo. I was NOT mentally race ready. I know - sound weird? Yeah I am. I take a lot of mental preparation to run specific races. I had my mind/heart set to do this as a family fun run and the stress of running this particular course fast was not all that appealing to me. 40 bucks was cheap enough for a race entry but NO t-shirt and NO medal was no extra bonus to running the event. Yes I know; for a good cause but so is my stingey stay at home momma pocketbook. I don't race often and when I do it's for a very real purpose. It was written in my heart to forgo this race. However; my Runnerboy ran this one and I got to see another friend Lori Run the Half. I got to support them, holla and root them along at every corner! I loved it! I ALWAYS enjoy spectating! I've spectated 3 races this summer, Local Triathalon, 1 mile race and this half marathon! The kids had a blast and it was another factor I why I didn't run. I wanted them to enjoy the family fun at this event. Petting zoo; free cotton candy and sno-cones and bouncy house, balloon animals and kiddie games; yeah I was busy ...just not running - lol
1:43:xx  Not a Bad Time considering he just got back to distance 6 weeks ago- beat his 1/2 Marathon from two weeks ago and this course was different, mega hill, loops and great wind. I'm inspired by him ♥
No Worries though I ran back to back ten milers over this weekend as I preserve my 20 mile long run this week to be done with Runnerboy :) I ran the first one at Marathon Pace and the second day I ran it slower with a harder push the last three miles to really kill the quads. It worked!

a Yummy Lunch

So I woke up Monday with a Kinked Neck. I could barely turn my head left. Knew immediately my planned gym session to knock out a major weight lifting session was far out the window. I was bummed but I slept so wrong on it. I also woke up with left eye pain and major left sinus pressure all around my eye. I stayed at bay till I was driving home with the 3 kids after picking them all up from school The pain and nausea and heat flashes struck and wasn't sure if I'd make it home .....I lay down at 3pm and listened as 3 kids went CRAZY in the living room screaming, playing- asking for food- I told Whitney to get milk and toast till daddy got home from CERT Training at 7pm. 4hrs later and fending for themselves he rescued them from a mother that didn't do anything but sleep, barf and try to shower as I dealt with the pain. I had a protein shake at lunch and needless to say 8hrs later I was still barfing up hemp protein in all it's green glory. yack. My heart raced- though I was dying each time I hurled. My husband bless his amazing heart rubbed my back just like he did all the years before whenever I'm ill. He pulls my hair back and out of the way and rubs my back. I tremble as I lose every ounce of liquid from guts over the next couple of hours. So horrible. Finally I kept water down, took another hot shower, some sudafed and asked for prayers on FB from my family and friends and I felt so much better.

So Today I'm still in recovery from yesterdays illness. I lost 5lbs of water from being sick. I only ate 200 calorie breakfast and threw up my 200 cal shake and HAD to have a 250cal bagel at 1am cause I was so starving. Today I couldnt stomach a breakfast I was so ill in my tumm still but I managed a light weight lifting routine, the lunch you see above , then I did a two mile walk cause I can't run because I still lack hydration and then this evening I did an hour of weeding the yard. SO TIRED- trying to remember to eat lately has been a big deal, I've just been so busy and the last two days so sick. ugh.

Not sure how this will affect me this week. I'll keep you all updated!

I ran 36 miles last week and nothing so far this week on day 2 of no running- not sure what tmrw brings with recovery from the illness;as of tonight I feel beyond exhausted......

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healthy Apple Crisp Recipe for Runners

I promise you that you can take any recipe or snack idea and simplify it to be as simple and natural/healthy as possible.

Is Sugar natural? sure is- the point of most recipes is going to be to use moderation with raw table sugar. Too much sugar spikes blood glucose and what is not immediately used gets stored if you ate in abundance.

Apple Crisp can be Great Pre-Run fuel because it can offer you some simple sugars both from the fresh fruit and from the tiny bit of raw sugar and the oats can offer you longer term energy for your run as it slowly digest and provides sugar into the bloodstream as you run! Cinnamon can help boost the metabolism; you get added hydration from the water in the apple, fiber in the apple and well most of all you get to enjoy a sweet treat without any guilt at all :)

  • 3-4lbs apples (cored/peeled) 
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  •  2-4 tbsp sugar (evaporated cane is best) 
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp melted healthy spread  
  1. Preheat the oven to 375 F
  2. Spray an 8 x 8 baking pan with non-stick cooking spray
  3. Slice and core the apples, then layer the apples in the baking pan
  4. Add all of the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl and crumble over the apples. After the recipe is done; I shook the loose oats off so I could enjoy the apples the most!
  5. Bake  until the apples are tender approx: 20min - check with a fork for tenderness

Nutritional Value approx per serving:
120 calories
1 g fat
28 g carbs
1 g protein

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Running in the Rain Tips & Safety

Running in the Rain Tips & Safety Notes

Wear brightly colored Gear, flashing lights/vests

Wear Goretex or trail shoes to keep your feet dry- at the least some whicking socks

Use the sidewalk - sometimes the road shoulder can yield larger than normal puddles and cars sometimes swurve to miss them or they in fact try to get them to get you weT!

use waterproof tech holders for phone/ipod if not sometimes a thrifty ziploc can keep your technos dry!

run without music- there is something cleansing and majestic about hearing the rain come down; take this time to unplug and tune into your breathing and mother nature

stop fearing the rain; it's ok to run in the rain! Just don't run if you hear thunder or see lightening! Take a route that has shelter just in case the weather turns for the worst.

Enjoy yourself- have puddle fun ( I do!!) but be mindful those puddles can be TRICKY and be deeper than you expect and may in fact give you a poor foot landing inside the hole and can you can really twist your foot/ankle- so be cautious in your playtime!

wear visors/caps to keep the rain out of your eyes!

♥ When you get back home and need to dry out your shoes loosen the laces and stuff your shoes with newspaper and flip them upside down to dry!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where Have you been, I haven't seen you in a while

Where Have You Been, cause I never see you out , Are you hiding from me yeah ♫ somewhere in the crowd ♫

So It's been 12 days since my last Confessions? Oh- wait Blog Post Update :)

Let's Backtrack quickly-

Last Sunday I ran the Turning Stone 10k- Race Recap Here:

A couple pictures came in from race day and they are here

Sometimes I cringe- heal strike really? maybe that's why my left hamstring was killing me after this race, lol

Focused- that guy "behind" me I pass him and 3 others in the last mile :)

Can I just say I'm one BEEFY RunnerGirl- certainly not your typical fast skinny runner girl! My arms/shoulders/quads/ everything is so tight and thick with muscle-I think I need to calm the hell down on weight lifting :)  I'm just saying!

subsequently after this race I was very sore- I think the adrenaline- the road run and most especially the honker hill terrain in this 10k really just did my legs in- they needed mad rest this week.
I was foolish enough to think I could knock a long run done the day after this 1ok (can you seriously hear my laughter?) lol- what a joke!  yeah right- learn from me- take rest after a hard run- your body deserves to rest- but not for long- we do have work to do :)
17 miles today as I keep adventuring into my long runs. 5 out to a friends house - 9 miles with two runnergirl friends- out into the country and then back into the city- then 3 more by myself where I picked up the pace on the last 3 to burn out the legs more! it worked- but GREAT news is how wonderful I feel after and during with energy and such. It was a very nice long run indeed- slow does help so much! if you saw my tip of the day- run your long runs slow- I know it's mentally tough but do it- save the speed work for during the week!

Shoe Re-cap: Runnerboy spoils me- even though I was in a new pair of trainers I saw these and wanted to try them on- they seem to fit like a glove and curiosity got the best of me and I was eager when he pulled out his checkbook to spoil me with new Runners- ♥ - gosh I love him!
So here they are

For years I've been wearing Nike Triax Zoom's (boom!)
These Are Asics 2170's
They are so comfortable- I notice they are a little extra big for me at a 9.5 but not too noticeable- I always size up a half size and these got a little more space at the tops of my feet than I'm used to.
I have experienced some left hamstring/foot pain which I've NEVER had a problem with before. Trying to determine if this is training or if this is the shoe. Trying to decide if was my heal striking on the 10k - but I did 17 today in them. Mile 1 my left knee was very grumpy- never had this before either- actually mentally made me grumpy - I thought "fudge" Mile 8-13 my foot is is uncomfortable- more so in my left arch. I'm not used to this left leg problem, lol- always my right with the problem so I'm not liking it. But they feel so nice :) lol- Jury is still out- Great news is great store return policy - but I'm holding out hope!

Ok So Food!
Almost 3 weeks of 1600-1800 calories and NO LOST WEIGHT!  know what this means? I maintained at 2000-2200 and now I maintain at 1600-1800....WOW- Yes I'm SHOCKED!

I'm nervous but I'm going down - I'll listen to my body and bounce up to be sure I fuel and I do cycle my calories based upon my distance- trust my judgment- trust me when i say I've done this before- A LOT :) actually others do trust me and I write up plans that work for them! The reason why I share this intimate stuff is to show you how I do it :) ok- no secrets here but this is my judgement free zone too- that means what works for one- does not always work for others- so be very mindful of this notion as I share!

I've been keeping track of all of it- protein/carb/fat ratios. Fiber/sodium/saturate fat. My carbs are 40-50% my daily intake!

I'm now back to Wheat- but have learned to drastically reduce how much of it I eat. I have learned about new ways to bake with other gluten free flours and look forward to keep using them! they are also rich in protein and nutrients!  Two weeks Gluten free made no real impact on my health! Two Week Gluten Free Challenge done! Loved the experience!

I have officially stopped Whey protein- some research and personal choices went into this- because of my adventures to learn more about my body and it's reactions to food I have now started taking Hemp Protein and I'm LOVING IT-!!! Ten days of zero bloat- zero flatulence- zero diarrhea- zero constipation- My body feels strong - so strong I was back to curling 25's the other day :) I feel solid and more defined than I have in a gosh knows how long-------9/10 months- ever? lol
Along with No whey protein I have also given a Pure Food Joy of mine......Greek Yogurt! I love that stuff and it was my nightly snack - but now we are over :(  but if I can feel this good with out Mr. Greek then I must live without you!  I'm being very mindful of cheese and not doing too much! I am lactose intolerant and surely this aids in healthy digestion as well!

I'll be posting more about Hemp protein in the future- you can google it now if you wish! There is an add on my blog where you can buy it for cheaper and save on shipping and buying in discount as well! Take advantage- I sure am! I love saving money :) !!

My Family:

So Much to share- lets start wtih the twins:
They Started Pre-K this week! OMG_ I love them and they are LOVING school so far!

Whitney and I went out to lunch two days in a row together - one day we went shopping and tried on yucky dresses like this one. she told me to buy it- really I think it needs get burned and never put back on a shelf again, lmao! I loved spending along time with her and I ♥ We talked about boys, school, cell phones, how to drive, we even talked about death as I explained what happened to my cousin this week.

Speaking of my Cousin- as an update- he fell off his fishing boat with his 9 year old son last Sunday- if you read my race recap post you got first hand glimpse of my emotions that night as I cried lots of sad tears for the loss. It took 40 divers and over several days to find and recover his body from the lake. I prayed so hard they would find him quickly it was torturing my heart the longer he was under water.  I went to the calling hours last night. it was very hard. there was this raw trembling emotion from my cousins step mother when I hugged her- it brought me instantly to tears. Her pain radiated through me- it crushed me. I never want to forget that feeling. The feeling of someones deep pain that transfers through with a touch- Wow- so powerful. I whispered "this is an amazing hug" she says "with each one it gets easier" ................WOW!  Rest in Peace Cousin- Today you were buried- your body at rest and your soul with God in Heaven. You will be missed and I will continue to pray for Caleb and pray the family and the community will rise up to help raise him♥
So it's been a busy and trying week. I've floundered with so many emotions like my baby's going off to school, spending precious time with Whitney, running and recovery and long runs, getting ready for school and this weekend I took them to the sprinkler park and tomrw we do one last fling at the lake after church (which is going GREAT- my husband and I went last Sunday together at the 6pm worship- I'm taking pride that I've gone 5 weeks in a row and I'm promising to keep trying to make it. I'm learning so much about myself, Christ and so much more and you know I'll be sharing more of that later!
That's all for now- see you on facebook and as always THANK YOU BACK FOR THE SUPPORT ♥