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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quad Killer

Had to take care of some personal business at the College today so I thought I'd put on my running gear and do that and then walk out back and hit up the nature trail.

BLISS once again. Three one mile loops and I was just in Heaven. I just adore this trail, this hidden trail that I finally ran for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I saw another deer on mile 2, stopped and walked over to actually tilted it's head and started to walk toward....OMG...seriously? Um...Yeah!!! Scary too, lol. So I was like "I think you are cool buddy but why aren't you afraid?" then I think I got to get out of here..not like I was going to start some sort of deer petting session on this run, lol. Crazy Deer!

Then I ran over to the track and I busted out another 2 miles on the track with a combo of stair climbing on the all the bleachers...2x over for each :-0

Sprint a 1/4 mile and then go slam some bleacher climbs and let me know how your quads feel................***************BOOM*************......................

I am so doing this combo again! Next time I hope to have the energy to really hit some speed drills with a combo of the stairs. Truth be told between the 18 miler followed by yesterdays mile 4&5 today I was burnt out in the quads not much left was for speed today.

I did all I could muster to bust out mile 4-5 as I was eager to just be happy with 4 miles...C'mon ..dude...I'm crushing this mileage/abs/arms and all this stuff lately I need to cut myself some slack but I just keep telling myself the prize is a great time on Empire Marathon and that is going to take some blood, sweat and tears and forcing myself to new limits.

I get high off that shiz anyways!


All five including all those bleachers in 10min miles :) ON a trail to boot?! Yep boom!

Chris saved me at mile 4 and kept me on target till mile five. Thanks Buddy.

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