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Advertise-Are you interested in getting more publicity for your fitness or food related product or business? An amazing opportunity to drive more business to your site! If your product carries the same mission as mine to improve the quality of life through health & fitness then let's work together!

Sponsorship- I am an Athlete & Coach. If you wish to sponsor my Running Adventures I will use and advocate your food/fitness related product on my Facebook! I will feature your sports related sponsorship gear (Athletic tech wear only) in my Racing Events.  Sponsors get mention in all my Racing Blog Posts and will receive an advertising space on my Blog. You will foster my ability to race more often, touch more people and further my education in both weight loss, the psychology of weight loss.

Reviews-Everyone loves a FREE giveaway! Send me your product and I will happily write up a Review! Send me two Samples and I will give-away one  for a lucky reader! Your product/service will get more exposure from a future winner as well!  This Drives further  likes, fans to your Facebook Page. Promoting further social networking and future business!

Why You Want to Use
for Give-Aways, Reviews & Sponsorships!

I have created an online Community of Readers ranging from beginning to experienced runners and athletes from all around the World. Not only does my Community appeal to athletes but it draws in a large crowd of readers that want to eat healthy for life and those that want to lose weight! I have a large target audience that is influenced by my words of advice and encouragement. I can review a product and give my honest opinions and advocate for it's use! With Blog views from over 100 countries, I have received over 135,000 page hits with a steady gradual climb of over 10,000 page views each month. This Site is Growing and You Can grow with me! I have two Facebook fan page's one with over 2800 Facebook Fans and the other with over 2500 Facebook Fans. One Page is an outreach for my blog and the other is an outreach for my Coaching Services.  My outreach reaches thousands beyond that! It's an amazing opportunity for your business!

What I find most important before you contact me is that you share the same image as I do! I believe in hard work and perseverance. I believe in wholesome clean eating and diligence in my fitness! I want products/sponsors that will support me and others in this journey and can foster a healthier lifestyle :) If you are interested please e-mail me


Ultra Marathon Man Book Review

Fresh Brewed Life Book Review & Give-Away


RunnersFood- Chia Give-Away

Half Dozen Carb Boom Give-Aways on Facebook Via

Car Window Stickers- My Treat- Love These Random Give-Aways!
 You can buy them too here! and I have 1/2 & Full Marathon ones!

I just LOVE this Popcorn- All Natural- Guilt freeSnack! Non-GMO- Gluten Free, Peanut Free and so much More!
SkinnyPop Popcorn Review & Give Away 

 Inspirational T-shirt Give-Away 

Raw Revolution Review & Give-Away

UnReal Candy Review & Give-Away 

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