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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Reflection & 2012 Goals

1285 Miles
2 Marathons
1/2 Marathon Race
6 - 5k's

I worked so hard on pace- I dropped my average running from 10:30 Miles down to 8:20 miles on average for the end of the year- This alone is Incredible to me- what an amazing progression. Dropping my First Marathon time from 4:50 down to 4:23 over the course of just 6 months. Dropping my 27min 5k down to 23:50!

So needless to say- Running has showed me it loves me back ♥ I have a Million things to say about Running and how it has changed me- I'll save that for my two year Run-Versary on January 17th !!


I have so Many Running,Fitness & Food Goals for 2012 and here is what they are:


• Recovery- Work on Recovery with better/more stretching- this will aide me in staying Injury Free

• Run a sub 22 minute 5k

• Run a sub 4 hr Marathon

• Run a sub 1:50 1/2 Marathon

• Run my First Ultra 50k- I want to run my First Ultra- I want to focus not at all on speed- but on a slow and fun run- I want to conquer the distance- I wanted it last year and didn't get it- I am this year! I just know It!

•I started a Local Running Club for our City- We do our First Official Group Run of 2012 on New Years Day as a Resolution Run- I have Great Plans for our Community. We will be offering Weekly Runs working on Hill & sprint repeats and long runs. I will be hosting a couch to 5k program for the community in the Spring of 2012 and get more people running to support Great Health & Fitness.

• I have been offered to be on the Board of a local non-for profit Charity and I am so excited to help and expand their efforts to keep bringing Running to our community for the children :) Excited to see where this goes for me.

• I want to get certified with the USTF Track & Field as a Running Coach

• If I can get into a class (which is almost always booked and out of state) but I'd love to get Certified as a Running Coach Through RoadRunnersClub of America

• I hope to convince our Local YMCA to let me set up a Running Program through the YMCA and offer my help to people that want to learn how to run

So there you have it- I have a lot of personal Run Goals - Now here are my Personal

Fitness Goals-

• Keep gaining muscle

• tone up the mid section and back more

• get stronger with my agility and responsiveness

• complete 30 days of shred

• complete 60 days of Insanity

• complete a full hour of Yoga each week

Food Goals:

• Eat Cleaner

• save money on foods- by eating less packaged and learning to make/freeze my own goods

• Implement Meatless Mondays and Fish Fridays as part of my weekly menu

If you think this is a LOT of Work- it is :) If only you knew the other goals in my more personal life then you just might be blown away!

•Like Planning a Vow Renewal with My RunnerBoy for 2013 :)
•My Twins Start Pre-school
• I never know- I may be working by the end of 2012 as a Police Offer :)
• I am working on Schooling
• I have goals for house projects
• Financial Goal Setting
• Goals for my Children in regards to education and spending even more quality time with them
• I am hoping that 2012 I get my Tummy Tuck :)
• I Pay off my Van in 2012!! OMG_ One Less Car Payment- YES!
• Camping- I am going to Camp my Rear End off this coming Year- So Much Fun!
• I have A Goal to replace my veggie Garden with a Flower Garden :)
• I am personal Goals as a Photographer and I hope to keep booking photo shoots for family's ♥
• I have goals in spirituality- I hope to find a church for my family-

Lastly- this Blog and my Page on Facebook- it's all about Sharing and Celebrating Life- the Journey We all Take - I want it to be Bigger and Better so that we can all encourage, motivate and Empower Each Other to Life Life so Strong- and Love so Hard- and Laugh too, lol

Thanks for Reading- for Being a Part of my life- My Journey

1.5 strength train & Last Run of 2011

******* I went Shopping Today- Bought this UA Hoody- zip pocket perfect for storing stuff, then I bought some cute Pink Nike Gloves ♥ **********

Morning- I spent 1 1/2 hrs in the Gym this morning with my RunnerBoy- We focused on Triceps/biceps/weight bench/abs.
We finished off the entire arm/ab session with Two 2 minute planks side by side and we were DONE! Then I did a minute of solid ab crunching and I was defeated- I only got 30 in a minute- a couple of un-expected pauses- those ones that hurt to push through are the ones that really count! (I'm writing this the next day- I will say - my arms and chest are SORE today!! Like Super Sore ;-) I am a Work in Progress ♥

Today I ran my last run of 2011- Leaving me at 1285. Surely there is that part of me that would love to round out that number. But Life is not about getting stats perfectly rounded and it's not about the number.

I originally thought I could pull off 1200 miles- as my year progressed I thought I could easily get 1400-1500 miles- but then Life Happens and Body gets hurt- demands Recovery and I'm NO Spring Chicken- I'm 33 and I'm not a teen-ager where my body is able to bounce back so easily. I am So Human.

The Run was a straight out and back. Half way Point I stretched and got a faster come back. First 2.5 miles I was a tender and yet comfy 9:15 pace- oddly slow but how easy it felt showed my why. I wanted to open back up a little bit on the way back and with some hills I managed to do around 8:45 pace so I averaged 9min miles :)

I did some reflecting - You know I did. I was letting go of the things that keep holding me back in 2011- I am so scared for 2012- I have such High expectations and not just about running and fitness- that is coming easy to me. I'm talking about all other aspects of life that I screwed up on in 2011 and I made alot of mistakes. I'm hoping to let it all go and re-new my love and faith in everything else.



Protein Shake
celery stick with tbsp of all natural pb

Cheeseburger- few fries

S: Ice-cream & Coffee

We went out to Dinner and I had Ice-cream and a cheeseburger meal- Sometimes it happens

Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Miler

Today I spent the Morning with my kids- so Nice to not have to rise up and rush 3 kids ready in an hour along with myself- foods/dressed/hygiene- and out the door in speedy fashion.

I made BuckWheat Pancakes this morning. I blog alot about how I eat well- and if you know me at all by now you know my kids eat what we do- and they get the extra naughty and not so healthy foods pretty often- actually- more so than I would like- I find a struggle with balance- most foods are incredibly healthy snacks for my kids. I choose ones that still don't have hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup and I always divvy the extra money to buy quality snack goods- but someones that Orea Cookies pass through the conveyor belt and the kids get indulgent. To which I have NO problems with Oreas- but RunnerBoy says to me yesterday " you know- buying my Oreos and leaving them on the counter- is like me buying Keebler FudgStucks and leaving them out for you" Oh he is SO RIGHT- I could DESTROY a box of Fudgesticks. That was an ole'time fatty favorite of mine- I'd put the box into the freezer and I'd have frozen fudgsticks, hahahaha! OmG I could have it gone in 1 day easy most times! So old fat me always bought two to keep in there! oh my god! why am I not railing thin now? cause I just don't eat like that anymore- but maybe losing 150lbs I am railing thing compared to where I was!

Ok so anyways.

Take a package of $3.50 BuckWheat Dry Pancake Mix- all natural- add some Ground FlaxSeed and some dash of Cinnamon and pinch of sugar and Wa'la' my kids have some home-made pancakes and I make up a huge serving and I freeze the extras. That 3/4 package of dry mix made 4 breakfasts and this mornings- with some left over in the pantry for a fresh batch another day. Now I'm doing this because I'm trying to stay away from the purchased Eggo Waffles I've been buying the kids- they are on contrary not all that processed to what one might believe. but I know either way- I could both save money and go even healthier for my kids. That bulk box would cost me $4.69 and I would only get exactly what I froze today. So I saved money, went more natural and added some extra nutrients with the flax seed - still whole grain and good :)

Sat around- cleaned up the castle a bit- showered up- even though I was going for a run- ever have one of those days when you just feel dirty-although just last night I had showered- so yeah, nice hot shower to warm my bones and then wash up the oldest daughter and get her ready for a girl scout daisy play date.

Then off for my 4 miles when runnerboy got home.

4 miles in 33min and some change left me 8:22 pace. Felt comfortable- but still felt like I was pushing a little bit more than I wanted for this pace- but that's ok - I'm still a work in progress on trying to make this 8:20 my new training pace for my upcoming 1/2 and full Marathon- We shall see - it's one thing to hold it for upward of 4-6 but when you start talking about double/triple/quadruple that- yeah it's HARD on the body and the energy systems- I have a LOT of training to do!

My knee feels 'pressure' after yesterday and certainly today. No pain- but still the akward - stiff/tight feelings. Humph.

Breakfast- I was so TRYING to avoid NOT eating the car breakfast that CALLED my name - so I ate 2 organic eggs and slice of wheat - but NOPE_ I ate some pancakes- like crazy! omg! they were so good and honestly I was hungry- so why not!
eggs: 150
toast- 60
pancakes- 200
syrup- 120
Coffee- 70 (2 cups)

Lunch: Ok so I"M NOT HUNGRY- Um Hello did you see what I ate ↑ lol
whey protein - 100
almond milk- 80

5 cheese tortellini- 280
grated parm- 20
organic fresh spring mix-20
fat free Italian dressing-20
Greek yogurt-140
wheat germ - 20

Calories: 1280 - I am feeling hungry tonight though. Like Physically hungry!

Fast 3 miler and legs


I started off with a warm up 1/2 mile with a stretch

I then ran 3 miles fast and comfortable 23:50 7:51 pace- I'm so excited to be running these paces and having it not feel like I'm dying. I'm pushing myself sure- but seeing that I'm training and running 5k race pace for me

I then cool down for a 1/4 mile with a stretch

I went down stairs and did a hit of strength training on my hamstrings, obliques, abudctors, adductors, abdominals

Triple Health English Muffin- 100
1/2 slice of 2% cheese- 15 cals
organic egg- 75
Coffee-tsp sugar/half n half - 35

Whey protein - 100
almond milk- 60
coffee- 35

Shake and Bake Pork Chop- center cut lean -200
3/4 cup of french style cut green beans ♥ -30
1/2 cup un-sweetened apple sauce-50
Greek Yogurt-140
Wheat Germ-30

Air Popped Popcorn -110
Dark chocolate mini morsels -75

*where is my fruit? epic fail*

Cals in: 1055 - oops fell short but I was happy & full !

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Speed Interval Training & Biceps

Today was Speed Work and a hit at the arms!

1 mile warm up - 8:20 pace

1 mile 30/60/90 Interval Sprints- Warm up for 2 minutes on base pace- 8:20 then for 30 seconds sprint- then recovery- sprint for 60 seconds- recovery- sprint for 90 seconds recovery- Recovery Pace is the 8:20 base pace

Repeat Mile 2 with same speed intervals

1 mile cool down - 8:30 pace

It's nice to hit 6:58 pace and hold it for 90 seconds and feeling like I could go longer - great feeling to hit that pace and still kick it up a notch to an 8.7 on the tready to finish out the run!!

Between each mile- I did arm work for 5 minutes- biceps/triceps and 2 sets of ab crunches and one hit at the cybex machine to work the obliques.

I was surprised I was able to work-out today- my guts had me up a couple of times last night with that tummy bug. I didn't think I'd hold up today on my run/workout.

Between the Run & Weights- I did 1hr 20 min work-out today!


2 slices of Wheat Toast: 120 cals
tsp of Whipped Natural Balance spread- 20
Tsp of natural jam- 15
coffee- 60

4oz almond milk - 30 cals
protein powder- 100 cals
grilled chicken snack wrap- no cheese, extra lettuce- 200 cals
1 Nugget- 25cals
few fries- 30 cals- totally hate fries- but love the salt- hot salt! maybe I should lick them? lmao!
small bit of the kids burger- 40 cals

S: Greek Yogurt - 140 cals

1/2 cup of broccoli- 35 cals
chicken avocado sandwich- 450 cals
small whole wheat pancake- 100
syrup- 30
coffee- 150

Organic Corn Chips- 140 cals
Cheese sauce- non fat- 40cals

Calorie Total: 1735 - I guess I was making up for not eating yesterday- I ate what I normally would eat and found myself tapping at my kids food! Listening to the body- tricky thing-

I was out of the house- the ENTIRE day- So considering my choices for not being home - then I did boomtastic!

Rest Day - tummy illness

Fell Ill - again- my guts are just so sensitive these days- if I eat more than I normally do or foods that are not clean like I typically have them my guts fall ill.

It was a demanded rest day Monday- the day after christmas. the pain was intense and radiating in my entire guts - I had to lay down half the day :/

Can of soup

Yep that's it- my tummy was so upset :(

Monday, December 26, 2011

Need Running Motivation


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When I am asked what drives my Motivation to Run- I have plenty of answers. Each answer came to me at different points in my Running Life.

If you were fueled by your goals and if that was to run a 5k or your first race of any distance- once you hit a goal- more often than not you could very well feel a sadness or a loss of direction on where to take your running. Many runners refer to post pardon racing blues. PPRB- it’s Real- ok even if the Running World just makes it up- or maybe I’m making it up - Maybe an acronym that can go down in Running World History?

What I find has worked for me or for Running Friends when the Mojo (Motivation ) seems Gone.

  •  Create a New Running Goal-
  •  Find a new pace to train at-sometimes that challenge can push your runs
  • Find a new race to train for-start scoping out for more local races to sign up for
  •  Find Your Running weakness and work on strengthening it ( hill, speed drills, distance)
  •  Create reasonable weekly mileage goal
  • create a new run streak goal
  •  find a new route to run
  • find someone you can inspire and run for them
  • change the time of day you run.
  • avoid extreme weather conditions sometimes the extreme heat or cold can make you want to put off your running
  • stop chasing time goals
  • start chasing a friend, sometimes running with someone faster will help
  • or stop running with faster people, sometimes if all you do is run fast it can zap your mental and physical strength to constantly feel 'inadequate' to others

• Minimize Your Mileage- So maybe you are feeling the Burn-out. You hit Your Goals- You are so Proud- but you feel no desire to run- Back off the weekly mileage- Don’t Punish yourself for how your body and mind feels. What’s the use? If you dread that you will never run again- then that is just negative thinking and that simply will get you No-Place. Take time off (however much you feel you need or can handle) and make no pre-conceptions- don’t allow them to happen because you may in-evitable set yourself up to fail with them. Reward the freedom from Not running when you feel it has pressured you that much. I want you to set a goal though- I will not run for …. “xx” Days and then I will go on my Return run on …. “date” ….

• Strength Training- While you minimize your running- work on building up your quads and glutes. When you Return to Running or pick back up the mileage the extra strength may help with endurance and recovery and reducing the risk of injury

• Cross train- Find things in the Gym that can replace Running for you but still provide you with the cardio you need to maintain your fitness: Elliptical is a machine that can mimic a runners stride and I have found is key on working on turn-over (if you work at it) great for when you are injured as well. Cycling is a great cardio and quad burn that can your fitness on key. Try some swimming, water running.

• Find a Friend to Run with - Running Friends can keep you accountable- they can offer you someone to talk to and more often than not- you won’t really remember running at all and will likely feel like you just had a fun time spent together!

• Find a local running club and start running with new people to spice up your running life- they can challenge you- provide group runs to help you feel accountable

• Music - maybe throw on some tunes that always seem to pump you up!

• Running Videos- I love to throw on Running Videos on the YouTube to get my MoJo Flowing

• Nutrition- Be sure you are on point with your nutrition. Pay close attention if you have been hydrating enough - if you have been fueling yourself enough. Protein is Key for Cell repair and Growth. Carbohydrates

•How’s your Recovery: Do you find that you are so sore from your running that you are too scared to run again? Perhaps then it’s time to re-evaluate your recovery practices and sort out if you may be over-training-


• Reward Yourself- I’m not talking about splurging on ill food- I’m talking reward yourself with a spa treatment, a massage- a pedicure- some gift to yourself that will both rejuvenate you and keep you inspired and running toward your goals

•Positive Thinking- Be sure that you are avoiding negative self talk- it’s one notion to listen to your body and to determine if you are feeling fatigue or soreness- it’s an entire new mental ball game when your body feels fine and you are just mentally playing war with yourself. When You are fighting the mental though- this is your weakness. This is the Game of Running- to WIN that War against the Ugly voice in your head that opts for the Couch instead of the Open Road. Shut it off- Tell Yourself that you are stronger than that and find that strength to just Get Up and Get the Run Going!

• Just GO- There has NEVER EVER been a Run that I regretted. I’m talking I feel like crap- my head hurts, my body is tired- I can muster the littlest energy to just go from the bed to the kitchen coffee pot- and every reasoning in my head says there is NO way that it could be a good run…………BUT…………IT ALWAYS IS. Give me a mile and I’ve forgotten about that headache- and my lungs are breathing deep and my wings are open and I’m feeling the freedom as the endorphins run through me. The only Run you’ll ever Regret is the One You didn’t do!

•If you run and it’s an EPIC FAIL- reflection my running friend- remember you were out there trying- you were doing the one thing that many people wished they could and can’t. Don’t ever take for Granted Your Run-

•Find Your Inspiration- Sometimes if that Inspiration can’t come from within- it has to come from an outside source- find someone that you idolize in the running world- a running friend- an elite athlete perhaps. Perhaps it’s someone that is battling something big and more triumphant than the lack of desire you have. I have Run for Kate, I have Run for Friends that were fallen ill, I have run miles for Injured Friends, I have Run miles for deceased loved ones.

•RUN BECAUSE YOU CAN!!- Let’s face it- Life is Short- There will be a time when you can NO longer Run- and Today is NOT THAT DAY!

• Runography - I want to add this one- because I love Photography. I love capturing a moment- a scene of something I would love for me to remember- share with you or friends a place that you could put yourself into for running! If you can bring your phone or little camera with you- then you can stop and capture the moment- embracing the Glory of the Run ♥

• Reflection- Look back and appreciate all your achievements. Think about how they make you feel. Was there an impact that you made on your life as well as for someone else? Where did you find your strengths and what drove you so passionately then. Can you ignite the same fire to keep you running now? Go look and grab onto the medals- count through those racing bibs- look at photographs and appreciate where you have come from and how far you have made it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas To all My Faithful Readers!

I hope Your Christmas Was Wonderful and Perfect :-)

Today has been perfect.

My Mother spoiled me by coming over and bringing an entire Christmas Day Meal - ham and all it's fixings!!

When she got here, My Runnerboy and I got to take off- a mile run to the local Run Event- which was a very small non-for-profit run-collecting donations for the local food pantry! On the Run over- Runnerboy looked like santa carrying our bag of canned goods for the pantyr, lol- The run was an untimed local run just a 2 miler or a 3 mile route- we took the 3 miler and wore our Garmin :)

So RunnerBoy and I ran the 5k route- didn't have much in me to get beyond my base pace of around 8:20 - I'm feeling that way this week.

But that's ok- I was happy to be outside it was so pleasant- easily over-dressed so tore off the gloves before the start and took the jacket off halfway into the 5k.

Got back to the destination- mingled, interacted sucked down a small cup of hot chocolate and then ran back home

5 miles in just around 42 minutes :)

I loved running with my husband- the run and the dinner- was truly an Amazing gift from my Mother xxx

I didn't get anything for Christmas - material wise- poor planning on runnerboy's part. blah. I won't lie I would of loved registration for my half paid for - or a new run coat- or running gloves- but at least I got him a bunch of stuff and that made me happy- my kids make me happy- and I'm so NOT a material woman- so I'm not upset- but the emotional side of me awaits the 17th year with Runnerboy where He could put some love into a Gift- Just sayin' lol

Foods: The holidays SUCK! End of story? Ok- Thank You :)

B: egg, low sodium bacon- whole wheat french toast slices (2)

L: Run :) lol - post run- hot chocolate/donut hole

D: Ham/potato/green bean casserole/dinner roll

s: slice of pumpkin roll

12th Day of Christmas Fitness


On the 12th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love Gave to me: 3.5 Mile Run with a Friend :)

I spent the Day hanging out with my family and some friends ♥

Night came and I drove to my friends house and then we went out for a run.
The clear sky- the weather was clear and perfect- surely very cold 19' degrees out but beautiful and crisp.

3.5 miles in just about 11:30 miles- tender pace- which is ok by me, I was happy to be with a friend :)

I was tempting to actually run when I got home from her house- but knew it was Christmas Eve and wanted to spend time with RunnerBoy- get the presents under the tree and just snuggle in to bed.


Good:eggs, protein shake, greek yogurt, spinach, organic ranch
Christmas Bad: Pizza/cookies

Good thing I ran tonight !

Friday, December 23, 2011

11th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 11th Day of Christmas Fitness, My true Love Gave to Me: Insanity Work-out, Row & Run

Gym First thing this Morning- Insanity Video- Dripping all over the Karate Room Floor Mats! Yeah- Great 40minutes!

Onto the Rower for 5min

abdominal for 90lbs push x 20

obliques 70lbs each side x 10

Moderate Mile- Averaged at 8:20 Pace- Started a light run and progressed my speed- None to happy by the last minute of the run- my right knee and lower right leg started to act up- haven't felt anything in a while- so None to happy.

All day long subsequently I feel 'compromised' in the knee/right leg and with pretty consistent quad aches - I feel I've been lacking my stretching and I've been wearing the same shoes I wore on Marathon - Although my trusty shoes (Nike Triax 13's) I've worn this brand for 2 years- these are not the same as my black ones- which I trained alot in for the marathon- same style shoe with the support but a bit tighter feel in the upper because of the trail feature which is Gortex. So I'm begin to wonder if it's that shoe that's not helping me? Hhhmm! I know the black shoes have hundreds of miles on them- these newer white ones probably only a 100 - same shoe- different body upper material-


Organic Egg over Toast

slice of whole wheat
tsp of natural jam
tbsp of all natural pb

Chicken breast
2 cups of fresh spinach leaves
tbsp of ranch dressing-all natural
stole a couple of the kids tater tots and 2 nuggets (oh they are my FAVE!)

Snack: Oh we made Sugar Cookies for Santa- I had to sample them :) Nothing Crazy :)

Protein shake- almond milk- all natural protein

Greek Yogurt

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 10th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love Gave to Me: 10k Run!

Started off the morning waiting around while Runnerboy had a tooth extraction- fun times- no actually it was alright- thank goodness for Technology in the Mini-Van to entertain the kids with Kung Fu Panda! I Brought my Laptop did a 2 page write about motivation- looking to blog this right after the holidays- :)

Got home- made lunch and then headed out for what was supposed to be a modest day with intervals of sun- instead it stayed dreary and it rained - not heavy but lightly. But it was a decent modest temps for the 22 of December- with a warmer 45 degree day a good 12-15 degrees above the normal.

Straight out- Straight Back- Different route than last weeks 9 miler. I actually did the first part of my 20 mile route and it reminded me that I'm runner faster now - oddly and I was thinking "Hot DAM - running 20 miles is FAR" Cause as I adventure back into distance running- I'm not taking for Granted just how amazing running long is!

10k - 6.2 miles in 54:09 - 8:44 Pace- With Hills- and what's funny is that I couldn't break this pace if I wanted too today- I was just running it solid-

A Great Running Friend Sent me a Great Gift today- she is an artist and creates these 'birds' and she created me a "Boom" Bird ♥


Breakfast: Oatmeal- Cranberry with flaxseed & Coffee

Fuel for my Run: 1/2 Banana

Post Run & Lunch: All Natural Protein Shake with Almond Milk

Dinner: Ground Turkey with diced Organic Tomato's & sauce over 1 cup of pasta and 1 cup of steamed broccoli

S: All Natural Protein Shake with Almond Milk

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Run Hill Repeats

If you have a base of at least 6-8 weeks of running- you can try your first attempts at hill repeats.

Warm-up- Try to do a ten minute warm- up run- this will warm up the body- get the blood flowing to your leg muscles and ready to use those muscles!

Find that Hill- Find it long or steep or maybe both! You'll want to run up the hill fast and then recover slowly on the way down- I love the idea that you are simply doing them- no matter your pace- just working those muscles is going to make you stronger! I would rather you go up them at a comfortable- yet digging pace and sustain the hill repeats longer then burn yourself up for half a work-out.

If you go for longer steep hills- then slow the pace down

If you go for shorter steep hills- then pack that run with a huge pump of power and bust it out! You'll love the thrill of getting to the top so quickly!

Aim for 2 -3 repeats of for your first time- and as you gain strength and endurance you can run as many as you can tolerate!

Remember to breathe deeply and work on avoiding side stitches which can happen quickly but taking to many shallow breaths. Breathe deep when you remember and arch your back our with a huge yawn like stretch if you get that side stitch. Hopefully you are breathing deep and this won't happen to you!

Now Once You Reach the Top- CELEBRATE!! HAHAHA! YES! YOU DID IT!
Turn-around and go comfortable and slow and recover, relax and celebrate the victory of reaching the top!

Once You are done- you'll want to recover with another cool down run- I suggest trying to open up your range of motion a little bit with a bit of a speed sprint in there too- just to flex out the muscles while they are warm! Just make sure you slow back down and enjoy your calm ending!

Celebrate- Doing Hill Repeats is Awesome- !!


• Don't look at your feet- look about 10-20 feet ahead of you

• Push Yourself but be mindful of keeping your form and avoid getting sloppy

• Let your arms swing back and forth and not side to side to help push you up the hill- but be mindful - don't put to much energy into your upper body- power through your hips/legs to get up that hill

• avoid hunching over too much- lean in toward the climb but don't hunch and try to keep your spine straight!

• try diversifying your hills- find different hills and keep the legs stimulated! Your Mind too!

9th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 9th Day of Christmas Fitness My true love gave to me: Weight Session

50 minutes weight session-


over and over and over again- :) Hurt so Good

65lbs Weight Bench - 3 sets- felt good the last 2 sets toward the end of the reps of 10 I was feeling the push- I realize how weak I am in this new endeavor- I'm eager to one day bench my weight - Really? Maybe I should tag this post! lol

My arms were so dead today after the weight session -

Tips: Want to Bench but need a spotter? Try to see if your Gym has a machine where you can bench without a spotter- the machine I use is on a pulley system with a spring at the bottom so that if your drop the weights or can't push back up it lands on the springs and not you! I like that!

Keen to throw a bit more weights on my Row and pulldown today- till about the 8th Rep in I realize I couldn't pull it down anymore- lol - not ready yet for a climb in weights on some exercises yet.


Whole wheat Toast slice
tsp jam

Recovery: ****** resisted the holiday food buffet at the gym today- stocked with JUNK- YEP! My twins had a grand time snacking away - I behaved* Then we went to the Library for Story time where I was offered cookies again- nope- I didn't take them or even think about it ;)
•2 tangerines

pbj sandwich- 2 slices of whole wheat, tbsp of all natural pb, tsp of natural jam
organic apple

BuckWheat Pankcakes with flax seed
Pure maple syrup

Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

8th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 8th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love gave to me: 4 mile run

I didn't have the energy to hit the gym in the morning- I have been so tired and I know why- hormones- pcos- ovulation, lmao. Good thing my Husband has had the The Big V- so we don't have worry about getting pregnant- but as a RunnerGirl I'm never shy to talk about hormones and running- even as it will eventually affect all of us- especially as we age- getting hard to maintain our weights and lose because of the estrogen loss- etc. So there you have it- at least now I know why I feel like I could sleep a week!

Spent the day with my twins- home- schooling them- and cleaning my castle.

RunnerBoy Got home and we all geared up for an Evening Work-out -

I took off on the road for a run as he took the 3 to the gym with him. We make it work- great partnership!

I run down to the center of town- 1 mile in and find my hill - it's 1/4 mile long- so I run down and then back up 4 giving me 4x400's and then I take a speedy mile back to the gym to meet runnerboy-
Here's what I wrote on my Facebook Wall- Two Police Officers sitting side by side in their patrol cars got a GREAT Show of This Crazy RunnerGirl Getting some Hill Repeats in 20 degree weather- 4x400's with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down- So Glad I didn't get Arrested for Being so Bad-Ass! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT RUN TODAY!

I averaged just over a 9min pace on that run- which is great for hills- I was not digging to kill myself- most happily I only report a bit of an above the right knee niggle on my 3 accent down- so running down hill shows me I'm almost all the way healed- What an Amazing Christmas Blessing for me ♥

Hit up the Cybex for some obliques, quads, hamstrings, adductor, abductor, core


B: Coffee
whole wheat tortilla
2 eggs, 2 egg whites
made an excellent breakfast wrap

2 whole wheat slices
tbsp of all natural pb
tsp of all natural jam

Pasta with meatballs
slice of garlic toast
*This meal was at my Sisters house celebrating a Christmas Gather* It tasted good but different to eat normal pasta, and processed meatballs- I won't lie - they were tasty- it's a no wonder the processed fake foods are so addicting- they are jam packed with sweetness- it was the sweetest pasta dish I've had in 2 years, lol Crazy!

Tim Hortons Creme Filled Christmas Donut :) Yep I ate a dam Donut :)

What I love is the notion that I'm not longer trying to 'lose' weight- so I can once in a while handle foods that are not typical as long as they are far, few and in-between that I manage moderation- to which I preach- I was not craving that donut- I was truthfully STARVING after my run/weights and I thought dinner would be ready when we got to my sisters at 6:30 but it wasn't so I ate it and it was good, lol but ideally I would have just had it after dinner as a dessert- but again- my mindset is what distincts me from those that can't handle the temptations- I did not eat under any sort of emotion- I did not binge- and I had just one :) Ok and a bite of Austyns chocolate with candy cane topping- sorta yuck! ha!

NewBie Chronicles-blog check up

I definitely noticed where I have slacked lately with blogging- with my reflection I see that I need to keep posting more about helping others and teaching anyone that reads here not just what I eat and exercise in a day- sure that can offer up some ideas on how I managed to lose my weight and keep it off- but it has to be more than that- it has to be the other behind the scenes information- or more information on how to help out the new runner- or the over weight runner- and more recipes and tips on eating and stuff. I've already posted a lot in the last 5 months but I want to keep it going- surely the amount of things for all of us to learn is endless!

So I'm going to make goals for 2012 with my blog and I they are going to be around commitments to blogging more specific blog posts to help out with running and weight loss and healthy food choices :)

Do you have Any ideas on what you like for me to share?

I know I have some faithful readers out there- What drives you here to read- ?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 7th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love Gave to me: Run & Weights

Mile 1- walk warm up- interplay on speed laddering my speed from slow to fast- I managed an 8:20 mile

Biceps- 25lbs set


set of 20 inclined ab crunches

Mile 2 - Steady 8 min mile

Biceps- 20lb set till burn-out

abs on the incline bench

Mile 3- Interplay with speed and averaged about 7:40 Pace

Biceps- 20lb set till burn-out
lateral raises

abs on the incline bench

110lbs lower back

90lbs ab push on the cybex machine

This was an hour 40min work-out.


B:Egg over toast

L: Lite Sub Roll
ham slice/turkey slice
tsp of lowfat mayo
spinach leaves
guacamole to dip it in - yum!


Roasted Cauliflower
Turkey Burger on Whole Wheat Bread with crust cut off
organic ketchup
lowfat mayo

2nd dinner? OMG- shoot me!
1/2 of a 100 cal english muffin with natural jam
1/2 cup of life cereal with 4oz almond milk
1/2 cup of almond milk
tsp of hershey chocolate dry chocolate mix- craving chocolate milk? I know why- I am out of my triple chocolate protein shake- Walmart- has not had any in a week- I'm so missing my extra protein - I love those shakes- a great chocolate treat, lol

Dark Chocolate
air popped popcorn

I am feeling so Super tired today- I am hydrated- but I'm going carb crazy- my hormones are making me feel lethargic and utterly hormonal's mid month....and when I push on my lower belly- my right ovary is sore. Dam you PCOS!
I actually slept mid- day and I don't do such things- like ever- but I'm just that dam out of it right now- my mood is solemn- hence the 2 day back log on this blog- I'm just in 'it' right now with anything- I hope this passes quickly- it's messing with my Mojo- glad I'm not weighing myself- typically in these hormonal flux' I'm good for a gain on the scale- now it's irrelevant what it reads- I keep on with my lifestyle- try to curb the carb cravings and (cough- hence my 2nd meal consisting of ALL CARBS ;/ BLAH ) Thankfully it was just under 300 calorie healthy splurge.....

6th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 6th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True love gave to me: Planks/stretching- pilates/yoga/pushups

Today was a long day- filled with so much family activity and my side work as a photographer monopolized a few hours of my mid day-

I squeezed in some minimal fitness after 11pm at night- knowing fair well I was going to do something on this Fitness challenge!

2 1/2 minute plank
20 pushups
light stretches of the calv/quads
hip flexor rotations
down ward dog
table top
ab squeezes
foam rolling

In total 15-20 min- not much- but something to declare some fitness!

Foods: Oh boy I can't really remember 2 days ago- I was on point though- and ate super yummy stuff

Saturday, December 17, 2011

5th Day of Christmas Fitness-

On the 5th day of Christmas fitness, My True love gave to me: 9.3 Mile Run :)

If you read yesterdays blog- I mentioned that I did NOT do Insanity - I am have been contemplating my ability to do this program now that I'm recovering more from my knee tendinitis. My Focus was on weight lifting and and cross training- but I'm finding that now that I'm getting my Running Wings Back- that I can't do it all- there is simply not enough of me to do that. Sure I consider myself an Athlete Now and a Fitness Freak- but to what extent do I push myself without leaving room in my Life for Balance and for a Healthy Body- I can't over-extend myself physically all the time. There needs to be days where I'm not working out for 2-3 hrs- I need those calmer 1 hr work-outs etc.

With that said- I planned out my Long run- New I had 4 miles a couple of times- went and did 6 miles just over ten days ago- that was a 55min run- knew then I could have gone more-So I aimed for 80minutes today- which I knew in the back of my head is really a big step. But I sort of knew I could do it. I sorta was hopeful for the knee- I felt like I'm recovering so quickly now that I could really push for the time-

I set off about 11:15am- after having eaten buckwheat pancakes with pure maple syrup has my fuel for the morning- YUM! 2 cups of Mojo and I was ready!

I geared up nicely as this was the coldest run I've done since last winter- been a long time!

I didn't know my route but as I ran I just decided to keep my head focused with little city street running disturbance as possible.

40 min out- 40 min back.

40 min out- I crossed the road- stopped the watch - and took in some deep stretches of the quads/calves/ITB

Knee stiff acting just after the 5 mile mark. No Pain- some lower leg- below the knee ache - but again- no pain- I just pushed through and listened to my body.

I was feeling afraid- I was wondering IF my Knee was going to scream- when it acted super stiff again- about 7 miles in- I stopped the watch and took in another minute of right leg stretches!

I knew that I could hit just over 9 miles at the pace I was doing- so I thought how cool would it be to hit my Goal of 80 minutes with a 15k? Yep and that's what I did! Just in the nick of time too- 1:20:55 for 8:42 Pace- I can really feel the lack of cardio affect on my running- I ran some feeling like my body was looking for juice- I hope it finds some of the belly fat cells, lmao.

I suffered pretty severely too from Frostbite. It was on my upper thighs- maybe I should of wore another layer on top of my cold gear pants. I wear my Nike Dry tech tank- with built in bra-layer 8 long sleeve- my compression pants over the belly and my wind breaker- and still managed to get severe frost bite on my lower belly. It's the extra skin- it lacks circulation- and with all people that run in the cold- the body pulls heat away from the surface of the skin- concentrates it onto the core to keep the organs safe- so in doing that- every ones toes/fingers get coldest first, etc. Well- my Belly burned, itched and the skin as it trys to warm hardens on me- and it HURTS! It did it last winter- I feel fine when I'm running- and I'm never really that cold either when I run- so when I think I'm going to get away from not getting it- I'm mistaken. I took lots of pictures of it- to share with my doctor. Reasons to get my Tummy Tuck!!


2 BuckWheat Pancakes
2 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
Co fee - 2 cups!

L & Recovery:
Greek Yogurt
Hot Chocolate- *My Princess' Idea-Wow what a treat after such a cold run*

Poultry Sausage Link
onions/peppers stir fried in olive oil spritz
Lite hot dog roll for the sausage link
1/2 cup of Cous Cous
1 Cup of Steamed Broccoli

oz- Mixed Nuts
1 Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp Wheat Germ

After my Grocery Shopping Trip I was feeling Hungry
100 calorie English Muffin- Triple Health
tsp of natural jam

Friday, December 16, 2011

4th Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 4th Day of Christmas Fitness, My True Love gave to me-

Run & Weights

Biceps, triceps, abs
1/2 mile - 7:40 pace
Biceps, triceps, abs, bench
1/2 mile - 7:20 pace
Biceps, Triceps, lateral raises, bench, abs on the incline bench, hammer curls
1/2 mile - 6:58 pace
Biceps, bench

That's it for me today- I was going to do Insanity but the more I thought about it- the more I dedicated myself to the notion that I was going to aim for a long run trmw morning. I knew that had I done the speed work on top of all the jumping/pylo with Insanity that I may in fact not have strong enough calves to get in the mileage I want.

Tonight, my calves are already sore- and for some reason my hip flexors are aching- which is NOT common for me.

I am happy to the weight bench for the first time :)


Organic egg
1/4 cup egg white
Wheat toast slice

Coffee- I was too busy to eat- I hate that I've been skipping meals here and there in my life the last couple of months- so not like me- but what can I say? Ooops. Life is Just that dam busy-

Organic Apple

6 oz rotisserie chicken breast
1/4 cup Cappelini with cheese (180 cals)
1/4 cup mixed veggies
Greek Yogurt

Mixed Nuts
Organic Tortilla Chips

3rd Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 3rd Day of Christmas Fitness, my one true love gave to me: Yoga :)
1 full hour of great body opening stretching - I am so LOVING Yoga Lately, it's nourishing my body- opening me up- giving me flexibility. The calm surreal feeling in the class- eases my often rapidly thinking mind. I am going to keep embracing Yoga- hoping it to make Yoga I do at least once a week :)
Do you Yoga?
Will you try it? I definitely hope you say- yes!
I spent the entire day out of the house- shopping- dining out both lunch/dinner. I was on my feet all day- and I'm glad I didn't do any cardio today- my body's 1 hour stretch was enough fitness to keep me insatiable fitness appetite happy!
RunnerBoy Shopping is DONE!
He don't read this- so I'll share ;-p
•Under Armor Compression top - kind of super cool design- my son picked it out-
•Nike Compression boxer briefs for under his running shorts- he has 2 pair but why not 3? lol
•LED Head Lamp for running outside- which I will confess he got TODAY- cause he was going to go buy one tonight ;- / Dang Runnerboy so much for CHRISTMAS DAY! OMG! LOL
• Slippers - that I'll likely CLAIM - like I have for the last 16 years- then he gets stuck wearing my cute pink fuzzy ones- bwahahaha!
•Nike Weight Lifting Gloves- I love a man that works HARD but I like soft hands on this body ;-p
Then tonight- by myself for 3 hours I got my 3 peeps done! Well- I decided I may buy my little daughter another doll or something- she is so hard to shop for and I fell a little short with comparable presents, kwim? so I'll buy her something sweet :)
Waffle- yes shoot me now- I had a dam waffle- dam Eggo' - 100 cals
Post Yoga- Organic Apple
Grilled chicken snack wrap- no cheese- extra lettuce-
D:Chili's with the family
Grilled Chicken on Whole Wheat- no fat honey mustard dressing- but I did get the swiss and some bacon on top- I didn't mind the calorie up for that today.
Steamed Broccoli
After hrs of shopping:
10 almond milk
Jillian Michaels all natural protein powder
4 oz of almond milk
3/4 cup of Mom's Best Cinnamon Swirl Cereal- if you get a chance to find this at Wal-mart - please do! it's only 1.88 per box- all natural ingredients and very eco- friendly too! I love feeding my kids a healthy cereal and this is one of them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2nd Day of Christmas Fitness

On the 2nd Day of Christmas Fitness, My One True love (me ;-) Gave to me-
20lb bicep curls x 3 sets
15lb tricep reverse - 2 sets
10lb lateral raises- forward and to the side- 1 set
80lbs abdominal press- 1min
90lb tricep push-down x10
110lbs row- x 10
110lb pulldowns- x 10
25min on the treadmill this morning interval of speed walk and light jog - covered about 2.5 miles
4.5 mile street run - incorporated some hills on my route - 38:05- comfy 8:28 pace :) I was so Happy to be Running- I love being outside, trumps the treadmill 100 fold- the weather was perfect- not windy and not too cold-
Surprisingly my left foot is MAD at me- that dam fast 5k and the way I must not have been rotating my foot correctly - it's sorta really mad at me- top of the left foot, along the top - follow the arch of the upper foot. It's ok- it sorta worked itself out on the run.
The lower leg felt tight- but the right knee stayed HAPPY- which makes ME HAPPY- for this yet another un-medicated run without the use of ibuprofen :)
organic egg
slice of wheat toast
10 oz almond milk
Jillian Michaels natural Whey Protein triple Chocolate shake
slice of wheat
tbsp of all natural pb
tsp of all natural home-made jam
Macadamia Nuts-
4 oz Organic Beef
1/2 Garlic Cheddar Cheese Slice
1/4 cup portabello mushrooms
1 cup steamed Broccoli
Greek Yogurt

Emotional Love Affairs

Confessions of the soul.
It's no secret for those that around me to understand my deep passion in all things in life. Those strangers that don't know me- have no clue where that drive derives itself from.
Everybody has a story. I have my own.
Where I have come from has allowed me to fully embrace the Glory of Today.
There was nothing epic or tragic. Just a simply story of longing for love and understanding. A feeling of unconditional "everythings" in life. Stemming from my childhood - I was certainly damaged little girl with my heart. Certainly there was not a whole lot in life that I found intriguing or fruitful. Nothing in life ever felt passionate or insatiable-nothing ever felt tangible.
Where My RunnerBoy sweeps off my feet at 16yrs old- places me on this incredible pedestal and there I sat - till I slowly realized too- that love in relationships are FAR from Perfect. That perhaps too that love in relationships is HARD WORK. The diligence to grow up side by side with my Husband- has been challenging at times. What I have been most grateful for is this amazing underlying commitment and loyalty- this incredibly thread of chemistry that just holds us together.
Our love like a Molecule- put through different chemical situations (life events) that either bind us closer together like attracting atoms- or perhaps like opposites where we try but the distinctive distance between us- yet still bound close. Odd right? That's 16 1/2 years my friends. From the time that I was 16 years old- till now at 33- I sit here having spent half my life with my best friend.
What's interesting is what comes easy is often incredibly hard. How about the idea that you know the loyalty that binds you- the commitment that is just everlasting- but the hardship remains that Life happens- a situation happens your life that change your mind about love and life.
A person or an event that can shake the very core of everything you had become so accustomed too. What was always sort of a little broken- seemed so SHATTERED to me.
Which was hard for me. I spent two years of my weight loss journey with an easy & light heart. There were slight and totally forgettable marital bumps in the road- but none the less- LIFE was GOOD- Love was there- There were kids to raise- a happy home to tend to.......Then just as easy as a simple act- things just changed. My Life Changed.
Where in life- whether we talk about love or health or our fitness- our life goals at success in Career and money- etc- ......the idea that we become so focused and sometimes our nose is the picture- we concentrate on bettering little parts of our life that we lose sight of the entire picture.
Emotionally- I have discovered so much about myself. The strength I have found inside my soul this year has been profound. The consolable fear I faced when faced with realities I COULD HAVE NEVER OF IMAGINED......I knew in some sense that it would all lead me to 'here' .....where on the other side of it all- I see that it was all part of life's journey in life and love.
What's ironic is in the journey of finding a new me- I thought I had done that. I had lost so much weight- I found a new lifestyle and that was so easy for me. I had no real issues. My Commitment and Drive were never failing- just as they are today. I have No issue with commitment. I have No problem embracing the good in life- and fitness and health is GOOD! I found so much love and joy in Running- that gave me strength and I knew I had somehow metamorphosed my soul with my running wings. It was life a saver. It was a soul discovery- it was that profound to me. The idea that I could really enjoy something so much. That in the challenge of getting faster and go longer that I found a strength that I talked about. What an amazing feeling. How could you not embrace running the same way? Is that the sick side inside my head or is this the fuel inside every runners heart? The freedom and the time to let life worries all melt away- it's certainly many things to me.
But - when you go from no Passion- with amazing Vulnerability to embracing the very things in life that you have Enjoy- with the same Vulnerability there is NO wonder why I am as dedicated in my Emotional Love Affair with Running.
Sort of the whole idea behind this post. When you read my blog- when you are my friend- if you are my family and you can't seem to wrap yourself around the understanding behind my obsession- just know that it's my dedication- it's MY LOVE AFFAIR- with life, with fitness with Health.
If this gives you any idead of how emotional I am - then you've gained a greater insight to me as a person. I'm incredibly strong- but incredible sensitive. I'm incredible powerful in my strength to succeed- but so weak on my failures. I am so Worldy but sometimes way too focused. Sometimes I love so hard that my expectations are not ordinary-
What I love about Life- is knowing that I'm not done growing as a Woman- A Wife- A Friend- An Athlete- A Runner- etc.
I do NOT have it all sorted out. I take each day of my life with the best optimism I can- and I challenge myself to be an all around better person with all my endeavors. I fall short alot. I make mistakes - and I've done some things I never thought I would- but I'm here- and I just keep living Life with Passion to which I never felt before my Children & Finding My Running Wings!
Do you have a love affair with Running?
Or is this just something you are doing to lose weight?
Do you Fear not finding your Running Wings- to keep you moving forward in health & fitness?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1st Day of Christmas Fitness

On the First Day of Christmas Fitness, My one true love gave to me:
Spinning, Pilates and Insanity Day #8 = almost 3 hrs of fitness, OMG! (no trust me my life is WAY More than Fitness ;-p )
Spinning- 1 hour class- great to get the quads burning- my lungs breathing heavy and a little bit of a sweat. I never get out of that class cardio wise what I wished I could. Sometimes I do- but today there was Some Class Mojo Missing- Fun but some Mojo missing, lol
Pilates- Great opening up, I always enjoy the hip work, leg stretches and some core work- I had to quit 5 minutes early and just lay there- my tummy was hurting badly- I think I was hungry!
Home and after Lunch I did Day #8 of Insanity- Feeling tired- but it's done!
I'm so tired- I am so excited for sleep that does not include waking up desperate for comfort in the nostrils. I like to sleep cold- my runnerboy likes it WARM- well it kills my sinus and head and I wake up so groggy. Plus I just need hrs of sleep, not this 4-5 hr sleep stuff. I need a great 6-7 hrs :) Hopefully tonight!!
My left foot is still bothering me :( Dam, it's like my knee is better but now my foot hurts, ARGH!
1/2 banana
Green Monster Shake
1/2 pear
Organic apple
2 small whole wheat tortilla shell
4 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
1/2 avocado snack pack
6 oz grilled chicken breast
Greek Yogurt
6 walnuts sprinkled on top

Run & Weights - Standard Stuff

I went to bed at 3am- I sat in bed all night- staring at the ceiling- thinking about shiz nizzy people and stuff that I shouldn't be. Tis' the RARE evening nap I had the night before as I cleaned my house intensely all day long yesterday- so by 6pm I was passed out on the couch as I begged for 10min to relax- oops! 8pm wake up calls just leads me to staying up all night - GREAT for fueling my Insomnia, lol.

So Energy lacked today- Went to the gym with RunnerBoy and this was my routine

25lb bicep set
20lbs bicep set x2
20lbs Shoulder press
abductor, adductor, tricep, row, pulldowns on the cybex equipment

with runnerboy spotting me *oh yeah* ;-)
80lbs tricep pulldown x12
90lbs tricep pulldown x 12
100lbs tricep pulldown x 8
110lb tricep pulldown x 8

1 mile on the treadmill at the start of my weight session- my left foot is KILLING me- I need to open up this foot and the I keep rotating and gently pushing off- I must have been landing weird on that 5k and hurt myself. Sometimes I'm a broken runnergirl. - yikes! 9:20 mile- had some walk warm up in that- stretch after

1 mile on the treadmill after my weight session- foot is feeling 99% better now that I got the muscle/tendons to relax a little bit!! Nice and steady comfy on this one- 8:35 mile.

1omin on the stair climber for 65 flights of stairs :) Been a LONG time since I've been on this machine- I miss how much I drip sweat onto this one!

B: Coffee, tsp sugar, 2 tbsp fat free half in half
2 egg whites

Jillian Michaels All natural whey protein shake
16 oz almond milk

S: 1/4 organic apple
Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

1.75 veggie burger
spritz of olive oil in pan
lowfat mayo
organic ketchup
1/4 cup creamy garlic pasta

air popped popcorn
dark chocolate
whine cooler

Exercise Induced Asthma

I suffered Greatly with Exercise Induced Asthma from the really cold weather run from the fast 5k. The Speed Toppled with the cold set my lungs into some pretty severe inflammation. I reported that race evening with some congestion and secretions in the lungs. It's a lot like I'm suffering from Bronchitis. I have talked to my Doctor about this in the past and he confirms it's exercise induced asthma- prescribed me an inhaler. Sure that has expired and been thrown out- reminds me to get another prescription.

If you want more information and you think you might suffer from it- then please check out this link. Difficulty catching your breathing after your run for an extended period of time- inflammation that causes Wheezing, secretions in the lungs can all aim at EIA.

I spent the entire day recovering from the Race- My left foot incredibly sore along the top and along my arch- much like where I suffered my soft tissue damage during my spring marathon training- ugh!

My quads were achey- I love that feeling!

But my breathing was bad with huge inhales - I crackled and hacked up lots of lung pleghm. YUCKY!

So it was an un-expected rest day!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's a Wonderful Run 5k Results*PR*

Today was a Great Day!
I Ran the It's a Wonderful Run 5k !!
It was a Beautiful Crisp 35 degrees and dry! Could not be Happier with Clear Running Conditions! Certainly a fear this time of year with Races is compromised running conditions- well more so if you are looking to Set a PR!
Nike Dry Tech Compression Top with built in Bra Shelf
Layer 8 Cold Gear on top
Lime Green dry tech sports top from my Festival of Races 5k Race
Under Armour Compression pants- cold gear
Nike Running Skirt
Nike Running Gloves
Under Armour socks
Nike Triax 13's Running Shoes
Garmin 305
Apple Ipod shuffle
Nike Ear Buds
Run Like a Mother- BondiBand *head gear*
Race Weight- 161.5 lbs
Breakfast- Bowl of Honey Nut cherrios w/ almond milk (OMG_ been FOREVE's since I ate cereal for breakfast- about 6 months!) Lunch: Grilled Chicken, Lowfat Cottage Cheese

Body & Mind:
I was keeping it to myself but I was feeling a tad sensitive in my left calf yesterday- sorta came out of no-place as I spent the last 2 days CARDIO FREE for this run. I stretched but I avoided Insanity Work-outs and any use of my legs. I wanted to feel fresh after my longest run of 6 miles since Marathon just 3 days ago! I was find after my run- I'm sure it was just a recovery thing. My Mind was ready- I had insane amounts of excitement about this run. I thought about it day and night. What this run means to me in terms of Finalizing my Running Year, my Attempts to come-back from this knee tendinitis. I have only Run about 65 miles in the last 2 months, but it's all been short bouts of speed runs- about 1-3 miles of speed and hill work. Last week I only ran 5 miles and my cardio started to feel a little knackered on this weeks 6 miler in terms of energy for the runs! I was Ready- Or SO I THOUGHT...OMG!!



Finish Time- 23:50 - PERSONAL BEST!!
Pace- 7:41 per mile
Results- 9th out of 125 in my Age Group
245 out of over 1820 Finishers
My Splits:
MILE 1 - 7:20 Pace
MILE 2- 8:00 Pace
MILE 3- 7:45 Pace
Mile .1 - 7:30 Pace

I am so excited to Share that I set a NEW Personal Record today for a 5k Race!!
I Ran into a runner friend- and we started off together ♥
I am NOT able to do a full warm-up on these speed races- as I have a troublesome knee that might get pissed at me. So my Standard warm- up jog and stretch is not something I can do 'right now' . I dislike that I can't. It pumps me up, gets the cold crisp air into my lungs and allows me to properly stretch. But right now- this stage in my injury- I must do what I must do to survive!
So at the start line- I'm body jumping and doing some range of motion for the hips and some heal toe calf raises- the good news the left calf feels good and I have no aches/pains any where :)
I line up up front. This is NOT chip Timed- it's Gun Timed and wearing a magnetic chipped bib for the finish- it's vital to NOT lose anytime in the back of the pack. With the race this year going from 800 last year to over 2000 this year- it's that much more important to stay up front!
Mile 1-
I started way too fast- tis' the fun and adrenaline of the beginning 1/4- 1/2 mile of a Fast 5k ! I glanced down 1/4 mile in and was holding a steady 6:35 pace- No Worries- My friends- I backed off that pretty quickly- and when you tell yourself to slow down you inevitably hit the "wtf are you doing wall" with energy, lol. Mind You I have NOT done a warm -up, have not done cardio in days and certainly my running cardio is on the downlow this injury but none- the less- I was feeling the urgent fatigue. Which I will confess SHOCKED ME- FOR I AM HUMAN! *GASP*
1 MILE MARKER- gotta love those shining lights telling me 7:21 first mile :)
Mile 2-
HOLY HOT PEPPERS!! I was feeling the FATIGUE- That mile 1 kicked my booty and I was really hurting in the FATIGUE department. Dare I confess :( I was feeling so awful with my energy that It started to tel my Brain the following "Connie you May have to walk" "Connie- you are not ready for this" "Connie- it's OK if you DON'T PR"
I was ACTUALLY telling myself this- WITHOUT EVEN realizing it!! OMG!! THIS IS NOT ME!
I was hurting with lack of energy and I kept glancing and struggling to keep a sub 8min mile but I changed that negative thinking- I kept telling myself to keep my head down and Dig- Turn-over, Dig- Turn-over- Dig- don't give up- just keep going!!!!! over and over and over in my head
I see the Mile 2 Marker- Glance Down and see 15:20 on the watch- I hopeful as I'm on Track for a PR- TO MY SURPRISE!
Mile 3-
When you know you are on your way home- there is a sense of relief. the Last 1.1 mile takes not as long as the Mile 2- but at this point- you begin to evaluate finish times! I KNEW I must keep Pace- I am feeling renewed and I quickly Shuffle past Eminem's Lighters song- Listen I don't want this on my IPOD right now- I got time to think about nothing but RUNNING- I am all about making my way through- so I boom blast past this song on my IPOD and left it on Eminems's Till I collapse:
'Cause sometimes you just feel tired,Feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strengthAnd just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give upAnd not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse"
I honest to God thought about my Friend Angela today - where she dedicated Mile 26 to me today on her Marathon- My Friend- I thought about your Marathon Strength and you helped carry my spirit through and so THANK YOU for the Running SisterHood ♥ You had the Boom Penny- and I had You!
MILE .1-
Just coming off a pretty decent incline to the finish- I knew that I would be greeted by a decent accent of .1 to the finish line- I'M FLYING DOWN THIS SMALL DOWNHILL- I'm pretty sure I'm passing people and all I know is I see 23:xx on the clock and BOOM-BAM- I TOOK MY GLORY AND RAISED MY ARMS UP IN VICTORY- THE CROWD ROARED THROUGH MY IPOD AND TOOK MY FINISH WITH SO MUCH PRIDE I STARTED TO CRY!
I took it, I claimed it and it was DAM HARD!!
I was almost vomiting- Yep, I wanted to vomit toward the last 1/2 mile and certainly more so at the end- I took the longest walk and cool-down- that cold air KILLED MY LUNGS- I sit here tonight still inflamed in my lungs- I'm coughing badly and it sounds like I have bronchitis- after the race- it hurt to catch my breath and it burned so BAD- I think about how I smoked cigarettes for 12 years and how this is payback- I should expect nothing less than how I feel with my lungs right now. I have stake some Faith in the Notion that I'm cleansing airways that have been clogged by tar/nicotine and I'm detoxing lungs still - even though I've been smoke free for 7 1/2 years! You still can't replace the 12 that I smoked and the idea that I grew up around smokers my entire life- so in essence I've smoked for 26 years!
Knee- NO problems!
Left Foot- Yeah, not sure why- but foot pains- top of the foot (compensation for a knee that does not hurl today?) lol- who knows- whacky body!
Mentally I am so Proud of Myself- I've cried weepy self tears to myself tonight. I am so incredibly proud of myself. I'm proud of how much I dug and kept on going even when my mind tried to convince me otherwise- I needed to find that corner of my heart and soul and just keep my running wings open! I am so happy to hit sub 24 this year! Seriously? I used to weight 309lbs people!! I could barely run for 1 minute- Even after learning to run my fastest time was 11:30 miles!
I am ready to relax now- I'm ready and feel in my heart and soul ready for some time off my running- I have run 1,227 miles this year so far- and this just ends me off on the best Running Note I ever thought possible!

Run Like a Mother- and That I did :)

My Friend Kelly! SHE IS FAST! This is her 2nd ever 5k and she won 2nd place in our age group with a time of 21: 16 ......I am going to train with this little speedster- look how cute and tiney she is---then I wonder- when will I stop perceiving myself as this big runnergirl- cause my height and body structure is always so much bigger than the typical faster girls- lol -
Runner Boy High Lights :)
We Went to Weedsport this Morning- I got to Watch My RunnerBoy Set a PR in his 5k - 21:08!! He wanted sub 21 as he has been working hard on pace and breaking his last 5k pr of 21:25 was a pretty big deal- So he is HAPPY he too won his age group and got a Nice PR to end his Running Season ♥ It was Great to be there for Each other Today- I love Him so Much and I'm just so Proud. Plus I got to watch some other friends Finish and one is one of my RunnerGirls and she cut almost 4 min off her last 5k! BOOM! And also on another Note- I got to be a Running Photographer today and I took pictures of every runner coming through to the Finish :) What FUN!


Just Cause ↓

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a Wonderful Run 5k Preperations!

It's a Wonderful Run 5k - Prep!
Friday- Rest Easy- No Muscle Work- No Running, No Cardio :)
Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch! Rest, Fluids and Gather my Mojo (as if that's lacking these days ;)
Adventure Over to the Village Tonight- where we enjoy the festive lights, one day early and I pre-register. With the Massive Climb in the number of Registrants this year (already double with over 1800 pre-registered) this is something I don't want to have to worry about tmrw on race- day as Runnerboy gets off of work tmrw at 3pm and then the race starts at 4:40 about 25min away! So I don't want to worry about anything except showing up!
I am so beyond excited to try to PR, I sure am going to run my guts out and I hope I'm puking at the end- cause that's how I'll know I crushed this run- no matter my pace! Run STRONG ♥
Foods: Always Calorie Up on Rest Days- I love that :)
Wheat Toast
tbsp of all natural peanut butter
2 organic eggs
1/2 cup egg whites
100 calorie high fiber english muffin
1/2 slice 2% cheese
Dark Chocolate covered tart cherries with my twins!
Greek Yogurt
4 oz grilled chicken breast
whole wheat croutons
2 cups fresh spinach
1 tbsp organic ranch dressing
Slice of Cheese Toast
Air Poppped Popcorn
Serving Dark chocolate morsels
Jillian Michaels all natural protein
8 oz almond milk

Cleveland Marathon 2012

So excited to report that this is the Agenda for Spring of 2012- the Cleveland, Ohio Marathon!!
I was adventuring through the racing calendars online. Told my RunnerBoy how great it would be to Get a different Madel on the wall vs. another Buffalo, NY Madel for my Collection. We adventured around and found Cleveland.
Relatively Flat, scenic route, just 5.5 hrs from my home and just about the same time I wanted to run a Marathon this Spring- May 20, 2012!!
We started our Planning and what I hope for is an injury free Training, a successful 26.2 where I run strong enough to PR again and knock some time off and get Closer to Boston BQ for 2013 :)
I am doing things a bit differently. I'm using my own plan, hybriding ideas and general concepts from Hal Higdon's Intermediate 2 plan. Just keeping the concept of taper but going to incorporate more rest days for my body.
I am eager to recover fully from this Injury and Training Starts January 23, 2012 - Plenty of time to rest and recovery fully!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

1 1/2 hr Solid Weight Session

I hit up the Weights today in Hardcore Fashion!

Biceps, Triceps, sit ups , pull downs- Cybe Equipment with obliques, lower back, row, pull downs, bench dips, lateral raises, butterflys, abs, .........................................

OMG....I could go on and on.......I ripped it hard core in the gym today!! set after set after set!

Still working on transitioning to 25lb bicep curls - I can do a first set of ten on each arm and then backing it down to an easy 20lbs.

I spent No Kidding about 1.5hrs in the weight room today :) Might have been the longest Muscle Only Routine I've done! it's amazing how much time can go by and I try to work only my arms/abs and I can kill that much time in the gym!

Feeling great tonight too :)


1/2 cup of coffee- tried it with honey and almond today- ack!

Lunch & Recovery- Jillian Michaels Protein Shake with 8 oz almond milk
1/2 apple

S: Greek Yogurt- Wheat Germ

Chinese Meal with my family to celebrate birthdays with tons of brothers/sisters/nephews- how do you eat out healthy chinese at a buffet? Um, you really don't! lol- at this point it's all portion control and for me- I steer from carbs and avoid fried foods. I don't have after bloat so I did ok! Not healthy - so much- but I did have broccoli on my plate, lol. OMG_ it's been A LONG TIME since I've been at a chinese buffet- and now I know why - !

Scale Reading- Last till January 1st! Today I took my final scale reading as I put the scale away for the next several weeks- just challenging myself more to overcome any night time munching and work on the notion that I live my life on how I feel and eating great and gaining more lean muscle.

Today I was 159.5 :) See you Scale in just over 3 weeks!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


YEP!! You read that title right!! 6 miles my friends and I can't be any more excited to share this and talk to you all - about it!
I muffled around the house today- I wanted to bake cookies (healthy version of something yummy of course) but knowing my Doctors appt on January 4th (oh some of you don't know about this yet...details and surprises later about that!) but I decided to hang back and chill have bouts of anxiety as I didn't get my morning exercise in, didn't bake like I normally do on an 'off occasion' and cleaned and then read my RunnersWorld Magazine (well half way!!) when it came in the mail today- it's a pretty good one!
Runnerboy comes home and tells me to go Run. It's COLD, it's getting dark, it's RAINING and so cold now that the sun (which was hidden behind clouds all day) has now began to turn to snow! But I was eager. Eager to see how I would feel after Monday's 4 miler, yesterday sprints/hill work and boy was I ever surprised!
My first mile was 8min mile. Cut through my lungs like a razor. That cold air is BRUTAL on lungs that have not seen the likes of freezing weather since March! I was Glad no matter my distance to be in it, preparing my lungs for the brutal burn of Saturdays weather when I run my 5k. The weather about the same as today, so what a great prep!
I stopped and stretched. quads/hamstring and then ventured off.
I stopped 2x more in this run, just briefly and only cause I was already at stop lights and would stretch instead of standing there anyways!
Oh I loved the snow falling on my face, I loved my everythings getting cold. I loved the air rushing through my lungs. I loved the idea that with each minute that passed me by, I felt even more alive and aware. I was so happy, my wings were opening up and I felt like it was all just making so much sense to me. I almost cried when I hit mile 5 and knew I was going for 6.
There was a point in which the wood burning fire place of a house, snapped me out of my runners high and made me feel alive in all the ways that I love when I'm outside. A smell that just bring back all the wonderful NY Winter Life as a Child as we had a wood burning fireplace and I remember snuggling up to the wood stove (oh I even remember stacking chords of wood as a younging too) I looked around, smiled in my heart *maybe even on my face* and I looked at all the Christmas lights and actually said to myself "this is so much fun" !!! and then I made my conclusion. Today is my FUN RUN!! Take in the smells, the Christmas lights, the snow and make this my fun run........because Saturday- I'm crushing asphalt, I'm going to destroy myself on the course on Saturday, I'm going to run so dam hard it hurts, to the point where I'll be begging myself to slow down, so hard that surely my legs won't be able to keep up with the desire and yearning in my heart to dig deeper than I ever have before on a 5k. So Saturday as much as it's festive, it's going to be way more than that for me. It's symbolic, it's a point of reflection that here I sit for 8 weeks not being able to get up past 3 miles and on some given days just 1-2 was tough on the knee. But I held true and I was patient and it's paying off.
I look back to my training calendar and whats best is that I thought the idea that I'm stretching more and started insanity that maybe that's whats helped me make the turning point....but honestly you know what I really think it was- TAKING MY FIRST FULL 3 DAYS OFF from any sort of running since after Marathon....omg!! I had NO idea that I have not taken more than 3 days off since my injury. So what I have been thinking the last week is doing going to get me over this injury hump. After this race, I was not going to run for a while, I set no date, I was just going to dive into everything else, knowing my running season and year is almost over. I want to fully recover and get over this injury as the start to Spring Marathon Training starts at the end of January and I really want to be fully recovered and rested!!
OH and I did have to pay attention to my stride and I was working on my mechanics and did what I had to do, there was no intense pains, some aches, some pulsing from the knee but nothing that told me stop (cause you know I would have) and the other perk is that this was an un-medicated run, I have not taken pain meds for inflammation in days :)
This was my last run till Saturday Evening!!
Other fitness:
Decided to test how many situps in 1 minute- 33
then I did 15 pushups without stopping
then plank test- how long can I hold a lower plank- 2min 30 seconds and had to fall, my arms ironically were screaming burning pain-
Organig Egg
1/4 cup egg white
2 slices of low sodium bacon
Coffee , tsp sugar, 2tbsp fat free half in half
1/2 cup (130 grams) rinsed black beans
1/2 whole wheat tortilla wrap
1 tbsp of organic bbq sauce
1/2 slice of 2% cheese melted in the other half of the 1/2 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 more cups of coffee *so bad I know..... I had so much anxiety- now I know why, lmao* or maybe cause I wanted/needed to work-out :)
1/2 banana
veggie burger
4 breaded all natural nuggets
tbsp organic ketchup
1/2 cup squash- grilled
Greek yogurt with wheat germ
Oh and Tmrw is my last official weigh in till January 1st :) I decided to give myself another 2 days to toss my menstrual weight, lol