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Sunday, January 8, 2012

YoGa Sunday


Yeah , Ok- I'm faking this Shiz! hahahaha.

Just like yesterday my body is feeling the same- My brain and emotions are better- but my body is TIRED- drained-

My right leg feels better but my hipflexor and hip are TIGHT/SORE and they are popping with each knee raise- ARGH!

So I've stretched and did some Home Yoga.- Like about 30min on my own here at home- then a hott bath :) While Reading my runners world- I love the two day rest- it's obvious my crazy fit body needs it this bad- !!

I am ready or NOT for Cardio Tmrw :) It must be done!

Foods: Remember I always Calorie UP on Rest Days!! When I'm this fatigued I listen and I fuel and rest.
b: cup of cherrios
8 oz of almond milk
1/2 banana

2 slices of wheat
2 tbsp of all natural pb
1 tbsp of jam
1/4 cup of grapes

2 eggs
2 egg whites
2 slices of wheat
tsp all natural spread
(I had an egg dinner because I really wanted to avoid the temptation of eating what RunnerBoy made the kids and himself last night for tonight- which was an amazing Spanish rice with beans- omg- I took a bite and knew I couldnt trust myself with it today- SO GOOD!!) Those Carbs and me - yeah I'd gain lots of bloat/weight from all that!

had a grilled cheese a half hour later -
greek yogurt & Wheat germ
snikkidy snack

1700 calories today- I feel like I ate a ton of food! But where's my veggie? epic fail!

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  1. I love yoga...actually also a hot bath too! Glad you got some in, I totally think yoga is complementary to running.