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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello Double Run & 3hrs of working out

Ok- You can Officially tie me up and throw me into a looney bin- not because this was my first ever triple or even quadruple work-out but it's been a while- so I feel.... Lil' cRaZy Again ;-p
1 mile warm up- body was TIGHT - 10:30 pace between walk/jog/run
3 miles in 23:40 - 8:15 for the first half and then turned up the pace ending it at 6:40 pace for the last 200m - It was nice because I ran the warm- up and first 1.5 miles chatting along to a friend on the treadmill next to me- great way to escape the time!
Down to the weight room for Biceps/triceps- some in the Nautillus/Cybex room for some pull downs/rows/obliques/triceps.....back to work on bicep curls, lateral raises, blah, blah, blah- had a LOT of Dudes scoping out my hottyness today- Down guys- I'm there for ME- NoT YOU- Stop Staring and do your dam weights, anyways!
30min Pilates Class- a little torture for the legs that had a great 4 mile run- a little torture on the arms that already were 3/4 burned out from my arm routine. Yeah- good 1/2 hour.
Tonight- Went to the Location for my Running Club meet- up- Winter here in NY left some concern as the condition of the roads for speed work- so I wrote a note we wouldn't be able to run fast likely but was still going for anyone that might just want to run some anyways.
No shows-
That was fine- texted a friend- went to the gym with her this evening-
75m meter sprint intervals on the track for 1/4 mile
Ran up 4 flights of stairs
dropped did a plank as long as we could hold
30 ab crunches
10 push - ups
Back to the Track and REPEAT ALL THAT ↑↑↑↑ THREE MORE TIMES! What's Great is the friend is still a newer runner but not afraid to work it hard- sweat - run hard - lose weight- and just loves pushing herself- if you read this " You Are SuperStar- Great Job!!" She said it has been a while since she sweated like that- That is NICE to hear. what I loved most she says "next week- make sure you don't work out 2hrs in the morning first- so I have you on your A-Game" bwahahaha- Can she Handle that? OMG! She is asking for it now! haha!
Tanked by the end- PHEW!
Slice of wheat
8 oz Almond milk
Scoop All natural Jillian Michael Whey Protein
Snack: I shared some Apple Straws with my son ♥
Yesterdays Dinner- the Meatless Monday Meal- I had all the left-overs still and it was an easy after work-out eat up !! this time though I heated up the beans/tomato's
S:Dark Chocolate/Mixed Nuts

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