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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sometimes I'm Mush

Sometimes I really miss people in my life.

as with most people desires to either get healthy or fit as their new years resolutions- mine is to get my heart stronger. Not be so Dam Weak ~ Stop Caring and Loving so Much ~ Start Letting Go More and Moving On. I'm like this Iron Clad Fist- and within an instant- a thought- a care turns me to mush- and I'm weak and vulnerable and I cycle back through mixed emotions and I just pray that I stop doing that.

Anyways. Thanks for the Rant-

3 miles today after a 1/4 mile warm - up. holding back and it wasn't too hard to do - kept it around the 8:40 pace with some pick me ups in there but reminding myself to slow down- hard to do on the treadmill~

incline and stretches after - still sore in the hip flexor-

looking through my daily mile weekly mileage stats earlier. Hit 24 miles this week and realized besides Marathon where I hit I think 35 miles for the week- it's been seen the end of September that I peaked - so in essence I have not run this much in one week in MONTHS- WOW- that blew out of the water- reality check- no wonder with new pace and mileage -Why I'm feeling this recovery so much-

1 organic egg
2% cheese
triple health English muffin
almond milk
whey protein
for dinner- we did pizza- yeah I crushed it- lol- been a while since I've had an off meal - it was good :)
Greek yogurt
mixed nuts

kettle chips- do you eat them? they are so yummy- so much healthier for you vs a normal chip


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