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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weights Yesterday, Run today

Took a Rest Thursday- Friday was Weights, hit it hard in the gym for 80minutes. Abs/arms and working on this pull up quest!! I was feeling sore today in my chest/shoulders/abs/arms :)
Today is Saturday and I ran some this evening. 3.8 miles in 33min - I was little surprised I pulled that pace off in the winter conditions.
I felt amazing out there- started off really slow- the first mile was a 10:20 but that was road conditions, Had to run alot on the sidewalk and well for a long while I was really skating not running, lol.
Finally hit some chunks of asphalt that was clear and I was able to open up the legs a little bit and hit some sub 8min pace for a while and that just felt so amazing to me :)

Brunch: 2tbsp all natural pb
1tsp all natural jam
100% whole wheat bread - 2 slices
Organic apple
Healthy oat/raise cookie that I made- I'll share that blog post soon!
Dinner was Turkey tacos- whole grain hard shell taco- spinach, plain Greek, lean turkey with a low sodium taco seasoning mix with natural ingredients, not that MSG stuff either. a pinch of lowfat mozz cheese, diced organic tomato and some avocado- OMG- This was so good tonight- I was craving everything I had. It's really my new favorite food pallet!
s: Greek yogurt

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  1. I love running in the snow, it's like 2 workouts in 1! Your run is really awesome!