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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Modest 3 miler and Weights

Hit up the Weights today- hard & fast knowing that yesterday I rested the muscles and tmrw I will do the same. Time to start retreating from the constant muscle building and re-focus on my mileage and running :-)

I went to the treadmill and pounded a modest 3 miler- I thought I'd do a paced 3 seeing that mrw I have plans to run long (aiming for ten at pace) so I did my first mile at 8:10 and told myself to slow down and go easier so I did and went 8:20 for the second and then well- I was not happy with my efforts and really felt still a little flustered like I needed MORE today- so I picked up the pace to 7:20 and banged out the last mile at my new 5k race pace. Which felt great that at the end I had soo much left in the tank for me.

Sort of nice to work out this cold a little bit- honestly didn't bother me while I ran- tonight I feel like crapola and that time of the month visitor made her entrance- dam you witch lady- how come you cycle around every time I long run? gar!

biceps/triceps, obliques all done!

b:oatmeal with cranberry flaxseed
L: whole wheat bread, natural bp, natural jam
1/4 banana
s: apple straws, apple
D: 1 cup of whole wheat pasta, sauce, 1 oz ground turkey
slice and half of whole wheat with slice of 2% cheese on top with fresh garlic (we call this home-made ghetto toast, ha!) so good and more natural than store bought texas cheese toast.

S: protein shake or greek yogurt and maybe air popped popcorn.

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