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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Double Run Days!

Today Marks another New First for me- a Double- Double Run Days! I ran 2x yesterday and I ran 2x today.

I woke up hardly able to move- every part of my body ached greatly from yesterdays 2.5 hrs of working out- proving I had really pushed myself HARD yesterday.

Today I did another 2.5 hrs of working out and as much as it's fun to claim all this craziness I fear overtraining- so I am paying so close to water and recovery.

Today Looked Like this:

Upped it to 40lb for throwback rows on the free weights.

I then walked on the treadmill with a occasional jogs to just open up the tight legs and energy a little zapped- but I'm walking next to a friend- she is a newer friend- newer runner- so we just chatted and walked around a 3.5-4.0

Then I did a 10 minute run with her- we got to talking about speeed work- she has yet to get past 6.0 on the treadmill and we wanted to change that today.
I ran those ten minutes laddering up in speed and finished at 8.3 on the tready for a great sweat- 1.25 miles in those ten minutes.

Start out at 5.0 and every thirty seconds we popped up the speed and she ended at 6.1 So Happy for her! She Did it!

Then her knee was bothering her and I suggested stretching - so we spent 15 minutes stretching and then we hit up Pilates and I did 30min of that.


This Evening I ran with the Running Club- Hill Repeats- 4x400 after warm up and cool down - we get to claim 3.25 miles tonight. I ran with 3 other Runners- it was such a beautiful NY Night and it was so much fun to run with other people that have the same passion as me!

I started sparking- here is my food- I am hoping I can just link it here everyday!

Let me know if this doesnt work- I'd like to just link this and save me time :)
I never mind sharing with you all.

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