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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6.44 with Gratitude

I woke up this morning and to my surprise I could move- so that meant RUN ♥

I was sore yesterday - even before/during/after my double run day- and I was aching to bending down to the Goddess- this morning sorta no different but no pain- just tight-stiffness in the quads and glutes- telling me I'm working myself real good.

One Hour Run on the Docket- Just Because ;) Sun Was Shining- Sky was Blue- My Heart Was Chiming- My Spirits High. I had Freedom in My Soul and I was Ready to Run.

The first few miles I realized how long it's been since I ran on STILTS. And that is exactly what it felt like..................but ...................I totally didn't care.

I take Gratitude in being to Run at all. Why be Selfish- How dare I expect anything less than worn out legs for all that I have done the last couple of days. So I ran with smiles- I felt so Amazing out there- My energy was good and I'm secretly surprised about that too- considering I'm caloring Reducing again-

6.44 miles in one hour- slow out and a little speedier back as per my attempted norm- I barely looked at my watch and I have enlightenment to see that I can run slower again- it's necessary for longer runs- when I was suffering knee pains- to run slow killed me with pain- to run slow now- makes me feel Awesome- Value the healing process and taking yet just another ounce of "Yes, I think I can work on adding more Distance again" :) With that Said- if time allows this week I'm going for a 1:30 minute run :)

A little higher on the calorie count- so I could add some extra protein with my shake tonight- so I came in under 1500 :)

Here is Sparks for You if you are interested in what I ate today.

How Was Your Run Today? Do you ever wake up sore but still work out. Are you glad when you do it?

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