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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Mountain Goat 10 Miler

My Copy and Paste Note about the Mountain Goat 10 miler- My First Ever Goat !
Woke after 5 hours of sleep, the birds where chirping, Don was wide awake, flicked on the light...Well Thanks I guess I'm up now too, lmao! Waiting is the hard part with getting up so early, lots of time to kill, race didnt start till 10am and the babysitter got here at 8am. I ate Oatmeal at 6am and had my coffee. I did my bathroom duty- c'mon runners you know getting that out of the way early is a big relief! lmao!We did 2 steam showers this morning- the kids have us sick with a small lung infection and my sinus are full. It was ok when we ran, although it did make it hard to breathe!Picked up a runnig friend and headed over to Syracuse. Got there, he did packe pick up- we did a 1/2 mile warm up (to which we learned what was the point, we stood around for another 1hour plus!) Met up with lots of other running friends! So nice to see people from my gym running today! Nice to have close friends of ours enjoying the same sport. The wives (much like I was last year) spectating/supporting us from the sidelines with their kids. Yes I thought of mine. Love them but glad they were nestled home in front of the TV as Mommy & Daddy take time to Play!I felt ready for hours, adrenaline rushed through to the point I was thinking "fuck I'll have none left" lmao!The gun Shot and we were off. Ran the first two miles comfy at 8:45 pace. Got the first huge hill and ran it swiftly, no problem other than after the long 2 mile hill I was left with a freaking side stitch. I was dissapointed and wondered why, I felt comfy running up the hill and not sure if my lack of training the hills has not taught me yet how to run them properly. Oh well. I suffered terribly for 20 minutes with side stitches. to which my marathon training has taught me, dont' try to correct them as I could easily set my abs up for an overall gut spasm (happened on my 15 miler 2 weeks ago! ) that is not what I wanted, I was running down one hill and my pace was slower than going up as the pounding was leaving me at Barf Point because of the side stictch pain. I gave myself lots of positive self talk, slow it down now - breathe better and just keep it together at this point cause I felt I was crashing hard and fast and for a split crisis moment thought I may need to walk the pain was that bad. Once I dropped my page to a 10 min mile, I was fine again, Then I hit Colvin Street hill, Yeah STEEP AND LONG. We were not allowed to wear headsets but I decided to bring my ipod and let the speaker play when I wanted the music. On Colvin I was getting on Eminems' Till I collapse to motivate me up that beast, well I fudgin dropped my ipod had to turn around pick it up, that sucked it fell out of my armband!So I'm playing the song and making my way up, passing the incredible amount of walkers (still cant believe the amount of people that walk hills) I just dont see the point for me, I just can walk shit, I'm there to run, I dont care if freaking going 12min mile, lmao! I figuire I putting in the same amount of effort, might as well be going faster!#706.......You said to me "we are half way there, we can do this" and said "Hellz Yeah" and we climbed and we shuffled and we passed all those walkers and we would glance at each other and smile. I said "we are almost at the top" and we got to the top and we hive fived, we crushed that fucking honker together! The commradory, Amazing! I looked at her Bib and said "Thanks 706" and we parted ways.Mile 7 we all approach the S.H.I.T (steepest hill in town) it's short and not that sweet. Best part of that hill was all the running mantras Fleet Feet put on the driveway up. I read one and crushed that S.H.I.T. About mile 8 I'm starting to get exreme pain in my left arch. the pounding of going down hill and the impact had started to take a toll on this injury that I so badly wished was gone, but it was quickly reminding me that in 28 days I need to run a Marathon- so I tried to be mindful of my stride. I'm feeling a tad spent as my calves started to get mad at me too.WTF...this was suppose to be recovery- suppose to be all flat/downhill and I had plans to make up time for pace lost. But the left calf started to cramp...can say of all the running I've ever done, this pain I felt from that is NEW to me! I had to drop my pace to a 10:30 because I didnt want to hurt myself. As I was coming in I saw 2 people with paramedic help. The weather was Very Warm for our Cool Spring Weather that we have been having. The warmest I've ran since before Winter, that is for sure! Don got a sunburn- not me I wore my trusty visor!I had 1.5 miles to go and I wanted so badly to have juice, to have calve muslces that would let me run in at a 8-9min miles but sadly my last two miles were 10:30 miles, bummer arch, bummer calf, bummer side stitch and still managed a decent time for and Shoot, it's a PR for this Race, so I'm happy.1:38:33 Pace 9:52 per mile.After we hung out with friends, took off for Lunch with some had a great afternoon!Don medaled! I was crossing the finish line and he was there standing and waiting for me. I was still running in and we made eye contact and I siad "did you get it" to which he said "Yes" and I started to Cry! So Happy he won his medal, he deserved and yet vulnerable and happy for me too!Don- 1:18:29 7:51 per mile.Good Stuff! , Great Day!LikeUnlike · ·
Unfollow PostFollow Post · Share · DeleteLauren Smith, Michelle Stump Bingham, Donald York and 2 others like this.Donald York i love you CONNIE YORKMay 1, 2011 at 3:53pm · UnlikeLike · 2Betty Stirling · Friends with Jen Metcalf and 29 others brilliant write up!May 1, 2011 at 3:56pm · UnlikeLike · 1Steve Beck · great write up Connie! Well done to both of you. Tough course, tougher Yorks! Lmao at the S.H.I.T ! :).May 1, 2011 at 4:30pm · UnlikeLike · 2Beth Stevenson Aww i wish i was there to cheer both of you on :D sounds amazing timeMay 1, 2011 at 4:31pm · UnlikeLike · 1Connie York Thought of you Beck ont he S.H.I.T. Forever my New Running Word- Thanks for that ;-pMay 1, 2011 at 4:40pm · LikeUnlikeMichelle Stump Bingham Wowsa! Sounds like an amazingly tough run, but great job pushing through to the end! Woohoo SuperWoman! And way to go Don! The Yorks are on fire!May 1, 2011 at 4:40pm · UnlikeLike · 1Tiffany Syferd Lehman So proud of both of you guys. Way to go!!!May 1, 2011 at 5:54pm · UnlikeLike · 1

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