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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ran over by a mack truck

Hey , Like that Title? Oh Thanks! LOL

Woke up with RunnerBoys Head Cold- DAM You RunnerBoy- Why you got to get so Close to me when you are sick?

I went to bed early last night- so dead tired- I was so excited to sleep- and I slept on the couch- and was so uncomfortable- but did you ever get so comfortable that you get lazy to get up and go to bed? Yeah- we both slept on the sectional last night, lol

Woke- Felt like the Sinus were stomped on or like I had been run over on my face - GAH!

Took about an hour- coffee and meds later to feel good enough- really wanted to run this morning-but I didn't . I cleaned this castle again- organize, clean- blah, blah, blah- same stay at home mommy stuff ! lol- oh yeah....exciting!!

Took care of lots of stuff for college, loose ends on stuff, photography stuff, lots of odds and ends.

Run Tonight with the Running Club- Still need to work on fueling before evening runs at 6pm- tough time to sort when to eat- I was belching veggie burgers after eating at 4:30 -
I was so ill- I slept for a 1/2 hour before the run- wasn't sure if I was going to go-

Glad I did- but still my head was pounding!

4.25 miles tonight with the 6 other runners - 4x400's and 4x100 hill repeats.
Decent pace- about 8:30 for me and little bit faster for RunnerBoy.

B: Coffee
Brunch: whole wheat, salmon, spinach, lowfat mayo

Made an attempt at a new fruit smoothie- trying to find a fruity one that I ABSOLUTELY love- NOPE- it was ok- but I didnt love it. I want LOVE and CRAVE a Fruity Smoothie! Got some Great Ideas from the RunnerGirls on the Facebook- going to try some Orange Juice and more citrus ones to see if that helps! Greek Yogurt, almond milk, organic frozen strawberry, 1/2 banana - Anutra *Austyn drank almost half of this!!* so my little runnerman loved it ♥

Dinner: 1.5 veggie burger
1/4 cup of pasta with olive oil
2 tbsp of portabello mushrooms

S: Greek Yogurt- Scoop of lowfat ice- cream in a sugar cone - popcorn - dark chocolate- ok- ok- I'm sickie I was being tad self indulgent- leave me alone- as I whine and crawl back into bed!


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