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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2.5 hrs On Monday

Ok so I see this picture in my PC and I've actually never shared it- but I'm like this needs to be shared- cause I like my Ass now ;-) Hey and it's getting smaller- but rounder- re-defining the booty is so much fun!

Now I told you I would kick some Ass on Monday with my Return- Thankfully that viral, and depleted feelings left me and the start of the week was so refreshing- so ready for some Great Cardio- Spirits high, body fresh- Heart Ready!

5 min warm warm up 1/2 mile 10:30 pace
3 miles in 23:40 - first half at 8:15 pace/ second half negative split for 7:58 Pace I think- I won't lie I was dying on this run- forcing every part of my body to overcome my brain- that has been so bad to me lately - telling me negative stuff- started in early December and on the It's a Wonderful Run Race where I PR'd- maybe I'm at a new level of pushing myself and I've become weak- I'm working on it- I see that I'm doing it- and I'm fighting the urge to not slow down even though I was getting stitches and my breathing was all wrong - hot dam that was a tough run.

Triceps/biceps/obliques, hamstrings, quads, abductor, adductor - I worked every muscle in the gym. Had a friend show me a few new moves for the weights- and I'll share them with you tmrw- Great!

Oh and I almost forgot I did a 15minute walk on the treadmill after all this because I ran into a friend that was running on the treadmill- I saw her running- and I didn't want to run knowing I was going to run later tonight- so I walked- and talked and it 's good to let my muslces move and not at a vigorous pace!

This was a full 2 hrs this morning in the gym- busy the whole time- working hard to build a stronger me- beats sitting home on the couch- staring at a wall- My twins spend time with me - later - this time is FOR ME!

Double Run Day :)
So Nice outside- the Weather still modest- Wore my capris and a hoody and a tank dry tech under that- so nice- I really loved this run- January 9th and the weather is till mild in the 40's and no Snow. Wow!
3 More Miles in 25:20 and again worked on negative split with 8:45 pace on the way out and about an 8:15 on the way back home-
Stretch, stretch, stretch!!!

Breakfast- Dam- My kid was tardy to school by 2 minutes- sometimes I just can't get the 4 of us out the door fast enough- I grabbed a banana but after my coffee I was into my work-out and was not hungry so I refueled after my run- dang- sometimes it happens. I don't like it and actually RunnerBoy yelled at me when I told him I didn't have time today- :( haha.
Recovery from 2 hr-
tbsp of all natural pb
tsp of all natural jam
10 oz almond milk
1.25 scoop all natural protein shake
Snack - pre- run- Banana
Dinner- Meatless Monday #2
Whole wheat Noodles
LowFat Ricotta
one whole egg
3 tbslp of parm cheese
3 oz of shredded lowfat cheese
organic spinach to which I softened and cooked in skillet with spritz of olive oil- added to the ricotta mixture-
layer of organic mushrooms
layer- up and bake- so easy and yum!!
Snack- Greek Yogurt
Few Sips of my Daughters Hot Chocolate- we had a date night ♥
I did go to bed hungry- it was such a busy day I have already committed to no eating at night anymore- not even snacks- as much as I know I needed fuel-lets just hope this odd day of low cals saw my tummy fat cells.
Promise - back to normal healthy cals- today- what you get here on my blog- is HONESTY - I don't lie and sugar coat what I eat and don't eat- just to make myself look good- this is My life and fitness/foods in the raw and it's real.

Oh and I almost forgot- I went Shopping tonight and bought a new gym outfit- something I can lift weighs in- run in- or do yoga in- so versatile- just a basic gym top with a bra shelf and pair of pants- Nice! Maybe I do a picture of it for you!

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