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Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution Run 2012

**Auburn, NY Running Club- Group Photo- We are missing 2 more runners that missed the photo- but we had 18 Today- Great Show for Just Starting our Club and making this our First Ever Group Solo Run!! **

Today was a Complete Success!

Resolution Run 2012 for Auburn,NY Running Club was a Great Turn-out in my opinion and we had a Great Time - doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing- Running!

We had 18 Runners - lots of different paces and endurance levels. We were able to talk before hand and I announced this weeks first speed session for Tuesday- I am eager to see how many Club Runners Go with me!

9 miles at an incredibly 8:45 pace. I could of ran all day at this pace- the weather held kind here in Central New York- No Rain- incredibly Windy but none the less, still a very modest Winter Day! As a Runner- You won't hear me complaining that we have yet to see much snow (if dusting is considered snow fall at all anyways?)


Whole Wheat Pancake with fresh blueberry-pure maple syrup
organic egg
1 oz of ham

organic greens with olive oil dressings
1oz of walnuts
toss on a few cranberry's and fresh raspberry


organic beef
Triple health english muffin
1/2 slice of 2% cheese
tbsp of organic bbq sauce
1/4 cup french cut green beans
1/4 cup cappelini with asiago cheese

almond milk
triple chocolate whey protein

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  1. Great photo! I was able to get over there and did the 5K at 1pm!