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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MeatLess Monday- Mexican Love - Week1

This Year I've made it a Goal to Implement Meatless Monday Into my Lifestyle. I eat non- eat days from time- to time- but really wanted to adventure toward a set day just for meat free eating!

So here is Week 1

I didn't plan for today so What you see is just a throw together beauty and it so YUMMY!

Whole Wheat Tortilla- I toasted it in the frying pan with a spritz of olive oil till it browned!

Center filled with fresh green salad

Add 2 tbsp of Plain Greek

Spread 2-3 tbsp of diced tomato on top (Because of the time of year- I use Canned Organic Diced Tomato seasoned with basil )

I added 2 tbsp of black green beans (make sure you rinse the beans thoroughly and get a clean taste and toss the extra sodium content)

Then I added a 1/4 Avocado diced up to the top!

Simple Easy!

140Cals- Tortilla

20 cals - greek yogurt

20 cals- black beans

55 cals- avocado

5 cals- fresh greens

15 cals- tomato


= 255 calorioes

I suppose if you are super hungry - just fill it up more and then add more protein & carbs & fiber!

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